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Fanfic: B&S episode 623: part 1/4

First of all, I'd like to apologize.

I know I supposed to post this yesterday-night, but... I got cold feet, I completely chickened out. I had had a vision of how this chapter would end, but once I had written it, I got scared to post it.

So I slept on it, re-read it, but ... I still want the chapter like this. So, I hope you'll forgive me any screw-ups and I hope I did enough justice to the characters of Criminal Minds, a show I just love (especially Garcia), though not as much as B&S.  ;)

Season 6 – Episode 23 – Lean on me

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)





***** Part 1/4 *****

“Alright, Garcia, what do you have for us?” Aaron Hotchner asks tiredly.
“Our help has been asked with this case. A possible kidnapper was found. Executed. In the same field they found remains of three women, who may or may not have on list of several women who may or may not be missing.” Penelope Garcia quickly explains.

“Could you make that a little bit clearer to all of us? It’s still too early for me.” Hotchner holds up his coffee-mug to prove his point. Garcia sighs.
“Several women went missing over a prolonged period of time. It’s not sure if they are really missing or if they just moved on, got married, changed jobs etc.

It would seem that the murdered man, Oliver, would make contact with women who were new in town, lonely, looking for a bit of TLC and then they would disappear. No one would miss them, because no one really knew them or cared where they were. Sometimes it took several months before anyone even noticed that they were gone.

None of these women were ever found… until this week when, quite by accident, they found not only Oliver, but also three women, who where all in an advanced state of decomposition, but to a different degree, which would indicate that they were left in that field at different moments in time.” Garcia explains.

Hotchner sighs and quickly looks through the paper-work and pictures.
“We need to narrow the field and find the killer or killers before more of these lost women show up dead.” He decides. “We need to do more investigative work first. The information is sketchy at best.

The women seem to come from different cities, different states, with different backgrounds and different ethnicity. Different hair-color, different ages. What could be the common factor? Why were these women targeted?” He wonders as he browses through the pictures and available data.

“Autopsy shows that all three women gave birth, yet these women are described as single women without children, which may mean that they were pregnant or made pregnant during the time that they were held….” Derek Morgan says, an uncomfortable concern growing inside him.

“We need more information. Garcia, send the files to Spencer, he’s in Dallas for a convention and to Rossi, who's still in Texas. They should gather more information on the two women missing from there. Prentiss, you will go to Los Angeles and find out more about this Julia Ridge, Derek…” Prentiss no longer consciously follows the other orders, but focuses on the information on Julia instead.


Scotty hums along with the music playing on the radio and hasn’t noticed Kevin standing in the doorway. Kevin is watching his husband make the arrangements for the big dinner tonight and he enjoys the sight! Scotty turns around and is suddenly face-to-face with Kevin and he nearly drops his pan.

“You scared me half to death! I didn’t know you were here!”
“I was too overwhelmed by that beautiful ass of yours to come up with something to say.” Kevin apologizes. Scotty grins at the compliments, but still grumpily says:
“A simple ‘hello’ would have sufficed.”

“Too complicated a word for my mind, that just went blank when I saw you.” Kevin smiles sweetly and he gives Scotty one deep red rose. “Congratulations with our 5th wedding-anniversary.” Kevin says. Scotty takes the rose, wraps his arms around Kevin and kisses him.

“Five years. Who would have guessed we’d last this long.” Scotty wonders between 2 kisses. Kevin pushes Scotty backwards, until Scotty leans against the counter.
“I would have. You’re the love of my life.”
“And I love you.” For a moment they are lost in their kiss until the egg-timer goes off.

“The cake is ready.” Scotty says and Kevin reluctantly lets go of his husband, knowing that Scotty has to work on tonight’s menu. “Remind me how many people are coming?” Scotty asks.
“From my side: Sarah and the kids, Kitty and her clan, Tommy will be here too and Mom with Brody. Not sure if Tyler is coming, but Justin is.”

Scotty quickly counts the guests.
“That would make eleven, maybe twelve....”
“Grace doesn’t really eat that much yet.” Kevin jokes, but Scotty won’t be distracted.
“From my side there will mom, dad and aunt Adele... That makes three.”

“Fourteen in total. Add Chad and Jason. And Jordan, plus the six of us and we come to...”
“Nineteen. Saul and Jonathan makes twenty-one...”
“Twenty-two if Tyler comes as well.” Scotty sighs. “I’m nervous already. These Walker-reunions usually end up in tears and lots of yelling.”

“Not tonight. I won’t let anyone ruin our night.... Five years!” He’s obviously very proud of this and Scotty cannot help but smile as he tries to erase the memory of how he nearly lost Kevin a year and half ago. As if Kevin guesses what is on Scotty’s mind, he takes Scotty by the chin and forces Scotty to look at him.

“Hey, I love you. Okay?” Kevin confirms once again. Scotty nods quietly and their next kiss is slightly more desperate as if Kevin tries to kiss away the bad thoughts, but they don’t have time to dwell on the subject of Scotty’s cheating and how it nearly destroyed them, because the door flings open and Justin and Tommy enter.

“At this rate, we’ll never get anything done.” Justin warns, but his grin to Tommy proves that it’s not all so bad. “I mean, here we are carrying all these boxes of wine, which I’m not even allowed to drink, and you two just hang around here, kissing. Tsk, come help us carry.” He orders Kevin.

“Wow! Walker’s Landing! You still have those?” Scotty wonders.
“As a matter of fact, they were Holly’s.” Tommy admits.
“Tell me you didn’t steal them!” Scotty is horrified at the thought.
“Of course not! She gave them to me.”

“Two hours ago, when I told her that you were celebrating your five year anniversary. She’s still grateful for all the help with the catering on her wedding-day. She was glad to do something in return.”
“Isn’t she in New York?” Scotty wonders, not entirely trusting Tommy.

“No. She and David moved back here, two weeks ago.”
“I hadn’t heard about that.” Scotty says.
“That’s ‘cause you were so busy with your family, your work and your husband.”

Scotty laughs at Tommy’s teasing and then asks:
“Should we invite her too?”
“Whatever you want.” Tommy shrugs. “Where’s Elizabeth?”
“Restaurant. She’s playing with Annie.”

“Who knew that Elizabeth would find a friend after all?”
“Annie is so much fun. I think she really helps Elizabeth to come out of her shell. She was way too timid in school at first, but not anymore.”
“No, I noticed.”

“I forgot to ask Kevin, what happened at the principal’s office this morning?”
“I went there with Kevin and it was so much fun.” Tommy grins. “The parents of Tina, that girl Elizabeth supposedly hit, were there as well, and they saw Kevin and me come in and thought that I was Kevin’s husband...

So, the mother starts this entire thing about how gay men cannot raise a child, until I explained that Kevin was my brother. She went beet-red...”
“Good! She should!” Scotty agrees.”
“.. then the husband decided to tell us that he plans to sue us.”

“For what?”
“Because Elizabeth was such a bully.”
“Elizabeth?!” Scotty shakes his head.
“I mean, how dare she fight back when people are name-calling her uncles...!”

“They found out that Kevin and I are gay and instilled their hatred on their kid...” Scotty understands. Tommy nods.
“The husband thought he could impress Kevin and me by dropping some legal terms and then Kevin impressed him back with even bigger legal words...”

“Hot!” Scotty cannot help but nod. Tommy realises that he obviously has a different view on this than his brother-in-law, so he doesn’t reply. “So, how did it end?”
“The principal stated that she didn’t allow bullying in her school and that Tina was wrong about the name-calling and she should apologize to Elizabeth.”

“Hee! That must have left Tina’s parents in shock!”
“They were! Imagine that! Their right to call people names was taken from them... What is the world coming to!”
“It’s the gay agenda.” Scotty laughs.

“What is?” Nora asks, carrying two big bags with her.
“Oh, my God, she brought her own food!” Justin exclaims, when he sees the bags his mother puts on the table.
“Come on, Nora, my cooking isn’t that bad.” Scotty says quasi-insulted.

Nora doesn’t explain anything, but just gives Scotty a big hug.
“Of course, it isn’t. You’re an excellent cook. No, this is what the girls asked for...”
“The girls?” Scotty asks.
“Paige, Olivia and Elizabeth...”

“What are they up to?”
“I don’t know, Scotty, I just brought what they were asking me for.” Nora smiles and she leaves the kitchen to find Kevin. Scotty is just about to get back to his cooking, when he hears a couple of squees behind him.

“Told you!” Paige says.
“These are perfect!” Elizabeth agrees.
“Come on!” Olivia grabs the bags and without a word to Scotty they run out again. Scotty shakes his head and smiles to see that they are so excited.

“Where do you want these?” Scotty starts to feel slightly annoyed, at this rate he’ll never be finished by tonight, but he smiles nonetheless when he turns to Jonathan, holding up a box with groceries.
“Just put them over there.” Scotty waves at the table.

“Not able to work, are you?” Jonathan asks.
“Why-oh-why did I agree to do the cooking for tonight and invite everybody?”
“Because you like to show off your cooking-skills?” Jonathan teases. “Kevin’s plan sounded a lot better to me.”

“Do me a favour, next time Kevin suggests a nice dinner in a great restaurant followed by a night in a hotel while the kids are under the supervision of Tommy, tell me shut up and just nod ‘yes’ and not come up with any stupid ideas of my own.” Scotty sighs.

“Why on Earth did you come up with the thought that you’d rather be here cooking dinner for 20+ people?”
“I’m just so thrilled to have my family together. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes, but dad and aunt Adele talked to each other, I supposed.

They aren’t fighting anymore and I’m happy with that, because I don’t have that much family left anymore. With Adele leaving again this weekend I wanted to throw a party for her, I suppose.”
“Simultaneously with your 5 year anniversary?”

“Kevin is busy, so am I. We wanted to celebrate the anniversary, so I decided to make it also a bit about Adele and make some joint party out of it... which I now regret...” Scotty sighs.
“Why don’t I find Saul and we’ll help you here?” Jonathan offers.

Scotty gives him a grateful smile and Jonathan leaves the kitchen, just in time to catch Kevin.
“Have you seen Saul? I think Scotty is beginning to regret that he wanted to throw a party.”
“I still believe my idea was a lot better.” Kevin grins.

“The idea was very appealing to Scotty too, ... in retrospect.” Jonathan agrees.
“Well, it was his choice.” Kevin shrugs with a sad look on his face. “I saw Saul with mom near table 12.”
Tommy approaches Kevin.

“Shouldn’t you have told him?”
“No.” Kevin insists. “The least people know about this, the least chance there will be that Scotty finds out too soon. Is everything ready?”

“I put my things in Elizabeth’s room. It will be quite a surprise to all of them that I will be looking after them tonight.”
“Are you sure you can handle 4 kids?” Kevin asks with a little doubt on his face.
“In case of a disaster, I’ll call mom. Besides it’s only one night. What time are you leaving?”

“I plan to ‘kidnap’ Scotty at around nine-thirty. That will give us still some time to enjoy the night. Champagne is ready and the room will be taken care off. I hope it will be nice.”
“And they say you’re not a romantic.” Tommy teases gently.
“Well, I thought twice about it when I heard the price of the room, ...” Kevin admits. “..but it’s for Scotty.” He shrugs.

“Good thinking.” Tommy agrees.
“Now, all I have to do is make sure that Scotty doesn’t get a nervous breakdown before we leave.” Kevin sighs, recognizing the signs on growing frustration in Scotty.
“Are you going to help him?”

“No, I’d be in his way. I think I’d better make sure that the restaurant looks okay.” However he and Tommy get stopped by Elizabeth, Olivia and Paige.
“No admittance.” Olivia says.
“It’s my restaurant too.” Kevin reminds her with a little smile.

“True, but we have taken over.” Paige informs him.
“Have you now? And what am I supposed to do now?”
“Get lost for about an hour.” Elizabeth tells Kevin. Tommy’s cough sound suspiciously like a laughter.

Seth enters, his arms full with a large box.
“Where do you think Scotty wants these?” He asks. Kevin shakes his head.
“I’ve given up a long time ago, to figure out what is in Scotty’s head when it comes to the restaurant.” He confesses. “Just put it on that table over there and let him decide.”

Kitty enters with a sleepy Grace on her arm.
“Kit! So happy to hear that you were once again the mistress of the air-waves, it’s like you never left. And you still say the same silly things, even though you know Warren is right.” Kevin teases. Kitty throws him a dirty look, but Kevin not very impressed.

“Warren and I had such a good time, that he has asked me to come back again.” Kitty tells everyone.
“Oh, there goes another show, down the drain.” Nora replies with a dramatic gesture. “But I’m happy that it’s your fault.”

“You just can’t stand the fact that I’m going to be in competition with you.” Kitty challenges and Nora sticks out her tongue, very childishly.
“My show is better than yours.” Nora teases back.
“Kids. Kids. Act your age please.” Saul says.

“Listen to grandpa when he’s talking.” Justin jokes. It earns him a little slap on the shoulder from Jonathan, but it hardly leaves a scratch.
“Don’t talk back to my husband.” Jonathan warns, but his eyes sparkle with fun.
“I wouldn’t dare.” Justin laughs.


End of part 1/4


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