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Fanfic: B&S episode 624: part 2/6

Season 6 – Episode 24 – Let the sunshine in

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 2/6 *****

“Sarah, for the last time, you’re making a big mistake.” Luc warns. Sarah shakes her head.
“No, I don’t. Kevin went through the divorce-papers that your lawyer drew up and he agrees that the proposal of your lawyer is a fair one.”

“My lawyer agreed that Kevin had drawn up a good one as well. But you wanted to offer me a financial settlement and I don’t want that.”
“Luc, don’t be so proud. There’s nothing wrong with accepting my money.”
“I didn’t marry for you for your money.”

“I never said you did, but .... This divorce changes so much for you too...”
“If you really want this divorce, Sarah, then sign my proposal and get it over with, but I believe that you’re making a big mistake.”
“I’m not.” Sarah shakes her head. “I’ve never been more sure of a decision in my life.”

“You’ll see, Luc, eventually this will be the best for both of us.” Sarah speaks with confidence and Luc shakes his head with a frustrated look on his face.
“Very well. Then sign it!” He then says angrily.

“Alright. I will.” Sarah grabs her pen, but Luc covers the document with his hand.
“If you sign this, there will be no turning back. It will be the end. I won’t be coming back....” He warns her and for some reason that amuses Sarah.
“I’m not expecting you to.” She replies and she takes the last page of her own copy and signs.

“Sarah...” Luc sounds heartbroken and for a moment Sarah hesitates, fighting back her tears. She doesn’t want to hurt Luc, but she is also sure that she’s making the right decision. She takes a deep breath, searches for the place to sign on Luc’s copy and then she puts her signature there as well.

Luc watches how she signs both copies and something inside him breaks. He cannot understand why Sarah wants this divorce, but if she’s this sure of her decision, than maybe he shouldn’t fight in anymore either.
“Luc, I hope we can still be friends....” Sarah starts and Luc cannot believe his ears.

“Thank you, Sarah, but after this.... I think I don’t want to see you... for a long, long time.” He answers bitterly.
“It’s just that the kids....”
“I’ve already told Paige and Cooper to call me whenever they want.” He says curtly.

“And my family... Some of them aren’t even aware yet of our divorce and...”
“I have their numbers, they have mine... I don’t mind speaking to your mother, your brothers, your sister, your kids. I’ve even reached an understanding with your ex-husband.... But you,... I don’t have to hear your voice again...”

He grabs both documents, signs them and gives one copy back to Sarah.
“I’m leaving.... I will come to collect my things that are still in your house. I would appreciate it if you weren’t there, when I come over. I will not take anything away from you, but ...”

“Justin will help you, right?”
“I will make sure that I won’t be there.” Sarah answers reluctantly. Luc nods and without another look or another word, he leaves the room.


Julia looks up at Tommy when he comes in and tears fill her eyes.
“Tommy...” She whispers and Tommy bridges the gap between them in two-three steps, he takes her in his arms and holds her tight. Her grip on him is equally strong.
“Jules,... Oh, my Julia, we’ve been looking all over for you...” He says, showing his own tears.

“Have you heard? What happened to me?” She asks, clearly humiliated. Tommy caresses her cheek.
“Only some bits and fragments. I’m still trying to digest it. I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling right now.”
“I feel dirty, cheap and .... I don’t want this child.” She sobs.

“I know, honey, but it’s too late to take other steps as I understand it.”
“They should kill it.” Julia says it with so much hate, that Tommy backs away, clearly shocked. Julia notices his reaction and goes back on her words.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it. Of course I didn’t...” She cries.
“No, it’s okay. I get that it’s confusing and scary and all. I ... wish I knew... what to say... Jules, how did this happen to you? What happened to you that night?” He asks as he sits down on the bed with her.

“I’m not exactly sure. I had called Oliver to tell him that I would come along anyway and I brought Elizabeth to Kevin and Scotty.... Oh, God, I told Elizabeth... I told her that....” She shyly looks up at Tommy, slowly realizing how much pain she must have given him.

“... that Kevin is her real father, I know.” Tommy replies calmly. “It’s alright. Kevin and I are fine. It’s been given a place in all our lives. Kevin, Scotty, Elizabeth, Olivia, ... me... It’s alright with all of us.” Tommy tells her soothingly and Julia looks at Tommy with a hint of admiration in her eyes. “So, forget about that and tell me what happened after you left Kevin and Scotty... Please. I really want to know. We all do.”

“I left the cab and went inside. I needed to go to the bathroom and when I came out, there were two guys. I had heard some men talking softly and I had wondered what they were doing in the ladies-room, but I was so wrapped up in my own world that I hadn’t paid much attention to either of them... I got out to wash my hands. I was alone at first, then I saw them come out of the shadows.

I meant to say something about this being a ladies room, but one of the guys lifted his hand and that’s the last thing I remember.... Until I woke up in that cage... Several days later... I only know that it was later because the woman that came in, wished us a happy new year. So I assume that it was the 31 December or the 1st of January...”

“When did they...? What did they...? I mean...” Tommy closes his eyes, afraid for the question, the answer and Julia’s reaction to either or both, but he needs to know. “How did you get pregnant?”
“I don’t know....” Julie answers hesitantly and she looks up at Tommy.

“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know when or how it happened. I knew I was pregnant when I got morning-sick. I doubt that it was done professionally in a hospital, so I can only assume ...” She swallows hard, not really wishing to find an answer to the question, but realizing she had to face it anyway.

“I understand that it took a few days to get me to Kansas... It could have happened in one of the hotels on the way... I’ve also noticed that sometimes I would fall asleep at the weirdest moments and I’d wake up with a different dress or my cage cleaned up or something else... So I suppose they drugged me, but I don’t know how.

It was impossible to stop eating and drinking. The other girls warned me, that it would tick them off and they would beat me into eating or drinking anyway. Besides, what we got was just enough to survive on. I needed every bit to keep my strength and stay focussed on somehow getting back to Elizabeth....”

“But you have no recollection of actually being...?”
“I can’t remember a thing and they didn’t give me that information either. All they cared for was this ... thing.. growing inside of me...”

“From what one of the other girls told me... They take the baby away and sell it to couples who cannot have a baby. For a good price, naturally.”
“And what happened to the women once they had the baby....?” Tommy asks, horrified of the hell that Julia had ended up in.

“They got some time alone and then they were made pregnant again.... There was a girl there who had already given birth to four babies, all taken away from her....” Julia’s eyes fill with tears. “She wanted a lot of children.... but not like this...” Julia starts to cry again and Tommy quietly wraps his arms around her.


Sarah enters Café 429 just in time to see Kevin steal a cup of coffee for himself.
“It’s done, it’s done.” Sarah sighs and she drops her bag on a chair.
“What is?” Kevin asks, though he thinks he already knows the answer.
“I’ve signed the divorce-papers. And Luc too...”

“So, this time you didn’t need to get drunk in a karaoke bar?” Someone else asks.
“Jordan! Didn’t know you were here?” She hugs Jordan and then Scotty who just joined them as well.
“I needed a shoulder to cry on.” He sighs. “Boyfriend-trouble, you know...”

“I think I have an idea or two.” Sarah replies.
“So, you really signed the divorce-papers?” Kevin asks, still astounded.
“Yes. I did.”
“I can’t believe it. You should have been celebrating your one year anniversary, not this.”

“I know, Scotty, but, honestly, it’s for the best. Luc may not realise it now, but I know I’m right. I’ve been retracing so much these last two months, while I was in France and once I was back in America and... I’ve done everything wrong from the start. I should have been more honest about Luc. Towards him and towards myself.”

“What do you mean?” Jordan asks.
“I was at a low point. I wanted to meet my soul-mate and all I met were weird guys. I just wanted to have some fun, not an everlasting relationship. I went to France to clear my head and searching for wine was my excuse.

Meeting Luc was cute and all, but it wasn’t supposed to be everlasting.... And before you guys start to say that it could have been everlasting... No... I think that, deep in my heart, I knew Luc was not the one. Then Kitty became sick and I flew back to America and I had closed the chapter...

He came back, but it didn’t work out after all. Should have been a sign to me, but I ignored it...” Kevin opens his mouth, but Sarah cuts him off. “No, Kevin, I know that you and Scotty didn’t have a smooth road either, but this is different from what you two had.

In fact, that is where it all got worse. I loved Luc, true, and he loved me, but the age-difference undermined my self-esteem. I started to doubt myself. I couldn’t stop feeling as if I was in competition with other women... remember that day that dragged you along, because I thought Luc was cheating?” She asks Scotty.

Scotty nods, although he remembers that day as the day that nearly destroyed his marriage.
“And that is just one example. I got all these weird ideas in my head and every insecurity button got pushed...

I felt too old, not good enough and not sexy enough. I’ve even considered botox and plastic surgery for crying out loud. What was I thinking? No, I think this will help me get myself back.” Sarah nods as if she agrees with her own statement and Kevin signals behind her back, at the other two men, to stop talking about it.

“Well, I think it’s brave.” Jordan sighs, bringing the subject back to himself. “I’m always way too clingy. No wonder no guy wants to stay with me.” Sarah replies with a quiet ‘awwww’ and places her hand on his to give comfort.
“No, it’s because you’re dating idiots, incapable of seeing what a great guy you are.”

“I see what you mean, Scotty, but I’m not sure if I should be happy that you think I’m great, or insulted because you think I pick out idiots...” Jordan replies with a sweet smile.
“I’d go for happy.” Kevin advices. “.. because you are great and you’ll just want to accept the compliment and leave it at that, because that’s the kind of superman you are.”

“Ooooh, you’re good at making me feel goooood.” Jordan replies with admiration and Scotty laughs, as do Kevin and Sarah. A loud noise comes from the kitchen and Scotty jumps up.
That is my timer. I have to go.” And Scotty hurries to the kitchen.

“I better help him out, maybe he needs someone to do some tasting....” Jordan winks and he leaves Sarah and Kevin alone at the table.
“Sis, I know I can’t make you change your m...” Kevin starts, but Sarah stops him.
“You can’t.”

“... but maybe, ...
“... Luc ....”

“So, your absolutely s...? ”
“I’m glad we had this lengthy conversation on this topic.” Kevin says sarcastically.
“You’re welcome.” Sarah replies equally dry.


“What?!... Has she lost her mind? She can’t sell the house!” Kitty yells out and Justin nods in agreement.
“I know, right? ... I mean, I walked out the door, thinking that mom had to make her own decision on this one, but five minutes later, I no longer agreed with that.

It’s not just her house, it’s our house. I have so many memories there... I can’t imagine that she could sell it... but at the same time I think she can. She wants it for Brody.”
“I sometimes wish that Sarah had never gone looking for him.” Kitty frowns.

“Well, it’s too late to change that. Question is: what do we do now?” Justin asks.
“We need to make her change her mind in our favour.”
“How?” Justin asks and Kitty thinks a few minutes, before grabbing her phone.
“Kevin? We need to talk...”


“You want to do what?” Holly asks. “I’m hardly back in LA or I’m back in the middle of some Walker-drama again?... You want to sell the house?” She’s obviously flabbergasted.
“Well, you started a new life with David in New York, didn’t you?” Nora replies.
“Yes, but... that’s different...” Holly says slowly.

“Why?” Nora asks.
“I loved my house, but for the biggest part of my life it was William’s house. One word from him and I’d be out on the street, so I never grew attached to the house. But this is your home. Your entire life is here...”

“But I want a new life with Brody.” Nora points out.
“Listen, I didn’t have much of a choice. At the time I couldn’t remember half of what had happened to me in my life or in that house. It meant nothing to me anymore, and... knowing what I remember now,... I’m not sure I would have made the same choice.”

“You regret selling your place?”
“Partially, I don’t regret it, because I made a life for myself with David, but a part of me misses that house and I sometimes wish that I would have given myself more time to come to terms with the decision, but... hey, don’t change the topic! We were talking about you.”

“What else can I do?” Nora sighs and she’s clearly unhappy. “I love this house. I love Brody too. And Brody loves me, but not the house and...” The door slams open and Kevin enters, followed by Kitty, Justin and Sarah.
“Here comes the cavalry.” Holly says quietly.

“Mom, you can’t do that.” Somehow Nora is not surprised that those would Kevin’s first words. “This is our home too.”
“Exactly. You tell her, Kevin.” Sarah encourages and Kitty nods as well, making Kevin give his sisters a glance.

“Uhm, I’m not going to do anyone’s dirty work. You want to talk to mom about this, you’re welcome to do it yourselves.” He says sharply.
“Thank you, Kevin. Very reasonable.” Nora replies.
“Yeah, but you’re better at this than I am.” Justin quickly whispers at his brother.

“We heard it from Kitty and Justin and, speaking for myself here, but I believe that the others agree, we aren’t very happy with this, mom. We like Brody, but this is our home as well. And you can’t just sell it.”
“Maybe I should just go...” Holly tries weakly to get away.

“Nah, stay. It’s not the first Walker-discussion you’ve seen. You’re part of the family.” Sarah waves Holly’s escape-attempt away, so Holly remains on her stool and watches, inwardly amused, how it all unfolds.
“Listen, kids, this has to be my decision and no one else’s.” Nora says.

“But you’re doing this because Brody wants it?” Justin points out.
“I don’t want to lie. When your father died, I did consider selling the house and move to a smaller place, but .... There was always something. Kitty moving back from New York, Justin’s rehab, the aftermath Kevin’s operation, Tommy and that mess with Ojai.

And of course Sarah stayed here a while because her house needed redecorating, and Kevin did the same when it happened to his loft. And Kitty and Robert stayed here when Kitty had her treatment. Ryan stayed here, Rebecca stayed here. Heck, even Holly and David stayed here when David came back after the accident.

It seems to me like the only reason for me to keep this house is for other people and not myself. Selling it and buying a smaller place would be just right for Brody and me. Something that is important to me. And ....” Nora’s stops talking, not sure what else to say. Kitty picks up on that.

“Mom, the only reason why we came here in the first place is because it was your place and you’re here. Always. This is the heart of our family. Even if you’d get a beautiful new place, it wouldn’t be ‘our’ home anymore. And it ... It just wouldn’t be the same.”
“I agree with Kitty.” Justin nods.

“Nora, I don’t want to bring back old hurt, but even William always considered this house to be your house and not so much his. He used to say that there was no way to get you of this place again, because it’s such an important part of who you are. And I don’t believe that William was wrong...

You had your children here, this was your first and only home. I don’t see how you could turn your back on this place and clean it of all its memories, good or bad, and just leave it empty and cold. Remember the first time that I came here? I told you that this place was so alive.... You put that life in this house, Nora.” Holly says gently.

“Wow. That’s beautifully said.”
“Thank you, Kevin.” Holly nods. “If I were you, I think twice about selling your past...” She suggests to Nora.
“You’re all driving me insane.” Nora sighs.


End of part 2/6


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