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Fanfic: B&S episode 622: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 22 – Life is a celebration

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
A/N: Before anyone starts to wonder about Wally, Adele and Bertha. Upon checking I found out that Kathleen Turner was born in 1954, Michael O'Keefe (Wally) in 1955 and Jayne Brook (Bertha) in 1960, so their birth-years are close to each other. I've moved Wally closer to Bertha, but kept the age difference between Kathleen and Jayne.

***** Part 3/4 *****

Scotty disappears into Kevin’s office and he searches through Kevin’s desk-drawers. Kevin enters as well.
“What are you looking for?” Kevin asks.
“I need to get drunk!” Scotty answers, extremely annoyed.

“You? Why? You’re not a Walker. You can always handle everything.”
“My aunt Adele is here and now my mom and dad are here as well.”
“And that makes you freak out like this?”

“They can’t stand each other!”
“For the time being, they are civilized to each other.” Kevin answers.
“It won’t last.” Scotty predicts.
“Your mother has changed….” Kevin tries to calm Scotty down.

“Not  that much!”
“And not to poke fun at anyone, but you have a father called Wally Wandell? And an aunt called Adele Wandell? Your grandparents must have had a great sense of humor.”
“I never really knew them.” Scotty replies distractedly.

“Alright, give me the gossip. Why does your mother dislike your aunt anyway? It took a few minutes to adjust to Adele, but I think she’s amazing. But your dad and your mom both seem to have issues with her. I would have expected Wally to be more on his sister’s side, but he seems to dislike her independently from what your mother thinks.”

Scotty sits down on Kevin’s desk and he lets his long legs dangle. Kevin sits down next to him.
“I’m not sure. I know that my aunt got pregnant when she was seventeen and that she didn’t know or pretended not to know who the father was.”

“What happened to that child?”
“I never dared to ask. According to my dad, Adele miscarried, but according to my mother, the local rumor was she had the baby, gave it up for adoption, before she came back.

Of course, by then my aunt’s reputation was shot to pieces. My mom was horrified by my aunt’s ‘dirty’ behavior, but then my mom was horrified about anything that vaguely had something to do with sex. My aunt thinks that my mom is a stuck up bitch who feels that she’s better than everyone else.”

“And you know this how…?”
“When mom lovingly kicked me out for being gay, I ran to Adele, who lived in New York at the time. Adele was leading a wild life. Alcohol, drugs, sex, a death-wish waiting to be fulfilled, I suppose.”

Scotty remains quiet for a few seconds, before he continues:
“When I told my mom and dad, that I was with Adele, there was quite an argument. My dad said that his sister was trash and that she would lead me to a dark side of life. My mom said that Adele was immoral and the sure path to the Devil and hell…”

“So you stayed with Adele?”
“It would be hell to go back or hell to stay, might as well stay where I was…”
“And how was the dark side?”

“Pretty good. Adele accepted me for who and what I was.” Scotty shrugs.
"I'm glad she did." Kevin sighs. “And now we have to get out there again. Our kids are stuck in the middle right now. I can only hope that Wally, Bertha and Adele won’t make a scene in front of them.”

“I hope so too.” Scotty answers.
“Come on, babe, you don’t need a drink. You have me to hold on to. I’m right here.” Kevin laughs.


“Ah! Non! Ça jamais!” Luc yells, when he reads the email Kevin had send him earlier that day. “Sarah wants to divorce me?!” He flings the printed out version of the document on the table. “She had Kevin draw up the paperwork!... How can she do that?!” Luc’s father picks up the paper and starts to read.

“My English is not as good as yours, but I believe that she’s rather fair to you. You signed a prenup, she doesn’t owe you anything, but she’s willing to give your quite some money.”
“I don’t care about the money! I never did! I love her!”

“If you do, why are you here and not in America?!”
“I needed to think!”
“You’ve been here for nearly 2 months, Luc, that is not ‘thinking’, that is 'making a decision that you do not wish to admit to’. That is not the same.”

Luc stares at his father, while a feeling gnaws at him, that his father is right.
“I love her.” He says again.
“I loved your mother. I always did. I always will. Doesn’t mean she and I were meant to be. Sometimes... love is not enough.”

“What Sarah and I have is not like what you and mom had.”
“No, perhaps Sarah doesn’t cheat, like your mother did... But, ... if she’s that easy to stay away from for such a long time.... maybe she’s not the one you’re looking for?”
“She’s not easy to stay away from. I miss her every day!”

“When was the last time you talked to her?”
“It’s not that easy... I’m afraid... Afraid that if I hear her voice, I’ll take the first plane back to America...”
“But, son, it that is what you wihs to do, then maybe you should.”


Nora rushes to the door to open up.
“Brody!” She says, surprised by the sudden guest.
“Nora!” He takes her in his arms so tightly that Nora nearly can’t breathe. “I’ve missed you. God, girl, do you know how much I love you?” He asks.

“Obviously not.” Nora jokes, happy with his sudden appearance. “Are you here for a few days? How long can you stay?”
“Indefinitely. I quit my job. It wasn’t working. I kept missing you. Now that I have you back in my life, I no longer want to live without you.” Brody sighs.

“Oh.” Nora is visibly surprised. “I …. I didn’t expect this. You gave up the work you loved so much for me?”
“Yes… I … I left you once before, choosing baseball over you. And when I was working I realized that I was making the same mistake again, by putting you in second place.”

“I’m more important than baseball?” Nora asks surprised.
“You always were. I just didn’t know it.” Brody replies.
“Brody, do you have any idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say this?” Nora caresses his face.

“It must have been a long time. But I was never one of the fastest boys.” Brody answers and Nora chuckles.
“I love you so much.” Nora sighs. “I’m glad you’re back.”
“And I love you, Nora, and I have no intention to ever leave you again.”


“Mateo, can I have a word with you in my office, before we go home?” Kevin asks. Scotty looks at Kevin, wondering what it is about. “Scotty, can you stay just a little longer, so you can take Mateo with you afterwards. This won’t take long.” Kevin asks Scotty.
“I’ll wait for you then.” Scotty answers.

“Mateo, can you sit down? I need to talk to you about something.” Kevin invites Mateo to the chair, once they are in the office. Mateo looks concerned and Kevin smiles at him. “Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just me... I ... screwed up with something and I think you should know the truth...”

“What’s going on?” Mateo asks, feeling even more worried than before.
“You’re father... He got arrested again...”
“Oh, no, not again... How long will he be in jail this time?” Mateo asks tiredly.
“He won’t. I got him out of prison.”

“Why? He’s scum and he doesn’t deserve to be out on the street.”
“I told him I’d bail him out if he would permanently disappear from your life.” Kevin says and Mateo’s jaw drops.
“You what?!” He asks.

“I told you father to leave LA and he took the first available flight to Miami.” Kevin answers bluntly and Mateo quickly shakes his head as if he can’t believe what he’s hearing.
“Why would you do that?” Mateo now wants to know.

“I don’t know. It seemed like the right to do, but ... My dad used to do things like this too. Pay off boyfriends to get lost, con people out of their land or their crops, for him it was the game. I never liked it much when he did these kinds of things and now I’ve caught myself at doing exactly the same, to get what I want...”

“And what do you want? What is it you’re trying to accomplish by buying off my dad?”
“I .... I didn’t want you to get hurt anymore... I really like you. I like having you here... You’ve become the son that I hope Daniel will be too. I was worried that one day your father would come back and take your away.

I ‘thought, if he wouldn’t come... you couldn’t go... And I know that was wrong. I have no right to force the situation.... I know where your dad is... If you want, I can easily bring him back....” Kevin seems to be really sincere with his apology and Mateo rubs his face, showing that he doesn’t know what to do with this situation.

“I can’t say that I’ll miss him. I can’t even fake caring about where he is. I should be shocked, that he took the money and ran, but ... I’m not... I should be hurt that he didn’t want to stick around for me, but I’m not hurt...” But as Mateo says the words, his eyes fill with tears contradicting what he just said.

“I’m so sorry.” Kevin says penitently, but Mateo shakes his head.
“It’s not your fault. I’ve been afraid of him most of life. I’ve wished so often that he would just... die... And I kept hoping that he would never come for me and that I could stay with you and Scotty and ... those little monsters, you call your kids...”

He jokes softly and lovingly and Kevin smiles at his words.
“... It’s just that ... knowing he feels the same about me...?” Mateo gets up. “I need to think about this... Thank you for telling me though. I’m glad you were honest with me. And that you did it because, unlike my dad, you do want me....”

Kevin watches Mateo walk away and he feels miserable. Upset, he quickly walks up to Scotty to tell him what is going on.
“Scotty, ... I told Mateo the truth about what I did... With his dad... And I don’t believe he took it very well. Not at all...”


It’s dark in the bedroom, when Chad enters. He can see that Jason is already in bed, but he wonders if Jason is also asleep.

“I’m sorry.” Chad says. Jason turns over to look at Chad. He turns on the lights.
“You’re back early.” Jason notices.
“It was no fun without you.”
“I should have gone with you.” Jason acknowledges.

“Yes. Maybe. I know you don’t like that stuff... I’m sorry for fighting with you.” Chad sighs. “I was really rude and ....”
“You weren’t. You said what was needed to be said. And you were right. I need to get of my ass and I need to do something.”

“Maybe, but right now, I’d prefer it, if you would just move over a bit and let me get in bed.” Chad grins. Jason takes him in his arms and demands a kiss.
“You know what? Why don’t I go with you tomorrow? Wherever you go, I’ll be with you and I will be just quietly looking on while you work.” Jason promises sweetly.

“Very sweet, but ... I had all my appointments for tomorrow cancelled. I just want to spend all day with you. You were right. I’ve been running from one thing to the other, and ... I am tired and I don’t want to get sick, like Tyler did... I’m glad you’re looking out for me.” Chad smiles and he continues to kiss Jason, until Jason is comfortably underneath Chad.


Adele opens the door of her hotel-room.
“Bertha.” Adele nods.
“Adele.” Bertha acknowledges.
“Come in.” Adele says and she lets Bertha in.

Bertha is quietly amused over the fact that her room at the hotel is bigger than Adele’s, but she’s not here to gloat over this.
“Want a drink?” Adele offers.
“A glass of red wine will do.” Bertha answers, feeling that she’ll need it.

The women sit down at the table and Adele waits for Bertha to take the first step.
“I need to know.” Bertha suddenly says without explanation, because Bertha knows that Adele doesn’t need one. “I have no right to demand an explanation, but ... for Scotty’s sake, will you tell me what happened.”

Bertha can see that Adele is surprised by her words, so she explains:
“Adele, I’m trying to make amends about so many mistakes that I’ve made in my life and since my divorce from your brother, I’ve learned so much about life and about forgiveness and compassion...

I know that we have all been quick to judge you, years ago, but to be honest, I never knew the truth. I only heard a lot of gossip and I judged you ‘unworthy’ based on those rumours and I think I was unfair to you. I never really gave you fair chance to tell me the truth....

Right now, my desire to talk to you is based on the fact that Scotty adores you and that you sure managed to win Kevin over quickly, not to mention the effect you have had on their kids... It makes me wonder if you're really as bad as everyone told me. W

ill you please talk to me? I don’t know if we could ever become friends, but if we could stop being enemies it would be a giant step forward. And I’m sure that Scotty and his family would be thrilled.”
“Alright, what do you wish to know?”

“You were pregnant?”
“That’s right.” Adele answers.
“Who was the father? Did you or didn’t you know?”

“I knew exactly who the father was. He was a married man, who had a daughter. I knew he was married. I should not have slept with him. But I did it out of my own free will...”
“Why did you never tell anyone his name?”
“Why destroy his family?”

“Your own reputation?”
“I was already known for being a wild girl. I was already considered trash. His wife and kid didn’t know and they were everything to him. They were the reason why he couldn’t continue the relationship he had with me.

When we split, we didn’t know that I was pregnant. By the time I did find out, it was too late to do something about it.” Adele explains.
“What happened with the baby?”
“I had a miscarriage, 4 months into the pregnancy.” Adele answers without blinking.

Bertha nods, takes a large gulp of her wine and finally dares to ask the real thing that she needs an answer to.
“Was it my father?”
“You know the answer to that.” Adele looks away.
“I want to hear you say it...” Bertha says softly.

“He loved you and he loved your mother... I ... I didn’t matter to him. Not like you two.”
“Doesn’t matter. He pretended to be above all others, he acted as if he was better. He stood by as a young friend of mine got beaten up for being gay, as if he was in any position to pass judgement on others.

And all the while he was sleeping with a 17-year old girl, got her pregnant and left her with the consequences of his actions... I always believed him to be a better human being than me, until I remembered what I walked in to one day.”
“Don’t do that yourself, Bertha.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over what your father and I did. I never told anyone that your father was the father of my child. I don’t want Wally or Scotty to know. It serves no purpose. It’s in the past, let it rest there.

What I would like, now that you know the truth, is to have a relationship with Scotty and with Wally. I have no bad feelings towards you, Bertha, even if, in the end, I ended up hating your father.”
“I need to think everything over.” Bertha says and she slowly gets up.

“Please, Adele, I can’t simply flick the switch, I need to give all of this a place in my head and in my heart. I knew about what my father had done. I should have spoken up."

"It's not your fault, Bertha."
"I prefered to forget, what I had seen."
"He was your father, it's only natural."

"It wasn't natural. He should have kept his hands off of you." Bertha replies angrily.
“I no longer care about that, Bertha, let it go. The only thing I really want, if you wish to correct a mistake, is that you give me back my family, what’s left of it anyway.” Adele says quietly.


With a sigh Kevin turns over to Scotty.
“What time is it?” He asks.
“Too early.” Scotty answers, after a glance at the clock. Kevin wraps his arm around Scotty and kisses his shoulder.

“So, we still have a few minutes.”
“About 20 of them.”
“MhmmmDelicious.” Kevin mumbles. “Did you talk to Mateo last night?”
“Just briefly. He didn’t want to talk to me about anything.”

“I’m sorry.” Kevin sighs, moving closer to Scotty. Scotty smiles and nestles closer Kevin as well.
“I’m glad you told him the truth.”
“Me too. I’ve discovered that I don’t like secrets that much.”

Kevin’s fingers draw little pattern on Scotty’s chest.
“I just wish he would yell at me or something, for having done what I did. I don’t like it that he just accepted it and left. I don’t know. I don’t want him to think that he doesn’t have the right to be angry or hurt or anything. I don’t want him to bottle things up.”

“He’ll talk to you. When he’s ready.” Scotty replies, quietly enjoying Kevin’s touches and finding it increasingly harder to focus on Kevin’s words.
“Think so?” Kevin asks.
“Know so.” Scotty answers and he turns over to shut Kevin up with a kiss.


Nora is somewhat surprised to find Brody in her living-room, staring at her bookcases.
“What is wrong?” She asks.
“Nothing. Nothing really.” Brody answers. “Just.... This is so much William’s house...”
“It’s my house now.” Nora points out.

“I know that. And I also know that you stripped the house of quite a lot things that were William’s, but, he bought this house for you. He lived here for so long, this is where he died....” Brody turns to Nora to see a frown appear on her face. Hesitantly she puts her cup of tea down.

“And your point is?” Nora asks.
“This house holds so many memories of William, that every time I’m here, I still feel like I’m trespassing.” Brody says. Nora thinks over his words and she starts to feel rebellion stir inside her.

“Yes, this used to be William’s house, but this is also where my kids were born. Where Kitty fought with Tommy until he ended up with a few stitches on his eye-brow. This is where I found Justin nearly dead the first time he used too much drugs. But this is also where Kevin and Scotty got married and where Sarah announced that she was expecting Paige.

I met Robert McCallister here the very first time, when he and Kitty weren’t even sure that they were dating. And I know it’s where Kevin kissed Jason the first time, right there in the pantry. This is where Julia had her last dinner before moving to Seattle. This house isn’t just about William.” She answers and Brody smiles.

“Take it easy, girl. I’m just not sure if I’m allowed to somehow make this house mine as well. I want to start having my own memories here, with you, with Sarah, with your kids and our grandkids.” Nora nods at Brody’s words even though it quietly bothers her that Brody tries to ‘confiscate’ Paige and Cooper.

Technically speaking they are of course Brody’s grandchildren, but for some silly reason she feels guilty about this towards William who had loved Paige and Cooper so much.
“If you want to make adjustments…” She offers. Brody gathers all his courage to shake his head and carefully say:

“No. Actually, before you came in, I was wondering if you would consider selling this house and start fresh with me in another house… but I guess I have my answer. An answer I can live with, Nora. I’ve never grown attached to a house, I was always adrift, but this is home to you and your kids… And I get that as well.”

Nora looks at Brody. She had considered a few times to sell this house and move into something smaller, but at the same time, she never managed to actually make that decision. Even when Isaac had suggested that she’d move in with him, her heart hadn’t been in selling this house.

Now, she looks around and she wonders if perhaps she should. She still has a lot of years ahead of her, why shouldn’t she get another house. This time it would be her own choice. Together with Brody. There’s something exciting and frightening about this idea.
“It wasn’t necessarily my final answer. I need to think it over.” Nora tells Brody.


End of part 3/4


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