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Fanfic: Bad day

Bad day

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rated: G
Disclaimer: I know. Not mine.
Summary: So, not only have you had a bad day, now you can’t eat your favorite comfort food either…..


Kevin seems annoyed to see Scotty, when he enters his apartment.
“You’re home.” His voice is not very positive.
“Yes. I took the rest of the night off.” Scotty replies, feeling about as welcome as a dead fly in a cup of soup.

“O.” Scotty tries to find out if the use of that one letter signals that Kevin is angry or disappointed. Then a smell hits his finely tuned nose.
“Is that pizza I smell?” Scotty asks, suddenly realizing the source of Kevin’s annoyance and he frowns. Unfortunately Kevin catches the look on Scotty’s face as well.

“Yes, and do me favor, shut up about the calories, how bad cheese is for my cholesterol, the fact or that it’s comfort food and unhealthy. If you want a few slices as well, please, no lectures… I need comfort-food. And I need it now!” Kevin lets Scotty know.
“Really?” Now it’s time for Kevin to find out to which degree Scotty is insulted by his words.

“I’m exhausted.” Kevin sighs and he lets himself fall on the couch and the way he’s sprawled all over it signals to Scotty that Kevin has no intention to get up any time soon and maybe never again.
“That bad?” Scotty asks gently, disappearing into the kitchen.

“Ugh.” Kevin only replies. “If I had known that my client wasn’t only stupid, but an idiot too, I would not have taken this case. But I can handle stupid to a certain level. It was the fact that I had to deal with an over-active lawyer from the opposing side and a judge with short-time memory-issues that really made this case so difficult.

Between the client, the lawyer and the judge I feel like I’ve been talking to not one, but three brick walls. All day! ….So, thinking you’d be working tonight anyway, I got myself a pizza on the way over here, thinking I could eat it quietly and sulk…”
“Sorry for taking a night off…” Scotty sarcastically apologizes and Kevin feels guilty.

“I don’t mind sharing…” He says to compensate for his unkindness. “But I also know how you feel about these calorie-bombs and how you try to get me to be healthier and all, and I really, really, do appreciate your concern for me, I really do, honestly, but…. not tonight.” Kevin sighs again and Scotty can hear in his voice that Kevin too tired to fight.

“Whatever you want.” Scotty shrugs as he enters the living-room again.
“Want a slice?” Kevin offers.
“Yes. Of course.” Scotty places a bowl of salad, that he quickly whipped up, in front of Kevin. “Want me to share this with you?” He asks and Kevin cannot help but smile.

“Always.” He replies, realizing that Scotty is sweetly offering him a compromise.
“So? Did you win?” Scotty asks after they both finish their first slice.
“Yes. Of course. But it was such a long debate and I got interrupted at least 5 million times. The other lawyer just tripped over every word, comma and exclamation point. Then the judge got annoyed with that…. and somehow it all ended up being my fault!...”

“Wow, that sucks… but at least you won…”
“Yes… and now my client is angry…”
“Because you won his case?” Scotty is puzzled.
“Yes. He now thinks I should have asked for more money…” Kevin shakes his head.

Scotty gently runs his fingers through Kevin’s hair.
“I’m sure you did the best you could.” He says and Kevin makes a little agreeing noise because he had just stuffed his mouth full of pizza. Scotty smiles sweetly, unable to resist loving this man.

“… And thanks for this.” Kevin eventually mutters, holding up the bowl and picking the little cherry-tomatoes from the salad.
“You’re welcome. But eat the rest as well, not just the cherry-tomatoes.”
“I will.” Kevin promises vaguely, giving the larger leaves a doubtful glance.

Scotty notices and smiles.
“So, how was your day anyway?” Kevin suddenly asks.
“I just should not have gotten out of bed this morning… I dropped a pan filled with soup. I put the wrong ingredients in a fish-dish. I just … screwed everything up.”

“I know the feeling. That’s why I came home in the state I was in. Sorry if I was so nasty to you. I love the fact that you’re home with me now and that we can talk.” Kevin replies apologetically. Scotty plays with his slice of pizza.
“It’s a good pizza. Very tasty.” He reluctantly says, not liking the fact that he has to admit this is not so bad after all.

“You’re not mad with me anymore?”
“No. This is too delicious to stay mad at you.”
“I love you.” Kevin says and he pulls Scotty closer. His kiss tastes like Scotty’s favorite cheese, so Scotty decides that something can be said for comfort-food every now and then.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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