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Fanfic: The lost weekend - part 1/2

The lost weekend - part 1/2

By Marea67
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I know I don’t own anything B&S, if I would have, season 5 wouldn't have been such a disaster!
Summary: Kevin decides to take Scotty away for the weekend, but Scotty isn’t thrilled.

It’s not always easy to keep the spark alive. Kevin knows this very well. With work, kids, family-stuff and other disaster constantly demanding their attention, Kevin feels like Scotty and he have reached a point where they only see each other at night, for about five minutes, before they fall asleep of exhaustion.

And that is Kevin’s problem. He’s sick and tired of missing Scotty. The days rush by and he cannot even remember the last time he had more than 10 minutes alone with Scotty and where the conversation hadn’t end up being about the kids, work, family-stuff and other disasters.

He throws down his pen, unable to concentrate on the case of Mr Bloom, when he’s more focused on his own problems. How he wishes he could steal Scotty away from here and just go someplace and just…. Kevin closes his eyes tightly and tells himself to get back on his case.

But it’s too late. The image of a naked Scotty on the bed, submitting to Kevin’s desires has already left an imprint on his mind and it refuses to go away. In his mind he can see himself touching Scotty, letting his hands slide over his chest and further down. Mhmm, that belly… and then…

“Kevin?!” Shocked by the sudden sound of Scotty’s voice, Kevin slams his file shut.
“Yes?” Kevin slides his chair further under the desk, and he hopes that Scotty won’t ask for something that would require him to get up and show how aroused he is, but he doesn’t have to worry, because Scotty doesn’t even give him a second look.

“I’m sorry, the truck had a delay and they are unloading now. Could you go and get the kids from school? I want to stay here. Last time the bill didn’t match the shipment either.” He tells Kevin and Kevin feels a bit of annoyance pop up. Since when is his work so unimportant that he can jump up and drop everything at Scotty’s every order?

“I’ll get the kids.” Kevin replies softly, hoping it will earn him at least a kiss from Scotty. Again, he gets disappointed. Scotty immediately marches out the door and disappears from view. The disappointment is enough of a cooling-down for Kevin and, no longer aroused, he gets up and gets his coat.

First thing he’ll have to do now is pick up Daniel. And that is what, boringly, his life had come to. Kids and work. Alright, perhaps he’s not completely fair. He knows that, once he holds Daniel in his arms, he’ll be happy with his beautiful son and he won’t be bored at all, but until then, he will just miss the idea of being alone with Scotty and do those dirty little things, that should best remain hidden under the sheets… G

etting in his car, he realizes that he loves Scotty to death, but that he’s tired of waiting for a little moment of tenderness from Scotty, who seems too busy lately to even notice Kevin’s existence. And to that, there’s only one remedy: Call your mom and have her babysit. It is something rather spontaneous to do and for a moment Kevin hesitates, but then, with his mind full of ideas on how to win back Scotty’s affection, Kevin drives off, determined to win Scotty back.

The sun is warm, the top of the car is open, the wind is in his hair and Scotty sulks in the passenger seat. He knows that it should be a nice surprise, or some romantic gesture, or ... something, but, right now, he’s not too enthusiastic. It will be very busy this weekend – as it is every weekend – and Scotty seriously doubts if Angie and Saul can handle the pressure.

If it were up to him they would make a U-turn and drive straight home. He looks at Kevin, wondering how he’s supposed to tell Kevin how he feels. Kevin looks at him, it’s only a quick glance, he’s driving after all, and Scotty sees the happy smile on Kevin’s face. Scotty manages to drag up a smile from somewhere deep inside.

Sometimes he wonders if Kevin really knows him all that well. Sometimes he asks himself if Kevin is indeed his soul-mate, as people so often tell him. Shouldn’t a soul-mate have known that it was just not a ‘fun surprise’ to take Scotty out of his kitchen like that, knowing that the restaurant depends on Scotty’s expertise...?

“Do you like it?” Kevin yells over the noise of the wind. Scotty gives him a watery smile.
“Where are we going?” He asks in return, hoping that it’s at least someplace he’ll enjoy.
“I don’t know.” Kevin answers. Scotty looks at him, his smile turning into a rather annoyed one. He’s irritated that Kevin doesn’t give him a straight answer to his question.

But when he looks at Kevin it dawns on Scotty, that Kevin really doesn’t know and panic strikes Scotty.
“What?! You’re not serious, are you?” He asks, though he already knows with certainty what Kevin’s answer will be.

“We needed to get out of the restaurant and the office. Away from the kids, my family, your family, work and all. And just have some time to ourselves.”
“Really?” Scotty mumbles sarcastically and he continues, somewhat louder. “But why this weekend? It’s extremely busy this weekend and ...”

“Scotty, there’s always something holding us back. Too busy, something with the kids, drama in the family,... If we don’t just get out of there, we’ll never have a chance on some time for just us.... I thought it was about time we did something impulsive, out of the box and frivolous.”

Scotty sighs, still not agreeing with Kevin. This ‘spontaneous’ long weekend was irresponsible and amateurish at best.
“Kevin, we’re not 18 anymore. We have a family, work... responsibilities.” Scotty emphasizes the last word.

“That’s what I mean.... When did you become as stiff as I used to be? I’m looking at you and I no longer recognize the man I used to know several years ago.”
“Sorry, that I’m no longer the useless, penniless and hopeless person that I once was, but it’s called ‘growing up’. You should try it.” Scotty replies with a frown.

His words finally manage to erase the smile on Kevin’s face, as if Kevin only now realises that Scotty is not happy.
“You don’t like this.” He says and he sounds so defeated that it breaks Scotty’s heart.
“That’s not it...” Scotty carefully backpedals a bit. “I just....” He tries to give an explanation, but Kevin cuts him off.

“It’s alright... Don’t let me do anything against your wishes. I should have realised how important work is to you. After all, I was once where you are now, and work was the most important thing to me too... So, Scotty, how does it feel to hear your partner complain that you never have the time to do something fun, that you’re too wrapped up in your work and that you’re all work and no all play....?

I’ve heard those remarks from you plenty of times, though you seemed to have forgotten all about them, now that you actually have a job of your own, that you actually like?” Scotty doesn’t know what to answer. Yes, it’s true that he had always disliked how Kevin had been so wrapped up in his work. Had he really become the Kevin, that Kevin used to be?

“It’s the beginning of the end.” Kevin adds sarcastically. "... It’s just a matter of time before your friends will call you ‘uptight’, you know.” Scotty still has nothing to say. “We’ll take the next exit and we’ll go back home.” Kevin says. He’s bitterly disappointed that somehow Scotty can’t even make an effort.

“No...” Scotty suddenly decides. “No, we won’t. Because... maybe you’re right.” He doesn’t fully agree with his own words, but he’s willing to give a this a chance, because he starts to fear that maybe Kevin is right and they are growing apart, again, and the thought of that, makes Scotty very uncomfortable.


It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do, Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you, Is it the look in your eyes? Or is it this dancing juice? Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you...

The cheerful music of Bruno Mars’ song, doesn’t do anything to put Kevin in a better mood. All he had wanted to do was take Scotty away from the madness at home and just … Kevin closes his eyes for two seconds to not give in to the tears that sting his eyes. He had tried to ignore the bored look on Scotty’s face, but now it no longer was of any use to do it….

Well, I know this little chapel, On the boulevard we can go, No one will know, Oh, come on girl. Who cares if we're trashed, Got a pocket full of cash we can blow, Shots of patron, And it's on, girl…

The mention of ‘shots of patron’ however suddenly reminds Kevin of that night at Cinnamon Jack when he and Sarah had been drinking too much, too fast – you’re either a Walker or you’re not – and he had end up doing something pretty stupid, although it had also earned him the everlasting friendship of Scotty’s most critical friend, Jordan.

Don't say no, no, no, no, no. Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, And we'll go, go, go, go, go, If you're ready, like I'm ready,
'Cause it's a beautiful night, We're looking for something dumb to do, Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you
Is it the look in your eyes, Or is it this dancing juice?, Who cares, baby, I think I wanna marry you

Scotty can’t help but look at his wedding-ring and the cheerfulness of the song awakes Scotty’s sense of humour again. He remembers how Kevin had, in all seriousness, offered him a domestic partnership over a hospital-bill. Scotty’s has to bite the inside of his cheek to not laugh out loud…. "Death and dismemberment".... Kevin had been simply too cute!

I'll go get a ring, Let the choir bells sing like, Ooh, so what ya wanna do? Let's just run, girl.

Kevin sees the smile on Scotty’s face and wonders if Scotty remembers that issue with their wedding-rings. He can still kick himself for forgetting them, but it had given them the opportunity to do exchange the rings again in all privacy, when he had repeated his words of love to the man who had stolen his heart.

If we wake up and you, Wanna break up, that's cool, No, I won't blame you, It was fun, girl

Their eyes meet and they both know that the one thing that comes to their minds is their own wedding-night. There had been no reason for a break up after that one. It had simply been heavenly and it had been all both had dreamed their wedding-night would be. Loving, tender, excited… With so much love.

Don't say no, no, no, no, no Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, And we'll go, go, go, go, go, If you're ready, like I'm ready,
'Cause it's a beautiful night, We're looking for something dumb to do, Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

Scotty has to recognize that it does feel a bit liberating to be whisked away like that and to not know where he’s going. It feels deliciously wrong and somehow he really likes it. Kevin looks at him again and Scotty smiles. It’s a genuine smile this time.
“I’m glad that we haven’t gone back.” He says.

Is it the look in your eyes, Or is it this dancing juice? Who cares, baby, I think I wanna marry you

“Me too… I’m sorry to have taken you away without discussing it with you first, but you would have had objections to leaving and I would have given up, because I would never want to do something that, I know, you'd object to… but...I’ve missed you. I’ve missed us and I’m afraid we’ll lose each other again…” Kevin softly replies.

Just say I do, Tell me right now, baby, Tell me right now, baby, baby
Just say I do, Tell me right now, baby, Tell me right now, baby, baby, oh

“I know what you mean. “ Scotty places his hand on Kevin’s knee. “I never again want to be in the same dark place, where we were when we thought we had lost Daniel. Maybe it’s good that you made a choice for me, because I agree, that I would have fought you all the way, if you had told me upfront what you wanted to do.”

It's a beautiful night, We're looking for something dumb to do, Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.
Is it the look in your eyes. Or is it this dancing juice, Who cares, baby, I think I wanna marry you….

“So? You’re no longer mad at me?” Kevin asks hopeful. Scotty thinks over his answer, and a teasing smile comes to his face.
“Yes, I’m still angry, but… I’m sure you’re going to make it up to me.” He replies.
“I sure will.” Kevin promises with a big grin on his face…


“I’m sorry.” Kevin says. He looks so upset that Scotty starts to feel sorry for him.
“Hey, it’s not your fault that we first get caught in the worst traffic-jam that California has ever seen and then, to cool us off, the Gods decide to unleash an new biblical flood on us.”

Kevin looks out the window of the hotel where they had stopped for the night... 'Flood' is indeed the right word for the curtain of rain outside.
“Can I help you?” The receptionist asks.
“We’d like a room for the night.” Kevin says.

“We only have one room left. Our Luxury Suite.”
“Comes with a ‘luxury’ price too, I presume?” Scotty asks dryly.
“No, not really, but it has a king-size bed and most people are travelers, caught by surprise by this bad weather and they prefer twin beds.”

“We can handle a king-size bed.” Kevin decides and he starts searching for his credit-card. The woman sees a picture with several children on it and she assumes all of them are his children, unaware that it’s actually a picture with all of Nora’s grandchildren, that they had taken a few months ago.

“We’ll use my credit-card.” Scotty replies. Now the woman gets a look at Scotty’s wallet and sees only the picture of Scotty and Daniel. The woman looks at the two men, both are wearing wedding-rings and her only thought is about how sad it is, that they should spend the night away from their wives.

“No. This was my fault...” Kevin says and he gives the woman his credit-card. The woman accepts the card, leaves, quickly returns and hands them both a key.
“I know that you’ll most likely have cell-phones, but if you don’t, and you wish to call your wives, you can always use the phone in your room. The charges won’t be that high.”

“Our wives?” Scotty asks.
“I noticed the wedding-rings… The pictures of the children… You both have such lovely kids….” The woman laughs proudly at her own smartness and Kevin and Scotty don’t have the heart to explain to her that she’s wrong.

“I’m sure our .. wives will love to hear that.” Scotty laughs and he quickly pushes Kevin towards the elevator, not wishing to embarrass the woman. For a moment Kevin and Scotty believe that they have the elevator to themselves, but then a young couple stumbles in, clearly drunk. She’s holding a half-dead tulip and she only has eyes for him.

“He loves me,..” She tears out one petal of the faded tulip… “He loves me not…” She drops the second on the floor. The elevator doors close with a thud and the whole cubicle shakes and shivers and Scotty wishes he hadn’t entered it. “He loves me…” The woman coos and this time it’s Kevin who shivers, because her voice is very irritating in the small space.

The man looks over the head of the woman at Kevin and Scotty, who remain leaning against the wall to make sure they won’t fall over as the elevators rocks and shakes his way up to the first floor and then to second…
“… He loves me not….” There went the fourth petal and Scotty feels sorry for it.

“… He loves me….” The woman giggles, picking the fifth petal and nearly falling out the elevator as the doors open on the second floor. Kevin and Scotty watch her leave and a sixth petal slowly falls down to the floor.
“He so does not  love her.” Kevin replies, the door closes with a thud again.

“Should we have told her?” Scotty laughs softly.
“That he’s most likely gay? No. I think he hasn’t come to terms with it himself…. But he sure took a good long look at you….” Kevin grins.
“Just wondering what a hot stud like you was doing with a kid like me…” Scotty teases.

“He loves me… He loves me not…” Kevin coos in the same irritating voice as the woman had done. Scotty kisses him hard on the lips.
“Shut. Up.” He orders, before planting another kiss on Kevin’s lips, this time it’s gentler and more intimate. Meanwhile, the elevator stops on their floor.


“This is…” Kevin starts, caught somewhere between being in awe and being completely horrified.
“… VERY Burgundy red…???” Scotty offers. He’s in about the same state of shock as Kevin is in.
“… The velvet must have been on sale?” Kevin concludes.

“… At a dollar the truck-load…?” Scotty whispers
“They even have it stuck on the ceiling!” Kevin states.
“I guess, it’s supposed to look warm and sexy… or like the set of a cheap porn movie….”

“To me, it looks like the inside of a mouth and I keep expecting fangs to show up from the ceiling and from the floor. And then the room will eat me whole.”
“You’re weird.” Scotty can’t help but notice gently.
“I suggest we get undressed quickly, turn of the lights and hope the darkness won’t literally swallow us.”

“Is this some cue to insert some joke about ‘swallowing’? Something that might have to do with the hot sex we’re about to have…?” Scotty teases.
“This room kills my joking skills as well as my sex-drive.”
“Well, we can’t have that, now can we? I mean, I can do without the jokes, but...”

Without another word, Scotty switches off the light and the room becomes very dark. He carefully finds his way back to the bed, bumping into Kevin in the dark.
“The bed is over here.” Kevin says softly and he gently pushes Scotty on the mattress.
“I notice it is.” Scotty grins, his mouth seeking Kevin’s.

Kevin’s lips part, but Scotty teases him, by not accepting the silent invitation, but instead continuing with shallow kisses around Kevin’s mouth. Small kisses, playful little appetizers for what is to come. Eyes closed, Kevin nonetheless seeks to deepen the kiss. Scotty toys with Kevin’s desire just a little longer, until he finally gives Kevin what he quietly begs for.

Though it’s just Scotty’s tongue invading Kevin’s mouth, Scotty can tell by the way that Kevin pushes closer to him, that he has his mind on something invading him as well. Scotty laughs softly, not yet ready to get undressed, besides he enjoys it to feel Kevin go insane under his touch.

They feel their way down each other’s body. In the dark their fingers clumsily play with buttons, they attempt to open shirts and undo belts. Scotty pushes the shirt from Kevin’s shoulder, his mouth clinging to Kevin’s skin and Kevin hopes it won’t leave any marks, but at the same time he wouldn’t care less if it did.

Scotty’s shirt falls on the ground. Kevin’s ends up on top of it, more by accident, then by good coordination. Scotty brings down Kevin’s pants and Kevin merely moans in the darkness, because it feels so good to have Scotty’s hands on his body once more. Scotty kisses him, plays with him and caresses him.

“Well, someone is very excited.” Scotty teases, letting his fingers gently caress Kevin’s penis.
“Really? Who?” Kevin feigns ignorance and Scotty laughs.
“I’ll give you a hint.” And he gently squeezes, causing Kevin to arch up to his touch.

“I think I need more hints...” He whispers.
“You wish…” Scotty teases and he turns on the night-light. “I need to get…” And he 'umphs' and 'ughs' as he reaches for his overnight bag, without getting too far away from either Kevin or his aroused state of being.

“This room is bad for a person’s sexual desires.” Kevin softly complains. Scotty realizes that, still on his back, Kevin is forced to stare at the burgundy red ceiling.
“Why don’t you turn over then?” Scotty suggests with a wicked little grin and he gently caresses Kevin with one hand, seeing that Kevin closes his eyes tightly under the soft stroke.

“I need the lights just a little longer…” Scotty promises, getting ready to prepare Kevin for him. Kevin squirms underneath him. Scotty knows exactly how to turn Kevin on.
“Scotty, please….” He begs and Scotty turns off the lights.
“I guess I’ll have to feel the rest of it…” Scotty teases.

In the darkness he can hear Kevin hold his breath with a quick gasp.
“I … I think you’re in the r-r-right place.” Kevin stutters. Scotty laughs softly over Kevin’s words. He allows Kevin a few moments to adjust to him before enjoying the feel of Kevin replying to his first thrust.

Scotty wraps one arm around Kevin and he pushes Kevin deeper down, until Kevin is pinned between Scotty and the mattress. Their love-making becomes more coordinated and Kevin completely surrenders to Scotty. His fingers grab the pillows, but he can’t find a way to push back and to demand of Scotty to go faster.

Scotty, taller than Kevin, claims Kevin’s lips, his tongue invades Kevin’s mouth and Kevin is completely powerless to defend himself against it. However, as frustrated as Kevin is with the fact that Scotty’s pace is too slow for his liking, he knows that Scotty will give him satisfaction in the end.

Scotty has to recognize that it  has been too long since they made love, because after just a few thrusts, he’s close to coming and though it’s too fast for his liking, he cannot hold back his urge for a release any longer. Underneath him he can hear Kevin moan.
“Scotty, please, oh, please…”

Scotty bites his lower lip, closes his eyes tightly and finally surrenders. For a moment, he cannot care about Kevin’s feelings or if Kevin came too and Kevin, close to the edge as well, knows he’ll have to find his own satisfaction, but that is not really a big problem for him anyway.



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