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Fanfic: B&S episode 622: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 22 – Life is a celebration

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
A/N: Before anyone starts to wonder about Wally, Adele and Bertha. Upon checking I found out that Kathleen Turner was born in 1954, Michael O'Keefe (Wally) in 1955 and Jayne Brook (Bertha) in 1960, so their birth-years are close to each other. I've moved Wally closer to Bertha, but kept the age difference between Kathleen and Jayne.

***** Part 4/4 *****

There’s a little knock on this door and Kevin, standing next to the door, opens the door. Mateo stands before him.
“Mateo. That’s a surprise...” He says to have something to say.
“I don’t believe you.” Mateo smiles softly. “Can we talk?”

“Yes, sure... Sit down.”
“No, that won’t be necessary. I just .... I just came to say thank you. For paying off my dad. It took me a little moment to get my thoughts together, but... he never wanted me. He never wanted to be my father. He was never interested in me.

I haven’t missed him, not even for one moment, in these last few months that I lived with my grandmother or with you. I prefer to imagine that he doesn’t exist, just like he so easily forgets about me... But when you said that he had taken your money, it was all suddenly so real.

It was the cold hard proof of what I always knew to be true. He doesn’t love me... When I think about how there isn’t any amount of money that would keep you, or Scotty, away from Daniel or Olivia, because you love them, it hurts that my dad never felt the same about me. And that he never will...

But I gave up caring about whether he does or doesn’t love me a long time ago.... I just wanted you to know, that maybe you didn’t do the right thing, but your heart was in the right place and I don’t want you to feel guilty about anything... It’s not your fault, that my dad is who he is ... or what he is.”

Mateo is visibly upset and Kevin wraps his arms around the young man, who fights hard to not show his tears. They are quiet for a moment, until Mateo breaks free from Kevin’s hold.
“Did you mean it?” Mateo wants to know.

“Mean what?” Kevin asks.
“That you like to have me around and didn’t want my dad to come and take me back?”
“Yes, I meant that. I’m very proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished so far...”
“So,.. You won’t mind if I hang around a little longer?” Mateo teases mildly.

“No.” Kevin smiles. “Not at all. And I know someone else who will not mind... Someone who has just got a new load of delicious chocolate ice-cream?”
“I knew there was a good reason why I loved coming here and it wasn’t just Scotty...” Mateo laughs and Kevin follows him to the kitchen, glad to be forgiven.


Adele straightens her clothes and takes a last look in the mirror. It will have to do, she decides. It’s after all only dinner at a hotel. She opens the door to her room, just in time to see Wally lifting his hand to knock.
“Wally.” Adele is surprised to see him.

“Bertha came to see me…” And from the look on Wally’s face, Adele can guess what this is about.
“If you’re here to give me an earful about what a terrible person I was for sleeping with a married man, then just leave. I don’t want to hear it.” She answers.

“I’m not.” Wally replies.
“Come in then.”
“Adele, why did you never tell anyone the truth? And why are you taking the blame? That man was married, always waving the bible around, telling everyone how wrong they are. He should have kept his hands off of a 17-year old girl. He was the one who was wrong. He should have been ashamed, not you.”

“I’m not ashamed of anything. I felt sorry for mom and dad, because I knew it hurt them what people were saying about me, but I have no regrets. Wrong as they were, they were my choices. I could have said no, I was never forced into anything. I knew what I was doing when I did it. So, I’m not ashamed. I take responsibility. And that is something Bertha’s father never had the balls to do.

As for not telling anybody… Why should I? I could have told someone, I was certainly not afraid to tell anyone, but I knew it wouldn’t have served any purpose, because I knew that no one would believe me. He was a respected man in our community, in our circles. He was a friend of dad’s. If I would have told dad, he wouldn’t have believed me. Not ever.”

“All this time… All those things I believed about you… You could have told me.”
I should have told you? Really, Wally? The fact that you believed all the nonsense way back then, I could understand. Bertha was eleven, you were twelve, I was seventeen… we were in no position to ask questions.

But these last 20-30 years? Honestly, Wally, why should I have talked you?… Why did you never do what Bertha did last night?Come over and talk to me? Why did you never call me and ask me ‘sis, what exactly happened to you all those years ago?’. Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for that?”

Wally has to admit that Adele’s question is a good one. Why had it never occurred to him that all the stories he had heard weren’t the full truth? Why had he never approached his sister for the truth?
“I… I don’t know why I never asked you…” He stammers guiltily.

“Come here, baby-brother.” She hugs him. “I would have told you almost the entire truth, except for the identity of the father, if you had only asked me to.”
“But you would not have told me who the father was?”
“No. I would never have put a wedge in your marriage.”

“Not that there was much of a marriage to put a wedge in.”
“I understood that from what Scotty told me.”
“I’m glad that you took Scotty in for a few weeks, when he came out.” Wally tells his sister.
“He’s an amazing young man, but ... it took him quite a while to find himself. No thanks to you or Bertha... or me.”

“I suppose you’re right. Between us we could have done a much better job at catching him, if only we would have talked to each other.” Wally answers with regret. Adele shrugs.

“I don’t know. I don’t dwell too much on the ‘could have been' and the 'should have been'. It’s a waste of time. Scotty’s life took the path it was destined to take. And I’m glad with the outcome so far. He’s happily married to handsome and smart guy. He has two lovely kids and two more under his wings. His own restaurant, his own hotel. He’s doing a lot better emotionally, financially and socially than you and me put together.” Adele laughs.

“True...” Wally acknowledges.
“But you know, perhaps, - a little perhaps -  if his father and his aunt would get along somewhat better, we could make Scotty even happier..?”
“We could...” Wally agrees.

“I’m glad that Bertha told you... It must have been hard for her.”
“You know Bertha, if it has to be done, it will be done.” Wally nods. “.. but I have to admit that it was courageous of her to tell me that her father had gone after you...”
“Yes, I underestimated her. I thought she would prefer to stick her head in the sand...”

“I think she’s been doing that for years and she finally recognizes that she should stop doing that...” Wally corrects his sister. Adele thinks it over and then assumes that Wally is right and that he probably knows his ex-wife better than she does.
“Then I’m glad that Bertha has a sense of responsibility that her father lacked.”

“However...” Wally says reluctantly. “Bertha and I agree, that Scotty doesn’t need to know.... Does he?” He adds the question, worried that he might offend his sister. Adele laughs and shakes her head.
“No. There’s no need for Scotty to know this....”


“Warren! Still voting for the wrong side, I presume?” Kitty smiles.
“No, I’m not, and I plan to make you see that.” Warren Salters laughs.
“Good luck.”
“You’ll be the one needing it.”

“Oh, I doubt it.” Kitty wiggles her index-finger in front of him.
“Ready in 5 minutes.” Someone warns and Kitty and Warren take their places, putting their headphones on and Kitty takes a long deep breath. Warren smiles when he sees that she’s not very nervous, but instead very eager to go for it.

“I’m so glad you asked me for this. It’s been so long ago, but I think it is so exciting.” Kitty replies with a nod.
“Well, we were a bit surprised by the email from your husband, but once we let the idea sink in, we had to admit it was an amazing idea.”

“My husband?” Kitty asks.
“Yes, Seth? That is your husband, right?” Warren asks and Kitty nods. “He wrote us that what was missing in our show was you and the never-ending fighting between us. And I had to admit, that I had missed you as well.”

“I’m surprised that you didn’t stay on television?”
“You know how it works: Numbers not high enough? No show?”
“Well, it wasn’t your fault that they put you on tv with a partner who was practically brain-dead..”

“She was sleeping with the producer.” Warren shrugs.
“She was still brain-dead.” Kitty shrugs and Warren starts to laugh.
“I’ve missed you and I’m so ready to fight you.”

“I’ve sharpened my claws.” Kitty warns.
“I like that!” Warren coos. Kitty’s eyes light up.
“In three...two... one...” Kitty sees how the lights come up. They are on the air!

“Good morning, this is Warren Salters and today we have a special guest. You may remember her as Kitty Walker, my former nemesis on “Red, white and blue”. You may also remember her as Kitty McCallister, the wife of the late Senator Robert McCallister, or for her attempt at his seat, cut short by his accident. But after today you’ll certainly remember her as Kitty Whitely, because this is the show where she will have to admit defeat, when it comes to her former political points of view....”

Kitty’s smile becomes bigger during Warren’s introduction and she makes a face at him.
“In your wildest dream only, Warren. This is the show where I will take all your so-called evidence and shred them to bits and convince your listeners that I know exactly what I’m talking about....” Kitty challenges.


Luc stares at his ticket and wonders if he should go. He had bought it, with the full intention to fly straight back to Los Angeles, but now he’s not so sure. If Sarah really wants a divorce, why should he beg for her not to do it? Why is he always the one who has to run after her, who has to make all the efforts? The answer is simple. He loves her.

He takes a deep breath and remembers what his dad had said earlier. “Sometimes love is not enough.” Was this the case for Sarah and him? Had he tried too hard? Or perhaps not hard enough? Had he been too soft? Or perhaps too hard? That is the problem with Sarah. He cannot get a hold on what she wants.

He had wanted to be her rock, but she kept pushing him away. He had wanted to be a father to Cooper and Paige, but she hadn’t needed him. Maybe that was the problem. Sarah had never needed him. Not really. She’s a strong, independent woman, who’s used to dealing with matters on her own.

He walks up to the gate.
“Mr Laurent? Have a safe flight.” The lady behind the counter says.
“Merci.” Luc answers. Last chance to stay in France... But no, he walks on and gets on board the plane.


“Max?” Max Carter looks up at the appearance of Dave, his colleague.
“I have bad news...” Dave says.
“What? Which case?”
“Julia Ridge.”

“Oh, no.” Max closes his eyes and braces himself for what is about to come. “Okay, tell me. What have you heard?”
“They found Oliver.”
“They did? Did he tell anyone where Julia is?”

“Unlikely. He’s dead. Shot in the head. From behind. Execution-style.”
“Oh, no! He was our only lead to Julia!” Max moans.
“It gets worse.”
“How can it get worse?”

“On that same piece of land they found three other bodies. All women. In an advanced state of decomposition. One of them was a blonde.”
“Julia?” Max asks, praying that he’s wrong.
“Too soon to tell.” Dave answers.


Episode 623 "Lean on me" will be posted either on 22 April or 23 April
The finale - episode 624 "Let the sunshine in" will be posted either 29 April or 30 April

As you may have noticed, I'm not always EXACTLY on schedule. :) The PLAN is to post on Sunday, but I fear it might be Monday instead. :)

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