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Fanfic: B&S episode 624: part 6/6

Season 6 – Episode 24 – Let the sunshine in

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 6/6 *****
David Caplan adjusts his camera. Say what you want, but the buildings are still pretty in all their ugliness. He waits for the cloud, that blocks the sun, to move away and he starts taking pictures. The withered Ojai-sign, the strong bricks that make up the wall. The windows, some of them broken.

A few more pictures and then he can go. He hears a car approach and for a second he believes that it might be Holly, but it’s not. It’s an unknown car, but he does recognize the driver. It’s Brody. Brody seems equally surprised to see David here.
“Good-morning. How are you?” Brody asks.

“Good. You?” David answers. They shake hands, not exactly as friends, but not as enemies either.
“Good..... What are you doing?”
“Making pictures. Holly asked me to.”

Brody nods, but doesn’t say anything. He watches how David does his work, until Brody suddenly says:
“David, can I ask you something?”

“How do you deal with him? With William...?” David looks away from his camera.
“William is dead. Let him be.”
“Nora is still thinking about him.”
“What had you expected? They were together for 40 years.”

“But... at some point... shouldn’t she just be ... over him?”
“Nora is over him, but that doesn’t mean that he’s forgotten. He’s still a part of her past. He may not be Sarah’s father, but he is the father of Kitty, Tommy, Kevin and Justin. And Ryan...

Brody, if you love Nora, accept William and don’t fight him. The harder you try, the further she’ll push you away. If you cannot handle having the ghost of William in your life, then leave, because no matter what we say or do, he’s here to stay as well.”
“And you have accepted him?”

“I had to. It was either that or drive myself crazy over a dead guy and that is even more stupid. So, I have accepted that Holly was happy with William, that she loved him, that he was a part of her life. But I’ve also accepted that he’s dead and Holly isn’t and neither am I. And that is where I win from William.” David laughs.


“This is the entire tape.” Paige puts the disk in the computer. “That used to be Ojai and I made all these moments when Ojai closed down. My mom talked about grandfather and Saul about what Ojai meant to him and, oh, this is Kevin,...” She puts the volume higher and Mateo stares at the screen, taking in everything Kevin says.

“...I wasn’t as close to dad as Tommy or your mom was, so I never worked here as a kid. I just assumed that dad didn’t ... want me to. Anyway, about a month after I got out of law-school, he.. he called me and asked me to look over a contract... and it might have been a way for him to get free legal advice, I don’t know, but.... for me...”

Mateo drinks in Kevin’s facial expressions, his pain and Mateo suddenly understands why he and Kevin can relate to each other so well.
“Did you know your grandfather well?” He asks Paige. Paige nods and her eyes fill with tears.

“I know that a lot people hate him for what he did to grandma and Holly and Ryan and all, but ... he was fantastic grandfather. He was so sweet to Coop and me. I have nothing but good memories of him.”
“I guess being a grandfather is different from being a father or a husband.”

“I suppose so.”
“Can you remember that William was different with Kevin, compared to Tommy or your mom?” Mateo now carefully asks. Paige shrugs.
“I don’t know. Hard to say.”

“You probably never really paid attention to that.” Mateo guesses.
“No. Now that you mention it... Granddad would hug uncle Tommy and sometimes uncle Justin, but I never really saw him hug uncle Kevin. It never meant anything to me, because I believed that he loved uncle Kevin, but he never showed it so much.”

“Makes sense.” Mateo shrugs and he listens to Tommy talking, holding up a card. ‘Walker and Son Fine Produce’...
“I guess that it really hurt uncle Tommy that mom got asked to join.” Paige sighs.
“I can relate to that one as well. It’s not like there will ever be a ‘Pareso and Son’ for me.”

“Don’t be stupid, why be the ‘and son’, if you can be the Pareso in Walker, Carter & Pareso.” Paige makes a theatrical motion with the arms to show how large the sign would be and Mateo laughs so hard that he nearly falls off his chair.
“I love you, Paige... I like that dream.”

“It’s not a dream, it’s your future.” Paige says with confidence and Mateo stops laughing.
“Do you really think, I could be good enough?” He asks, looking insecure.
“I believe you can. And you will, if that is what you want.” Paige replies and she wraps her arms around his neck to kiss him.


“Have you been a good girl?” Tommy asks Julia when he enters her room.
“Ate all my vegetables.” Julia smiles carefully at the joke.
“I brought something along.”
“Your laptop?”

“Not just the laptop, but also a little program on it... Something called Skype.” Julia sits up and looks at him. From his bag he also takes out something in a paper bag. “And I got you this. It comes the closest to how I remember your hair to be.” Julia picks up the wig and Tommy carefully places it so that the hair falls around her face.

“This is so that Elizabeth won’t be too shocked.”
“Elizabeth?” Julia asks.
“Yes. Kevin and I talked about it and we thought this would be a good solution. Like this you can see each other, but we won’t have to explain anything to Elizabeth.

We’ve told Elizabeth that you were kidnapped... the case is all over news. including pictures, so there was no denying that... and that you were very hurt and that you are now recuperating here in the hospital. I hope you agree with this story?”
“I do. I’m sorry, you were right earlier on. She’s too young and I was too selfish.”

“I don’t want you to think that I’m keeping you two apart on purpose, so I talked about it with Kevin and we came up with this construction. It will be good for Elizabeth too, to talk to you.” He waits for the connection to be made and quickly enough Julia sees Scotty’s face on her screen.

“Hi, Julia.”
“Hi, Scotty.”
“She’ll be right up. She suddenly remembered that she needed to brush her hair first.” Scotty apologizes.

“Some things never change.” Julia smiles.
“Jules? Kevin and Tommy told me. You look great from this side of the link. I don’t think that Elizabeth will be too intimidated by seeing you.”
“Thank you.”

“Here she is.” Scotty goes away and then Julia sees her daughter’s smiling face appear on the screen.
“Elizabeth...” Julia’s hand covers her mouth. “Hi, baby, I’ve missed you so much..”
“I’ve missed you too, mom.” Elizabeth says and from the threshold Kevin and Scotty look on.


Nora puts away her paper tissues. She’s has read every single letter in the box and she has kept some of them apart, to show to the others.
“Oh, William, how come you never showed me this side of you as well. Just when I thought I finally had you figured out, I have to find out that I still know so little about you.”

She puts away the box and stares at the letters she kept apart. Saturday, Scotty and Kevin will throw a fare-well party for Chad and Jason and they are all invited. It would be a good time to bring those letters and pass them to those who should read them. For herself she has only kept one letter apart.

“You were right to ask it of me, sis. No, I have no regrets about getting that annoying Brody out of Nora’s life. He didn’t deserve to have either Nora or Sarah. I don’t know if Sarah is mine or his, but I really don’t care. I love that little girl and I love the woman who gave birth to her.

And I will never treat Sarah any less than any other kid, if ever we are blessed with more children. Brody was a fool to leave and I was the lucky one who could keep Nora. I agree with what you say, that maybe Nora doesn’t love me as much as I love her, but I can handle that, and who knows, maybe, one day she will love me....”

Nora’s eyes fill with tears as so many memories of William and her come back to her mind. So much she had forgotten, due to anger and all the secrets they discovered after he had died, but now they are back, full force.
“I did love you, William Walker. And I guess, I always will, you... bastard.” And she smiles through her tears.


The kids run after each other, jump in the pool and spread the water everywhere, but no one cares. As usual no one will complain about the food. Scotty has asked Angie to help him out and she had been more than willing to do so, if only because it means she can stay away from her own empty little apartment and be around people.

Though the party is officially because Jason and Chad are leaving, it’s clear that it’s more of a general party. Sarah introduces Noah as ‘just a friend’, something Noah confirms, because neither of them is ready to make it more than friendship. Kevin introduces Browne Carter to his family and Browne quickly feels accepted by the Walkers.

Kevin has also invited Ron Robinson and his wife Connie, who is forgiving to Kevin, for having lied to her about his wife and she’s impressed and in awe with Scotty and his cooking abilities. Ron and Browne get re-acquainted as well and soon enough Ron has no issues with the fact that Browne and Kevin will become partners and will take care of his legal work.

Holly and David spend time with Justin and Tyler, who asks after Rebecca, only to hear that Rebecca is doing just fine and that the baby is growing very well. Saul and Jonathan are happy to hear this too and they linger with Holly for a while, until Nora shows up and asks for Holly.

“Is something the matter?” Holly asks. Nora nods.
“I told you that I found out about William’s sister and my niece, well, Samantha gave me a box filled with letters that William had written to his sister. At first he didn’t write much, but over the years she became more and more his confident.

He wrote her so much. About me, the kids, Ojai, Saul, his car, his work. He also told her about you and... I think you should read this... I want the letter back, but I wanted you to know this and see this, written in his own handwriting..” Nora hands Holly a letter and Holly quickly goes through the letter until she gets to the point that Nora meant for her to read.

“... I know it’s wrong. So wrong. I love Nora. I do. I don’t know what I’d do if she ever left me, but Holly,... Holly means a lot to me as well. She’s not some girl to use for a while and then forget about. I think I truly love her too. Not the way I love Nora, but still ... love.

I know what you will reply. That it’s all just an excuse, because I’m too lazy and self-centred to care about Nora’s feeling or wonder if I really love Holly, but that is not it... I’ve said to myself a thousand time that I will give up Holly, before Nora finds out and I will break her heart, but ... I cannot give up Holly... Sis, I think I love her too.”

Holly looks up at Nora. Nora takes her hand and squeezes it.
“I thought you deserved to know his feelings for you.” She says.
“I hope this will not hurt you all over again.” Holly replies, but Nora shakes her head.
“No, he can’t hurt me anymore.”

“Is everything alright?” David asks, approaching the two women. Holly gives the letter back to Nora.
“Thank you, Nora... and, yes, David, everything is alright. I just love you so very, very much.” Holly replies and much to his surprise, she gives him a kiss.

Nora shakes her head and leaves David and Holly alone to search for Sarah.
“Here. I think you should read this. And there something you should know. Your father insisted on calling you Sarah when you were born. I never knew why, until a few days ago. He used to have a sister called Sarah. He named you after her.

This is a letter he wrote to her a few years ago... It might answer a few of your questions...” Surprised Sarah takes the letter out of her mother’s hand and opens it...
“.. To answer your question, yes, I got the reply and it wasn’t what I had hoped for. It’s the definitive proof. Sarah and I are not related ...

It hurts, but at the same time, it makes no difference to me. I love Sarah. Couldn’t love her more if she had been mine. I think that the best thing I can do is burn the results and forget they ever existed. For me, Sarah will always be my daughter, my little girl, and there’s not a single DNA test that will make me change my mind about her....”

“He knew? He knew all along?”
“The letter was from 2005. About a year before his death.”
“I never noticed a difference in him.”
“Me neither. He loved you, Sarah, whether you were his or not.” Nora says.

“Alright! Attention everyone!” Scotty yells. “Tommy and Julia are here. Well, not here, just on the screen, so if you wish to talk to them, go to Paige, she’s responsible for the link.” Nora watches people walk away and searches for Kevin. She can’t find him at first until she enters the kitchen and finds him washing his son’s face.

“Daniel really loves chocolate. Especially on his shirt and in his ear.”
“IN his ear?” Nora asks.
“I don’t want to know how he does it.” Kevin laughs. "So, where's Brody? I didn't see him."

"He's considering if he should stay or go. Kev. I have here a letter from your father, in which he talks about you...”
“Yeah, I’ve been hearing about you spreading them around like Christmas-presents.” Kevin replies sarcastically. “I’m just surprised that you have one for me as well.”

“In this letter...” Nora starts, holding up a letter, but Kevin cuts her off.
“I don’t need the letter.”
“But, Kevin,...”

“Mom, it took me a long time to figure this out, but it no longer matters what he thought of me or if he loved me or not. I suppose he did, otherwise you wouldn’t want me to read that letter. But, I’m fine. I don’t need dad to love me anymore. I have Scotty. I have my kids. I have my family. I have my job and, frankly, I think I’m happier that dad could ever have been. I don’t need that letter, I’m good.”

“Oh, Kevin... I think you should read it.”
“Fine, put it on my desk and I’ll read it later, but not now.” Nora nods, goes to Kevin’s office and leaves the letter on his desk. She joins the others, just in time to hear Julia says that she’s tired and that it’s time for her to stop.

“I’m so happy to see all of you again.” Julia says sweetly and Nora waves at her. Paige switches off the computer, so Julia can rest and Paige immediately searches Mateo.

Meanwhile Kevin searches for a quiet spot for himself. He enjoys watching all the people at this party. Family and friends, his kids....
“Penny for your thoughts?” Scotty says sweetly.

“I was just thinking how lucky I am.”
“You are?” Scotty asks.
“I have you and the kids, a job, a house, friends. You know, back in 2006, when my dad died, I could never have dreamed that several years down the road I could have all this.”

“I know that feeling.” Scotty replies.
“I think that this family has gone through the worst. We found a way back to each other and ourselves. Sarah is single again and back to being the business-woman she used to be. She even gets along with Holly now.

There will be a new Ojai Food, if we’re allowed to use our name again and that place will offer work for Saul, Tommy and Ryan, who are all three interested in helping out, even though Saul has said that Café 429 has his priority, so no worries there.”
“I wasn’t worried.” Scotty smiles.

“... Kitty is doing great with her radio-show and Seth doesn’t mind being a stay-at-home dad. Justin and Tyler are happy with each other, their work and their lives, so I cannot see troubles there either.”
“And what about us?” Scotty teases.

Kevin takes Scotty in his arms and kisses him tenderly, just a brief, little kiss.
“I love you and I believe that we can make it through anything.” Kevin says.
“I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Scotty smiles and he cups Kevin’s face to kiss his husband and neither of them cares if anyone will see them.


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