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Fanfic: B&S episode 624: part 1/6

Season 6 – Episode 24 – Let the sunshine in

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)




I still need to add Ron Robinson (CEO of Core Athletics), Noah and Angie.

***** Part 1/6 *****

“I assume it’s not as delicious as your husband’s cooking.” Browne Carter smiles.
“It’s good enough. I know that I’m spoilt because of Scotty.” Kevin agrees.
“It is great to talk to you again...” Browne says a bit quietly.
“Is there something wrong?”

“Why would there be something wrong?”
“I don’t know. You used to be my boss, but we were never really friends. But when I asked you for your help with Elizabeth, you immediately agree to help me. And since then we’ve spoken to each other regularly... Not that I mind....”

Well, Kevin does mind a bit. He has the feeling that Browne Carter wants something from him. Browne sighs.
“Cynthia has left me.”
“What?” Kevin had known Browne’s wife very well. “Maybe it’s none of my business, but why?”

“She found someone else. Someone who makes her feels young and alive... which is not so amazing, considering he’s 25 years old and he loves to spend her money...”
“I’m so sorry to hear that. So, what are you going to do now? I mean ... Things must have changed so much in your life?”

“They have. I’m suddenly single again. I’m on my own. And ... I don’t miss her anymore, I’m past that point. Our marriage wasn’t what it used to be anyway, but now I long to change everything in my life. Just close the chapter and but I don’t know how... Where do you start?”

“I’m not sure, that I have the answer for you.” Kevin replies softly.
“Actually, I think you do. I have followed your career a bit, since you left Carter, Wright & Duprée and I have to admit that I admire the bold steps you’ve taken.”
“You do?” Kevin asks.

“Yes, actually, I’ve often wondered why I don’t have the courage to get out and start all over again... On my own.”
“I wasn’t ‘on my own’, I had Scotty, who was a huge help. Plus, where I could leave rather quickly, it would be a bit more difficult for you, sir. You’re the Carter in Carter, Wright & Deprée.”

“I know that, Kevin, but my job has become so boring these last few years. For me it became less and less about being in court and more about managing the accounts, long dinners, lots of paper-shuffling and lately also too much sucking up to people I don’t like.”

“Then why do you do it?” Kevin asks.
“Because it’s rather scary to quit and start from scratch. Especially in this economy. At the other hand, if I need to continue the way I do ...” He shakes his head and Kevin doesn’t ask for ore. It’s clear to him that Browne is in a bad place.

“I know that it cannot have been easy since your wife left you, but ...”
“I guess it has a lot to do with how I feel. My wife always wanted me to be successful and, to her, that equalled making lots of money. I’ve been wondering these last few months, if I haven’t been catering too much to her needs, forgetting my own.”

“It’s quite possible.” Kevin answers diplomatically, not wishing to step on anyone’s toes.
“A few years ago, I really looked forward to having you as a partner in the company. You would have brought something else to the board. A standard of working that would be about more than just the usual nepotism.

Not to mention that losing you, made us lose some interesting accounts and you left us with quite some whiners who give me a splitting headache.”
“Sorry to hear that.”
“Well, we should never have let that nincompoop of an Alan take over your accounts.”

Kevin hides his nose in his cup of coffee, managing to hide an evil grin, for he too had heard stories about how Alan had made some huge mistakes.
“Worst of all, we lost the Core Athletics account that you worked so hard to get...”
“A part of me is glad that I will never have to discuss ‘my wife’ again...” Kevin jokes.

“Kevin, I still need to apologize for asking you to un-invite Scotty. It was wrong to do that. I should have been more supportive towards you and I should have allowed you the chance to be honest... At the time, when Mr Duprée suggested that I should talk about this with you, I didn’t think twice.

It’s only later that I realized how insulting it must have been towards you, and that I also inadvertently offended Scotty. I could see how uncomfortable the entire thing had been to you...” Browne apologizes and Kevin appreciates the gesture.
“Don’t worry about it. It did teach me that I never want to make that compromise again.”


Kitty is somehow not even surprised to see Warren Salters at her door.
“Come in.” She says and she opens the door even further. Warren enters. “Can I get you anything?”
“Ahm, no, I just came by with a request.”

“A request?” Kitty wonders.
“I’ve been talking with the studio and they all think that our show had been great. Highest number of people listening and very good reviews too. In fact, we were dynamite, the absolute best.”

“Well, I did enjoy myself.” Kitty admits.
“Really? Good. Because I want you to come back and do it again.”
“Another show?”
“No. On a permanent basis. I want to fight with you about politics every week.”

“You’re not serious!”
“I am. I’m allowed to offer you the job as co-star on my show.” Warren says with a smile, when he sees that Kitty seems to think he’s joking. “It’s a real offer. We want you back on the radio, where you belong....”


“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s for the best.” Nora sighs.
“Are you crazy?” Emily Craft asks. “This is your home, your pride and joy, your...” She searches for other words to express her feelings.
“I know, but it’s not Brody’s. It’s not really wrong of him to want something that is ours.”

Emily shakes her head and irritated she replies.
“Nora! Your entire life through you’ve been lied to by William. Whether it was about business, love or family, William left you with no stability on any of those fields. Ojai is gone, you found out about the mistresses and dealt with his illegitimate children.

Not to mention that he lied to you about who the father of your own daughter was. But through all of this, there was only one thing that remained undefeated, your rock in these stormy oceans... And that was this house. You allowed William to be in this house, but essentially it was always yours. Your safe-haven and that of your kids.”

“Yes, but....” Nora starts to protest, when Emily cuts her off.
“I’m sorry, but if Brody really pushes this on you, you should consider keeping the house and getting rid of him.” Emily suggests.
“Emily! I’m just happy that I have him back!”

“And so you’re willing to keep him, no matter what the price is?”
“Don’t make it so dramatic.” Nora reacts.
“I’m sorry, but you’re the one whining about whether or not to keep the house.” Emily points out. “You are the one being dramatic. Not me.”

“Woah! Ladies! Are we getting a cat-fight here?” Someone suddenly interferes.
“Justin! What are you doing here?”
“I would help you get some boxes from the attic?” Justin reminds her.
“Oh, sorry, baby. Brody already did that. I should have called you...” Nora replies.

Seeing the guilty look on his mother’s face, Justin smiles.
“Does that mean that I won’t get my cookies either?” He asks.
“Of course you do. Just a moment, I’ll get them.”
“What were you two fighting over anyway?”

“Oh, nothing.” Nora says, but Emily closes her eyes and shakes her head.
“Your mother thinks about selling this house.”
“What? Why?” Justin nearly falls off his stool.
“Because I’ve been thinking of getting a smaller house with Brody.” Nora answers.

“Is it Brody who demands that you sell the house?” Justin suddenly wonders.
“No! No, he just asked me if I would consider it, and that is what I’m doing now. Considering it.”
“But you can’t do that! This is our home too!” Justin is clearly shocked.

“Told her that.”
“Emily, stay out of this!” Nora replies angrily.
“I just want what is best for you, girl, and I don’t think that selling the house would be a good thing to do.”

“I agree. Listen to Emily!” Justin says.
“Last time I listened to Emily I ended up looking some hooker to impress my teacher...” Nora reminds Justin and Emily.
“You have the legs to pull it off.” Emily compliments Nora.

“And before that ... I got arrested for smoking pot!”
“And we will never make you forget it.” Justin grins and Emily chuckles as well.
“Come on, Nora. Third time is lucky. I know I’m right this time. And so do you.” Emily points out and Nora quietly has to admit that she’s inclined to agree with Emily.


Tommy rushes through the maze of corridors in the hospital until he finds the right one. He takes a deep breath and tries to calm down. He closes his eyes and remembers his call to Kevin last night, when he had to ask if they could pick up Elizabeth as soon as possible. Sensing the urgency Kevin had immediately rushed over to the hotel.

“They found Julia.” Tommy says quietly to Kevin, making sure that Elizabeth can’t hear him.
“They did? How is she?”
“Pretty bad....” Tommy sighs.

“She’s pregnant. She wasn’t treated that well. All she does is cry for Elizabeth, but the doctors have warned me not to take Elizabeth with me. It could be too traumatic for Elizabeth. I need to fly to Kansas...”

“I get it. What have you told Elizabeth?”
“That I had forgotten something in Seattle and that I have to fly there to make it right...”
“So, she thinks you’ll be in Seattle?”

“I’ll stick to the same story. And Tommy...?” Tommy turns to Kevin. “Tell Julia that we love her and that we want to see her back as soon as possible.”
“I will.” Tommy promises.

But now that he’s here, he’s not sure if he can say anything to her.
“Mr Thomas Walker?” A nurse asks as she walks up to him. Tommy nods, still out of breath.
“Hi, my name is Kiki. I’m Julia’s nurse. It’s alright, we’ve spoken to miss Ridge and she doesn’t mind seeing you.” Tommy nods again, still unable to utter a word.

“You’re allowed to take a first look at her, here in this room....” She enters the room and Tommy can see Julia on the other side of the glass. “She’s under suicide-watch. Also we’re afraid that she will hurt the baby. She’s adamant that she doesn’t want the baby, but it’s too late to have an abortion.

She’s going to have to carry it full term and then decide if she’ll want it or give it away.” Though Kiki’s voice is very sweet, the words sends shivers down Tommy’s spine. They had worked so hard to have Elizabeth and now Julia is asked to consider giving away this child?

“I think I need to sit down.” Tommy says, suddenly feeling a bit week in the knees.
“Have you been informed about what happened to your ex-wife?” Kiki now wants to know and Tommy shakes his head.
“I came here, straight from the airport. My things are still in the car I rented.”

“Very well. Please, sit down...” She quickly reads Julia’s file. “From what we have established she got taken the night before Christmas and brought, through several locations, here in Kansas. We don’t know to what extend she was drugged, how much she knows, how much she still remembers, because she won’t talk to us.

We also don’t know how she got pregnant. Mr Walker, you have to understand that, if your ex-wife didn’t consent to getting pregnant, then... she may be very traumatized... Right now, if she seems very groggy, it’s because we keep her in that state. She doesn’t let us touch her. We have to keep her sedated, or she fights us all the way out of the room.

It’s a natural reaction not to trust us. She has no idea who we are, she’s obviously confused and hurt and incapable to judge who she can trust and who not.” Kiki explains and Tommy starts to feel sick to his stomach. What have they done to his beautiful girl?
“I get it... I need a few seconds to ... to....” He flaps his hands about and Kiki nods.

“I get that too, Mr Walker. Can I call you Thomas?”
“Tommy. Everyone calls me Tommy.” Tommy replies.
“Good that we can make it less formal. Julia will have to stay here for quite a while and that means that we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”

“Wait! I want to take Julia with me to Los Angeles. I live there. So does my family.” Tommy protests. Kiki shakes her head.
“Sorry. But that will not be possible. The police and the FBI are still investigating what happened. They prefer to keep all the women together. It would also be better for the healing process if the women could talk to each other and work through this together.”

“But that means that I will have to move here?”
“If possible. At least for a couple of months...” Kiki warns.


The man enters Café 429 and looks around with interest on his face. And when he sees a tall young man come out of the kitchen, he clears his throat and asks.
“I’m sorry, but who’s in charge of this place?”
“It’s mine.” Scotty answers with a warm smile. “Can I help you?”

“Several of my employees have been raving about this place and I was wondering if I could hire it for one night? For approximately 150 people?”
“Yes. Of course.” Scotty smiles. “Shall we go to my office? I have brochures and pricelists there.” Scotty offers. The man nods.

“What’s the name of your company?” Scotty asks.
“Core Athletics.”
“Sounds familiar.” Scotty says with a little frown, wondering where he had heard the name before. “Should I know your company from something?”

“I don’t know if you’re interested in working out...?” They enter Scotty’s office and the man looks around, smiling at a cover of the LA Contemporary that has a picture of Scotty on the front.
“Not much. I get enough exercise in this place.” Scotty admits with an apologetic smile.

He takes the business-card the man hands him. It reads “Ron Robison, CEO” right under the logo of Core Athletics and Scotty makes another attempt to find out where he had heard that name before. Ron smiles friendly and continues to watch the drawings made by Olivia. They cover the wall... Suddenly he sees something very familiar.

“That is Kevin Walker, isn’t it?” The man asks, pointing at the wedding-picture on Scotty’s desk.
“It is... Should I be worried that you know him?” Scotty smiles. The man laughs as well, so Scotty tells him: “He’s my partner.”
“Business-partner or ... husband?”

“Both. Business. And he's my husband... Is that a problem?” Scotty asks, a bit concerned now.
“No. It’s just that my wife owes me ten bucks.”

“From the day I met Kevin, I suspected he was gay, but when my wife met him at a dinner, she would swear up and down that he wasn’t gay... But now I wonder why he pretended he had a wife. Why didn’t he simply say that he was married to you?” The pieces of the puzzle fall into place for Scotty.

“Oh, that dinner.” He says. “Are you still with Carter, Wright and Deprée?”
“No. Kevin left and the man who replaced him was a complete idiot.”
“I see.” Scotty grins. “Carter, Wright and Duprée thought that it would be better if Kevin would focus his attention on you....” Scotty answers diplomatically.

Ron Robinson cuts through the diplomatic nonsense very quickly.
“You were uninvited? Did they think that I would object to Kevin bringing his husband? That I’m some homophobe?”
“Kevin and I discussed it and we agreed there was no reason to make things worse.”

“Instead, poor Kevin ended up pretending to be straight and married to a woman.” Ron looks at Scotty to see how he will react.
“Well, it did teach Kevin to not make that compromise again.” Scotty teases and they both laugh.

“Scotty?! Are you in?” Kevin opens the door to Scotty’s office. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you had a guest.” Ron turns around. “Mr Robinson? How... nice to meet you again.” Kevin immediately recognizes the guest. Mr Robinson nods, amused that Kevin hadn’t forgotten him yet.

“Mr Robinson wants to hire the restaurant for one night.” Scotty explains.
“Good choice... I would even say a better choice than your latest shoes... Though you can probably not imagine that.” Kevin jokes.

“Have you tried them?” Ron Robinson asks.
“Yes, as a matter of fact. I even bought them.” Kevin admits. “I see you that you met my husband?”
“Yes... Weren’t you supposed to be married to a woman?” Ron asks.

“Yes. Well. Having Scotty there might be too distracting for me. We were just married after all.”
“So? What do you for a living now? Working for another law-firm?”
“No. I do a lot of pro-bono work. And sometimes I have a case that actually pays.”

“No more corporate law then?”
“Not really. Occasionally for a small business or something, but no, I don’t handle big accounts anymore.”
“But you still could?”

“Yes, I’m still completely up-to-date, but most companies prefer big law-firms to impress the competition, and considering that I don’t even have a secretary...” Kevin jokes sweetly.
“Do you have a business-card?” Ron now asks.

“Of course.” Kevin takes one out of his wallet and hands it to Ron.
“Excellent... You do know that I no longer work with Carter, Wright and Duprée, right?.”
“I heard some rumour that you and Alan didn’t exactly get along, but I don’t know the details.” Kevin has to admit.

“That guy was an idiot... Completely unprofessional.”
“Well, he was perhaps a bit too young...?” Kevin suggests carefully.
“No, he was an idiot. I asked him for a copy of my contracts that you had drawn up, because I wanted to look at something. He send me the contract of my competitor.”

“That is ...” Kevin bravely tries to hide his smile. “... very painful.”
“It was.” Ron agrees, but then he smiles. “It was interesting though. My competitors contract, which Alan had made, wasn’t as good as mine... I guess that’s the difference between a good lawyer and an idiot.”

“Your words, not mine.” Kevin diplomatically answers.
“Here’s the contract for the evening at the restaurant.” Scotty gives Ron a document. “You can read it, but I have to warn you, it’s been drawn up by a very good lawyer.” Scotty jokes.

“I’ll read it, sign it and I will send it to you.”
“By mail, please, I need originals. I’m an old-fashioned guy in some things.”
“Perfect! It was nice meeting you, Scotty and, it was good to see you again, Kevin.” Ron shakes both their hands and leaves.

“Well, that was weird...” Scotty says slowly.
“I’m glad that we have that cleared. I never liked the idea of lying to Ron in the first place. So stupid. Should have gone with my gut-instinct.” Kevin gently says and he finally takes the time to kiss his husband.


End of part 1/6


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