marea67 (marea67) wrote,

no finale tonight....

.. can't even garuantee that it will be tomorrow night.

After battling sinusitis for more than a week, I'm finally having the impression that I might win this war, but I am not yet completely victorious. I am however back to writing, more than half of it is done and if I can get some time to write, I might be able to finish it tomorrow, all depending on how my Koninginnedag will work out.

For the second time, my daughter will have her own place on the flee-market (together with my husband) and I don't know at which point mommy will have to come and 'help!'. Plus, I have to keep an eye on my dad, as it's the first Koninginnedag without my mom and she used to love that day... :(

Add to that, that Iris still has a week off for 'May-holidays' and you can see why my days are rather fully booked, but I'm trying to get the finale up as soon as possible. I hope it will be exciting enough. (It's been in my head long enough.)

Just hang in there... the end of the season IS close... :-D
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