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Love-bingo: Fanfic: Mother's Day

Mother’s day

By Marea67
Daniel (Future-fic)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: B&S isn’t mine. Written for fun, not money
Summary: Daniel is 6 years old and … it’s almost mother’s day.
Written for: love-bingo


“You can use all the colors you like and once you’re done coloring, you can add the golden stars and flowers…” His teacher says. “And then we’ll add the little poem for mommy…” And this is where Daniel sighs. It’s that time of the year again. And his usual teacher would know this, but Miss Trudy is sick and her substitute-teacher doesn’t know him yet.

Considering he was brought here by Aunt Sarah this morning, there was no reason for miss Julienne to know that he doesn’t have a mommy. He raises his hand.
“I don’t have a mommy. I have two dads.” He says and he waits. For a reason, that he doesn’t quite understand, some people don’t like it when you tell them that you have 2 dads.

“And my mommy is dead, Miss Julienne.” Lily now says. Daniel turns his head to look at her. Now there’s another possibility. However having a dead mother is not ‘as bad as’ having 2 daddies to some people apperently. So he turns back to Miss Julienne, who smiles a bit stiffly.

“No problem…. You can make one for your dads, Daniel, and maybe you want to make one for your daddy as well, Lily? Or an aunt? Or …?”
“I don’t have to make one for my stepmom, right? I don’t like her.” Lily immediately worries.

Daniel takes another look at her. He had never thought of that. With two dads there’s no chance on an stepmother, who seem to be evil, by definition. That is a plus.
“It might be nice to make one for your step-mother anyway, maybe she’ll be glad to get one, if she sees how much work you’ve put into it?”

“She threw away the one I made last year.” Lily shrugs. Daniel is shocked! The idea! Kevin or Scotty would never throw away anything he made. In fact his whole room, part of kitchen at café 429, Kevin's office and part of the refrigerator in the kitchen at home are covered with his 'art-work'. Daniel feels sorry for Lily. He hesitates, but then leans forward.

“Why don’t you help me make one? I think you always make pretty cards.” He says.
“Really?” Lily asks. Daniel nods. “Because, I think it’s cool to make a card for one of your two dads. I met them, they are nice.” Lily answers. Daniel beams. Yes, his dads are nice.

“Maybe you could come over and play at our house?” He asks carefully. He knows that not all kids are allowed to come to his house, because he has two dads and no mom.
“I will ask daddy.” Lily replies with a shrug and she grabs the color-crayons.

“You could make one for your dad, you know. I can help you too.” Daniel offers, but Lily shakes her head. When Miss Julienne returns to the table she finds the two kids head-to-head, concentrating on their work and she smiles.

She had been taken aback when Daniel had told her that he had two dads. It wasn’t written down anywhere. She supposes that it’s not important to Miss Trudy, which is a welcome suprise to her, because it’s not important to Miss Julienne either. After all, she has two moms. of her own.


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