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Fanfic: B&S episode 623: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 23 – Lean on me

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****

Justin isn’t exactly sure what he’s looking for, but he’s glad to have found the old house where his grandparents used to live.
“This seems like a nice street.” Tyler says and Justin has to agree. It’s nothing special. All the houses look alike. Nice lawns. Well maintained. Paint impeccable.

“I’m sorry. Are you looking for something?” Justin turns around to be face-to-fact with an old woman. He guesses her age at over 80. “Sorry, kid, but we look after each other’s properties here. Strangers are quickly noticed.” She smiles apologetically.
“Ahm. No. My grandparents used to live here and I tried to imagine how and where.”

“I’ve lived in this street for 60 years. I’ve seen them come and go.” She says. “Who were your grandparents?”
“Ida and Bernie Holden. They had two kids.”
“Nora, such a sweetie and Saul, a bit of troublemaker.” The woman remembers.

“Uncle Saul? A troublemaker?”
“Got involved in a fight or two in this teens. Nora was cute and sweet though. Loved to do groceries for us. A motherly type of girl. Always hoped she would become a nurse or something like that. Or something with kids. She loved kids.”

“She still does.” Justin says lovingly.
“Want to drink some lemonade? My porch is over there. We can sit in the shade and I can tell you more things. My name is Sylvia by the way.”
“Nice to meet you, Sylvia. I’m Justin and this is my fiancée Tyler.”

“And are you a son of Saul or Nora?”
“Nora. Her youngest. She has five kids. Two girls. Three boys.”
“A good mother?” Sylvia asks.
“The best.” Justin answers.

“I knew it.” Sylvia nods. “Some things cannot be hidden. As young as she was a better mother to her brother than Ida was.... I assume Ida is dead? Kids usually get curious about their grand-parents after they are dead and they can no longer answer questions themselves.”
“She died last year.” Justin nods. “That’s when I found this picture of Grandpa Bernie...”

He shows her the picture he found and she smiles.
“Oh, I had forgotten how handsome he was... Poor Ida.” Sylvia shakes her head.
“Poor Ida?” Justin asks. Sylvia however is too lost in her memories to answer straightaway, but the question did come in, because she suddenly raises her head.

“Yes. Poor Ida. As usual the wife was the last to know. We already suspected it naturally. Quietly, of course, no reason to upset your grandmother. No man works that many hours at his office. Not if he’s in a happy marriage with a wonderful wife and two lovely kids, so when the fights between them erupted, it came as no surprise...”

“They had a bad marriage?”
“I wouldn’t necessarily call it bad,... but, once the cat was out of the bag, Ida and Bernie had made the decision to stay together. Of course that was about it. Bernie was always ‘at work’ and Ida ‘did her own thing’.”

“Grandma had an affair?” Justin feels completely shocked. He had had this image of his grandmother pining away after the death of her beloved husband, never choosing another man, due to her undying love... He should have known better, he supposes.
“I don’t know if she had an affair. I know he did.” Sylvia replies with emphasis.

“But not my grandma?”
“If she did, she kept it well hidden, because there was never a bleep of a gossip about her. No, with ‘doing her own thing’ I meant looking after the kids, looking after the house, going shopping and buying expensive things.

There couldn’t be a new product on the market or Ida had to have it. She made sure that Bernie had to work for this money to keep her happy. But, then, it was his own fault. She had been a warm and caring devoted wife until she found out about his cheating... Things changed dramatically after that.

She became bitter and harsh towards him. She certainly never forgave him. I always found that very sad.” Sylvia once again gets lost in her memories. Justin is surprised by the information.
“Did you ever know who the mistress was?” Tyler wonders.

“No. Oh, God, no. Ida would rather bite her tongue off than admit that there was another woman...”
“Ahm, Sylvia, it wasn’t like....? I mean... It couldn’t be that... grandpa Bernie was involved with a man?” Justin carefully asks.

Sylvia stares at Justin as if he suddenly grew two heads.
“No.” She answers with certainty.
“It could be that he was gay? More interested in a man?”
“Honey, I may be old but not stupid. I know what the word gay means and the answer is still ‘no’.”

“It’s just that uncle Saul turned out to be gay, and so is one of my brothers and I suddenly wondered....” Justin quickly justifies himself, not wishing to offend this source of information.
“Saul? Gay? ... Well, that explains a few things for me...” Sylvia nods.

“But Bernie was definitely interested in women?” Tyler asks, just to be sure.
“Oh, yes, definitely... Couldn’t leave them alone.”
“Do you remember when Bernie died? From that car-accident?” Justin now wants to know. Sylvia becomes all serious.

“I don’t know if I should tell you this, but... there was quite some talk in the street then.”
“What kind of talk?” Justin asks.
“There was talk that the accident hadn’t been an accident. It was just impossible that the brakes failed. Not on Bernie’s car.”


“We’re early.” Wally says and Adele nods. “The plane doesn’t leave for another hour.”
“Better be early than having to hurry, afraid that I’ll be too late.” Adele sighs.
“Here is the coffee and tea as ordered.” Bertha puts the tray on the table and Adele thanks her.

“I’m glad that you decided to come along too, Bertha. I believe that Scotty was very happy with the fact that we didn’t fight anymore.” Adele nods.
“I think it was good that we cleared the air between us.” Bertha agrees.
“I’m glad you decided to tell Wally the truth as well. It was very brave of you.”

“Not really. It had to be done, so I did it.” Bertha shrugs. Adele and Wally exchange looks. "All these years, I wanted to believe that my father was a great man, but ultimately I had to accept that he wasn’t. That was the hardest part, accepting what I knew was the truth. Telling Wally was easy compared to that. I’m just glad he wasn’t mad at me.

“Why should he be? You didn’t really know, or you didn’t want to know. And... your father wasn’t so bad.... He broke up with me, not knowing I was pregnant. He chose you and your mother over me, so he made a mistake, but he tried to make it right again.” Adele says.

“Really? He chose us? Over you?” Bertha asks.
“Yes, he did.” Adele sighs. Bertha uses the paper napkin as a handkerchief.
“I’m glad to hear that... I ... I need to powder my nose.” Wally is surprised that Bertha would become so emotional, but he assumes it’s just because her father had been important to her.

Adele catches the look on his face.
“Do you think she believed me?”
“Shouldn’t she?”
“It was a little lie.” Adele admits.

“Her father dumped me when he found out I was pregnant.” Adele says. “He called me all sorts of names and then made it clear that he would forever deny that he was the father.”

“You must have been so hurt.” Wally believes.
“No. Well, yes. Maybe. It wasn’t like I was madly in love with him or something. I just had sex with him. I never really knew why. Maybe because I could, I don’t know. But it hurt that he rejected the baby. It was his. I never lied about the baby.”

“Are you sure it was wise to tell Bertha that he left you for his family?”
“Listen, Bertha took a courageous step in accepting a certain responsibility that she didn’t have to take. She could have chosen to remain ignorant, she could have continued to hate me and make the situation unbearable for Scotty, but she didn’t.

She walked in, asked for truth, dealt with it and acted on it. I just wanted to give her back some respect for her dad. She deserves that, not him.”
“You’re an amazing woman, sis.” Wally sighs, definitely in awe.
“And you were married to one... Perhaps remarrying her would be too much to ask, but.. don’t let her go just yet either...”


“Thank you that you wanted to talk to me.” Marcus says and Scotty’s eyes narrow.
“It wasn’t what I wanted... I would have preferred it, if you would have simply stayed away.”
“I will leave again. I just needed to talk to you. Alone.”
“You already said that. We are in my office. Alone. Now talk.” Scotty replies impatiently.

“Saw you celebrated your five year anniversary. Congratulations.” Marcus says. Scotty smiles cynically.
“Yes, no thanks to you...” He replies bitterly, but then realizing that Marcus is not the only one to blame, so he adds. “... or me.”

“This isn’t easy...” Marcus starts.
“Please, I hope you won’t start asking for money, because I will have you arrested for blackmail....”
“No blackmail, it’s something else.”

“Well, spit it out then.”
“I ... I recently got tested and I’m... I’m HIV-positive...” Marcus stammers and Scotty supposes that it should somehow have some impact on him, but somehow he’s not even all that surprised. He had dreaded this, unable to think of another reason for Marcus to come and see him.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Scotty replies stiffly and on his guard.
“And one of the things I now have to do is...”
“... Tell your former ... partners.... about your status... I know the drill.”
“Are you...?”

“No. I’m clean. So is Kevin.” Without much hesitation he takes a copy of the test from his personal papers on his desk and he shows it to Marcus. Marcus quickly notices the result and the recent date of the tests.
“I’m glad to hear that... It might narrow down the number of people I have to see.”

Marcus doesn’t seem to be really relieved by Scotty’s words. He seems unsettled by the results.
“Are you surprised that I’m clean?”
“No. Yes. I wish I could have known where, when and how I got it.”

“Not from me.” Scotty states and at that exact moment the door opens and Kevin enters, not knowing that Scotty is in a meeting. It takes Kevin about two seconds to realize who Marcus is. Scotty takes a deep breath and hopes that Kevin won’t make a scene. That would be about the last thing that he and Marcus need.

Kevin looks at Scotty, an unspoken question on his face. Scotty can see how Kevin represses the flash of anger that overtakes for just a brief moment.
“Marcus... came to tell me that he’s HIV-positive.” Scotty says, clearly not in the mood to argue over Marcus.

“Oh, I see.” Kevin replies, feeling suddenly more calm and a bit guilty for suspecting something. “It is good of you to tell your...”
Kevin stops, because he cannot finish the sentence, realizing the reason that Marcus is here, is because he slept with Scotty.

“Kevin, please...” Scotty begs quietly.
“I’m fine.” Kevin answers coldly. “Refer him to Saul and Jonathan, will you?” With a nod to Marcus and Scotty he leaves Scotty’s office again.
“I didn’t mean to create problems again.” Marcus says visibly upset.

“You didn’t. Kevin is dealing with this in his own way...”
“This must be so hilarious to you. Some great cosmic revenge...” Tears fill Marcus’s eyes. Scotty remains where he is. He can’t bring himself to give any form of comfort to Marcus. He just can’t.

“I don’t know what you mean by those words. No matter how angry I’ve been at you and myself and even Kevin, I would never wish this disease on anyone. And it’s most definitely not ‘hilarious’. HIV is no joke. And I never wanted the cosmos to get revenge either.

I’m sorry for what happens to you in your life right now, but ... I’m not the one who gave it to you and I’m not infected by you either. So, you have no reason to have issues with me, nor I with you. To be honest, our one night fling was something that Kevin and I had put in the past and I’d like to put it back there as soon as possible.” Scotty answers.

“I see.” Marcus sighs with a nod. “Thank you for at least listening to me. And I hope that I didn’t create more trouble between you and your husband.”
“You couldn’t.” Scotty says with more confidence than he actually feels. But before Marcus can leave, Scotty takes a little card from his wallet.

“Here. This centre might give you additional help. It is run by Jonathan Byrold, who’s married to Kevin’s uncle Saul. They are both HIV positive as well and they have a lot of experience with situations that you might run into. They can give you help.”
“Thank you.” Marcus takes the card from Scotty’s hand and leaves Scotty’s office.

He doesn’t even look back once at Scotty and Scotty can’t help but be happy with that, because he wouldn’t want Marcus to see that his news had effected Scotty more than he had let on.
“And now, I first have to find Kevin.” Scotty tells himself.


“Well, she’s gone.” Bertha says and Wally nods.
“Yes, she is. I’m glad to have my sister back though. I’ve missed her so much.”
“I should never have made such a fuss over her. It’s my fault that you and Scotty never really got to know her.”

“She would have been a great aunt for Scotty, as a kid.”
“I think she can still be one now. I don’t believe that it’s the last that Kevin and Scotty have heard of her. And she sure is crazy about those four kids of them, our grandchildren.” Bertha says with pride.

Seeing how satisfied Bertha is, Wally sees no reason to remind her that Elizabeth and Mateo are not their grandchildren. In fact, he’s too happy to see that the lines are blurred for her as well, because they sure are for him. It takes a few glances for him to notice that Bertha is observing him.

“You know, don’t you?” She suddenly asks.
“I know what?” Wally wonders.
“It wasn’t over until Adele found out she was pregnant. She told me it was over my mom and me that they broke up, but it’s not true. He dumped her when she was pregnant.”

“What makes you think that?” Wally asks, wondering if Bertha is only fishing for information or if she actually knows something.
“My dad confessed to me, just before he died, that he believed that the reason why Adele lost the baby was because he had asked God to get rid of it.

He said that God would never forgive him for asking for the death of his own child. This means that he knew the baby was his. And that was because he was still sleeping with her when the baby was conceived, and not by someone else after their break-up.” Bertha concludes. Wally is quiet for a few seconds, wondering whether or not to tell Bertha the truth.

“She lied.” He eventually says. “Not out of respect for your dad, but out of respect for you. She didn’t want you to think badly about your father.” He looks at Bertha trying to find out what she thinks. Bertha shrugs however.
“I don’t believe that there’s anything she can say that would make me feel better about him.”


“Thought I’d find your here.” Scotty says, entering Kevin’s office.
“I’m okay. Are you?” Kevin says tiredly.
“No. I was shocked to see him, shocked by his news, shocked when you just walked in and shocked by what I saw on your face.” Scotty answers. “Kev? Do you really believe that I still had something going on with him?”

“No. Not really. The thought crossed my mind when I saw him standing there in your office, but ... I dismissed it and I’m glad that you immediately told me the truth.”
“I haven’t seen him, since he fled this place after Justin had hit him.” Scotty emphasizes.

“I believe you.” Kevin replies without hesitation and he looks straight at Scotty, so Scotty can see that he does. “See, I can even say that and do that not-look-away-thing you like so much.” Kevin smiles softly. Scotty’s smile is somewhat more hesitant. “I believe you, Scotty. It was just the shock of seeing him there, I swear.

I love you and I know you love me. We just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and we had agreed to put Marcus and your one-night-stand with him in the past, along with my obsessing over Robert’s accident and the fact that we believed that our baby was gone. It’s in the past.” Kevin says. “But... How are you feeling?”

“I don’t know. I should be surprised or shocked by the fact that he’s sick, but ... somehow I’m not. I know I should feel sorry.. or something, but... am I a bad person for not feeling sorry? I would never wish this disease on anybody, but .... Oh, my God, all I could think of was that he could have infected me and I could have passed on to you....

I don’t think I could have lived with myself if I had. So, all I could think of was ‘how could I have been so stupid as to get involved with this idiot?’. .. I’m terrible, I know.” Scotty shakes his head and Kevin takes him in his arms, as he thinks over what Scotty had said and he tries to find some compromise in the words.

“I don’t think you’re terrible, but Marcus is in the past, we have dealt with him and what happened between you two... and my part in it... let’s not forget that. He is only now getting caught up with the mistakes of his past. However, sad as it is, and this disease is sad, it is his problem and not ours. He is not our responsibility.”

“I could have made you sick.”
“But you didn’t. He didn’t get it from you, nor you from him. We’re both healthy,... well, except for that aching back...” Kevin jokes sweetly. “And Marcus must make his own life, without us. I’m sad that he’s HIV positive, but ... it is not our problem.”

Scotty nods that he agrees with Kevin’s words, when he hears Kevin’s phone ring. With regret, Kevin lets go of his husband.
“Hi, Max.” Kevin says and Scotty decides to stick with Kevin, now that it would seem that it’s Max Carter.

Kevin listens with a frown on his face, he hums a few times when he seems to agree with Max, but he doesn’t say much in return until:
“So, you want Scotty, Tommy, Justin and I to come to the police-station for further questioning?”

Scotty seems worried, but Kevin places his hand on Scotty’s arm and he shakes his head.
“She prefers to go straight to Café 429? That is fine with me. I’ll see if I can get the others here as well.” Kevin promises. “I’ll talk to you then.” He puts down his phone and turns to Scotty. “Some FBI agent wants more information on Julia.” Kevin says.


End of part 3/4


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