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Fanfic: Love-bingo: In sickness and in health

In sickness and in health

By Marea67
Kevin, Scotty, Nora (glimpses of Justin, Cooper and Sarah)
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine.
Summary: A brief moment in life taking place somewhere between 2.11 and 2.14, I suppose.
Written for: love-bingo


Scotty sneezes again and Kevin shakes his head.
“You can’t go to work today, Scotty.”
“What am I supposed to do, Kev? I can’t miss out on a day at work. I need the money.”
“It not very hygienic.” Kevin points out.

“Maybe not, but…” Scotty wipes his nose. “.. but I have to pay my tuition before the end of the month and I don’t have enough money…” Scotty explains softly.
“I told you before…” Kevin starts, but Scotty places a finger on Kevin’s lips.
“I know.” He says friendly. “… But that is not what I want.”

“Come on, Scotty. You simply caught a cold from Cooper and now you need to get back in bed and just be sick and you know it. And if you can’t afford to pay your monthly tuition, then I’ll help you. It’s not like I believe that you’re taking advantage of me. Now, call San Estephe and tell them you’re too sick to work.” Kevin orders.

With a sigh, Scotty picks up the phone. He’s too tired to fight Kevin on this anyway. Kevin nods and listens to how Scotty explains his reasons for not showing up today. By the time Scotty puts down the phone, he looks even more green.
“Were they angry?”

“No. Quite the contrary. They wanted me to get better quickly and told me to get in bed, it’s just that…. Oh!” Scotty runs off to the bathroom to empty his stomach and Kevin shakes his head, knowing that Scotty will probably feel even more miserable in a few hours. He picks up the phone.
“Mom? Do you have more that chicken-soup? …. No. Not me. It's Scotty…”


Somehow, Scotty is not even surprised to hear a knock on the bedroom-door.
“Are you decent?” Nora asks.
“Does ‘dead’ count as decent?” Scotty asks in return. Nora comes in and she pauses to look at him.

“You look awful, but I believe you will feel better by now?”
“I do.” Scotty admits.
“Good. Good. Nothing better than chicken-soup… Eat.” She orders. Scotty smiles, realizing that he wouldn’t have the nerve to disobey her right now.

“Kevin home yet?” He asks, when he sees that it’s nearly seven at night.
“Where is he?”

“On the couch.” Nora answers.
“He makes you run around, while he’s laying on the couch?” Scotty wonders out loud. Nora shakes her head.
“He came home with a fever and now he’s just as sick as you were yesterday.” Nora answers.


Nora groans at the knock on her door. Her head is about to explode, but she manages to say a ‘come in’, before pulling the sheets high around her.
“Hi, sweetie, how are you feeling?” Kevin asks. Nora moans as a reply.
“I brought you some chicken-soup.” Scotty places the cup before her. “Eat. It will make you feel better someone told me.”

“Are you sure?” Nora gives the cup a suspicious look.
“Yes.” Scotty smiles and Cooper now runs in.
“Cooper! Let grandma rest!” Sarah dashes in after Cooper.
“But grandma read me a story when I was sick and now I want to read to her.” Cooper protests.

“Oh, let him read her a story.” Justin tells Sarah.
“You guys… My head is about to explode. So, unless you want to pick my brains off the wall, all of you get out, except for Cooper, I want to hear his story.” Nora somehow manages to still have some authority.

“Alright... Coop, be sweet to grandma.” Sarah warns. “Love you, mom.”
“Love you too, mom.” Justin says. Nora accepts the kisses from both Kevin and Justin and watches them leave as well. Scotty lingers a bit and then shyly says.
“Thank you for being there for me, when I was sick…. It has been a while since someone took care of me.”

Nora motions him to come closer and he sits down on the bed to give her a hug. She gently cups his chin in her hand and softly says:
“Well, it was Kevin’s idea. He didn’t want you to be all alone, while he had to work. And he knows that I’ve grown used to thinking of you as if you were another son..”

She can see that Scotty is surprised by her words.
“… If only you would stop begin so proud and allow Kevin take care of you, you might actually become that new son in my life….” She predicts. Scotty laughs.

“I’m not holding my breath, but I would really like that….” He confesses. He gives Nora a kiss on her forehead and leaves the bedroom as well. As he closes the door he hears Cooper ask in awe:
“Grandma, is your head really going to explode? ‘Cause that would be so cool….” And Scotty chuckles as he closes the door.


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