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Fanfic: B&S episode 624: part 3/6

Season 6 – Episode 24 – Let the sunshine in

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/6 *****

When the stewardess walks by to check if everyone has their seatbelts on, Tommy only looks up briefly to watch her move on to the next passenger. His mind his filled with everything he had learned, the shock of seeing Julia again and finding out how terrible she’d been treated and what situation she’s in.

He thinks about all his options, but he knows what he has to do, even if it will not be easy. He can only hope that Kevin will help him one last time. He pulls his keys from his pocket. Not much of a key-ring. He used to carry a filled key-ring. Keys to his own house, the garage, the garden-shed, to Ojai, to Nora’s place...

Now there are just two keys. One from his new apartment and one from Kevin’s house. He knows it will be way past midnight when he gets there, but he also knows he’s allowed to sleep on the couch in Kevin’s house, so that he can at least spend breakfast with Elizabeth.

There was a time when he would have gone to his mother, but these last few times he had found it very calming to be with Kevin and Scotty rather than his mother. He loved Nora dearly, but she could be a bit too much sometimes. So, he’s grateful for the kindness that both Kevin and Scotty give him.

The plane slowly starts to land and Tommy looks at his luggage. Just one bag. He’ll be out of the airport in no time and then a cab can bring him home... Well, Kevin’s home anyway... He closes his eyes and tries to ignore the images of Julia that return to his mind.


It feels strange to stop in front of Nora’s house and have a feeling of ‘coming home’. He smiles. It’s been a while again and he hopes that he’s, yet again, welcome at her place. He rings the doorbell, even though he still has a key to the house, that he’s allowed to use, but it would too weird for him. He just knows it. Nora opens the door.

“Hi, Nora.” Ryan greets her with a handsome smile.
“Come in.” She invites. “What are you doing in the neighbourhood...?” She starts enthusiastically, but then a thought occurs to her.

“Did your brothers or sisters call you to lecture me as well?” She asks sharply. Ryan laughs surprised.
“Lecture you? I wouldn’t dare. What should I say to you about what?” Ryan asks in return.

“I want to sell this house, because I want to start a new life with Brody...” Nora explains and Ryan stops in his walk.
“You’re going to sell this house....?” He asks, astounded about what he hears.
“Yes.” Nora confirms.

“I... I supposed that it is your right to do so...?” He says hesitantly, not sure what to say.
“Oh, yes, I have the right. If I hadn’t, Kevin would have sued me for thinking about it.” Nora replies slightly angry, then, seeing that Ryan is taken aback by her words, she softens.

“It’s a shock to the kids. And to Holly. And to my friend Emily... And last night I had an earful from Saul, with Jonathan as back-up...”
“Well, add me to the list of people who are shocked, but I don’t believe that there’s anything I can do to make you change your mind.”

“So, why are you here? Not that you’re not welcome....”
“I know I’m welcome, that’s why I’m here. I sent a job-application a few weeks ago to a company, not very far away from here and they wanted to see me. So, I thought I’d drop by and see how you’re doing and at the same time, ask you if I could stay here for a few nights?”

“Of course, you can. No problem.” Nora beams. “Pick whichever room you want. Just be quiet, because Brody is still asleep...”
“No, he’s not..... Hi, Ryan, nice to see you again.” Brody shakes Ryan’s hand and Ryan replies something along the same lines.

“ I won’t bother you too long...” Ryan promises. “If the job fails, which it most likely will, then I will go back to Bakersfield.”
“How’s your dad?” Nora asks, remembering how much she had liked George Lafferty.
“He’s alright. He got remarried a few months ago and she’s great.”

“Good for him.” Nora replies softly, wondering why there’s a bit of regret in her voice. “Well, get your things inside and I’ll make you breakfast.” She offers and Ryan immediately returns to his car to get his overnight-bag. He has not brought much with him, because he doesn’t believe that he’ll be staying long anyway.


Angie drops the frying pan on the kitchen counter and curses, sucking on her fingers.
“Angie? Are you alright? Here put your fingers under the cold water. What is wrong, sweetie? These are beginners’ mistakes.” Scotty asks.
“I know.” Angie cries, partially from the pain of her burnt fingers.

Scotty looks at his sous-chef. He’s very protective of her and not just because of the fact that she’s a very talented cook with lots of imagination, who shares Scotty’s obsession for cooking.
“What is going on?” He wants to know.

“We’re through.” Angie answers.
“What do you mean?”
“I broke up with him.”
“But you two were about to get married?”

“I know. That was before I found out that he was cheating on me.” Angie cries.
“You’re not serious.”
“I am.”
“I... I don’t know what to say...”

“He’s been sleeping with another girl. He claims it only happened once. She says it happened more often. She even sent me some pictures of them together...”
“That is sick.”
“It is. But he could no longer deny anything.” Angie sighs.

“I’m sorry.” Scotty doesn’t know what to say. “Maybe it was just a stupid mistake and maybe he regrets it more than he’ll ever be able to say?” He tries, remembering his own feelings. Angie looks at him, disbelief on her face and then she gets where Scotty’s words are coming from.

“I don’t think so. If it had happened once... maybe... but I believe her and not him...” Angie replies with regret in her voice.
“I’m so sorry. I know how much it hurts.” Scotty says and Angie nods.
“It doesn’t make me feel better.” She says.


Kevin hardly has the time to reply say his name, because Ron Robinson immediately starts to talk.
“Kevin, I have been thinking about you.”
“Sorry, I’m taken.” Kevin jokes and Ron laughs.

“Not about that. No, about you as a lawyer for our company.”
“I have a job and I’m not sure if...”
“Listen, I chose people based on their abilities and I’m hardly ever wrong. I still believe that you can be an asset to our company.

When I signed up with Carter, Wright and Duprée it was because I was impressed with you and your work and I didn’t care that much about the rest of the company. I had no real need for them and if your ex-colleague Alan is a example of how they work, I can do very well without them.” Ron replies.

“I don’t know what to say. I don’t really want to give up my pro-bono work, because it gives me a lot of satisfaction on a personal level and ….”
“Then continue doing that and let Core Athletic be you steady provider. It’s not as if CA will keep you busy for 24/7.”

“I … I need to think it over.” Kevin is attracted to the idea, but terrified at the same time.
“Good. Call me back?”
“I will.” Kevin promises and after a last word of goodbye, he puts his phone on the table wondering what he should do next.

He doesn’t get time to think about it, because there’s a little knock on his door and after his ‘enter’, Tommy comes into the room.
“Can we talk?” He asks.
“Yes, sure.” Kevin invites him to sit down.

“I’ve seen and spoken to Julia.”
“How is she?”
“Bad. Very bad. I don’t know what to do at the moment, but I believe that she needs me and that I need to go to Kansas and stay with her there.”

“I see.” Kevin feels his stomach drop. The thought of Elizabeth that far away gives him a chill.
“Kev, I need you.” Tommy suddenly says softly.
“For what? What can I do?”

“I know I’m going to ask a lot of you, but…”
“Just tell me what you need.” Kevin insists.
“I’d like you to drop the attempt to give me back custody over Elizabeth. I’d like it if Elizabeth would stay with you and Scotty for a while longer…”

Tommy stares at his brother. He believes, at this point, he can knock Kevin over with a feather. Kevin is frozen to his chair, unable to say something at first.
“Sssso, you want Elizabeth to continue to stay with us?”
“No. I don’t. I want nothing more than Elizabeth right with me, but…”

Tommy rubs his face and explains:
“.. I also have to honest about what is going on. Julia is alive, but that’s about all we can say about her situation. She’s hurt, abused and pregnant. She doesn’t want the baby and considers getting rid of it.

Is that what Elizabeth is supposed to see? Her mother all hysterical? Pregnant? How do we explain it? And how do we explain it when, in a few months, there will be no baby to show? Elizabeth is 7 years old and she’s too young. She’s happy here, she has school, she has her friends, she has her aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother.

She crazy about you and Scotty and your kids and I want Elizabeth to be able to look back at this time in her life and remember that she was happy with her uncles and their kids, who had become like brothers and sisters to her. And not as the time when she got yanked from school again and getting stuck in some motel room.

I don’t want her to see Julia just yet. Not in the state Julia is in. It would be too traumatic for her.” Tommy gives Kevin an imploring look and Kevin sighs.
“I need to talk to Scotty first.” He says.
“Of course.” Tommy agrees, though he doesn’t believe that there will be any trouble from him.


Sarah puts her café latte on the table and her chicken-sandwich next to it. She takes out the note-book that she has started in France. She writes in it every day, just to get her thoughts organized. After a sip of coffee and a bite from the sandwich, she take up her pen and she starts to write.

“It’s weird. I’m single again. Single. Again. I like the way it sounds. And I like that, this time, it feels better than it did with Joe. Strangely enough my break with Joe hurt me on so many levels and left me with so many of my hopes and dreams crushed, whereas my break with Luc seems to go smoothly. Maybe it seems too smoothly to some.

I say ‘seems’ because I’m not sure if it is or that I’m just pretending to be strong and careless… I know that’s what others think… but that’s not what I think… but I could be fooling myself…. What was first? Chicken or the egg? :) … I just hope that it’s true what they say, about one door closing and another one opening.

It’s not that I want another boyfriend straightaway. Not at all. I mean, Luc isn’t that easy to forget, but I guess I’m curious about what that guy would look like and if I’d like him at first sight or he turns out to be everything I hate, but I will fall in love with him anyway, like they do in the movies…. Maybe I shouldn’t talk like this… I already had my fairytale and…”

“Sarah?” Sarah looks up and is surprised to see a familiar face in this place.
“Noah? What a surprise! Are you alone? Can you join me?”
“Yes. I’d love to…. How are you?”
“Fine.” Sarah replies vaguely. “Lunch-break?”

“I wish! No. I lost my job. I got fired.”
“I’m sad to hear that.”
“Well, there was no more fun in working there, but unemployment isn’t what it’s cracked up to be either.”

“No. I get that.”
“And you? Heard you got married?”
“Just signed the divorce-papers yesterday.”

“Seriously? Join the club.”
“After three years.” Noah laughs, so he’s obviously not too devastated by it.

“No. It was the reason we divorced. She wanted a guy who could give her kids…” He answers with some regret.
“There are other options…”
“She didn’t want to discuss that. It had to be God’s way.”

“Narrow-minded.” Sarah shakes her head. “But God didn’t prevent her from divorcing you?”
“No.” Noah answers and Sarah is surprised how good and how calm he looks.
“It’s good to see you again, Noah. I’ve missed your company.”

“I missed you too.” Noah smiles suddenly shy. “I’ve often thought about you, considered looking you up, but… I don’t know… I got nervous about it.”
“We were once very good friends.” Sarah starts. “I would love to see you more often. I could use a friend. …”


“So, you’re letting the others talk you into not selling the house?” Brody concludes.
“No. I’m just trying to tell you about the protests I’ve ran in to.” Nora replies.
“I knew there would be protests from your kids and others, but what do you want to do?” Brody asks. Nora shakes her head.

“I have no idea. I love this house, but, at the same time I want to make a new start with you. It’s hard to decide.”
“No, it’s not. It’s just a house and those memories are in your heart and in your mind and in your photo-albums.”

“They are not just there, they are also here, in the wallpaper, the bricks, the flowers, the knick-knacks….” Nora says stubbornly. Brody looks at her and backs away a bit.
“I know. I shouldn’t judge by my own standards and by my own past. I know this and I’m sorry, I’m trying to push you too much.”

“I know that.” Nora replies, but her words don’t really ring true to her, because she doesn’t know what is going on his head and she does feel pushed into a certain direction, that she’s not sure that she’s willing to take. “I just can’t seem to make up my mind one way or another.”


Chad sits down opposite Dane Kane, the producer his previous movie.
“I’m glad you wanted to meet me.” Dane smiles cheerfully and orders a scotch. He raises an eyebrow, but Chad shakes his head, it’s too early for him to be drinking. “Good. I called you, because I’ve been asked to be the producer of the movie “Closing argument”.

As you know it’s a psychological thriller, that will require an actor who charm the viewers and, at the same time, scare them half to death… And we think you’re that actor.” Dane says and Chad couldn’t look more astounded if he had tried.

Dane is used to actors and their theatrics and he’s absolutely convinced that Chad isn’t acting right now, he really had not seen this coming. Convinced that Dane and he are talking about different parts, Chad stammers:
“I’m sorry, which part are you talking about? Are we talking about the same character?”

“I want you to play the part of Johnny.”
“No way!” Chad back away. “Are you kidding me? I … I can’t do that.. I’m not good enough. I’m just a soap-actor.”
“Chad, you blew everyone away with your latest movie. You’ll be fine.”

“I don’t know what to say.”
“Say yes and you’ll be in New-Zealand in two weeks.” Dane laughs at Chad’s happiness.’
“New-Zealand? For how long?” Chad asks, his happy smile is fading fast.
“I think about six or seven months.”

“That long?...”
“Is there a problem?” Dane asks.
“Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know. I need to discuss this with Jason. I thought it would be filmed here in America.”

“Sorry, it’s less expensive to make it there… But if it is important for you to bring your husband, if that is term to make you say ‘yes’, I’d be happy to discuss it with you.”
“Thanks. It’s good to know that you won’t make a fuss about this.” Chad says quietly. “But I still wish to speak to Jason first.”


There’s a quick knock on Kevin’s door and Kevin looks up.
“What is this? ‘Let’s all bother Kevin’-day? …. Come in!” The door opens and Browne enters as if chased by the devil. Kevin sits up. “Is everything alright?”
“No, it’s not. I’ve done it.”

“What?” Kevin has no idea what he’s talking about.
“I quit Carter, Wright and Duprée, telling them that soon it will be just ‘Wright and Duprée’ because Carter quit.”
“You’re kidding, right? Why did you do that?”

“I was sitting there in my office and I was staring at the wall and suddenly I wondered ‘What on Earth am I actually doing here?’ and the terrible truth is, that the answer is ‘Absolutely Nothing’ and suddenly I knew it. I just had to get out. I’ll collect my things tomorrow and leave…”

“I… I don’t know what to say.” Kevin says. “Except… well done! If this is truly what you want?”
“It is…. Except… Now I have no idea what to do next.” Browne’s shoulders sink and Kevin takes a deep breath.

“I think you should get yourself another job.”
“Maybe I’ll start my own law-firm. Starting from scratch again. This time without annoying partners who prefer hiring their stupid nephews, rather than hire someone who knows his job.”

“Having your own firm isn’t exactly all that either.” Kevin grins. “I know that from experience… Interestingly enough, I may actually get a steady client.”
“Core Athletics. Ron Robinson has contacted me about working for him.”

“That is good news for you, but with the amount of work coming your way, you’d need to hire someone to help you out. Especially if you want to continue your pro-bono work.”
“I know…” Kevin sighs. His eyes meet Browne and they both know they have the same idea. “Unless….?”


End of part 3/6


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