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39 steps - step 23 - 1.17 All in the family

The 39 steps

August 20, 2008
It’s 39 days to go until the start of season 3 in America.
There are 39 episodes for season 1 and 2. (Not taking the unaired episode in account or the original pilot, as not everybody can see those)
I started to watch the episodes again. One episode a day.
And then I got the plan to write a small scene for every episode. (Never more than 1 page long)

1.17 All in the family

By Marea67
About: Julia
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: she finally understands.


Saturday, early in the morning.

She thought she finally understood. When Tommy suggested to her to ask Justin and Kevin for a DNA-test to determine who the biological father is, she was shocked. To her, this child, no, these children, growing inside her were hers and Tommy’s. She never thought of Kevin or Justin as the potential father.

Alright, at first, it felt weird. She had to admit that. Tommy couldn’t get her pregnant, so now she was carrying the children of either Kevin or Justin, she knew it. And at first it had almost felt like cheating, until she consciously made the decision to call the baby Tommy’s child. It was the repeating it to herself and her children, over and over again, that made it clear to her, that for all intend and purposes the children she was carrying would have Tommy, and Tommy alone, for their father.

But last night, watching Rebecca, she wondered if one day her children would sit at the dinner table and look at their uncles and wonder which of them was their father. Kevin had been right in Ojai. Nothing remains a secret in this family and eventually she too started to realize that one or both her children would eventually find out that they could be their gay uncle’s child.

The evening had been a typical Walker-party, she sighed. She admired Rebecca’s nerves for walking into the Walker-house, the house of her father, a man unknown to her and meet with his wife and children. With the rather hostile feelings covered with a thin veil of civility and a more than average curiosity, the evening had become memorable once again.

She let her hands slide over her growing belly.
“What do you think, guys? Should I agree to a DNA-test? Do you guys really want to know who the man is that was responsible for your conception? Or don’t you give damn and want Tommy to be your daddy, no questions asked?” She started to grin.

“Alright, if your guys are Kevin’s, you’d rather be interested in the results of the test, as that is a fact easily submitted to the court. Is that what you guys want? Evidence?” She feels a fluttering on the right side. “Is that your final answer?” Flutter.
“Of course, if you guys are Justin’s you would…. be… carefree about this.” Fluttering at the left side…

“So what is their answer?” Tommy asked sleepy, he’s been listening to Julia’s words.
“Verdict is still out.”
“That is very Kevin-ish. But then Justin was never good at making his mind up either…. Can me and my kids have some more sleep now?” Tommy asked and Julia smiled, caressing her husband’s hair. It really doesn’t matter. Yet.
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