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Fanfic: B&S episode 624: part 5/6

Season 6 – Episode 24 – Let the sunshine in

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 5/6 *****

Sarah walks down the hallway of the former Ojai Food building. She had remembered that the old soft spot in the fence around the building and she had crawled through it. Accessing the building had been easy after that. Apparently she hadn’t been the only one who had felt like it was too easy, because the walls of her father’s former office were sprayed with graffiti.

A few windows are broken, letting in sunlight on one side of the building. The place is empty, but if Sarah concentrates, she can almost still hear the people in the warehouse, the noises of the offices... the voice of William. She shivers. He’s perhaps no longer her father, but that doesn’t mean the memories are gone too.

She smiles despite herself and she’s about to enter one of the offices, when she hears a noise. Frozen to the ground she thinks over her options. What if one of those idiots who had sprayed graffiti all over these walls, was back? What if there were more of them? How can she defend herself? Why, oh why, did she come her alone?

Suddenly she sees a silhouette and for a moment fears really takes her by the throat, but then she recognizes who it is.
“Uncle Saul?”
“Sarah! What are doing here?”

“I read in the newspaper....”
“Me too.” Saul cuts her off. “I thought the building would be long gone.”
“That’s what I thought.... They are still so strong and solid...” Together they enter what used to be the loading docks.

Or course there are no more trucks, but the smell of fruit somehow still lingers and Sarah feels the adrenaline starts to flow again.
“This place is still magical.” She sighs. Saul is about to agree with her, when one the doors open. Sarah and Saul are as shocked as the three new-comers.

“Mom! Holly! Ryan! What are you guys doing here?”
“I read about it in the papers this morning and I called Nora.” Holly explains.
“I didn’t want the two of them to go alone. You never know.” Ryan says after a quick hug.

“Wow, I’d forgotten how big this place was.” Holly sighs. Nora nods that she knows exactly what Holly means. Ryan sits down on one of the old crates and he looks dejected, as he stares at what used to be his real father’s company.
“... And it’s all my fault that it’s gone.” He says.

“No, I’m the one who screwed it all up.” Sarah sighs.
“The only reason why it really tanked was because I made the decision to sign on to that Golden Plum deal. I should have listened to Sarah, who thought it was too big a risk.” Saul replies softly, but Holly disagrees.

“Maybe if Tommy and I had handled things differently, it would have been easier to keep this company by uniting our forces instead of spreading them thin. This was a family-company and I shouldn’t have gotten involved.” Holly sighs, knowing full well that these words needed to be said.

“I disagree, you would have been a good addition to this company, if only I had been more forgiving. Saul and Tommy saw that a lot quicker than me.” Sarah shrugs. Nora looks from one to the other.
“Wow, there’s quite some guilt floating around, but the origin of all evil lies with William.”

Everyone stares at her now and Nora shrugs.
“William started this company, but never gave Saul, Tommy or Sarah any free reign. He was the one who had the affair with Holly. He was the one who fathered Ryan. He was where it all went wrong...

Oh, to those of you who didn’t know... He had a sister called Sarah, who has a daughter called Samantha who came to see me this morning... Another secret that William kept from us...” Nora sighs. “So, no, it’s not the fault of anyone here, nor was it Tommy’s or Kevin’s or whomever else.

It was William and William alone who was at the start and end of all this. So, I’d like to see all of you get rid of your feelings of guilt and just get over it.”
“Being here, I can only think of two words: If only.” Ryan says, looking up at the others, who seem to understand exactly what he means.

“If only we had worked together, instead of against each other.” Holly nods. “We should have negotiated a better deal with the bank, we should have kept a better eye on the accounting, we should have talked more, we should have found more compromises.... We should have never fired Kevin...” Holly suddenly says.

“What?” Sarah’s concentration is broken.
“Still one of things I could kick myself for.” Holly says. “I agreed to it, because the idea came from Tommy, but in retrospect that was a stupid idea. Kevin would have found ways to help us, because he’s family, something the new lawyers weren’t.

They weren’t as dedicated as he was and they didn’t know the ins and outs of so many deals that had been made by Ojai Food, where Kevin had all that information in his head and his memory was so good when it came to contracts and stipulations... It was frustrating to not have that information ready and available anymore....

And... I know this sounds silly perhaps... but I think that William would never have forgiven us for firing Kevin.”
“I have to admit that seeing how Kevin got kicked out on the street after all the time and energy he had put in this company, broke my heart and it sure made it easier for me to leave too.”

Sarah nods at Saul’s words.
“Yes, to me, it was certainly an eye-opener on how you and Tommy were planning to butcher our family-company. And of course I blamed it all on you.” Sarah tells Holly. Holly nods that she understands what Sarah is talking about.

“If only... we would have had this conversation a few years ago.” Nora says, grabbing an old empty crate of her own to sit on. Holly and the others follow her example and Ryan starts to laugh.
“Could you have imagined this a few years ago? You guys sitting here, talking like friends?”

“Impossible.” Sarah agrees.
“Unimaginable.” Saul says.
“Never.” Holly laughs.
“Wild and crazy ideas you have.” Nora adds.

“You know what you guys should do?” Ryan suggests with a grin.
“Vaudeville-acts are out-dated.” Sarah replies jokingly.
“You should start a company.” Ryan answers his own question.
“And call it Ojai Food?” Nora jokes.

“Well it would be an original and never heard of name.” Holly plays along.
“We could sell fruit, vegetables and wine...” Saul now adds and they all laugh. Ryan laughs to, not feeling insulted over their reaction. He knows the Walkers well enough by now... He is  a Walker himself after all.

The laughter fades and Nora, Saul, Sarah and Holly look at each other.
“The idea is not that bad....” Sarah has to admit it.
“Whenever we did work together, we did a good job.” Holly nods.
“If you guys need help, I’m here.” Saul says.

There’s a brief silence as all of them lets the idea sink in. There’s a little smile on Ryan’s lips. In his head he starts a little countdown, but he hasn’t reached zero yet, when Nora jumps of her crate.
“We need to talk to Kevin.” She says.


“Kevin! You won’t believe this.” Scotty says cheerfully throwing a letter on the table. “She agreed to it. She! ... agreed!...” and he dances around a bit, much to Kevin’s amusement.
“Keep wiggling your ass like that and I’ll do something unbelievable.”

Scotty gives him a quasi-shocked glance.
“Kevin! The kids are nearly home!”
“That is no excuse for not doing it.” Kevin laughs and he quickly reads the letter to find out why Scotty is so happy. Slowly he remembers what this is about.

“This means we can buy the shop next-door... We can expand Café 429!” Kevin replies, suddenly very excited as well.
“I know. I feel so great. This is such good news!” Scotty laughs and Kevin jumps up to kiss him.

“Scotty, I’ve been thinking... Perhaps we could use our old apartment above the restaurant as new office-space. Browne Carter and I have been doing some more brainstorming on the idea and it would seem that between him and me and Core Athletics, we could make this work.”

“Perfect! We can do that. You’ll finally have an official law-office and I can have my extension.”
“There’s something else. Browne has been able to sell his house, but he needs to be out it by the end of the month.

I suggested he’d take the apartment upstairs for a while, so he has time to look around for another apartment of his own. Rather than have an empty place upstairs, we’d get a bit of rent for it.”
“Good idea. We can talk about that too.” Scotty happily kisses Kevin again.

“Quit kissing! We need you, Kevin.” Nora orders, crashing into Café 429, with Sarah, Saul, Holly and Ryan in tow.
“What’s going on?”
“We want to start a company. A produce and wine company.” Holly says.

“Excuse me? What have you guys been smoking?” Kevin asks.
“And can we get some as well?” Scotty wonders. Nora impatiently pushes Kevin on a chair and then takes one herself..
“Alright... This is what happened....”

Immediately there’s a cacophony of voices trying to explain what is going on.
“Stop! One at a time, please! Gosh, you guys are worse than our kids!” Kevin yells over the noise.
“Shall I explain...” Holly looks at the others for approval and she gets it.


“You want what?” Brody asks.
“I know. Isn’t this exciting?” Nora looks like a sixteen year old.
“Are you crazy? This never worked before, why put your good money into something that won’t work? ”

Nora’s happy smile fades. She’s surprised by Brody’s negativity.
“We’re all older, wiser and greyer by now. Even Ryan. We’ve all grown closer. Holly and Sarah are finally in a position where they can work together. Kevin wants to help us with the judicial side.

And there will be a place for Tommy when he comes back and if he’s interested. Holly will ask David to make lots of pictures so that we promote our company, once it’s ready. Even Ryan is now considering getting involved. It will be a bit of a strange mix, but it could work.” Nora is still enthusiastic.

“So, you’re rebuilding William’s family company together with his mistress.” There’s a bitterness in Brody’s voice that makes Nora frown.
“No. Sarah and Holly will run it, it has nothing to do with William anymore. Stop being so ridiculously jealous. It’s not my fault that he managed to own a company.” Nora replies.

“But it is mine because I don’t own a company?” Brody asks.
“I never said that. You’re all of out of sorts, because your daughter wants to work with William’s mistress.”
“No. I’m upset, because you are getting involved in this.”

“Sarah is my daughter. Holly has become my friend. Why shouldn’t I?”
“Because it’s not about Sarah or Holly, but about William.”
“William is dead. He’s no longer involved in anything.” Nora points out.
“He’s the ghost that always stands between us.”

“If he is, it’s because you put him there and not me.”
“You’re not even aware of the fact that he’s standing between us.”
“Brody...” Nora takes a deep breath to calm down. “William. Is. Dead.” She articulates clearly. “He. Is. Dead. And. Gone... Get over him!”

“How can I, when he’s the one that ruined everything that we could have had...” Brody says and Nora blinks, suddenly feeling an anger rise up in her.
“You got your facts wrong, Brody. William gave you a chance. He gave you a chance to be a responsible person, a caring father and good husband, but all you wanted to do was play baseball.

You made your choice, own it! Don’t blame him. You had the chance to make another choice, but you didn’t take it and that is not William’s fault, that is yours. And while you were playing, William took care of me. And of Sarah. And of our other kids. And a company... and two mistresses, I won’t forget about them.

While you were playing your games, William was there for all of us. He wasn’t a saint, he made some huge mistakes, he was a cheater and an embezzler. I’m not glorifying him, but he didn’t ‘destroy’ your life. You never missed him, or me, or Sarah, until Sarah went searching for you.

And get this, Brody: Sarah is my daughter and Holly is my friend and, last time I checked, it was still  my money, that I want to put into a company that was also my idea. And if you don’t like it, then you can get your ass out of  my house... Yes,  my house. It’s no longer William’s, it’s mine.

And something else... I’m not selling this house! I’ve earned every inch of it for all the years that I’ve taken care of it, cleaned it, kept its maintenance and poured my soul into it. It’s mine. No one will take it from me and if you don’t like it, get out!” And with those final words Nora leaves Brody sitting at the kitchen table.


“Sorry that I wasn’t there tonight, baby.” Kevin kisses Scotty quickly on the lips.
“It’s alright, it’s been a weird few days.”
“Yes, it has been.” Kevin agrees. “But I’m done. I have the contract for you and Mrs Reese so you can take over her store and we expand Café 429.

I’ve made up a contract that Browne will work for me as an employee until he’s done with Carter, Wright and Duprée, after which he will become my partner. I’ve drawn up a contract for him to hire our former apartment. I’ve made a deal with Core Athletics and I’ve drawn up an agreement and emailed it to Holly, Sarah and mom... I’m dead.”

Scotty laughs and takes Kevin in his arms.
“Well, my sweet overworked husband, can I change the subject from this subject to something completely different?”
“Yes, if you can, please do.” Kevin laughs gently.

“I’ve been thinking about a big barbecue in our garden.”
“What? That is a change of subject.”
“I know. I’ve been thinking about it all evening. I want to do this, because, I believe that we have so much to celebrate.

Julia is found. Tommy is alright. Elizabeth will be ours a little longer. Daniel and Olivia are doing great. Mateo and Paige are still so much in love. There will be a new company. The expansion of Café 429. Your partnership with Browne... There’s so much to enjoy.”
“There’s one small dark cloud though.” Kevin suddenly says. “I forgot to tell you, I’m sorry.”

“What is it?” Scotty asks concerned.
“Chad called me. He and Jason are going to New-Zealand for several months for Chad’s new movie.”
“That sucks... But wait, we could also make it a goodbye-party for them...”

“Good idea. I love it... and I love you.”
“Now, ...” Scotty grabs the notebook next to his bed and teasingly he says: “I need to make a list of guests, .. and what to eat, and....”
“Tomorrow... First something else.” Kevin kisses Scotty and turns off the lights.


“Did you bring Elizabeth?” Tommy can understand why this is the first thing that Julia would ask for and he had dreaded this question.
“No. There was no time for that. She has school, her friends and all. I can’t take just take her away and bring her all the way to Kansas.” Tommy sweetly explains.

“I need her.” Julia insists and she crosses her arms in front of her chest, clearly not having the intention to accept Tommy’s words.
“When the hospital allows it, you will be able to see her. Maybe during a weekend.”
“I want to see her right now.” Julia says again.

“Too bad, because she’s still in LA and I’m not going back.” Tommy talks to her as if she were an annoying child and Julia starts to get upset.
“Elizabeth is my reason for living. I need her. I want her here with me.” Her voice trembles, she’s suddenly less sure of herself and tears fill her eyes.

Tommy takes a deep breath. He hates to see her like this and he himself would rather have Elizabeth here as well, but it would too wrong to do that to that little girl.
“And then what? You want her to see all you depressed? Sad? Feeling worthless? Do you have any idea what it would do to Elizabeth?”

Julia’s self-confidence crumbles even further. She shakes her head as if she cannot accept Tommy’s words.
“She’s my child, Tommy, she belongs with her mother... I’ve been without her for months... The only reason I didn’t kill myself was because I knew I had to be there for her.

What is the point of getting out of that hell, if I can’t have my baby? ... Please, Tommy, I know you have good reasons to be angry with me, but you cannot punish me by taking Elizabeth away from me...” Julia now tries and it’s on Tommy’s lips to answer that it never seemed to have bothered her to punish him that way, but he bites his tongue.

“I’m not punishing you, Julia, because I don’t see any reason to do so. For me, the past in done and I hold no grudge against you. And your current situation isn’t one you asked for either. But as much as you are in pain, I cannot see the need to get Elizabeth involved in this.”

“She’s my child!”
“No... She’s not. Right now, she’s Kevin’s child. Kevin’s and Scotty’s.”
“Kevin and Scotty have full custody of her.”

“How is that possible?”
“You dumped Elizabeth with Kevin, papers and all and then disappear into the night to never be heard from again. They desperately tried to reach me, but I was gone to. I was even presumed dead, based on the fact that the police found my phone at a crime-scene.

Somebody had to take care of Elizabeth while we weren’t there... and that is when Kevin and Scotty decided to take legal action. For the time being, we are the careless parents of a 7-year old who’s being raised by her gay uncles instead.”
“You have to stop that!”

“No. Elizabeth is at the best place she can be. She’s loved, looked after, fed well and encouraged in her school-work. She can swim, play with Olivia, mother on Daniel and play soccer with Mateo. She has her own little room decorated the way she wanted. She has friends in school and, what is most important, she’s happy!”

“But she belongs with me. Or you...” Julia cannot understand how Tommy can be so willing to let Elizabeth be with Kevin.
“And then what? Elizabeth’s life is running smoothly now. I don’t plan to upset her life all over again to drag her here for a few months.

And what do you want to do when you get out of here, Julia? Back to Pasadena, so her life gets disrupted again? By dragging her away from a place she loves, to stick her in a motel-room for several months, just to get her back to place she was before? Why not leave her where she is?”

“I need her!”
“Don’t be so selfish, Julia. This is not about you, this is about what is best for Elizabeth. There will not be a single judge that will declare you fit to be a mother and, right now, I have no intention to fight Kevin’s decision either to get Elizabeth back. Elizabeth is safe where she is.”

“And she wouldn’t be with me?”
“Julia,... you’re a fantastic mother. No one will ever make me say something different. I may have been angry that you kept Elizabeth away from me, but I never thought you were a bad mother.

But look at yourself... Take a good long look at yourself, baby, and be honest.” He guides her to a mirror, hanging in her room. “Look at yourself. They cut your hair, you’ve lost weight, and you’re pregnant with a child you claim you don’t want. You look terrible and is this really what you Elizabeth to see?

She’ll be so hurt, so scared. She’ll have nightmares for weeks. And what do you want her to do when she’s here? Hold your hand? That is not her job, Jules. Her job is to be a careless 7-year old, who can laugh and play and not have a worry in the world. It is not her job to be the care-giver to a mother who’s very hurt and confused.

And there’s something else.... If she’d be here, she’d see that you’re pregnant. Don’t you think she’d want to know what happened to you...? And what if you decide to give up this baby, how would you explain that to her? Do you really want your daughter to see you in this mess?”

Julia looks away from the mirror and slowly shakes her head. Tommy gently kisses her shoulder. As he does it, he knows he should not do this, not after what has happened to her. He expects her to recoil from him, but she doesn’t. Instead she turns to face him and she looks up at him.

“And you? Will you stay? Here? With me?”
“I’m staying here. And I’ll be right by your side.” Tommy tells her. He sees doubt on her face and he gently caresses her face with the back of his index-finger. “I love you. I know this is just about the worst timing to tell you this, but... There you have it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years, then it is that you are the love of my life. And I know, I know, I screwed everything up. I left you and I hurt you. I left it up to you to clean up the mess I made and I left you nearly broke and alone with the care of Elizabeth. And for all that, I’m sorry.

I know that there’s no way that we can go back to the way we used to be. And I’m not asking you to, nor am I pressing you into anything. I just want you to know that I love you, and that this time, I will not leave you alone to pick up the pieces.” His voice is soft and caring and Julia relaxes to a point where she lets her head rest on his shoulder.

He carefully caresses her back, trying to avoid physical touch as much as he can, afraid to scare her away, but the wall between them seems to come down and slowly Julia places her hands on his hips, then they slip to his back. She seems to will herself into relaxing.

Tommy feels her against him. It’s been so long ago, since he felt her so close to him. He closes his eyes tightly, because it hurts so much to be so close to her.
“Can I hold you?” He asks softly. Julia nods against his shoulder. “I won’t scare you?” She shakes her head and with a sigh of relief Tommy wraps his arms around her.


End of part 5/6


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