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Fanfic: B&S episode 621: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 21 – Love Hurts

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****


It’s past midnight when Scotty finally gets home. Knowing that Kevin is with Daniel and that Tommy must be asleep by now, he climbs up the stairs to his bedroom. It’s empty without Kevin sleeping there. He undresses, keeping on his shorts. Not entirely sure what to do next and not tired enough to go to bed, he walks over to Daniel’s room.

He stares at the empty bed and the memories come back to him. Holding his son’s body in his arms. His panic. His fear. With Daniel still in his arms, he had called 911 and, thankfully the paramedics had come fast. He can however not wipe away the memory of turning over his son in the pool. That pale little face.

He sits down on the little table in Daniel’s room and he starts to cry. He sobs out his misery at the memory of not being able to keep Daniel safe. The door opens and he feels an arm around him. Tommy doesn’t say anything. He just holds Scotty, until Scotty finally calms down a bit. He hands Scotty the box of tissues.

“Feeling a bit better?” Tommy asks. Scotty nods.
“Yeah, I guess.” He sniffs.
“I know there’s nothing that makes you feel more helpless then not being able to help your kid.” Tommy replies.

“You mean when Elizabeth was in the hospital for the liver-transplant?”
“From the start actually. Even her struggle to survive after she was born. Just watching that small baby and knowing there’s nothing you can do, but .... leave it in God’s hands.”

“I’m glad I took those first aid classes, but... I still felt very helpless...”
“You could still do something. Had it been me, I would have completely frozen. Not knowing what to do.”
“I could have lost my son today.”

“But you didn’t. And tomorrow he’ll be home again... And he’ll need you.”
“I know... I should sleep, but I can’t. I keep seeing his face... turning him over in the water....” Scotty’s eyes fill with tears again. He shakes his head, unable to get rid of the memory.

Tommy thinks hard about what he can do for Scotty in this case. He gets up and leaves the room. About two minutes later he’s back.
“Come on.” He says, waving Scotty to come with him. Scotty follows him and Tommy brings him to the master-bedroom. “Lie down.” He orders. Scotty gets in bed and Tommy hands him a cup of warm milk.

“Oldest recipe in the book. You drink this, lie down and close your eyes... I’m going to stay with you until you’re asleep. If you need anything tonight, just call me. Now close your eyes and breathe... deeply.” He places his hand on Scotty’s belly. “I want to feel you breathe. I want you to relax...”

Scotty is weirdly amused by Tommy care and he smiles despite himself.
“Thanks for being here.” He says, feeling strangely tired already.

“It’s the least I can do.” Tommy replies, feeling Scotty relax and drift off to sleep. Once he sure that Scotty is asleep, he goes back to his room. He puts away the mild sleeping-pills he bought during his own fight against insomnia.

He returns to Kevin and Scotty’s bedroom and watches how Scotty sleeps. It’s an uneasy and troubled sleep, but still sleep. Tommy yawns, not sure what to do next. He’s tired, but he doesn’t want to Scotty alone either.

He returns to Elizabeth’s room, watches how his daughter sleeps peacefully in her bed and he smiles. He brushes away her curls and gives her a kiss on her forehead. She opens her eyes.
“If you need me, I’ll be in the bedroom of uncle Scotty and uncle Kevin.” He says.

“’Kay.” She mumbles, closes her eyes and goes straight back to sleep. Tommy grabs the sleeping-bag that Scotty had borrowed him and returns to Kevin’s bedroom. He hesitates for a second, but then lies down next to Scotty, but in the sleeping-bag, to avoid painful situations. He closes his eyes and he is asleep in a few minutes.


Luc stares at his father as if the good man has gone insane. If Sarah had been in France, why hadn’t she come and see him? His dad explains again that he had given Sarah the address and the instructions on how to get there.
“I don’t understand. Why did she give up if she came all the way here?” Luc wonders.

“Son, I don’t think she still loves you.”
“I’m not sure, papa. I can’t believe our marriage would over already.” Luc shakes his head.
“You left her.” His father points out.

“Just to get my thoughts worked out and ...”
“... be happy again?”
“I love her.” Luc replies stubbornly.
“Her? Or the image that you have of her, in your head?”

“You think that I don’t know who she is?”
“Isn’t part of your disappointment that Sarah is not who you thought she was? Maybe she never was. She only was who you wanted her to be. She’s not like your mother... but that does necessarily mean that she’s the right wife for you.”

Luc takes another look at this dad. He has the eerie feeling that his father might be on to something.
“What should I do now?” Luc asks.
“I don’t know.” Luc’s father answers. "I cannot answer questions when they concern your heart."


“Good-morning” Tommy says when Scotty enters the kitchen, still slightly drunk with sleep. “I made some coffee, if you want some...”
“Please.” Scotty answers, rubbing his face. “Where are the kids?”
“School. Mom picked them up. They were all very quiet not to wake you.”

“They’re used to be being quiet, when I work.” Scotty answers with a sigh. “But they must have been extremely quiet, because usually they wake up anyway.” He smiles. “By the way, thank you for staying with me tonight.”
“You noticed?”

“Mhmm-mm. I woke up last night. Nature call. It was a bit weird to see you sleeping next to me, but to be honest, I was too tired to really think about it long...” Scotty yawns. The coffee that Tommy made is strong and just what Scotty needs to clear his head. “Did you hear from Kevin?” He asks Tommy.

“Daniel had a good night. No problems and Kevin and Daniel will be back at around eleven. You don’t have to pick them up. Kevin will drive straight home.”
“Oh. Good.” Scotty replies and he stares vacantly at his coffee-cup, obviously still a bit under the influence of the sleeping-pill Tommy gave him without his knowledge.

“That will give you some time to get a decent shower and look halfway alive, before they get home.” Tommy says cheerfully. “Come on! Up on your feet! While you take a shower, I will make you a good and strong breakfast...” Tommy promises, chasing Scotty out of the kitchen.


“Kitty Whitley.” Kitty nearly sings as she picks up the phone. She somehow still likes the sound of it, as if the last name was made for her... just like Walker or McCallister.
“Oh, hi, Kitty.” She hears a familiar voice, but for some reason she’d rather not remember. And yet....

“Amber? Amber Trachtenberg?” Kitty asks.
“Well, it’s Amber Salters now....”
“Of course it is.” Kitty’s not even really surprised. “You married Warren...”
“No. I married his brother Sean.” Amber replies as if Kitty is very slow.

“Oh, right.” Somehow Kitty’s still not surprised. Even after a few years, trying to keep up with Amber was like a chasing a rabbit. Tiresome. “How can I help you?”
“Well, I’m one of the producers of Warren Salters’ radio-show and ....”
“One of the producers?”

“Sean is the other producer.”
“And he’s also your husband?”
“Ah! The world makes sense again. Go on.” Kitty replies cheerful.

“We, that is Warren and I, thought that it might be interesting if you and Warren would be together on a show again.... Like years ago...” Amber says breathlessly and Kitty wonders if she realises how old Kitty feels under those words.
“See if we can copy our success of last decade?” Kitty asks with a hint of a tease.

“I knew you’d understand. You’re so amazing!” Amber nearly gushes.
“Oh,.. Goodie.... I’d have to think about that....” Kitty theatrically places her finger on her lips, pouts and rolls her eyes. She not exactly looking forward to seeing Amber again, but if it means working with Warren again... That could be fun.

“Alright. Name the day and I’ll be there.”
“I’ll have to check our calendars and I’ll get back to you.” Amber’s voice is so cheerful, that Kitty can only manage to keep a straight face until she switches off her phone, then she starts to laugh out loud.


“Emilio Paresa, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent....” The police are faster than Emilio had expected.
“I didn’t do this. I’m innocent.” Emilio whines.

“Oh, no, don’t tell me we arrested yet another innocent man....” The officer replies sarcastically and Emilio gets shoved in the back of the police-car. “Why don’t you call your lawyer and he’ll have you out of prison in no time...”
“I will.” Emilio swears.
“Hey, I’ll call him for you. What’s his name?” The officer holds up his phone.

“His name is Kevin Walker. My son lives with him. He will help me. If only to protect my boy.” Emilio nearly spits out the words, satisfied that he sees the sarcastic grin disappear from the officer’s face.
“Kevin Walker, huh? ... I know him... I’ll give him a call.” The officer says calmly.


“Are you sure?” Kevin asks Scotty.
“It’s a bath-tub, Kevin. I’m right here. I have all of Daniel’s clothes and towels close.” Scotty’s answer is annoyed.
“I mean, it’s not that I don’t trust you.... but ... You had a good scare yesterday.”

“I know.”
“Are you really up to this? It’s not like Daniel NEEDS his bath, because I washed him this morning at the hospital. So, if you’re not ready...?”
“I am. I’ll be alright.” Scotty gives Kevin a kiss for reassurance. “Just go. Let me do this.”

Kevin nods and closes the door of the bathroom, to lean against it and let go of the breath he’s been holding. He wants to trust Scotty, he does, but yesterday was such a shock that he still feels all jittery about leaving Daniel alone with Scotty again.
“Come on, get over it, Kevin.” He whispers to himself.

Pushing himself away from the door, but he stops when he hears voices coming from Mateo’s room.
“We don’t have to be quiet. Kevin and Scotty are giving Daniel his bath, so they are oblivious to the rest of world.” Mateo says. “What did you hear?”

“Scotty says that it might be better to get rid of the pool, now that it is too dangerous to keep, after what happened to Daniel....” Olivia’s voice is rather angry. “I’m sorry about Daniel, but it’s unfair! We should talk to Kevin and Scotty about this and I need you on my side.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t see the point.” Mateo answers.
“Don’t you understand....?” Olivia starts, but Mateo cuts her off.
“Liv, I do understand, but I understand my position in this house as well.”

“They love you like a son.” Olivia says.
“But I’m not their son and Daniel is. He’ll always be more important... as it should be.”

“Maybe if we talk to Elizabeth?” Olivia suggests.
“No. It would seem that Tommy is more confident to take back Elizabeth. She’ll be gone soon....”
“But we’ll still be here... I love the pool!”

“I know. So do I, but .... I’m dating their niece, which makes things rather complicated and I’m already on thin ice over this. Furthermore, I’m not important enough. I only live here because of their kindness. I don’t want them to send me back to my grandmother, or worse, my dad. Neither of them can take care of me.

I’m in no position to argue with Kevin and Scotty. And... to be perfectly honest... neither are you... They love you, I’m sure they do, but ultimately, when it comes to Daniel... He is Scotty’s flesh and blood and Scotty will put him first, no matter what we think.”
“What if I can get Elizabeth to talk to Kevin about this?”

It’s quiet for a few seconds before Mateo answers.
“It could work, but ... Scotty has decided that the pool should go... And I wonder if Kevin will fight with Scotty over a pool. I don’t think that Kevin cares either way, whether it stays or goes, but he’ll go with Scotty, if Scotty makes a decision.

You can try to ask Elizabeth to talk to Kevin. She’s his daughter after all and so she overrules either of us...” Mateo sighs. “... And perhaps you  should give it a try to talk to Kevin and Scotty, but you’ll have to come up with some very good arguments if you want to change Scotty’s mind....”

“I know. It will be rather pointless...” Olivia replies defeated and Kevin can see the door-handle move. He quickly goes to his own bedroom to exit a few seconds later, making it appear to Olivia like he just got out, when she crosses from Mateo’s room to her own room. Kevin smiles at her.

He wants to talk to her, but he then he hears his phone ring downstairs, so goes down the stairs to the kitchen, where he can speak undisturbed.

“Yes, I know a man called Emilio Paresa... He’s the father of young man, who’s under my care.... What?... How bad is it?... I see... Fine, I’m one my way.” He says and calls Mateo down to tell him that he has to stop an arrest and to explain to Scotty where he's gone off to.


Driving back to Paris had been easier than expected. She booked a hotel near the airport and returned her rented car. She paid what she owed and after a little dinner she returns to her hotel. Her flights leaves early, so she asks if she can be awoken at 5 o’clock and if they can make sure that a taxi will her up at six.

The elevator takes her to room 215. Small, no luxury and really suitable for a night only. A quick shower later, she’s back at her small hotel-desk, browsing through her many notes of the last month. Some things are irrelevant. Breakfast, what she ate for dinner, one of the guest annoying her,... Some notes are more important. A mother with child who reminded her of Paige in her younger years...

Paige! She should send her a text! She has no idea how late it is, but she quickly sends one out.
“Will be home in 24 hours. Hope to see you then. Mom.” Would Paige expect Luc to come back too? Sarah hopes not. She returns to the page with her notes on when she last saw Luc:

I somehow felt, I had nothing to say to him. I could have knocked on the door, asked to be let in, but I didn’t want to. I believe that he’s happy where he is, where he should be. In France. In his studio. His own language... His own study-objects....

He was a fantasy when I met him. Just what I needed after my awful divorce, the failed relationship with Graham Finch, the destruction of Ojai as I had known the company to be, the fights with Holly, the way Tommy had let me down. Luc had been the proverbial summer-fling that should have ended come September....”

Sarah is surprised by her own words. There’s no bitterness or anger, only a calm acceptance of facts. She takes her pen and adds as note to the current day.
“Reading back what I wrote earlier: I realize that I never expected him to follow me to America. Of course our first break up should have warned me.

He had his dreams and I had mine. I needed stability and he wanted a family, but without wanting the responsibility of taking care of that family. He wanted to live his life the way he wanted,... it didn’t work. When he left, I was broken-hearted and when he came back, I was flattered that he was still interested in me.

But is ‘being flattered’, as if I should be grateful that he bothered to like me, a good enough foundation for a relationship? I don’t think so. Luc is one of the nicest and gentlest souls I know, but... he’s not who I need beside me. I need someone like Graham who will push me, who will keep me on my toes.

I’ve been without work for months... Graham or Joe would have found that unacceptable, they would have encouraged me, given me ideas, they would have kicked my ass, but not Luc. He’s holds my hand and says ‘there, there, it will be alright...’ Except, it won’t be alright.

He believes that we can live on love alone, which is beautiful if you enough money in the bank, as I have. But that money won’t last 50 years. It’s not fulfilling to spend your days doing nothing at all. I’m not that type of girl. Mom and dad taught me to work hard, they set examples for that.

And I know, I need to get back in the saddle. I need to get back to work. I need to
do something. I want to be able to provide a future for Paige and Cooper and maybe even for their kids. I think that is also my deepest regret about losing Ojai Foods. I dreamed of a future for that company. A future that involved Paige and Coop, maybe Evan and Elizabeth.

I feel like I stole their future.... And all Luc can say is “C’est la vie.”, but it’s not! It’s not ‘just life’. It’s the lives and futures of my kids, my nieces and nephews that I threw away!”
Tears fill Sarah’s eyes as the frustrated anger and resentment all comes back to the surface. Sarah puts down her pen. Taking a deep breath, she wonders if she isn’t being too melodramatic here.

She’s startled when her phone rings. She grabs it and reads the number. It’s in France. It’s not Luc’s father... so it has to be Luc himself. Her thumb caresses the accept-button, but doesn’t press it. She closes her eyes and pushed the telephone aside and she lets it ring.


Holly closes her magazine and David looks up from his computer.

“What am I going to do once Rebecca is in London? David, the persons that drove me to came here were you and Rebecca. Now that she’s leaving….” She stops, realizing that her words are rather unkind. “Sorry. That’s not how I meant it…”

“You just don’t like it here in New York, do you?”
“It not a question of ‘not liking’ it. It’s just not Los Angeles…” David quietly agrees with her. The energy in Los Angeles is very different from the one in New York. He cannot deny that.

“Listen, why we go back to Los Angeles? We can keep this place for if I need to be here and look for a place of our own in LA.”
“But what about your work?”

“I’m between jobs at the moment. I can’t see why I couldn’t work in LA. I have friends there just as I have them here. What do you think?”
“Are you sure? I don’t want you do something against your will.”

“Holly, I love you and I can be happy anywhere, as long as I’m with you and as long as you’re happy too. And, be honest, right now, you’re not happy, are you? You’d rather be in LA, right?” David guesses and Holly nods with a sad look on her face.
“Yes, I would rather be there.” She admits, feeling slightly guilty because she knows David prefers New York.


“Emilio Paresa? Your lawyer is here.” Emilio nearly jumps up, when he sees Kevin enter. He’s surprised that Kevin would show up to begin with.
“Sit down.” Kevin orders without too much compassion.

“How’s Mateo?” Emilio asks.
“Still alive.” Kevin answers curtly. “I read the police-file and...”
“I need to know that he’s alright.”

“If you believe that your sudden interest in Mateo will give me a better impression of you, you’re wrong.
“He’s my son and ...”
“How much?” Kevin asks coldly.

“How much what?” Emilio asks, not understanding what Kevin is talking about.
“How much will it cost me to get you the fuck out of Mateo’s life.”
“Out of his...?” Emilio is visibly shocked.

“I will pay you an amount. You take the first flight out of here. Mexico. Canada. Africa. Europe. I don’t give me a damn where you wish to go, I just want you gone! Permanently!”
Emilio stares at Kevin, wondering if Kevin is serious. When he sees that Kevin is, he nods that he gets it.

“Mateo is my son...” He starts very sneaky, wondering how high he can go with this lawyer, who clearly likes his son, for whatever reason.

“Don’t give me that nonsense. You don’t care about him. So spare me the crocodile-tears and don’t try to con me. I’ve played this game too many times and with bigger sharks than you. Compared to them, you’re just a guppy. So, stop wasting my time. How much? And we’ll settle this right away.” Kevin replies impatiently.


“Honey! I’m home!” Justin jokes as he enters the house he shares with Tyler. She’s not in the comfortable living-room and for a moment Justin assumes she’s not there at all, but still somewhere in the hotel, like so many nights before. That is until he hears a sound in the bathroom.

“Tyler?” He asks, approaching the bath-room with a smile. There’s the sound of glass breaking and suddenly Justin runs to throw open the bathroom. Tyler is on the floor, a broken bottle of perfume next to her. “Tyler? Tyler, sweat-heart, talk to me... Tyler? Tyler!” She doesn’t respond and that’s when he calls 911...


End of part 3/4

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