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Could I actually care if they shoot JR Ewing again?

This has nothing not to do with Brothers & Sisters or Matthew Rhys or Luke Macfarlane, but it has been on my mind for a few days now: 

So, okay, back on tv in America. Tonight. Dallas.... Of all things they could bring back... Dallas!

Should I watch? Can it still be any good?  I mean, I used to LOVE Dallas, loved it more than Dynasty and just forget about Falcon Crest. That show had JR Ewing and Sue Ellen and Miss Ellie and a few others.... And .... JR... And... Well, It had JR.... What more did that show frakking need?!?!?!?!

I  remember the girls in my class going ga-ga over Patrick Duffy and the likes, but, to me, Bobby was such a soft-boiled egg. Truly no backbone, what-so-ever. And the girls in class all thought that Pamela and Lucy were sooooooo pretty... I thought Sue Ellen was just the most amazing woman on the show. Damn! She was the one who I would cry with and whose hate and anger (and love) of JR I shared.... (I admit, I always had to have a different opionion on things.... didn't make me popular :( .... )

But that was 25 years ago! (Yes! I'm THAT old! And it aired later in Holland than it did in the US)  

I was still young. In high-school. Glueing pictures, cut from magazines, in my school-diary - amongst which pictures of Dallas and Dynasty..... It was a time when I still believed in everlasting love (Ha! Hopeful foolish me!) and a better world (alright, I still believe in that).... Can this show still get me?

I remember at one point I quit watching. Like so many others, the infamous 'oh-look-Bobby-in-the-shower' cliff-hanger was indeed a deal-breaker. I never completely recovered from it, because, in all honesty, I never saw the NEED to bring Bobby back.I never missed him in the first place.

(Though, honestly, I would have forgiven Brothers & Sisters if they would done the same by making season 5 someone's worst nightmare! It sure was mine and many others feel the same.)

In all, it was one of my favorite shows from the 80's, but should we really bring back those kind of shows? Is the age of those kind of shows not over? I am inclined to give it a try. But on the other hand, the show is so iconic in my mind, it's such a part of my youth, those days long, lo-o-o-o-ong gone.I forgot the bad and remember the good... (JR!)

Can it be anything else but disappointing? Could I really bother to get invested in the Ewing-troubles again? How many more paternity-issues can I still handle? (Hello! 5 seasons of B&S and you end up wondering about EVERYBODY's paternity!) Wouldn't it perhaps be better to let the Ewings RIP and leave it as beautiful memory of the 80s and NOT watch the new show? Or should I let curiosity win and have a peek? I mean... It still has JR. And Sue Ellen.....

Sigh! So confused.....

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