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Fanfic: Love-Bingo: Indecent proposal

Indecent proposal

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S isn’t mine. Written for fun, not money
Summary: Does everyone have a price? (Obviously, somewhere before that stupid season 5)
Written for: love-bingo


“Scotty…?” Kevin starts. Scotty pretends to ignore him because he doesn’t want to stop reading. “Scotty?!” Kevin’s voice is louder now and Scotty fears he can’t keep up the pretence of not hearing his husband any longer.
“What?” Scotty tries not to sound too annoyed.

“At what price would you sleep with a guy?”
“Excuse me?” Scotty asks.
“What would a guy have to pay you so you’d go to bed with him?”
“Is someone trying to buy me?” The idea clearly disgusts Scotty.

Kevin shakes his head and explains:
“No, we were talking at the office about this subject today. At what price would you agree to sleep with someone? Some girls said they would for a million bucks, some girls said that it all depended who asked them and such…”

“And you?” Scotty is curious to know.
“I said that I had no issues with sleeping with someone else… but that I’d let you decide with me how high the amount would be, …”
“How nice of you.” Scotty replies sarcastically.

“Well, wouldn’t you want me to get a fair price for my services…?” Kevin teases.
“To be honest with you…. I wouldn’t want to share you with anyone.” Scotty answers with a smile on his face. “So… How much would it cost me to have your services all to myself?”

“Mr Wandell?! Aren’t we being a bit too selfish?!”
“When it comes to your body, I can never be selfish enough.” Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin’s waist and pulls him down on his lap. Kevin lets his arms rest loosely around Scotty’s neck and surrenders to his kisses.

“I have a better indecent proposal.” Scotty whispers in Kevin’s ear. Considering the arousal Kevin can feel, he can imagine what Scotty will propose, but he’s willing to listen to a good offer. “How about we go to bed and….”
“… I offer you my services for free?”

“Now there’s a thought…” Scotty coos and he with a sudden movement he pushes Kevin down on the couch… “But on second thought, I can’t wait until we’re in the bedroom… I want you right here.”
“I can’t remember the last time we did it on the couch.” Kevin smiles.
“Then I have to try and refresh your memory. And my own!”

Kevin feel Scotty’s hand move up between his legs and he moans softly. By the time Scotty’s thumb slides over his erection, Kevin bites his lip to not beg Scotty to move faster, but Scotty knows already that he has Kevin’s full attention. He can feel Kevin tremble under his touch, as he undresses Kevin and he gently prepares him.

By the time Scotty slips inside him, Kevin surrenders with a loud sigh, that makes Scotty smile. He knows Kevin so well. He kisses the hollow of Kevin’s neck and Kevin’s fingers grab in his hair as he pushes up. Scotty seems to slide even deeper inside him and from the gasp on Kevin’s lips Scotty knows that Kevin won’t last much longer.

Kevin’s grip on Scotty’s body becomes tighter, their kisses become more intimate and Scotty moves faster. Suddenly Kevin’s nails press into his skin. Scotty can feel Kevin stiffen underneath him and his reaction is a catalyst for Scotty to let go as well.

Quietly enjoying the aftermath of their love-making Scotty and Kevin lie in each other’s arms. The couch is a little too small, but they don’t need that much space. Scotty’s fingers play with one of the little curls that have formed on Kevin’s sweaty forehead.
“This.” Kevin answers.

“What?” Scotty asks.
“This is what it would cost you to have me all to yourself. Your body next to mine, your hands on me and lots of kisses.” Kevin kisses Scotty’s lips.
“I love you, you know.” Scotty smiles.


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