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Fanfic: The lost weekend - part 2/2

The lost weekend - part 2/2

By Marea67
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I know I don’t own anything B&S, if I would have, season 5 wouldn't have been such a disaster!
Summary: Kevin decides to take Scotty away for the weekend, but Scotty isn’t thrilled.


Scotty opens his eyes. Daylight hardly makes the room look any better, but Scotty cannot complain. Kevin is still in a deep sleep, warmly pressed up against him. They have somehow ended up in the middle of the bed and Scotty has no desire to move and wake Kevin up.

Kevin’s hair tickles Scotty’s nose and Scotty places a soft kiss on Kevin’s shoulder. He can hear Kevin make a little noise, that gets followed by the sound of smacking lips. Scotty grins and teases Kevin’s shoulder with another kiss. This time Kevin’s moans more loudly.

Scotty is about to wonder if he should wake Kevin with more kisses, when there’s a loud knock on the door. It’s inevitable. Now that he has to get up to answer the door, he wakes Kevin up, when he retrieves his arm from underneath Kevin.
“What?” Kevin asks with a groggy voice.

“Probably room-service.” Scotty answers softly.
“Why don’t you answer the door?” Kevin asks, still half asleep.
“I’m on my way.” Scotty answers with a smile. “Would you just cover yourself a bit? No need to look as if we had hot sex last night.”

“But we did….” Kevin replies, teasingly throwing the sheets aside, exposing his naked body. Scotty admires the view a little longer than he should, shakes his head with a smile and promises with a warning in his voice.
“I’m so going to get you. After breakfast.”

“Promises, promises.” Kevin gives him a inviting smile.
“Oh, don’t worry…” Scotty replies with an even bigger grin. “I’ll teach … Little Big Man… a lesson he won’t forget…” Scotty nearly chokes on his laughter when he sees the astonished look on Kevin’s face, at the mention of the nickname he had given his penis.

“How do you know about Little Big Man?”
“Your family... They so inappropriately spill the beans over just anything.” Scotty explains.
“I’m going to kill Justin.” Kevin vows.
“Actually… It was Kitty who told me.”

“Kitty?” Kevin wonders how on Earth Kitty could have this kind of information.
“We were discussing the topic of what names to use for genitals towards kids and then Kitty informed me about Captain Happy, Little Big Man and The Magnificent Seven.” Scotty has them memorized.

“The Magnificent Seven?” Kevin sarcastically repeats. “See, that’s the reason why Tommy just sucked at embezzlement. Math was never his forte.” Kevin comments. “Still wonder how Kitty knew though.”

“Heard it from Sarah.” Scotty answers.
“Ah! So, it’s Tommy I have to kill…” Kevin concludes. There’s a second, more insisting knock. Scotty opens the door with a smile on his face.
“Your breakfast, sir.” Kevin hears a man speak and he keeps himself hidden away from view.

“Mhmm, this looks great.” Scotty says, after he had closed the door.
“Ah! Breakfast in bed. About time.” Kevin sighs, feeling hungry.
“Oh, look, they even put honey on the tray. Delicious.”
“Not as delicious as you are, … honey.” Kevin replies and he pulls Scotty down on the bed.

The tray nearly tips over and it’s only Scotty’s years of experience as a waiter that prevents them being drowned in hot coffee.
“I suggest we have breakfast first, sex after.” Scotty grins.
“Must we? I’m not that hungry.” Kevin begs.

“Perhaps you’re not, but I am.” Scotty points out. “And I want my honey…” He sees a wicked grin come to Kevin’s face, so before Kevin can say something, Scotty adds. “… this honey…. I’ll get to your honey later on…”. Kevin laughs out loud and Scotty happily grabs his coffee.

‘Why don’t we go left?” Scotty says sharply. They’ve been driving for about two hours now and apparently Kevin still has no clear idea about where to go and Scotty is tired of sitting next to him, doing nothing. K

evin’s lips become a straight line as he presses his lips together in a clear attempt to not lash out at Scotty... It’s not that Kevin can’t see that Scotty might be a bit bored, but is it really necessary for Scotty to whine and cry over every curve, every bump, every turn? Kevin cannot understand how the mood between them could change so easily from loving and cuddly this morning to frustrated this afternoon.

“This is the third time that we’ve reached an intersection and that you make the decision about where we’re going. Now, unless you do have a specific idea of where you want us to go, why can’t I make a decision for a change?” Scotty asks.
“I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware of the fact that we had to vote on it.” Kevin answers.

“Why are you so irritated? It’s just a question.” Scotty says and Kevin makes an annoyed sound.
“I’m  not irritated.” Kevin says, his voice however betrays that he is irritated.
“It was just a suggestion.” Scotty says under his breath. Unfortunately Kevin has heard him.

“No, it’s not. It wasn’t a suggestion. It was criticism. And I don’t mind criticism if I have done something wrong, I know I have my flaws, but this time it’s not the case. You know, it would seem that you make a lot of choices of your own. Choice that don't include me.

There was a time when you would talk to me about everything. Changes to the menu, new things that were bought for the house, changes in time-schedule or who will pick up the kids. Lately however, I keep running into surprises. It’s like you don’t really care anymore about how I feel about things.

Last week I left court early to make sure that I would pick up Daniel on time, only to find out that you had made other arrangements without letting me know.”
“I’m sorry. I. Forgot. My. Apology.” Scotty answers with emphasis. However, he immediately realizes that his tone of this voice is just adding fuel to the fire.

“Do you have any idea how silly I’ve been feeling lately, finding out that my husband is making choices and he doesn’t see the necessity to inform me on those choices as well?”
“I thought this weekend was supposed to be about having fun and getting back together.” Scotty tries to change the subject.

“Yes. It is. I’m just pointing out one of the things that I’ve noticed about you lately.”
“No. You’re blaming me and you won’t shut up about it until I plead guilty. Well fine! I will! Mea culpa! My fault! I screwed it up! I’m sorry! Are we done now?”
“No! This is not a real apology and I wasn’t trying to push you into anything.”

“You could have fooled me.” Scotty rolls his eyes and Kevin gives a tug at the steering-wheel, which launches Scotty against the door of the car. Kevin stops the car alongside the road, opens his door, gets out and walks over to the other side.
“Get out!” Kevin barks. Scotty, stunned, obeys Kevin’s order.

He’s not sure what to expect now that Kevin is apparently really pissed off, but he doesn’t believe for a second that Kevin will use violence against him. And indeed he doesn’t. He just places the car-keys in Scotty’s hand, sits down in passenger-side and clicks the safety-belt in place.

“Well, mister-know-it-all. You have the keys. You’re the one with all the answers. You drive.” Kevin says, clearly angry.
“Ha!” Scotty’s quick laughter is one of astonished disbelief. He can’t believe that Kevin could really be this childish, but apparently he is.

“Fine.” Scotty then bites back. He gets behind the wheel and turns the key.
“Fine.” Kevin repeats and he stares out the window, his arms crossed in front of his chest and he feels a little stupid for getting so carried away, but his pride stops him from saying something about it.


.“I hope this place is alright?” Scotty asks. The hotel looks nice enough and the room they rented for the night is a clean one.
“Whatever.” Kevin sighs.
“Are you going to be like that for the rest of the evening?”

“So, now you will also decide for me how I should be?” Kevin asks in return.
“Whatever.” Scotty answers in the same annoying tone of voice as Kevin had used and he slams the door the of the bathroom closed behind him, not able to handle another minute of Kevin’s foul mood.

Kevin hears the shower in the bathroom being turned on and he sits down on the bed. This was not the romantic weekend that he had had in mind. He had hoped that Scotty would be surprised by his idea, that he could see the humor of it all. Some flexibility perhaps? It was supposed to have been fun.

Scotty used to be the one with the wild ideas, creative and fun to be with. Kevin picks up the map. He knows now where they are and he can see that it’s not that long a drive back to Pasadena. Good. That is what he’ll do tomorrow. Just drive back home. It’s obvious that Scotty is more concerned about his restaurant than about Kevin.

Kevin, however, no longer has the energy to do something about it. He’s tired of feeling so frustrated. He undresses himself. The shower is still running. He gets in bed. The shower is still running. He sighs deeply, turns his back to Scotty’s side of the bed and turns off the light. And the shower is still running.


The room is dark by the time Scotty comes out of the shower. He was done within a few minutes, but he had needed some more time to get his thoughts organized. What was wrong with him? He had been complaining and moaning for two days about Kevin’s plan. What had happened to the young man, who would have loved this? There had been a time when he would have been so happy, when Kevin would pay attention to him.

He turns on the light on his side of the bed. He knows that Kevin is not asleep yet. He can hear it by the way he breathes. He looks at Kevin’s back and he feels guilty, because he knows that he made Kevin feel miserable. He reaches out and gently caresses Kevin’s back. He can feel Kevin react to the soft touch.

“I’m sorry.” Scotty says quietly. Kevin doesn’t move and Scotty wonders if Kevin even heard him. He lies down beside Kevin, turning to his side to watch his husband’s back and to gently caresses it again. Kevin slowly turns around and lets his head rest against Scotty’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry too. I was being an ass.” He kisses Scotty’s arm.
“No. I’m the one acting like a complete jerk.” Scotty now also apologizes softly.
“True.” Kevin replies, but his smile tells Scotty that he’s joking.

So Scotty pushes him over on his back and smiles.
“You know, we now have to have make up-sex.”
“No. Really? Must we?” Kevin makes a face as if the thought of sex is unpleasant to him.
“The rules command it.” Scotty kisses Kevin.

“And…. Who are we to screw around with the rules, right?” Kevin wonders, surrendering to another of Scotty’s kisses.
“I agree. No reason to fight them…” Scotty’s hand is behind Kevin’s head and his kisses become more forceful as his need increases.

Because Kevin doesn’t wear much in bed,  it’s easy to take the remainder of his clothes and after some wriggling around, Scotty can finally let his naked body rest against Kevin’s. Kevin sighs. It’s still delicious to feel Scotty against him, all hard and ready. Scotty doesn’t waste time. His hand finds its way down Kevin’s belly.

Kevin gasps at Scotty’s touch. He had expected Scotty to take some more time at this make up sex, but Kevin cannot really care. Scotty only has one objective, he wants to hear Kevin beg for release and he know exactly how to make it happen. He pushes Kevin easily on his back, his hand has a firm grip on Kevin.

Kevin closes his eyes tightly, he holds on to Scotty.
“Don’t stop!” He whispers. Scotty kisses him, his tongue invades Kevin’s mouth and he silences Kevin’s requests with great ease. Kevin moans and Scottyjust loves the little noises his makes that convey how aroused he is and how close he is to the edge.

Abruptly Scotty’s lips leave Kevin's and Kevin’s disappointed ‘no!’ gets replaces by ‘Oh, yes!’ when he can feel Scotty’s mouth go straight to his cock. Beyond that point everything becomes a blur and with his hand in Scotty's hair he gives in to the ecstasy that he brings Kevin.

Kevin suddenly realizes, there’s something very weird about waking up because someone is nibbling at your ear. Scotty’s soft ‘I love you’ tickles the little hairs and it sends a shiver down his spine. He grins and Scotty turns Kevin over in his arms to kiss Kevin’s lips.

“I love to wake up like this.” Kevin nearly purrs like a cat.
“Thought you would.” Scotty replies. “I like waking you up like this.”
“Have you ordered breakfast again?”

“No. I’m afraid that this morning we’ll have to go downstairs to get something to eat… Unfortunately… Now I wish I hadn’t been so upset last night.”
“Yeah, sorry about that.” Kevin answers, wishing he had kept his mouth shut because now the mood has changed again.

“It’s alright.” Scotty sighs and he sits up. “I’ve been doing some thinking last night, while you were asleep and to be honest… I’m sorry as well…. I understood what you were doing, but I couldn’t even try to meet you halfway… just kept nagging.”

“Café 429 is important to you. I should have realized.” Kevin apologizes. “But, I got it and today we’ll drive back home. We’ve driving in a loop. And if we leave at around ten, we should be home around three or four o’clock this afternoon and we’d be in time, for you to take control of the restaurant again tonight.”

“What about us?”
“Forget it. It’s not important. I blew it way out of proportion.” Kevin shrugs.

“No. You didn’t. We were losing each other, just like we did two years ago, when we thought we had lost Daniel.” Scotty has to admit. “And it was a good idea to take action on that, before one of us, or both, made another mistake….” Kevin can immediately hear that Scotty is sincere and he sighs.

He moves away from Scotty’s embrace and he sits up. Reluctantly Scotty does the same. Kevin positions himself opposite of Scotty and takes his hands. Scotty is surprised by Kevin's uncharactistic behaviour and he’s curious for what Kevin will have to say and Kevin can feel the pressure.

“I don’t want to make this just about me or whether or not I feel neglected and in how far I’m right or wrong. Not too long ago, you accused me of … how did you call it again? … Oh, right, … ‘consuming all the oxygen in the room’ and I swore I’d try to change and … I tried…”

“I know.”
“This is about us, not just me….”
“I agree.”
“Scotty,….” Kevin is about to start his defense, when he stops. “Wait. You agree?”

“Absolutely. I have been making a lot of decisions on my own. If it would have been the other way around, I would have created such a fuss, pointing out that you weren’t treating me like an equal… And here I am, ignoring your part in our relationship and getting upset when you call me out on it…. I was very unfair.”

Kevin seems taken aback by Scotty’s easy apology and Scotty can see that as well and he smiles as he cups Kevin’s face with his hands.
“Kev, you did the right thing.” He says, gently kissing Kevin on the nose.
“Wow… I guess I’m not used to people actually listening to what I say.” Kevin replies.

Scotty grins at the slightly sarcastic undertone of Kevin’s words.
“Technically speaking, I’m not a Walker or a Holden, but a Wandell, so… I do listen to you… sometimes.” He jokes, before kissing Kevin gently on the lips. When Scotty finally breaks the kiss, Kevin remains seated, eyes closed.

Kevin slowly opens his eyes and once again Scotty just loves to stare into those blue eyes. Kevin still seems a bit insecure.
“Are we good?” He asks carefully.
“We are.” Scotty nods. “I love you.”

“And I love you. I was so afraid….”
“Ssssh… No more talking.” Scotty sweetly silences Kevin with yet another kiss. “No reason to be afraid. I got your message loud and clear and most of our weekend may be screwed up, but … let’s make the best of this day.”

Scotty pushes Kevin on his back and within seconds he’s on top of Kevin. Kevin’s hands slide over Scotty’s back, pushing his body closer against his own body.
“Make love to me.” Kevin begs. He doesn’t need to ask a second time. Scotty’s mouth is on his, Scotty’s hands roam all over his body and he can feel Scotty’s arousal against his own.

Kevin’s arms close tightly around Scotty and there’s a surprised yelp from Scotty when Kevin suddenly turns the situation around. They nearly tumble from the bed, but Kevin’s grip is strong enough so Scotty doesn’t fall. They both laugh at the same time, only to resume their kissing as quickly as they can.

Scotty brings the sheets up around them and wraps it tightly around them, creating a little cocoon for himself and Kevin to lie in. Kevin breaks their kiss long enough to look at Scotty and caress his face.
“Let’s make the best of this day and just enjoy our ride home?” He suggests and Scotty nods.


Top down again, the wind in their hair, Kevin and Scotty travel calmly back to Pasadena. This time they are both relaxed, just enjoying the view around the,, often smiling at each other. When Kevin is driving his hand rests casually on Scotty’s thigh and by the time that Scotty takes over it doesn’t take long for him to feel Kevin’s hand resting on the back of his seat.

Scotty estimates that they could be back home in about two hours, but he suddenly no longer feels the need to rush back to Café 429. A sign along the road informs him that there’s a truck-stop up ahead and it gives Scotty an idea. He turns to Kevin and suggests:

“Coffee and a sandwich?”
“Sounds good to me.” Kevin answers, realizing that he could indeed use something to eat. Scotty easily parks the car and Kevin gets out of the car.
“Are you coming?” He asks, when he sees that Scotty doesn’t seem to get out as well.

“Ahm, would it be very inconvenient for you if I join in a bit? I want to call Café 429 first and the reception inside might be bad.” Scotty gives him an apologetic look.
“Alright, what do I order for you?”
“Surprise me.” Scotty answers with a smile, knowing that these could be dangerous words to say.


“You have to switch lanes or you’ll miss your exit!” Kevin warns.
“I know.” Scotty answers.
I know…”

“Oh, great! You missed you’re exit!”
“Sorry.” Scotty smiles. Kevin makes an annoyed sound, but the smile on Scotty’s face makes him suspicious.
“You… don’t … plan to go back home….?” He quickly realizes.

Scotty’s smile becomes even bigger.
“And where are we going? Do you have better plan than I had?” Kevin asks.
“Naturally. I’m better at ‘spontaneity’ than you are. After all, I’m a natural.” Scotty grins. “I’ve booked us a room for the night at the Playa de la Paz hotel.”

“When I supposedly called Café 429 at that truck-stop.”

“You’re good!” Kevin replies quasi-in awe.
“I know.” Scotty blinks his eyes a few times in a row and Kevin starts to laugh. He sits back more comfortably so he can watch his husband drive them to one of their favorite hotels and one they hadn’t been to since right after Kevin’s liver-operation.


“Wow! I just  love the view.” Kevin sighs contently after opening the doors to the balcony that overlooks the ocean. Scotty hums, comes up behind Kevin and wraps his arms around Kevin’s waist.
“I didn’t come here for the view outside…” Scotty kisses the back of Kevin’s neck.

“Dinner first. View inside later.” Kevin negotiates lifting up Scotty’s hands to kiss them.
“Quick sex first, then dinner, then even more sex.” Scotty counter-offers, kissing Kevin’s shoulder and moving up to Kevin’s ears. Kevin turns around in his husband’s arms.
“Sex. Dinner. Jacuzzi and then….”

“Deal.” Scotty doesn’t even let Kevin finish….
“Don’t accept too quickly..” Ever-the-lawyer Kevin lectures. “I could have suggested watching a game of baseball.”
“Baseball?!" Scotty repeats. "Is that really what you want…?” Scotty asks, not too seriously.

“I thought so. Would you have suggested more sex?”
“Then I was right to accept the deal. Case closed. Court adjourned.”

Without wishing to waste another second on pointless discussion Scotty pushes Kevin to the bed and Kevin lies down quickly, kicks off his shoes and he spreads his legs a bit so let Scotty lie between them. Soon enough his t-shirt lands on the ground followed by other pieces of clothing from both him and Scotty.

The bed-covers get pushed away and the cool sheets hit Scotty’s back when Kevin once again take over. Kevin’s hand is between Scotty’s legs, quickly arousing Scotty to the fullest. Scotty moans Kevin’s name and Kevin silences him with a deep, warm kiss that has Scotty’s head spinning.

He comes so fast that he doesn’t even have the time to warn Kevin about it, until it’s too late and it’s all over Kevin’s hand. Scotty makes a disappointed little noise, but Kevin only smiles.
“Well, you did want it fast before dinner.” Kevin points out to Scotty.

“And of course, you stick to the deal…” Scotty understands.
“Mhmm-mmm, and only after dinner and the Jacuzzi will you get the long hot sex where I will make you scream out and beg for mercy.” Kevin promises.

“Really? You and what army?” Scotty teases.
“I don’t need an army. I’ve already proven that I can submit you with one hand.” Kevin replies smugly, holding up the hand with which he just satisfied Scotty and wiggling his fingers.

Scotty starts to laugh out loud, grabs his pillow and throws at Kevin’s head…. With love naturally.


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