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Fanfic: Love-bingo: Soul-mate

Soul mate

By Marea67
: Nora
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine.
Summary: Nora wonders….
Written for: love-bingo 


“Don’t worry about anything, Kevin. I will take care of this. I’ll get the rooms ready for the kids, so you can finally have some time alone with Scotty. It’s no problem whatsoever.” Nora puts down the phone and smiles. As if looking after her grandchildren would ever be a problem for her.

She walks by the wedding-picture of Kevin and Scotty and she can’t help but stop and pick it up. A strong feeling of pride comes over her. She had almost given up on ever seeing Kevin find the happiness that she had felt he deserved and she had so hoped and prayed that he would find it, with a nice guy, who loved him. A real soul-mate.

And then, one day, there had been this young man… who had brought his own red velvet cupcakes and who liked the mango-peach-salsa. A grin comes to her face. What she remembers most of that night are three things. There had been victory, because she had taken revenge on Holly.

There had been shame, because she wasn’t a hateful person and she was fair enough to admit Holly wasn’t the only one to blame. And what she had also remembered was that certain something, that was going on between her son and that young man, who got invited by Sarah.

Nora smiles as she puts the picture back and goes upstairs to get the rooms ready for the children. Isn’t finding a real soul-mate just one of the most difficult things in life? She sometimes reads stories about people who were high-school sweethearts and ended up being married for 60-70 years and she envies those people.

Sarah, Tommy, Kitty and Justin had also had their struggles to find the right person to love. Even Saul had had issues with it. Was it something that somehow ran in her family? Nora sits down on her bed. After all, had it not all started with her? She had been unable to choose between William and Brody.

She had fetl that Brody was her soul-mate. Unfortunately, Brody had been unable to choose between her and baseball. And William had known his choice. He had chosen her. He had pursued her relentlessly with compliments, little gifts, flowers and invitations to a date…

Had he found love in her? Had she been his soul-mate? Even after all these years, she can’t answer that question for herself, although some evidence points out to the fact that he had truly loved her. Of course, there had been Holly. And Connie, let’s not forget her.

But in the end, William had always gone right back to Nora. He had even wanted to build her a dream-house … Narrow Lake… Even Holly had told her that her house had been ‘home’ for William…. But if had been ‘home’ to him, why couldn’t it have been enough?

She sighs and realizes that she will most likely never get an answer to her question and it leads her to another question. Was Brody indeed her soul-mate after all? A long time ago, she would have breathlessly said 'yes'. Now she's not so sure. She has changed so much from that young girl she once was.

There was a time when she would have chosen him over anyone else, but he hadn’t been able to choose, but had he made a choice now? Or was it not more a case that he no longer could choose for baseball, because ‘baseball’ no longer wanted him? And if base-ball would still be his first choice, is she then second choice?

She quickly shakes her head, chasing all those thoughts away. She should just be happy that Brody is back in her life, stop dreaming about ‘soul-mates’ and just enjoy her life that may not have a soul-mate, but that has children, grandchildren, good health and no financial worries.


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