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Fanfic: B&S episode 624: part 4/6

Season 6 – Episode 24 – Let the sunshine in

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/6 *****

In the kitchen Nora puts an apple, which had rolled away, back in its place. Her fingers slide of over the smooth counter, she knows every dent and burst. She’s glad that Ryan and Brody are already asleep, because she tired of all the pushing and pulling and she just wants some room to think.

She leaves the kitchen and enters her own study. This used to be William’s room. Sometimes, all she has to do is close her eyes and she can still see him sitting there. She can remember the loving smile on his face, when she has walked in. It hurts to remember that was she thought was love, turned out not to be love after all.

She sits down at the bottom of the stairs and looks around at all the small things in the hall and the many pictures in their frames and again this feeling of distress comes over her... She knows that she has to make a choice. Stay? Go? Her fingers intertwine as if she’s saying a prayer.

“William, I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused. I love this house, I don’t want to leave. But I love Brody and I feel I should get rid of this place… It hurts and, yet, maybe it’s exactly what I should do. I don’t know anymore. I don’t know anymore….” She sobs quietly and she wraps her arms around her knees.


Scotty very quietly enters the bedroom, but Kevin turns on the light.
“I thought you were asleep.” Scotty smiles.
“Not really.” Kevin says, rubbing his face.
“I know you wanted to talk to me, I’m sorry I was so busy.”

“’s Alright. I know what it feels like to be busy and I didn’t want to do this between two plates ready to be served… But we have to talk, because Tommy want to leave tomorrow-morning and I want to give him an answer before he leaves…”
“Tommy? What about?”

“It would seem that the situation with Julia is more complicated than we expected and Tommy will be moving to Kansas for a couple of months to be near her.” Kevin explains.
“Oh, no! How terrible! Not just for Julia, but also Tommy…” Scotty flings his shirt on the chair and Kevin remains quiet.

Not only because he admires the view of Scotty undressing himself, but also because he waits for Scotty to connect the dots..
“… And for Elizabeth…” Scotty suddenly understands and he turns back to Kevin. “Is this about Elizabeth? Does he want to take her with him?”

“No.” Kevin is glad that Scotty seems to dislike the idea of her leaving. “Quite the opposite, he asked me if we would be willing to look after her for a while longer. Taking her out of school again and moving her again, for something that is hopefully temporary, would be quite a burden on her.”

“I agree, and, no, I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all. I love her, she’s part of our own little family by now, you know that.” A sweet and happy smile comes to Kevin’s face and Scotty can’t help but smile too. They’ve come such a long way over these last 5-6 years. Who would have believed that a meeting at a law-firm could have and end like this?

“And there’s something else…”
“What?” Scotty asks, slipping between the sheets, to wrap his arm around Kevin.
“My ex-boss, Browne Carter, was at my office this afternoon.”
“Yes, I think I saw him when I came back from getting the groceries. Why?”

“He and I are considering working together and taking on the Core Athletic account. He quit his job at Carter, Wright and Duprée and wants to start something new. Most likely he’ll start by working for me, until it’s all settled with CW&D and then we will become partners… We still have to work out the details.”

“Sounds like a great opportunity.” Scotty yawns.
“It is.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to sound disinterested. I’m just tired.”
“I know. I just wanted you to know all this before you would go to sleep.”

Kevin turns to Scotty to kiss Scotty. Scotty replies to the kiss, but it’s obvious to Kevin that Scotty is exhausted.
“I love you.” He whispers in the dark. “Now, go to sleep.”
“You too….” Scotty is already half-asleep. “Love you too.” He mumbles.


Saul folds the newspaper to a certain article and shows it to Jonathan.
“Why am I reading this?” Jonathan asks, the article, about old buildings going up for sale, is not that interesting to him.
“Several of those buildings used to belong to Ojai-Foods. Warehouse, archives, offices. We thought it would all be torn down…”

“It says here that the current economy didn’t make it profitable to tear everything down and rebuilt it as they had planned. Ultimately it would become too expensive. I guess this means that intended quick fixes couldn’t get the job done well enough to sell it and make lots of money.” Jonathan supposes and Saul reads the article again.

“I’ve never been back there. I always felt I didn’t want to see the empty place or new buildings or a parking-lot or whatever else they could have planned on the land where the company stood where I had worked my entire life…” Saul sighs and a sad look comes to his face.

“I understand that feeling. So, what are you going to do?”
“Do?” Saul echoes. “Nothing. What can I do? I’m just surprised that they are still there. I would have expected them gone forever by now… I know this is weird, but I almost feel like finding something that I believed to be long gone and suddenly I don’t want to give it up.”

“Saul, just because they are still there, doesn’t mean they are yours again.”
“I know that, I said it was a weird string of thoughts…” Saul shrugs.
“Well, I have to go. Another day at the centre. Will I see you for lunch?”
“I… don’t know… I’ll call you, alright?”

“Of course… And Saul? Ojai Food is gone. Don’t dwell on the topic.” Jonathan warns.
“I’ll be alright. You know me.”
“It’s because I do know you, that I warn you not to dwell on your thoughts about Ojai Food.” Jonathan laughs lovingly and he leaves Saul after a last kiss.


Nora listlessly sips her coffee, a hand in her hair, elbow leaning on the kitchen-table. If she wouldn’t support her head like that, she’d probably fall over from lack of sleep. Brody is out and Ryan is gone to do some shopping and prepare for his job-interview tomorrow, so there's no one who will talk to Nora about anything.

Her mind goes in circles. Should she leave this or not? Should she stay here or not? Wouldn’t it be fun to start a new relationship with a new house? But there’s nothing wrong with the old, so why buy another one? Besides she loves this house, but what Brody really can’t adjust to this place and would always feel like a guest in this house?

“Oooooh!” Nora moans and she gives up supporting her head to give some interpretation of a dying swan and end up with her head on the kitchen-table. “I hate my life right now.” She sighs. “Somebody put me out of my misery, please….” The doorbell rings loud and incessantly as a reply and Nora nearly falls of the table from the shock.

She quickly rushes to open the door to find a woman standing there. She seems to be in her late-forties and there’s something about her that seems familiar, but Nora can’t put her finger on it.
“I’m sorry, but are you Nora Walker? The wife of William Walker?”

Nora stares at the woman and for a minute she can only pray that this woman is not another off-spring of William’s.
“I’m Samantha Walker….” Oh, God, she is a Walker. “…. You’re my aunt.”
“I am?” Nora asks astounded.


“If there’s anything you need?” Kevin says and Tommy nods.
“I know. I’ll call you… Just…. Look after my girl, alright?” It is all Tommy can ask for. The people at the airport rush by and Kevin takes Tommy to the side of the stream of people to have some more privacy.

He places his hand in his brother’s neck, forcing Tommy to listen to him.
“Listen, Tommy, you focus all your attention on helping Julia… Don’t worry about Elizabeth. She will be fine. We will stay in touch. You can reach me whenever you want,..within reasonable hours, …

And if there’s anything, anything, you need, call me and I’ll do everything I can for you. Just, don’t disappear on us again… alright?”
“I have to be there for Julia, Kevin, I’m not going anywhere, I’m not going to let her down again….” Tommy assures his brother and Kevin takes him in a strong hug.

“Don’t tell the others too much, please? If mom finds out all the gory details about what happened to Julia, she’d be able to get on the first plane and come over and ‘fix’ things herself and I think that is about the last thing that either Julia or I need right now.”
“I’m with you on this and Scotty sees the importance of less hysteria as well.

A flight number is called and it takes a second listen to catch which flight they are talking about. Tommy sighs and picks up his large bag. His suitcases are already gone.
“It’s my flight. I have to go.” He and Kevin share one last hug and Kevin watches how Tommy disappears again. He rubs his face and sighs, suddenly feeling very tired.


“I’m so grateful that you wanted to talk to me.” Samantha Walker smiles shyly as Nora gives her a cup of cinnamon-tea.
“It’s not every day, that I discover that I’m an aunt.” Nora replies, still not too sure what is going on. “Could you tell me a bit more about all this happened? I never knew…”

Nora doesn’t finish her sentence, slightly ashamed that she knows so little about William’s family, but Samantha doesn’t seem to care much about that. Instead she opens her large handbag and takes out a picture album and a stack of paperwork, which seems to consist out of copies.

“That is exactly what I expected.” Samantha says. “In fact, I knew very little about my family too, until my mom died a few months ago. Just before she died she started to talk about her family and she showed me this…” Samantha now puts a box on the kitchen-table.

“It’s a box filled with letters that her brother wrote to her over the years. I read them all,… I hope you don’t mind… it was sometimes very personal and very intimate what he wrote, but … I started to feel like I knew you and your family as well as I know my own and I dreamed about meeting all of you.”

“Samantha, I’m very happy to meet you, but I never even knew William had a sister. Can you tell me more about her?”
“Yes, of course, my mother’s name is Sarah. Sarah Walker. She was William’s older sister. There was an age-difference of 7 years between them.

All I know is that Sarah and William had a bad youth. I know very little about it, my mom never really wanted to discuss that part of her life. It was like she had closed that book, like she had this internal wall and her past was a part of her you could never ever reach.” Samantha explains and Nora nods, knowing exactly what she means.

“Mom’s life started when she turned 18 years old and she could flee her home, get married to her boyfriend and escape to Alaska with him, where she built a life for herself. She told me that she had tried to put as much distance between herself and her life in Ojai as she could.

All she ever wanted to tell me about her life prior to her marriage was that her only regret was that she couldn’t save William as well and that she had no choice but to leave him in the hell where she grew up. Those were her words and that is all I know.” Samantha is so serious that Nora is completely wrapped up in the story.

“About fifteen years after she left, mom started to look for William and she eventually found him. At first, as you can read from these letters, the contact is very difficult. William resents her for abandoning him, but at the same time he wants to get to know her as well.

From what I’ve gathered from the letters, they’ve only once met each other again face-to-face and then never again. They kept each other up-to-date with the letters they wrote to each other. Those letters would for instance hold pictures. I have been able to retrace the lives of all your kids like that.

William would write my mom once every two months or so and the letters seem to not only chronicle his life, but yours as well.” Samantha ends her story and Nora takes a letter out of the box. It’s written in 1969 and William talks about how happy he is that Nora is pregnant again.

Surprised, she reads how William tells his sister that he loves to put his hand on Nora’s belly and feel the baby move. She had forgotten all about that. Those nights when she had been in his arms, his large hands covering her belly and they dreamed up silly dreams about their son.

She had known that it would be a boy. A boy that they would name ‘Tommy’. Tears fill her eyes, William had always been tender to her. Loving and caring. It had been so long ago since she had remembered that William Walker.
“Can I read this letters?” Nora asks.

“Yes, of course… I was actually hoping that maybe my mother’s letters were still here too. She also wrote him regularly… It would be nice to read her letters back and perhaps bring back my own memories of her?”
“Like I said, I never even knew your mother existed…”

“She would use to write him at Ojai Food and she had to mark the letters ‘Personal’ so the secretary wouldn’t read them…?”
“I will ask Anne if she remembers what happened to those letters.” Nora replies calmly, wondering if William’s former secretary Anne would indeed know about those letters.

Samantha gets up and takes her hand-bag.
“I think I may have stirred up quite a few things and I think that maybe it’s better if I leave now and let you try to get organized again. When I found out about all of this I felt like I had been hit by a sledgehammer and I can imagine that you must feel the same.”

“I am. I’m confused.” Nora admits.
“I hope that the letters will bring back a lot of positive memories.” Samantha smiles and Nora is almost shocked by the idea that there could be positive memories about William after all the lying, cheating, embezzling and manipulating that he had put them through.


Sarah picks up the phone with a smile when she sees that it’s a call from Noah.
“Hi, weren’t the two hours we spent on the phone last night enough for you?” She jokes.
“No. Just had to hear your voice again. Have you read the news-paper...? Aren’t they talking about the buildings that used to belong to Ojai Food?”

“I doubt it. The buildings were supposed to be taken down. I never went back there. Couldn’t stand the thought that there would be nothing left of dad’s work.” Sarah however takes up the news-paper, which she hadn’t read yet. Noah’s right. That is about the land that Ojai Food used to be on and it would seem the buildings are still there…

“Those buildings are Ojai Food’s!” She’s surprised. “Maybe they used an old picture or something?” She wonders.
“Yeah, maybe,…” But as Noah talks on, Sarah’s mind is more focused on the buildings instead.


Holly puts down the news-paper and she watches how David adjusts his tie.
“Let’s hope you will get this teaching-job. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.” She says.
“I hope so too. It would basically be the same job as I had in New York and it’s to my credit that I that I did a good job in New York, I suppose.”

Holly smiles and kisses the tip of David’s nose.
“Good luck.” She says.
“What will you do this afternoon? Got any plans?” David asks.
“Nothing in particular, I think …” Holly replies vaguely.

“If that is what you want.” David laughs.
“I know there’s still so much to get for this new house, but … I don’t know where to begin.”
“Why don’t you call Nora? It might take her mind off of selling her house.”

“Maybe…” Holly replies noncommittally. David gives her one last kiss and leaves the kitchen. Holly picks up the news-paper again, interested in reading that last article once again. She had never been back to where Ojai Food had been and she’s surprised to find out that the buildings still seem to exist.


“So? Have you thought it over?” Chad asks.
“I don’t know yet. I’d feel a bit weird about going to New-Zealand with you. I mean, it’s not the travelling, I’ve done that before. But it’s everything else. I’d hate to leave the house and leave Kitty and the kids and I love to spend time with Kevin and Scotty...”

“I get it. I love all those things too, but... New-Zealand! A chance to discover another place!”
“I know that... I wasn’t too good at it in Malaysia either... I’m afraid that I may become homesick?” Jason looks humiliated and Chad manages just in time to hold his laughter.

“If you do, you fly back home. But you won’t know, unless you try?”
“And you’re really sure you want me there? I mean, if you’re afraid that I don’t trust you..? I do.”
“I’m not afraid. I love you and have no desire to be with someone else.”

“I’d love to go with you.” Jason decides.
“Yes!” Chad wraps his arms around Jason and kisses him. “You won’t regret it. I will make you so happy that you made this choice...”
“You’d better!” Jason replies to the kiss. “because I intend to collect on that promise.”


End of part 4/6


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