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Fanfic: B&S episode 622: part 2/4

Season 6 – Episode 22 – Life is a celebration

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)
A/N: Before anyone starts to wonder about Wally, Adele and Bertha. Upon checking I found out that Kathleen Turner was born in 1954, Michael O'Keefe (Wally) in 1955 and Jayne Brook (Bertha) in 1960, so their birth-years are close to each other. I've moved Wally closer to Bertha, but kept the age difference between Kathleen and Jayne.

***** Part 2/4 *****

“You want to divorce Luc?” Kevin asks, not sure if he understood correctly.
“Yes. I do. I’ll give him a fair settlement, but I realized, when I was in France, that we’re not compatible…”
“Neither are Scotty and I, but…”

“It’s not the same. You and Scotty complement each other in so many ways. And Luc and I don’t feel the same about much. Kev, it’s hard enough to admit to this, because Luc is a wonderful man, who’s nice and kind, attractive and smart, he's creative...  but…. He’s not the sort of man I need in my life…”

“And you only find out about that now? You’ve been with him for three years?!”.
“I know that and all this time, things were just perfect. A little too perfect.”
“And that is a problem?”
“In a way it is. Luc and I…”

She looks at Kevin and realizes that she has to show more of herself.
“Have you ever seen one of those movies, where you look at it and think to yourself ‘well that’s all nice and cute for a movie, but it would never, ever happen in real life'?

Well, that is what Luc and I have. Our relationship started as a holiday-fling. I was miserable after the divorce and the loss of Ojai and that business with Tommy and my return to Ojai, which, looking back, was actually more of an obligation to dad than something I really wanted to do.

I was in a bad place, had made some bad choices, I was in a country where I didn’t know anyone, and I run into this impossibly beautiful man who just… blew me away… and who made me like a woman, like I mattered, like I was worth it.” Sarah stops to let Kevin take in her words.

“And that is bad?” Kevin asks. “Because truth be told… It’s how I feel about Scotty. Except he makes me feel like a man…. ” Kevin needlessly adds. “I mean, Scotty made my life worth living… if Luc did the same to you… Why would that be so bad?”
“It isn’t bad.” Sarah has to recognize.

She gets up and paces up and down a few times, trying to focus her thoughts.
“I think the problem lies in the fact that you and Scotty broke up a few times and then realized that you two belonged together, because you can’t stay away from each other. But with me, it’s the opposite.

We broke up a few times and I've survived just fine each time I was without him. When I left France the first time to go back home, because Kitty was sick, I closed the chapter on Luc. I hadn’t really expected to see him again… For me, I think, he was supposed to have been the summer-fling that puts a smile on your face when you remember him 10 years later. I never thought of him as a part of my life.

With Kitty so sick and all, I was glad that he showed up after all… He was a beautiful distraction, but…. We weren’t on the same page regarding our places in life. I was a mother with responsibilities to my kids and to my company. He was a young painter with dreams about family that just didn’t correspond with the reality of what it all means…

I was hurt when he left, but … in a way… for me it meant the holiday-fling, that lasted a little longer than anticipated, was finally over…. It hurt, but I would get over it, like I got over Graham Finch. It was fun while it lasted, it hurt when it was over and that’s was the end of it. And then Luc came back...”

“But isn’t that when you realized that you were in love…?” Kevin wonders, remembering how it had been a slow process for him as well, once Scotty came back. Sarah smiles as if she knows what’s on Kevin’s mind.
“You’re thinking about you and Scotty?” She fishes and Kevin shrugs.

“Luc and I aren’t like you and Scotty, but maybe that’s what I wanted to believe it was. I wanted to believe in the fairytale…” She sighs.
“I thought you two were happy?”

“We were… but not in a realistic way…” She shrugs.
“I’m confused.” Kevin admits.

“It’s not that easy to explain to myself either.” Sarah sighs. “It’s a feeling… and how do you describe that?... I just know that… when I was in France, travelling around,… it was like the bubble burst. That little bright shiny bubble of happiness just got pierced through and all that was the left was … nothing.”

“Perhaps you shouldn’t be talking to me, but to a shrink.” Kevin replies, clearly uneasy with Sarah’s words. Sarah laughs softly.
“I don’t need a shrink. I don’t believe that I’ve seen things as clear like this before. I feel like finally I’m in sync with the world again. I’m not happy with the situation, but… I’m dealing with it realistically… While I traveled around in France, I realized that I didn’t miss Luc. I missed the idea of him, the idea of someone being there, but it was not him I missed.”

Kevin leans back and think about Sarah’s words, trying to equate it his own life, but he can’t. The weeks that he and Scotty had been separate, after Scotty’s cheating, had been sheer hell to him and they had made him aware that, if he didn’t know how to live with Scotty, he certainly couldn’t live without him.

But what if that feeling hadn’t been there? What if he wouldn’t have cared? What if he just would not have missed Scotty, but just the idea of someone to come home to, a warm body in your bed? … He knows that Scotty is more to him than just that, but he has had relationships like that, where the men were interchangeable…

“I still have a hard time believing your assessment.” Kevin eventually says. “I believe that your relationship with Luc ran deeper than that, but… it’s not my decision and I won’t judge. If you want a divorce, I will start the arrangements.”
“Thank you.” Sarah’s eyes fill with tears and Kevin wraps his arms around her to comfort her once more.


“Mom?!” Justin yells, entering the hall.
“In the pantry, Justin.” Nora yells back.
“Any secrets cooking up?” Justin asks.

“No, bottle of vinegar fell and now my pantry smells like a salad-dish, that’s all.” Nora straightens her back. “Why are you here?”
“How’s Brody?”
“Working. He called yesterday. Said hello.” Nora answers curtly. “Why do you care?”

“Don’t. Was just making small-talk.” Justin shrugs, he grabs a handful of raisins from a bowl, but spits them out, before Nora can protest.
“The vinegar fell in the raisins, before toppling over and crashing on the floor.” Nora explains calmly, while Justin quickly takes a drink of water to clean in his mouth.

“So, why are you here?” She asks.
“I wanted to talk, but I don’t know where to begin.” Justin says.
“At the start would be a good start.” Nora answers wisely. So Justin puts the picture of his grandfather Bernie on the table.

“This.” He answers and Nora picks up the picture to take a closer look. “What do you remember about him?”
“Not much. Always working. He’d come home late. He hardly ever played with us. I mean, that was the way it was then. Mothers would take care of the kids, while dads were working. My mom had life with him and she her life with Saul and me.” Nora tries to remember.

“How did grandpa Bernie die?”
“Car-accident. Apparently his brakes didn’t work properly and he hit a tree…” Nora shrugs, but Justin can see that she’s not fully agreeing with her words.

“What?” He asks.
“Nothing. I just thought it was odd, because dad loved to work on his car and I can’t imagine that something like bad breaks would be left unattended.”

“That doesn’t sound like a smart idea."
"Especially not, if you also have a wife and kids to be concerned about. Saul and he had been working on the car in the weekend before the accident.”
“Uncle Saul? With grandpa?”

“Believe it or not, but Saul could take dad’s car apart and put it back together without missing a screw.”
“I just cannot remember uncle Saul ever being interested in cars.” Justin says.
“After dad died, he never worked on a car again. Just drove them.” Nora answers.


“Hi, how did your conversation with Sarah go?” Scotty asks, when Kevin enters Café 429. “I didn’t go back, thinking it would be safer to just stay here.”
“It went okay. I … Scotty, if I tell something, will you keep to yourself for now?”
“If you ask me to, you know I will.” Scotty replies.

“Sarah has asked me to start up her divorce from Luc.”
“Oh, you’re not serious?”
“She has asked me not to talk about this to anyone just yet. She doesn’t need the Walker-clan on her case.”

“No, I get that. I love them, but they are not exactly very helpful when you’re trying to get your life back on track.” Scotty agrees. "But can I at least say that I’m surprised? I had expected their life to be perfect… And that, even though she was such a bitch to him lately, that somehow Luc would forgive her and it would all be dealt with.”

“Luc might be willing to forgive, but Sarah is the one pulling the plug.”
“I don’t know exactly. She says that it hard to explain feelings, and I agree with her, but that she had discovered for herself that somehow the fantasy and the reality didn’t match.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin. “I’m glad that we perhaps aren’t perfect, but we’re right where we should be…” Kevin takes the time to reply to Scotty’s kiss, but then softly breaks the kiss.
“We’re not. If we were, where we should be, we’d be in bed, doing naughty things….”

“Do you want me to come back in half an hour when you guys are done?” A husky voice asks, startling Kevin and making Scotty smile.
“Aunt Adele, you’re here!” He greets her with open arms.
“Please, tell me that isn’t your husband?” Adele asks.

“He is.” Scotty answers with a grin.
“Darn pity.” She replies, letting her hungry look go over Kevin’s body. “But then of course, you always had a good taste in men… You had this knack of picking out those who were drop-dead gorgeous.”

“I did. But this time I just hit the jackpot.” Scotty’s voice is suddenly just as sultry as his aunt’s. With a grin he continues. “Kevin is and drop-dead gorgeous, and smart and sweet and delicious…”
“Sounds perfect.” Adele answers appreciatively.

“Not yet, but I’m working on it.” Scotty replies with a wink. A blush appears on Kevin’s face and Scotty whispers to Adele, loud enough for Kevin to hear. “Isn’t he just cute when he blushes?”
“Incredibly. Can I at least get a hug?” She asks Kevin, who, confused, takes a step back.

“Hello, I’m not going all Mrs Robinson on you, you know.” When she sees on Kevin’s face that he has no clue what she’s talking about, Adele grins. “You obviously never saw ‘The Graduate’…. I’m not after you precious virginity. I’m just Scotty’s aunt, who wants to meet her nephew’s husband.”

“Right. Scotty’s aunt?” Kevin hugs her, giving Scotty a puzzled look.
“I’m sorry, aunt Adele, you sent your letter to the wrong address, I only got it this morning. So, I had no chance to warn Kevin about you… Or warn mom and dad that you were coming here.”

“My brother and his ex are here?” She asks, suddenly less warm.
“They’ve been in New York together and, from there, they’ve travelled around together.”

“Don’t tell me that they’re getting back together. With all due respect, Scotty, I never found out how Wally managed to get Bertha pregnant, but it was the biggest mistake in his life. The only thing good that came from this huge disaster was you. You were a delicious kid and you turned into a wonderful man.” She adds and Scotty is clearly not comfortable with this insult to his mom turned into compliment at him.

Kevin watches Scotty and Adele and he’s fascinated by this turn of events.
“I gather from this that you and Bertha aren’t friends?” He asks, just to be sure.
“Not at all.” Adele confirms.

“Please, aunt Adele, mom has turned over a new leaf in her life. She’s trying to be a good mother and grandmother and she’s trying to change…”
“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t say a bad word to her. In fact, I plan to ignore her altogether. I came here to see you and meet your husband….”

“And our kids?” Scotty adds.
“You two have kids?” Adele asks.

“Four living in our house, but only two of them are ours.”
“I can’t wait to meet them.” Adele smiles. “I’ve booked a room at your hotel. Why don’t we have dinner tonight? Here?”
“Sounds like a perfect idea.” Scotty nods, realizing that this will completely screw up the work-schedules.


Jason enters the room and shakes Chad’s body.
“Wake up, babe.”
“Not yet, 10 more minutes, please.” Chad begs.
“No, honey, you have a talk-show tonight.”

“I do? Which one?”
“I don’t remember, check your calendar.” Jason replies. Chad turns over.
“What’s wrong, babe, you seem angry.”
“I’m not angry.” Jason replies in a tone of voice that makes it clear that he is angry.

“Piece of advice: Don’t play poker, you suck at it…. Why are you angry?” Chad says.
“Why would I be angry? I have nothing to be angry about. I haven’t seen you in a few weeks, because you’re so busy running from one photo-shoot to the next interview, if you’re not working on your soap-series or showing your face at some charity event.”

For a moment it takes Chad by surprise, that Jason would complain about him not being there. It’s part of his job and he never complained when Jason still worked and had to get out of bed at all hours of the night, to be there for someone in his congregation. It annoys Chad that Jason should complain now.

“I’m sorry, Jason. The movie is an unexpected success. It’s doing great and I feel that I must put myself out there as much as I can.” There’s a frown on Chad’s face. “And I cannot remember ever being happier. I feel great. Tire but great. I’m on some adrenaline rush.

For once I’m being recognized for not just being some pretty face, but because I did a good acting-job. I worked hard for this project! And I would appreciate it, if you could just be happy for me! And if you can’t be happy for me, try faking it!” Chad replies angrily and Jason takes a step back, surprised by Chad’s anger.

“I get that!” Jason bites back. “but I got a call from Kevin, telling me that Tyler collapsed because she was too tired and… I’m worried about you.”
“Worried about me? Or are you worried about what I might be doing behind your back?”
“Excuse me?”

“Are you worried that I’m screwing around with someone else behind your back?” Chad asks again. Jason is surprised by Chad’s jump from one subject to the next and he hadn’t considered the possibility that Chad would be cheating, so why would Chad bring it up? Guilty conscience?

“Are you?” Jason suddenly wonders. Chad laughs cynically.
“No. I’ve been a saint since you put that ring on my finger and I don’t appreciate the fact that you question my fidelity.”
“I didn’t! You brought it up!” Jason points out.

“You can’t stand the fact that I’m out there alone! But you don’t want to go with me either! All you want to do is sit here, inside this house and mope! Well, be my guest! It’s your house too after all, but I have a life outside these walls!”
“And I don’t?”

Chad doesn’t answer, but gives his husband a ‘well, duh’-face.
“You think that I don’t have a life outside these walls?” Jason asks.
“Well, exactly what do you do after I leave this house?” Chad asks and Jason doesn’t have an answer. He hasn’t been doing much lately, that is true.

“You had dreams, Jason, but what happened to those dreams? When was the last time you actually preached or stood in front of a congregation for something else? You don’t want to stop being a priest, but you don’t want to do your job either. You’re in limbo, but it is not a fair to demand of me that I get stuck there with you.

Make up your mind: You’re either in or out of the church. You either believe in me or not. You either move on with your life or you don’t, but choose! And do something!” Chad advices, rolling out of bed and taking a shirt.
“Where are you going?” Jason asks.

“You haven’t eaten anything yet.” Jason says. Chad shrugs.
“I’ll get it at the studio. I have to go.”
“I don’t want to leave it like this…” Jason tries, but the bedroom-door closes behind Chad.


“My father? What do you want to know about him?” Saul asks, quickly stirring the onions to make sure they don't stick.
“The usual. What was he like? Was he nice? Or a bully? Did he like to have kids? What work did he do? Was he very religious? I really don’t know anything about him.”

“Well, there isn’t much to tell. Bernie and Ida got married at a young age. Ida had me and then Nora. Dad worked as an accountant, but Ida used to do her daddy’s bookkeeping and she was good at it too. Which probably explains why both Nora and I are good with numbers. Make no mistake. Ida was not as naïve as she tried to appear.

So, they were both very smart. Dad worked a lot. He was not often at home, leaving it to Ida to spend money and to raise us. And, no, he was not a bully, but he was very strict. However, I was so used to that, that it never really bothered me. Why are you suddenly so interested in your grandfather?”

“I found a picture of him in grandma’s room. There was a family-dinner at Tyler’s house recently and I heard so much about her grandfather and it occurred to me that I know so little about my own grandparents.” Justin says. Saul seems to understand what he’s talking about.

“I can’t tell you much about them either. I did sometimes spend time with him, but he never talked much. He preferred to work with me on his car, rather than talk to me.”
“How come you never worked on a car again, after grandfather died?” Justin suddenly asks and Saul seems to need to think it over.

“I don’t know. I guess, I never liked really working on our car, but that I liked working on it with my dad. Without my dad, it was rather pointless, I presume.” Saul answers after having given it some thought. Justin can see the logic in it, but there’s something about the way that Saul is suddenly rather quiet that bothers him.

“Saul, how come that neither of you noticed that the breaks weren’t working properly?” Justin asks quietly. Saul shakes his head.
“I’ve been asking myself that same question for years. I should have seen it, but I hadn’t. And neither had my father… It still bothers me. The brakes should have worked.”


End of part 2/4


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