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Fanfic: Behind the mask 01/?

Behind the mask 01/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: It will have NC-17 at some point.
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life.
Author’s notes:
1. This will be Alternate Universe (AU) This means that characters will not necessarily have the same character-traits.
2. This isn’t set in any particular time-period. I will simply use what I need, when I need it. Maybe it’s most likely science-fiction, because it takes place in a society where homosexuality is completely accepted and we’re nowhere that far advanced, no matter what time-periode I use. Yet! But, no worries, I will not go all techno-babble. They have normal phones, normal trains etc… And maybe the occasional laptop. Just.... go with the flow... ;)
3. For some inexplicable this just has to take place in London and Wales. I don't know why, I am just going with the flow. ;)

So, those are the rules as set by me. If you still wish to join this story…. Follow me into the darkness of my mind….. (ghoulish laughter….)




“Kevin! Kevin, move your ass! We have to go!” Tommy orders.
“Coming!” Kevin replies, but he stops at the door of the room of his youngest brother, Justin, who’s only five years old. “Hey! Be a good boy tonight!... And you too!” These last words are spoken to the child who’s in the room with Justin, Scotty Wandell.

According to Justin, Scotttys Justin’s ‘bestestestest friend in whooooole wide world’. Scotty Wandell, a week younger than Justin, is indeed like the sixth child to the Walker-clan. And Scotty looks up at Justin’s oldest brother with respect, that a child would have for an older brother.

In his eyes the tall 18-year old man with the beautiful blue eyes, kind voice and sweet patience is just the most amazing man he has ever met. Unlike Tommy, the second Walker son, Kevin stops to talk and play with them. He’s never cheap with candy and ice-cream and no one can throw Justin and him as high in the air as Kevin can.

“Yes, sir.” Scotty answers with a salute and Kevin ruffles the boy’s hair.
“Can I get a hug?” Kevin asks his brother and Justin jumps up and leaps in his brother’s arms. Scotty feels a sting of jealousy. He has no other brothers and sisters and at home he often misses the warmth of the Walker-family.

Kevin waves at Scotty, who shyly waves back and Kevin reckons that one day, that boy will break many girls’ hearts.
“Do you really have to go to that party?” Justin asks, disappointed that his brother will not be home. “You said you would read us a bed-time story.”

“I have to go. It’s my engagement-party." Kevin laughs. "You know that I’m getting married to Jason McCallister next month….. Besides, Scotty will be here the whole week…. I will read to you tomorrow. I promise.” Kevin smiles and he leaves the room. Justin and Scotty watch him walk away, unaware that he will never able to honor his promise…


“We have to make a stop at Ojai first.” Tommy says and he looks at his older brother.
“I know. Dad asked us to pick up some papers. The ones you forgot…” Kevin replies with a forgiving smile. He loves his younger brother, who can still be such a wild puppy sometimes.

The night is very chilly and the cold forces Kevin to put another scarf around his neck. Tommy shivers.
“I’m cold.” He says.
“Well, it is freezing outside.” Kevin says.

The car stops in front of Ojai Foods, their family-company.
“You want me to go and get the papers?” Kevin asks, seeing how his younger brother shivers from the cold again.
“I don’t know…” Tommy hesitates. He doesn’t want to go out in the ice-cold night, but he doesn’t want his brother to think he’s a wimp either.

“I’ll go…” Kevin laughs, knowing exactly the reasons for Tommy’s reply. He quickly gets out, slams the door of the car behind him and heads for his father’s office.

It’s quiet in the company now that all employees have gone for the night. Entering his father’s office he hears a hissing sound that he cannot place straight away. It’s like the air leaking from an air-bed… He slowly turns around to focus on the weird sound and at that moment a loud blast sends him flying across the room.

The sound-wave breaks the windows and everything comes crashing down. Kevin feels an excruciating pain in his face. Within seconds there’s a fire. There’s glass everywhere. He sees blood on his hands. Glass everywhere. On the ground. On his body… On his face… In his face.

He’s unable to understand what is going on, but he knows he’s in trouble. He crawls away from the fire, but his head and face hurt. There are tears on his face that end up stinging his skin in a terrible way.
“Oh, my God! Kevin! Kevin!” He hears Tommy’s voice.

He tries to tell Tommy to get from the fire, but there’s no sound to his voice.
“Is he okay? Is he alive? Will he be alright?” Tommy frantically fires questions at their personal driver, who’s administering first aid to Kevin. He and Tommy pick Kevin up and drag him outside.

Kevin fades in and out of consciousness, until the paramedics get to him, but in the waking moments he sees the building go up in fire. It brakes his heart. He looks at his hands. There’s blood. So much blood. Where is all coming from?

The paramedics ask him questions, but he’s unable to answer. If he tries to move his lips, there’s pain. So much pain. Kevin feels a needle in his arm. People still talk to him, but he starts to feel too heavy. He’s being carried away. Into the cold night air. Into the ambulance. Silence. Darkness.




Chad Barry’s large hands have a firm grip on Scotty’s body and Scotty has to admit that for someone 39 years old, Chad’s still very active. This is the fourth time this night that they had sex and though Scotty is exhausted and actually feels like he could use some sleep, Chad is not yet done with him.

“Chad,….” Scotty begs, feeling tired and worn out. The grip on hips tightens, Chad is even deeper inside him and it makes Scotty gasp. He’s not sure if it’s in pain or desire. Behind him Chad growls and then collapses on Scotty, which signals to Scotty that it’s over. At least for now. Scotty tries to catch his breath as well.

He can’t wait for Chad to pull away from him, so that he can turn around and cuddle up close to Chad and be grateful that this sensational man with that great body is his boyfriend, but Chad turns his back at Scotty, the moment that Scotty wants to lie closer.
“What’s wrong?” Scotty asks.

This isn’t the first time tonight that he has noticed that something is different about Chad, as if his mind is not really here in this room with Scotty. Chad winces, but because his back to Scotty, Scotty can’t see it.
“I’m getting married.” Chad suddenly says.

“Wh…What?” Scotty stammers.
“Two weeks from now. To Jason McCallister.”
“But… You said there was nothing serious going on between you two.” Scotty starts to feel sick to his stomach.

“Come on, Scotty! Do I need to spell it out for you? He’s rich! Very rich! And…. Let’s be honest, you’re not. You’re just a waiter in a stupid bar, earning something close to nothing and somehow you’re even proud about the fact that you’re a penniless loser.”
“I’ve filled in an application for chef-school….” Scotty faintly defends himself.

“Big deal! You’re not going to get a place there.” Chad gives words to the fear that Scotty feels inside.
“You said I should just believe in myself… That I should apply. You gave me hope… the courage to do this.” Scotty is visibly crushed by Chad’s words.

Chad bites the inside of his cheek. He can do this. He has to.
“You’re so gullible.” He laughs sarcastically. “All people have to do is sprout some romantic drivel and you fall for it like a 15 year old giggling schoolgirl, desperate to lose her virginity to some supposed knight in shining armor.

Well, I’m sorry. It was fun while it lasted, but no more. I’m done. I’m finally a star, an actor who counts. And this means I need someone better by my side than some silly 25 year old boyfriend. I need a man and that man will be Jason McCallister.”
“Because he’s rich?” Scotty asks.

“And because he has influence… His family has its tentacles in every layer in society. Once I’ll be Chad Barry-McCallister, I’ll be the name on everyone’s lips.”
“By using your husband’s good name and reputation?”
“I want to be famous and I don’t care how I get there, just as long as I do.”

Chad is getting dressed and Scotty feels cold and empty inside, unable to understand what exactly is going on.
“You said you loved me.” Scotty says quietly and Chad is momentarily taken aback. He turns away from Scotty and he bites his lip. He can do this. Jason told him to give up all others.

“Well, I lied, didn’t I.” He replies harshly and he turns back to Scotty and he clenches his fists. “I’m sorry. You were a nice ass to fuck for a while, but… get over me. I’m not coming back to you. This was our last time together.” Chad says coldly. “And don’t even think about trying to blackmail me.”

“About what?” Scotty’s head is still spinning.
“You mention to anyone that we had a relationship and I will give the McCallisters the greatest performance of my life and by the time I’ll be done, you’ll be history.” Chad assures him and Scotty doesn’t doubt him. He's aware of the McCallister-clan.

With the last morsel of dignity Scotty gets out of bed.
“Well, if that’s the way you feel… Get the hell out!” Chad nods at Scotty’s words.
“I was about to.” He doesn’t give Scotty another glance, just casually strolls out of Scotty’s bedroom and then his apartment.

Scotty falls back on the bed, feeling tired, used and mangled, unable to comprehend what just happened. The sound of the telephone startles him out of his shock.
“Scotty? Hi....  Sorry to call you so early in the morning…”
“That’s alright, William.” Scotty replies at the sound of William Walker’s voice.

He’s actually more alarmed that William calls him so late, or so early, all depending on your perspective.
“There’s no easy way to tell you this, but… You need to come home… It’s your father…”
“What about him?” Scotty asks, suddenly he feels very afraid.

“I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but your father was found this evening. Dead. Most likely a heart-attack…. I’m so sorry. Wally was such a dear friend…”
“I… I need to hang up…” Scotty says, unable to breathe. He breaks the link and shakes his head. This is a nightmare and he needs to wake up. The phone rings again.

“Scotty,….” He hears a familiar voice say.
“I need you.” Scotty’s voice is nothing more than an squeak.
“Dad called me first. I’m right outside your door. Just open up.” Scotty slips off the bed, opens his door and a few seconds later he’s in Justin’s arms, sobbing like a child.


Tags: character - chad, character - justin, character - kevin, character - scotty, character - tommy, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - behind the mask

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  • Luke is really busy!

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