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Fanfic: B&S episode 623: part 2/4

Season 6 – Episode 23 – Lean on me

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 2/4 *****

“Scotty, you have seriously outdone yourself.” Nora says and from the hums around the table, it would seem that her words are agreed with.
“I didn’t do it alone, I had great help from Saul and Jonathan and I love all the decorations, that you brought and that the girls put up so quickly, and I just love the banner....”

“Not just the girls. We’ve all been working very hard on it. Also Evan and me.” Cooper says slightly insulted. It shows that the kids made it. The enormous banner that says: ‘Kevin & Scotty, Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary’ spans quite a large part of the restaurant.
“We each had a part of the banner.” Paige explains.

“And then, once we were all finished, dad helped us to get it all together...” Elizabeth takes over from Paige. The kids blush at all the compliments they get from the grown-ups, until Justin asks:
“Who’s going to make a toast?”

Everybody looks at each other, but no one reacts at first, so Chad raises his glass.
“To Kevin and Scotty, for setting a perfect example for us...” He grins at Jason.
“And for giving us something to dream about.” Jordan adds and everyone laughs.
“Don’t give up hope, Jordan.” Scotty smiles, noticing that his father stands up.

“Scotty, we weren’t there when you two got married and I wish we had been, if only to see how much you had grown as a man. I’m happy to celebrate this anniversary with all of you now. I’m glad to have gotten to know Kevin a lot better and I’m absolutely crazy for my beautiful grandchildren. Thank you... And you too, Kevin.”

Scotty is visibly moved by his father’s simple words, because he knows they come straight from Wally’s heart. Adele raises her glass.
“I couldn’t agree more, I wish you all the love and happiness in the years to come.”
“And may you visit us more often.” Kevin tells her. She nods in appreciation.

“My turn..” Tyler says. “Scotty, we found ourselves involved with the Walker-men at around the same time and, though you were faster at reclaiming your man, than I was, I’m happy to see that after all these years you’re still with Kevin, it sure gives all of us hope, that it’s not entirely impossible to live with a Walker-man.” She teases. Laughter roars and Justin pelts a piece of his bread at his fiancée, who only laughs even louder when he misses her.

“Alright, leave it up to one of the Walker-men to defend ourselves...” Tommy says. “But I can’t think of much. Yes, it’s true, we are high-maintenance and sometimes, well, most of the time, we’re impossible to live with, but, as much as I agree that Kevin is lucky to have found Scotty, I also believe that Scotty is lucky to be with my brother. I cannot think of any one more loyal to and more protective of those he loves.

I’m very happy for Kevin to have found the love he deserves and I have to add, that I think you’re both amazing parents, not just to Olivia and Daniel, but also to Mateo and, I must admit to this,... to Elizabeth.” Glasses are raised again as everyone seems to agree with Tommy’s words.

“I agree.” Mateo suddenly interferes. “I couldn’t think of more loving place to be and I’m glad that Kevin and Scotty gave me this opportunity, even when they had no obligation to do so.”
“I’m glad that they have, even though my reasons are rather selfish.” Paige laughs.

“Thanks, Mateo, it’s good to know that we’re not doing so bad.” Scotty nods.
“I’m with Mateo. I never believed that I would find a home, that I would always be on the outside and I’m happy that you stuck with me and .... everything.” Olivia sighs.
“You’re welcome, sweetie.” Kevin blows her a little kiss, which Olivia pretends to catch.

“And Daniel also has a little present for you guys, that is, if he’s willing to let it go again...” Elizabeth grins and they hear her very quietly coach Daniel with ‘give it to your daddies... give it...’. Everyone waits in anticipation for the few steps that Daniel is taking with a gift in his hands.

In front of Kevin and Scotty he seems unsure whether or not to hand over his precious gift or not, but when he sees that he has everyone’s full attention and that everyone is holding their breaths, he giggles and hands his large flat gift over to Scotty.
“Want to help me open it up, honey?” Scotty asks of Daniel.

He doesn’t need to ask twice as a pair of little hands immediately reach for the paper to tear open the present.
“Awwwww.” Scotty replies after seeing the gift, that he then hands to Kevin, to get about the same reaction from his husband.

Kevin holds up the gift for everyone to see and it gets once again a round of endearing noises, when Kevin holds up a beautiful picture of Mateo, Elizabeth, Olivia and Daniel, with the text ‘We love you’.
“It took some conspiring by Nora, Sarah and Tommy to get that picture together.’’

The three Walkers look pleased that they at least get some credit for this.
“One afternoon, ...” Tommy explains. “Sarah brought Mateo and Olivia over to me, when I had Elizabeth and then we went to mom to get Daniel, so all four of them could be on the picture.”

“I’m very grateful for this.” Kevin says, when he realises that Tommy had not only participated in getting this picture taken, but that he also had no issues with Elizabeth being in the picture. The understanding between Kevin and Tommy is better than ever and Kevin is glad that he has his brother back.

“Kevin, Scotty, we’ve had our difficulties and differences of opinion these last few months...” And Sarah states quite an understatement according to some, but they are too polite to say something about it now. “And I have to say that I’m very happy that you decided to forgive me and give me another chance.

I was one of the first persons who had the right to meet you, Scotty... And in honour of that memory, I dug up these shoes from my locker...” With an amazing flexibility she shows them her beautiful shoes, that she’s wearing. No one, except Kevin, Sarah and Scotty quite understand what it’s all about.

“Still great shoes.” Scotty grins, obviously happy with the fact that Sarah remembered and had gone through the trouble of finding them.
“They are. They are still comfortable as well... Anyhow, all I wanted to say is: you are an amazing couple and you deserve all the happiness and love you have.”

Kevin and Scotty are both visibly happy that the coldness between them and Sarah is gone and that Sarah seems to be more her old self again.
“My turn.” Nora now stands up. “I’m just happy that after all these horrible times, we finally have some peace in this family.

I’m happy that I can see all my children at this table together and I believe that a lot of this is your doing, Kevin. You and Scotty did an amazing job in keeping your own little family together and by doing so, you reunited all of us as well.”
“Justin? Kitty? No words of wisdom from either of you?” Jason teases.

“Nope! Just... I love you, bro.... And I love you, Scotty... In the most platonic way naturally, before I get into a fight with Kevin, ...” He waits for everyone to stop laughing: “... and I’m glad that I could always come here and find someone to whine to when I needed to get rid of my sorrows.

I’m grateful for all the support you gave me and sometimes not so grateful for the kick in the ass, but, in retrospect, I think that sometimes I just needed one. You guys are amazing.”
“What can I add to that?” Kitty wonders. “Nothing much, I’m afraid. I’m just very happy that Kevin found Scotty and decided to finally be the wise man he’s supposed to be.

Another wise man - my late husband Robert - once said of us that we Walkers were by definition his greatest asset, because we, as a family, have such a diversity of characters and opinions. And I have to say that I’m glad that we don’t only have our diversity, but that we have also reclaimed our unity.

This family has gone through some major changes these last few years. Divorce, death, birth, loss... it was sometimes too much to take, but I feel that we’re finally becoming the family again that we once were, different from 6 years ago, when daddy died, but still the same in our love and respect for each other.

And these last 5 years, through all the major changes, we had one constant factor, and that was you two. You kept fighting for your marriage, your lives, your love for each other and for your kids. And even when....” Kitty thinks about how to put it delicately, remembering that this is supposed to be a fun evening.

“...there was a darker period in your lives, you managed to forgive each other... move on and have a family together. And I agree with Sarah and so many others, I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the love that you have... To Kevin and Scotty!”
“Kevin and Scotty!” And the cheer can be heard two houses further down the street.


“Where are Kevin and Scotty?” Nora asks. Tommy turns around.
“Gone where?”
“I don’t know. Just gone. To a hotel. Have a repeat of their wedding-night.” Tommy smiles.

“Oh, God, don’t tell me that Kevin will show up at my doorstep with yet another one of Dad’s illegitimate children!” Sarah feigns shock and horror..
“Of course not!” Kitty hits her with the dish towel.
“... Though with William one never knows.” Nora shakes her head.

“But you do have their phone-number?” Tyler asks.
“Only in case of an emergency am I allowed to call Scotty. Now, please, all of you back off and let those two have a little fun, alright?” Tommy says, very aware of the fact that it will be Kevin who has the phone and not Scotty.

“I will not be calling them, in fact, I’m off to my own little bed and have some fun of my own, with my beautiful partner.” Justin kisses Tyler on the shoulder and she smiles.
“Well, the kitchen is clean again, so I assume we can leave?” Tyler says.
“Yes. Thanks for all your help.” Jonathan hugs her.

“The kids are tired, Tommy.” Nora says.
“I know, I’ll take the kids back to Kevin’s home.” Tommy answers.
“Seth, Evan, Grace and I are leaving as well.” Kitty sighs. “It was nice to finish our dinner for a change.” She jokes.

“I think that we’ve had the worst.” Nora replies. “And that from here on we’ll finally have some happiness awaiting us. No drama and such for a few months would be such a treat.” And Saul agrees with her and he shows her by giving her a firm hug.
“I hope so.” Jonathan says.


Kevin turns around in Scotty’s arms. The room is hardly lit, but there’s enough light for Kevin to see Scotty and the wonderful smile on his face.
“Satisfied?” Kevin asks, though he already knows the answer.
“Completely.” Scotty answers, before giving Kevin a long, warm kiss.

“Hope it was enough of a surprise for you? This room, the champagne and all.”
“I hadn’t heard anything from anybody, so, yes, it was a very welcome surprise. I always knew you were a romantic.” Scotty purrs.
“Except for when I propose to you over a medical bill?” Kevin teases.

“That was my fault. Our ideas of romance weren’t too synchronised at the time. I should have read between the lines of the contract and not the contract itself. I should have realized the extend of what you were offering me and the fact that you had never offered it anyone else before.”

“No. I never did before, but I guess that, deep inside, I already knew, that you were the one, the one I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with.” Kevin answers softly, as if he’s still embarrassed to let Scotty know this. Scotty smiles and caresses Kevin’s cheek. His smile then gets replaced by a more serious look.
“I know that I make a mistake during our marriage, but I want you to know, that you are the one for me too. I hope you believe me.”

“I do.” Kevin says sincerely. “We’ve had five interesting years with great highs and deep lows and everything in between. Let’s hope and pray that the next 100 years will be less of a rollercoaster-ride and that they will run more smoothly.”
“I hope so too.” Scotty agrees and he kisses Kevin again and this time the kiss doesn’t stop until Scotty is the one on his back and Kevin is all over him.


Max Carter looks up at Dave, who just gave him the file he’d been waiting for.
“And they are sure?”
“One hundred percent.” Dave emphasizes. “No room for speculations. They’ve identified each of the women found and none of them is Julia Ridge.”

“I’m sad for the dead women, but I’d hate to start my day with the knowledge that I’d have to tell Tommy and Kevin and the other Walkers that Julia is dead.” Max sighs. “Unfortunately, this also means that Julia is still missing and that we haven’t moved an inch closer to finding her.”

“I wouldn’t say that.”
“What do you mean?”
“It would seem that the killing of Oliver had been a rather sloppy job. The murderers left some evidence apparently.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me?”
“No. They believe that the killers are from the area and that means that Oliver may have been there as well and if we find the killers, we might find out where Julia and the others are.

A special profiling unit has been put on this case and one of the agents, Agent Prentiss, is on her way here to speak to the Walkers. They don’t believe that Julia fits the same profile as the other women and they wonder if Julia could indeed be one of the other victims.”

“I’d better warn Kevin and Tommy.”
“I just called Kevin Walker’s house, but his brother Tommy responded and told me that Kevin and Scotty aren’t home right now, but that they would be tonight."
“Good. Get Kevin, Tommy and also Justin Walker to the police-station once the agent has arrived.”


“Someone is in a very good mood.” Angie, Scotty’s chef, teases, when she hears Scotty softly sing along with the radio.
“Good afternoon, Angie. Yes, I feel fine.... I feel great.”
“Overhauled and guaranteed, huh?”

“Something like that.” Scotty answers with a smile.
“Oh, looks like you have a visitor.”
“Dark hair, blue eyes, very attractive, wearing a wedding-ring?” Scotty jokes, hoping it will be Kevin.

“No. Some guy. Blond, short hair. Looks really nervous.” Angie replies and that makes Scotty curious enough to take a look. He enters the restaurant with a smile on his face to greet his guest, until he actually sees who it is. The smile freezes and fades.
“Marcus?! What are you doing here?!” Scotty is shocked.


End of part 2/4


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