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fanfic: Dancing in the light

Dancing in the light
By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty’s lost in Music.
Scotty dusts off one of the shelves. It amazes him how much little things Kevin and he have together. Maybe it’s time to discuss with Kevin if they should throw away some of the things they have. In the bright sunlight, that enters the room through the windows, he can see the dust travel from one place to the other. What a waste of time to be dusting off, he figures.
And what a boring, lonesome Saturday-afternoon it is. Kevin had to go to some meeting… And he is so bored. It’s warm in the room, the radio is on and plays some 80’s songs. This time it’s Bruce Springsteen’s turn. Scotty wasn’t really listening, but when the first chords of “Dancing in the dark” start, he can’t help but turn it on louder.
He remembers one of his former boyfriends being a total Springsteen-nut and he had often heard this song. He can’t help it. The music is loud enough to take his mind away. He grabs the remote and pretending it’s a microphone he starts to sing along. The first few sentences quietly as he feels a bit ridiculous being a grown man acting like a 13-year old, but the music is too good and Scotty lets it take him over.
“You can’t start a fire, You can’t fire without a spark….” He sings and he realizes that that is true and he grins that ‘lobsters’ were probably the strangest sparks ever used, but hey, it worked! He moves his head from side to side, snapping his fingers. Letting his body flow with the music. His eyes are closed, his fingers running through his hair to the back of his neck. His lower-body catching the rhythmic beats.
“I need a love reaction, Come on now, baby, gimme just one look.” His hands slide along his body. He wishes the hands on his body were Kevin’s, but Kevin is miles away and besides, Kevin hates dancing. So, little chance they’d be dancing in the dark or anywhere else. And he regrets that, because he loves to dance.
As the music fades, he suddenly feels sad. He puts the remote back on the table. Sometimes it’s fun to be a kid again, it’s the going back to the adult man, he’s supposed to be, that he hates.
“Wow! That was quite some impressive dancing.” A voice at door says and Scotty turns around. Leaning against the door is Kevin, his briefcase on the floor and his jacket over his arm tell Scotty he’s been here long enough…
Mortified, he realizes that Kevin saw him dancing… A blush creeps up on his cheeks and Kevin laughs as he pushes himself away from the door and approaches Scotty. The jacket ends up on a chair and he kisses Scotty. At first just casually, but then more hungry.
“I had forgotten how much you like to dance.” He says softly.
“I just remembered how much you hate to dance.” Scotty smiles, pressing his body closer to Kevin’s.
“Can I have this dance?” Kevin moves his body softly against Scotty’s
“The music stopped…” Scotty notes, his hands slipping under Kevin’s shirt.
 “Don’t worry….” Kevin kisses the side of Scotty’s neck. “… I have the cd… Come to think about it, there’s a better song there….” He lets go off Scotty and searches the cd. Scotty stays where he is and watches Kevin. The music starts to play and the soft music of “I’m on fire” fill the room.
Scotty lets out a short laughter as Kevin nestles closer to him and they dance in the middle of the room. Arms around each other, their mouths not breaking their kiss, close together in the sunlight. The song stops but they don’t notice. They continue their touches, neither of them wanting to let go of the intimacy they now share.
The seduction is slow and Kevin reckons he might, one of these days, actually start to like dancing.
Scotty notices how Kevin relaxes in his arms. He wants to lead Kevin to the couch, but Kevin stops him.
“Don’t. I want to go on dancing with you.” He says softly. “Only with you.” Scotty smiles. He doesn’t care. He can keep dancing like this until they are 'dancing in the dark'. Together.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - short story

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