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Fanfic: B&S episode 621: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 21 – Love Hurts

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/4 *****


“Scotty?” Kevin enters the kitchen. “Hi, I’m sorry. I had an emergency call. Some guy put in prison, claiming to be innocent. It was easily solved.” Kevin gives Scotty a quick kiss to which Scotty replies gently.
“It’s alright. Daniel is waiting for his goodnight-kiss and so are Elizabeth and Olivia.”

Kevin runs upstairs and first takes care of Daniel.
“Goodnight, sweetie, see you tomorrow. Don’t snore. The sound is mega-loud over the baby-monitor.” He warns with a wink. Daniel has no clue what Kevin is talking about, but he loves it if his daddy is making faces at him, so he laughs.

“Nigh...” Daniel yawns. And Kevin assumes correctly that he’ll be asleep in no time. Elizabeth is still reading, so Kevin reads a page with her, before he tells her to turn off the lights and go to sleep. Only so he can move on to Olivia’s room. She stares at the ceiling, a book on her belly, but she’s clearly not reading.

“Hey, honey... I overheard you talk to Mateo this afternoon.... If ever you question our choices or don’t agree with something we say or what you think we’ll do, you’re free to tell us. Daniel is not more important than you, Elizabeth or Mateo. I love all four of you and I will always try to be fair to each of you. Just be honest with me too... Please.”

Olivia hugs Kevin.
“I’m sorry, but I heard what Scotty said and I got really mad. I love Daniel, but... it’s not our fault that he ran off and fell in the pool. Daniel is alright. And all you have to do is fix the latch, so Daniel cannot get close to the pool again...

Taking away the pool altogether is just unfair. And, yes, I sometime feel that Daniel is more important than we are... And I also know that it’s not really true. I know that you guys love me... but sometimes it’s hard to not feel like second choice. And I think that goes for Mateo too.”

“I make no promises, but ... I’ll talk to Scotty about this, alright?”
“Alright.” Olivia agrees and she hugs Kevin and she turns off the lights in her room, before Kevin is even at the door. Once out the door, Kevin leans against the wall, feeling tired and absolutely drained of everything.

But he makes his way downstairs anyway, where he finds Scotty in the living-room, watching tv with a bored face.
“Kids asleep?”
“I think Mateo’s still awake, there was light in his room, but I didn’t check in...”

Kevin sits down next to Scotty, glad to have Scotty home tonight. He takes a deep breath.
“Scotty, we need to talk....” He waits for Scotty to turn off the tv and focus his attention on Kevin.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said about closing the swimming-pool and ... I don’t think we should do that.”
“What?! He nearly drowned!” Scotty is shocked.
“Yes. Except, he didn’t drown and he’s not the only child in this house...”

“Excuse me?” Scotty asks.
“We still have Olivia, Elizabeth and Mateo living here too. They love the pool, they can swim, they look forward to the summer to spend time there and have fun... We cannot deny them their chance, because of Daniel.”

“I cannot believe what I’m hearing! He could have died yesterday!”
“Yes! He could have. And I get that you’re scared. I am too.”
“We need to protect Daniel.”
“I agree. And the best way to do so is by teaching him how to swim and not by closing the pool.”

“It’s our duty, as parents, to make sure our kids are safe.”
“I know. Don’t tell me what my duty is. I just don’t believe that closing the pool will keep Daniel ‘safe’. There’s still my mom’s pool or will you forbid Daniel from going there? Will you issue some decree that every pool in a 10 mile radius of our son should be closed, just in case....?”

“You’re ridiculous!”
“I’m not. I want you to be aware of the consequences of your action. Taking away the pool will hurt Elizabeth, Olivia and Mateo. Ultimately, Daniel won’t care and it won’t teach him anything. What we should teach him is to not go into the water.

Because if you start with the pool, what will be next? No swing, ‘cause he could fall out of it. No tree-house, because heaven forbid he should misstep on the ladder. No slides. No playing on the jungle-gym, because he might break something.... You cannot protect him from all evils in the world....”

“You’re exaggerating!” Scotty dismisses Kevin’s words.
“Am I?” Kevin asks. Scotty takes a long look at him, suddenly aware of what is going on.
“This is not something spontaneous. You’ve been ‘building a case’ against me! You’re in complete lawyer-mode over this!”

“I’m not.” Kevin denies, not fully speaking the truth.
“Yes, you are, I recognize it. You don’t fool me, Kevin Walker!”
“I get that you’re upset over....”
“Don’t! Don’t patronise me like that! You know I hate it when you do that!”

“Fine. I see that you’re not in the mood to discuss this rationally...” Kevin gets up and turns away. Scotty jumps up as well now.
“Well, forgive me, Mister Walker! I didn’t realize that walking out on a conversation that is not going your way, is so much more mature!”

Kevin stops and turns back to Scotty.
“This is one of the reasons why I hate fighting with you. I try to be logical about this. If you don’t agree, fine! Just give me a rational explanation for why you disagree and don’t throw your hands in the air and act like a drama-queen!”

“A drama-queen?! This is my son we’re talking about!”
“Yes indeed! Your son. Not mine! I have nothing to do with him, right? Why the hell do I even bother? Fine! Stay here and mollycoddle your baby. Meanwhile, I will look after the other three that accidentally live in this house as well.”

And after those words, Kevin storms off, too furious to say another word, leaving Scotty behind, feeling rather bewildered at the sudden turn of the conversation. Scotty sits down on the couch, shivering from the adrenaline-rush in his body and from the fact that he hates fighting with Kevin.


“Mr Walker?” Justin looks up. “Your partner will be alright. A few cuts and bruises, but nothing that leave a permanent scar.” Justin sighs in relief. “However, Miss Altamirano is exhausted and it’s obvious that she hasn’t been eating well lately. She herself admits that she couldn’t remember when she last ate something today…

The human body can only take so much and then it collapses. I strongly suggest that either you or someone else keeps a close eye on her to make sure that she takes better care of herself.”
“But she’s not sick or anything?”

“Just extremely exhausted. She should really take some rest, if possible.”
“Not unless I tie her to her chair. She loves her work and the hotel means everything to her.”
“Then I suggest that you find a way to make her understand that she’s overdoing things.”


When Scotty enters the bedroom, Kevin is already in bed, his back to Scotty’s side of the bed. Scotty is very sure that Kevin is not asleep yet and he waits a few seconds for Kevin to respond in one way or another. When it doesn’t happen, Scotty shrugs. If that’s the way that Kevin wants to play it, then it’s fine with Scotty too.

He gets in bed and turns his back to Kevin as well. He turns off the light and tries to relax, but all that happens is that he only gets angrier at the situation. How dare Kevin assume that he would put Daniel above the other kids, when all kids are just as important to him? Still fuming, he closes his eyes, but he can’t sleep.

Kevin knows that it will be hard to get some sleep. He’s angry that Scotty takes no step in his direction. He doesn’t even try to understand where Kevin is coming from. And how dare Scotty assume that Kevin would not have Daniel’s best interest at heart? Of course he does! He just doesn’t agree with Scotty’s solution to the problem….

Sarah opens her eyes and feels slightly disorientated. It takes a few seconds to realize that she’s on the plane back to America. Without Luc. Without even taking his calls, last night. Should she have taken them? Should she have spoken to him? Why? He had ignored her calls for quite a while and now that he wants to talk she just has to be there?

I’m angry, but also disappointed.” She writes down in her notebook. “Do I even still love Luc? If I DO love him, would I then have turned away from him last night? Or is it because I love him and I just want him to try harder and fight to get me back as well. I’m so confused.

You’d think that after a month of traveling, alone, with only myself as my company, I’d have the answers to my questions, but I don’t. I’m now still as lost as I was when I left… only I have less illusions about Luc and my marriage to him…”
She closes her notebook and puts it her hand-bag, before trying to get some sleep.

The clock on the micro-wave tells Kevin that it’s 02.23 am. Great! Because nothing makes you feel better than a sleepless night, right? He warms up some milk and he sits down on the couch to sip his hot milk, when he hears a little noise. Scotty enters the living-room as wel.

“Hey.” He says softly.
“Hi.” Kevin replies equally soft with his voice.
“I got cold when you left the bed.” Scotty sighs.
“This will warm you up.” Kevin hands Scotty his warm milk and Scotty takes a sip as well.

“It’s good... Nice and hot.” Scotty gives the cup back.
“I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to spring my monologue on you like that. I just wanted to talk to you on behalf of Olivia, Mateo and maybe Elizabeth as well, I don’t know.”
“I know...” Scotty shivers against the coolness in the house and pulls his legs up.

Kevin wraps an arm around him and Scotty lies closer to Kevin, making himself small in Kevin’s arms.
“I want Daniel to be safe. Of course, I do, he’s our son.” Kevin says.
“I want all four kids to be happy in this house, not just Daniel.” Scotty answers.

“And I’m not belittling your fear. I don’t know what I would have done, had it happened to me. And maybe I would have felt the same way you do right now, if....”
“No, you were right. Closing the pool would be too drastic and it would hurt the other kids... Including you.” Scotty adds the two last words with a smile.

Kevin smiles as well. He kisses Scotty’s hair.
“So, what do we do now?” Kevin asks.
“There’s a good fence around the pool. Under normal circumstances Daniel couldn’t have gone to the pool, but we need to fix the latch, so Daniel can’t open up the gate anymore.”

“Tommy said he’d fix it tomorrow morning. I already asked him.”
“Good. Let’s hope he sticks to his promise.” Scotty yawns.
“I think he will.... I think, he also plans to take back Elizabeth.”
“How do you feel about that?”

Scotty can Kevin swallow hard after his question.
“I knew it would happen.” Kevin answers.
“That’s not what I asked. There’s just us here. How do you feel about losing Elizabeth?”
“I hate it. But I knew this moment would come eventually. I cannot complain about it.”

“That doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to admit that it hurts.”
“It hurts. It hurts like hell. But I cannot and I will not stop it from happening...” Kevin’s eyes fill with tears and with a sigh, Scotty wraps an arm around Kevin. Curled up together on the couch, they quietly sit together for a while, each with his own thoughts, until Kevin breaks the silence.

“Scotty, I did something today... Something I’m not sure was the right thing to do, but, looking back, ... I’m not sure if I was wrong about it either?”
“What are you talking about?” Scotty asks worried.

“Mateo’s father, Emilio, he got arrested.”
“Oh, no, not again.”
“I easily got him out. For once, he was innocent and I could easily prove it. So, that was not the problem.”

“Then, what is?”
“It’s what I made him promise for my help and what I did afterwards...”
“What? Please, tell me, you didn’t kill him... because you sure start to sound as if you did.” Scotty asks and Kevin laughs softly.

“No, silly, I didn’t kill him.”
“Oh, good.”

“I just... I told him to get lost. To get as far away from Mateo as possible. He agreed. So, once I proved his innocence, I took him to his place, let him pack what few belongings he had and I drove him to the airport... I got him ticket to Miami....”
“You paid him to go away?”

“I was ruthless, Scotty. I just... I completely took him out of the picture... I thought about what was best for Mateo and ... I acted on it... Cold, calculated .... just like my dad would have done... It was like channelling William Walker.” A million thoughts tumble through Scotty’s head.

“This is confusing. He may be a worthless father, but...”
“He is Mateo’s father. I’m aware of that..”
“And paying him to go away...?”

“I know. I’ve seen my dad do it a few times and I hated it every time, even when I couldn’t see fault in his reasons, it doesn’t make it right? It shocked me how easy it was, and how good I felt afterwards, when he left... I just... I don’t want to be like my dad...”
“And you’re not. I doubt that your dad would have told Nora about this, like you just told me.”

“No. True.”
“And I doubt that your father would have second-guessed his motives, which you do.”
“No. William Walker never doubted himself...” Kevin admits.

“You can’t undo what you did. You got to live with it....”
“I know.” Kevin sighs and Scotty kisses him quickly.

“I don’t know about you, babe, but I’m starting to feel a bit cold. How about we get back to bed, before we freeze to death here?” Scotty suggests. They let go of each other.
“Can’t wait to spoon up against you...” Kevin sighs.


Sarah enters her house, throws her two suitcases on the floor and walks straight to the kitchen. On the table are two stacks of mail. Important Mail. Junk Mail. She flips through the junk mail first, recognizes it to be junk and throws it away. She checks the rest of it, most of it can wait anyway.

She looks around, but she’s not in the mood for coffee or tea or anything else. So she climbs up the stairs. She’s not really tired, but not really rested either. She looks around her bedroom and feels strangely disconnected from it. On a whim she goes to Paige’s room and she immediately notices that she feels more comfortable there.

On Paige’s side-table is a picture of Mateo and Sarah takes it to have a good long look at it. He’s not so bad looking. She has to admit that her daughter has a good taste in boyfriends. She puts the picture of Mateo back and turns to her side, remembering how Kevin had been so angry with her.

Kitty had hit her. Tommy had been upset with her... What had she done? Where had her mind been? Why had she alienated everyone? She had been gone for almost a month and still she had no answers to her questions... Her eye-lids are heavy.... All she knows is that she has to come into action.

She mentally starts to make a list of things she should do. Get to Joe. Talk to her kids. Apologize to Kevin... And Mateo... And Elizabeth... And... do her groceries... Get a job... fix her car... Have a long conversation with Tommy, find out what his secret is ... And what should she do about Luc? ...


Episode 622 "Life is a celebration" will be posted 15 April (give or take)

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