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welcome to my fantasies
Luke Macfarlane news: (Kevin will go ballistic!) 
25th-Apr-2012 11:01 pm
In news that put a smile on my face:

Patrick Breen Will Be Ned Weeks in Normal Heart Tour; Luke MacFarlane, Christopher J. Hanke Also Cast

"..... Brothers and Sisters" star Luke Macfarlane, who played Craig Donner/Grady on Broadway, will be Felix Turner, and How to Succeed's Christopher J. Hanke will play the role of Tommy Boatwright. Additional casting will be announced at a later time...."

Source: www.playbill.com

Luke Macfarlane & Christopher J Hanke together in a play?... Soooooo, Scotty Wandell and Marcus meet again... Mhmmm, wonder what Kevin would say? :) Wonder if Matthew will attend one of those performances as well...

I am however happy to hear that Luke will be back with "The Normal Heart". Even though now it seems he'll be playing another part.

ETA: Another source: baltimore.cbslocal.com
26th-Apr-2012 06:02 am (UTC)
I'm just ridiculously happy that "The Normal Heart" is getting out there, eventually going on tour, and being made into a movie. It's the most moving, impactful piece of literature I've ever been exposed to. The two week period after I read it was a time of such intense emotion. I was carrying around all these feelings from reading the play; it made it hard to function in the normal world.
The play was a real game-changer for me. It was both part of a larger experience of learning about the AIDS crisis, and it's own unique emotional experience. Now, a little over a year after I read it, I am now intending to write my thesis on an AIDS-related topic.
For people of my generation (I'm in my mid-twenties) AIDS is part of the almost distant past, even if the epidemic is only thirty years old. The stories like the ones told in "The Normal Heart" are so important because so many young people are unfamiliar with them.
I seriously hope the show comes to my city, and it has nothing to do with who is in it. I'd go see this show if it was being performed by the three blind mice! It's that important of a show.
26th-Apr-2012 12:32 pm (UTC)
Ah! The generation-gap! (Not laughing.)

I have to admit that watching and reading about The Normal Heart brought back my intense frustrations of those times. I was a teenager when the AIDS-crisis really broke out and I remember reading a lot about the disease and being quite worried about it.

It sure put a stamp on my own sexual curiosity. I was terrified of getting the disease, while at the same time I was frustrated with the labels of 'gay disease' and 'God's punishment for gays' (to name but the politest ones), because, by reading so much about it, I had become aware it could happen to anyone who had unprotected sex.

I've never had issues with homosexuality, couldn't understand why the concept of two men loving each other (or just having sex with each other) was such a trauma to so many and I sure as hell didn't believe that they 'deserved' to be punished by God with that awful disease.

But I remember people joking about it, thinking it funny that men died under such awful conditions and I remember also that many just dídn't care, still foolishly believing that, as they were straight, it couldn't happen to them. It was so sad to hear people talk with so much disdain/fun/carelessness about people dying. People who had never hurt them. :(

So, I remember my frustration with the ignorance and the powerless feeling I had to make any changes.

Still, I would like to see it and I hope it will come out as movie as well, with or without Luke Macfarlane (preferably with).
27th-Apr-2012 10:40 pm (UTC)
ITA. This book impressed me too, I even have two editions of the book and I'd go see this show in my city no matter who perform it. But with Luke in the Felix role I'd even travel 5.000 miles to see it :)
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