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There are those who believe that ...

.... Kevin/Scotty were my first favorite couple. :) Wrong! Long, (and I do mean LONG!!!) before there was fantabulous, absolutely delicious and amazing Matthew Rhys and the equally 'iridescent' Luke Macfarlane, there was a guy named Richard Hatch, who, together with co-star Dirk Benedict, were for the longest time my favorite couple 'best friends', Apollo and Starbuck, in Battlestar Galactica 1978.

Being sick, in a melancholy mood and not moving ANYWHERE with the B&S finale, I thought I'd dig up Apollo and Starbuck again, just to have a change of mental scenery and I ran into this little video-clip about the 'triad'-costumes ... Yeah, for the existence of the 'deleted scenes' of this still wonderful show!!! ... And, alright, whenever I see Richard I know I still love him, .... but not as much as Matthew Rhys... :)

Into each life comes that moment that you need to get rid of the old and get someone younger. ;)
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