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welcome to my fantasies
Luke Macfarlane news: (Kevin will go ballistic!) 
25th-Apr-2012 11:01 pm
In news that put a smile on my face:

Patrick Breen Will Be Ned Weeks in Normal Heart Tour; Luke MacFarlane, Christopher J. Hanke Also Cast

"..... Brothers and Sisters" star Luke Macfarlane, who played Craig Donner/Grady on Broadway, will be Felix Turner, and How to Succeed's Christopher J. Hanke will play the role of Tommy Boatwright. Additional casting will be announced at a later time...."

Source: www.playbill.com

Luke Macfarlane & Christopher J Hanke together in a play?... Soooooo, Scotty Wandell and Marcus meet again... Mhmmm, wonder what Kevin would say? :) Wonder if Matthew will attend one of those performances as well...

I am however happy to hear that Luke will be back with "The Normal Heart". Even though now it seems he'll be playing another part.

ETA: Another source: baltimore.cbslocal.com
27th-Apr-2012 11:19 pm (UTC)
Threesome No way happening Doll, if Luke end up havibg a fling with Chirs he will be my Enemy!!!!!!! Do you know my OCD when ever i see Luke/Matthew kiising anyone else i CRINGE!!!!! i know am SAD thy r not K/S and nor Real Buttttttt i feel thy r cheating !!!

PS : Soz me and Laira spaming you again :(
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