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Fanfic: Going up

Going up!

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17-ish
Disclaimer: The usual blah-blah.
Summary: Sweet little nothing, because yinyang077 needed a K/S fix. A little ‘conversation’ between us, prompted me to write this little nonsense-story where Kevin and Scotty discussing a movie leads to something else.... :)


“It’s getting trashed in the media.” Scotty says.
“What?” Kevin asks.
“That movie ‘Going up’? The one we went to see last night?” Scotty reminds Kevin with a shrug.

“Yes, well, it wasn’t really going anywhere, was it? Up or down.” Kevin doesn’t even look up from his work.
“We wouldn’t have gone to see it, if it weren’t for the fact that Chad had a part in it.”
“… And he got us the tickets for free…” Kevin adds.

“Yes, and there was that.” Scotty sighs, closing the website.
“Why? What are they saying?”
“They complain about too much male eye-candy.”

“Since when is that a problem?”
“Since the critics are straight and male.”
“Ah….Well….The acting wasn’t bad.” Kevin says not entirely convincing.

“Let’s face it. Chad Barry was the best actor in the movie…” Scotty points out and Kevin sighs.
“Alright. Point taken. Come on, there had to have been something positive to say about it. Storyline-wise perhaps?”
“Why? Did you like the story-line?”

“I was too distracted by the abs of the male lead-actor, whatshisname.”
“Who cares who he was, he had abs… Distracted me as well.” Scotty agrees.
“Is that a subtle hint for me to hit the gym?”

“No, sweetheart, you’re perfect, but maybe Chad should consider it...” Scotty replies.
“Why? Chad looked amazing!”
“Physically he couldn’t compete.” Scotty is merciless and this is a bit too much for Kevin to accept.

“All the other so-called actors were between 18 and 22!” Kevin defends his ex and with a pout he continues: “Chad still looked the best…”

“Did the movie bring back memories?” Scotty jokes, but when he sees the distant look on Kevin’s face, he jumps off his chair to walk over to Kevin. “It did, didn’t it?... Oh, my God! It wasn’t whatshisname’s abs you were interested in, but Chad’s!” Scotty suddenly realizes.

“Oh, come on! I slept with the guy, do you really think I was interested in a look at his abs?! I was going for something lower than that.”
“Kevin Walker!” Scotty pretends to be awfully offended. “How dare you think of sex with the ex, while I’m sitting next to you.”

A smug grin comes to Kevin’s face.
“Sex-with-the-ex? Which was one of us was thinking about the sex? Because I don’t know what you are talking about, but I was talking about Chad’s feet… So cute in those flip-flops….” Kevin replies with a very straight face, but laughter in his eyes.

His feet????” Disbelief drips from Scotty’s face. “His feet... Right.... Whatever.”
“You’re the one with sex on the brain, not me… Perhaps I should be offended that were the one thinking about the C-word in combination with Chad and not me.”

“Cock isn’t usually spelled with a capital letter.” Scotty corrects Kevin.
“In Chad’s case it is.” Kevin immediately returns.
“Fell in that trap, didn’t I.” Scotty grins… “So, should I be worried that I’m no longer able to satisfy your needs?” Scotty straddles Kevin’s legs, pinning Kevin between the back of the couch and Scotty’s body.

Kevin’s hands possessively slide down Scotty’s back and over his ass.
“No, you satisfy my every single need.” Kevin answers. His lips part and Scotty knows that he wants to be kissed, so he gives Kevin what he wants. Scotty pushes his body closer to Kevin’s.

Scotty’s kiss becomes more demanding and Kevin enjoys it to feel Scotty take control. Scotty pushes Kevin on his back and within seconds he’s all over Kevin. Hands are roaming, lips are too busy kissing and clothes become restricting. Kevin breaks the kiss.
“Bedroom?” He suggests.

Scotty nods and though Scotty and Kevin make it to the bedroom, most of their clothes don’t get that far, they get left behind on the floor on the way to the bedroom and by the time Scotty finally manages to get Kevin on the bed, nothing stands between them. Kevin moves up against Scotty, making it clear what he wants.

Scotty grip is firm and he easily brings Kevin to the edge. As much as he wants to find satisfaction of his own, he breaks their kiss because he loves to watch Kevin so close to coming. Always amazed that he’s capable to do this, it is just arousing to see Kevin close his eyes, part his lips and wait for the expression on his face that betrays that he’s ready.

Scotty smiles and resumes the kissing. Kevin immediately replies to it until the desperate moan tells Scotty that Kevin has given in and he can feel Kevin come all over his hand. After a short moment to catch his breath Kevin reverses the roles and then it’s Scotty who ends up begging for release.

Eventually they end up on their bed, satisfied, tired, sweaty and completely drained. They kiss in the dark, having turned off the lights, they both wait for the sleep that just doesn’t seem to come.
“Well, the critics are wrong.” Kevin eventually says.

“About what?” Scotty asks, his fingers making little patterns on Kevin’s chest.
“That movie…. I thought it left us quite satisfied....” Kevin jokes and as the meaning of Kevin’s words sink in, Scotty begins to laugh.
“I agree with you 100 percent.” Scotty grins and he spoons up against his husband.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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