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Fanfic: B&S episode 621: part 2/4

Season 6 – Episode 21 – Love Hurts

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 2/4 *****


“Room 518 needs cleaning. The sheets in room 328 need to be switched and I just got a call from room 209, that the towels aren’t in the bathroom. Though I strongly believe that we’ll find them in their suitcases, I don’t want to give them reason to complain. Get some new ones up there.” Tyler orders.

The chambermaid nods that she got the message and disappears without another word.
“Hey, Tyler, how are you doing?” Cleo asks.
“I never knew that Chad’s movie would generate this much attention. We’re almost fully booked.” Tyler says.

“I don’t get it either. We’ve been promoting this hotel for months and though business picked up, it wasn’t exactly the Hallelujah-moment we had hoped for. Yet, Chad Barry tells everyone once that the movie was made at this hotel and within days we’re fully booked for the next three months.”

“Maybe I should ask Chad to give u a bit more promotion.” Tyler smiles, feeling a bit weak in the knees.
“Are you alright, honey?”
“I guess. It’s just been so extremely busy. I can’t find a moment of quiet.”

“I know what you mean.” Cleo sighs. “Between the phone-calls, the bookings, the room-inspections, the answering-to-questions and keeping an eye on the kitchen, I feel like my days just fly by.”
“Exactly. And now Justin is working all week as well, so I won’t get to see much of him.”

“I’m glad that the hotel is doing fine, but a little less busy wouldn’t be bad either, would it be?” Cleo asks. Tyler nods and jumps up startled when the phone rings.
“I’ll take it.” Cleo says. Tyler watches Cleo pick up and she listens how Cleo answers with more kindness than Tyler feels she can muster.

“I’m going to check the 4th floor. See you.” Tyler waves and leaves Cleo, who watches her leave and who feels concern. Tyler seems thinner than before and more tired, dark circles under her eyes. Maybe she should ask Justin to keep an eye on her, because Tyler seems to work too much.


Nora is the first to arrive at the hospital and  the first to run up to Scotty and hug him.
“I’m so glad he’s okay. And so glad that you knew how to give first aid.” She sighs.

“Me too. And all those years, I joked that learned it all for nothing, because I never had a customer get sick on me before.... I thought I lost him...” Scotty hardly manages to hold back his tears. “The paramedics got there so quickly and they were amazing...”

The doors of the elevators open with a ping and Kitty and Seth come straight for Scotty.
“We needed to see you as soon as we got the news.” Kitty says, she gives Scotty a strong hug. “You must have been so scared?”
“I was freaking out. It all happened so fast.”

Justin, still dressed as a paramedic, shows up now as well.
“I recognized the address and I thought I went crazy. How is he?”
“Fine, they brought him back. They think he wasn’t in the water long. They will probably keep him overnight, just to be safe.” Scotty replies.

The elevator-doors open again, this time it’s Kevin. Scotty gives a sigh of relief to see that Kevin is here, but his joy fades quickly when he sees the anger on Kevin’s face. Kevin passes the rest of the family, grabs Scotty by the arm and pushes him further into the corridor, away from his family.

Once out of reach of anyone listening in, he says quietly between clenched teeth:
“What the hell happened? How could this have happened?”
“It was latch on the little gate leading to the pool, it keeps coming lose, making it easy to get to the pool. Daniel must have opened it.”

“How did he end up outside? Alone?”
“I was in the kitchen. Cooking. I only took my eyes off him for maybe a minute.”
“It must have been more than a minute or he wouldn’t have ended in the pool.” Kevin points out angrily.

“What are you saying?”
“You only had one kid to look after and he managed to get away without you even noticing. Where were you with your thoughts? You couldn’t even check on him once or twice, during the recipe?”

“It was complicated. I had to focus. I had no reason to believe that he could escape his play-pen. I didn’t know he could do that.”
“Since he’s been able to walk, he been trying to climb in, on, over and through everything! Yet, it didn’t occur to you that he would need extra supervision?”

“Kev, it was an accident. It could have happened to anyone.”
“I didn’t happen to me.” Kevin points out.
“Are you saying that you’d be a better father, than I am?” Scotty asks insulted.
“I’m not. Just that, so far, we haven’t had anything bad happening when I was looking after the kids.”

Seeing a fight brew between Kevin and Scotty, makes Kitty and Justin react by stepping between them.
“Come on, Scotty. You need a moment to yourself.” Kitty says.
“Yeah, come on Kevin, time-out, before you say something really stupid.” Justin adds.

Kevin protest, as does Scotty, but Justin pushes Kevin towards the coffee-machine and Kitty pulls Scotty back towards the other Walkers.
“Listen, you’re angry and freaked out,...” Justin starts. “ I get it. You get a phone-call at the courthouse that your son nearly drowned and the first instinct is to search for a culprit.

But, Kev, this was an accident. You have no idea how often we’re called into accidents that involve kids. These parents aren’t always bad parents. There are bad apples amongst them, but mostly they are parents who underestimated a situation, didn’t realise the danger or who responded just too late to a situation.

Yes, Scotty shouldn’t have left him out of his sight, but he did, for what seemed to him, ‘just a moment’. And the person feeling most responsible right now is Scotty. He is the one who found Daniel after a few moments of intense fear. You cannot say that this would never have happened to you, because it could have and it still might happen.

Accidents take but a second to happen, Kev, don’t be mad at Scotty, just be happy that he had the presence of mind to act so quickly once he did find Daniel.... Daniel will most likely be alright....” Justin tries to calm Kevin down, but he can feel Kevin shake under his fingers.

“Kev, this is just your adrenaline talking. Don’t fight with Scotty over this. This was very hard for him, if you can’t put yourself in his place right now, maybe you should take another long walk and get rid of the extra energy your feel, so you can get back to normal.”

Justin’s suggestion makes sense to Kevin on a logical level, but Justin can see that Kevin is emotionally torn.
“I want to see my son.”
“You can’t. The doctors are with him. And I would suggest you don’t walk in looking this angry.”

“Oh! You’re a doctor now?” Kevin asks sarcastically.
“No. But I will stop you from scaring the living daylights out of that kid, by walking in there, looking like some pissed-off warlord, get that?” The look on Justin’s face tells Kevin that Justin isn’t joking and Kevin leans back against the wall, while Justin gets him some water.

“Now, cool off, take deep breath and a bit of ice cold water, alright?” Kevin takes the cup from Justin and he sits down, letting his elbows rest on his knees, his head is down. Justin kneels before him. He can feel the tension leave Kevin’s and when Kevin finally looks at him, there are tears in his eyes.

“We wanted him so badly, we waited so long, just the thought... that something would have happened to him...” Kevin shakes his head.
“I know. But this could have happened to you. And what if it had? Wouldn’t you prefer Scotty to support you, rather than get mad at you?” Justin asks.

From a distance Scotty can’t hear what Justin and Kevin are talking about, but Scotty can imagine. It’s about how careless he had been, how he should have been there with Daniel... Tears sting his eyes, until he feels a hand on his shoulder.
“It’s happened to all of us, at some time or another.” Kitty sighs.

“Kitty is right.” Nora agrees. “I remember when Kevin, he could just walk, walked out the front-door and nearly got hit by William, who drove up to the house, not expecting his little son to walk straight in front of his car. I’ve never seen William more upset, than at the idea that he nearly killed his own son.”

Tommy, who has now joined the group as well, adds:
“I felt terrible, because I’m the one who left the front-door open, knowing very well, that Kevin might try to get out of the house. Dad grounded me for two weeks!” Scotty gives him a watery smile.

“I didn’t realise how much time I had spent on that recipe. To me, it felt like just a few seconds, a minute at most, but of course, it was longer... I know it was... It just didn’t feel  that way. And I thought he was safe in his play-pen. I thought he was safe....” Scotty can no longer fight his tears.

The door of the small room opens and doctor steps out.
“The parents of Daniel Walker?” He asks. Scotty steps forward and a few seconds later Kevin is there as well. The doctor seems a bit surprised, but doesn’t say anything about it. “I’ve examined him. He seems to be alright, but I would still like to keep him here over night.”

“Can we see him?”
“Yes, but I’d say not more than two at a time.” Kevin and Scotty look at each other. Kevin smile is soft and he places his hand on Scotty’s back to push him towards Daniel’s room, which they enter together.

“Well, at least, now I feel more comfortable about taking Elizabeth back.” Tommy sighs and Kitty turns to him.
“Thomas Walker! If you so much as suggest that Elizabeth would be in any danger with them, then I’ll hit you so hard that your head will spin for at least a week.” She warns.

“No! No, I have complete trust in Kevin and Scotty, but they were starting to be so freaking perfect, that I wasn’t sure how take back Elizabeth... Now I feel more on the same level again...”
“So, you’re finally taking her back?” Justin asks. Tommy shrugs.

“I don’t know. I have a hard time finding a job, I’m glad that Scotty allows me to stay at the hotel, free of charge...
“... you can always move back in with me?” Nora says softly.
“Thanks, mom, but I need a little bit of independence to get back on my feet.” Tommy declines.

Justin looks at the room where Kevin and Scotty went, hoping that everything will be alright between them. Inside, Kevin and Scotty, each a side of the bed, look down on Daniel. He looks at them with his big eyes, wondering why they are so very serious. Is he in trouble? He feels a bit sleepy.

“Sweetie, you scared daddy so much today..” Scotty’s voice trembles and he bites his lip to not cry. He lets Daniel’s hand rest in his. Kevin slowly places his own hand on Scotty’s.
“Your daddy was in time to save you... You’re a very lucky kid.” Kevin says, his other hand going through Daniel’s hair.

Scotty looks at him, hoping that Kevin is sincere.
“I’m sorry, Scotty, you’re right. It could have happened to anyone... I just... I .... I was so afraid to lose him again.”
“I know, baby.” Scotty replies, with tears in his eyes.

Their fingers intertwine on Daniel’s belly and Daniel stares at them, wondering why both his dads seem happy, and yet they cry at the same time. It makes no sense to him whatsoever. He closes his eyes, feeling all sleepy again. Kevin’s lips on his forehead make him open his eyes again.

“I’m leaving, because I’m sure that grandma wants to see you too and so do your uncles and aunt.” Kevin says, taking Scotty’s hand and gently pulling him away from Daniel. Scotty reluctantly lets go, but it’s clear that Daniel is very sleepy after all the excitement. Once outside, Kevin heads straight for the doctor.

“Sorry, but are we really supposed to leave him alone here tonight? He’s never been in a hospital before.”
“For kids this young we can allow one parent to stay.” The doctor answers with a smile.
“Thank you.... Which one of us will it be?” Scotty asks, turning to Kevin.

“I have to work tonight.” Scotty says. Kevin opens his mouth to say that this could be considered an emergency situation.
“You want me to stay?” He asks instead.
“I’d prefer to stay myself, but I fear I’ll be crying all night long.” Scotty sighs.

“Alright. I’ll stay here and see if I can arrange that someone can look after the kids tonight...” Kevin runs his fingers through his hair, noticing that Tommy reluctantly approaches him.
“Sorry, couldn’t help but overhear.... I can stay with the kids...” He offers.

“Would you?” Kevin asks. Tommy nods.
“I could get the air-bed, so Tommy can sleep in Elizabeth’s room.” Scotty says.
“Good.” Kevin nods and he watches Scotty and Tommy leave, with Nora, who will return with a change of clothes and a few items for the night for Kevin.


Room 108 is small, but clean and suits just fine for what Sarah needs from it. She bought a French baguette, some paté de foie and a bottle of red wine to keep her company tonight. Over the course of the afternoon, the wind has picked up and it’s turned into a regular storm.

The old hotel creaks and moans under the wind, but somehow Sarah is not afraid. She bets this is not the first time that this hotel has been subjected to a storm. In fact, it seem to have survived quite a few of them over the hundred plus years that it has been here.

The outdoor window shutters rattle as the wind swells and then they become more quiet again, when the wind dies down a bit. Sarah flips through the channels on tv, but nearly everything is in French and though she getting better at understanding and talking French, television just goes too fast for her.

She switches off the tv. The wind picks up again and for a moment Sarah believes that it will tear the shutters off the outside wall, but it doesn’t happen and she breathes more easily again. Bored and cold she undresses herself and lies down under the covers, with her little notebook and a pen. She chews on her pen before she starts to write again.

“A boring and cold day. I’ve seen better ones, but I guess that’s the penalty for travelling in France in April and not somewhere in August. Called Paige. And Cooper. Just shortly. It’s very expensive to call. Wonder if I should call mom. But, I don’t know.”

I don’t know. She should really check how many times she has written those words in these last few weeks. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. She sighs again and puts the pen aside, not in the mood to write anyway. Lying on her belly she moves back to where she had left off earlier this day. The memories of that day she saw Luc again...

“...I saw Luc painting and I could see his painting. Beautiful. Alive. Vibrant. He laughs and talks. Alive! More alive than I can remember him to be. In fact, these last few months he had been sullen and somehow not really with me. It’s my fault, I suppose. I zapped all the fun out of him. L

ike some vampire I took the life out of him... It’s sad to realize that I seemingly had such a terrible effect on him. It hurts. I really love him, but ...”

Sarah stops, unable to read on. The sentence should have stopped there. I love him. Period. But there had been no period, there had been a comma, there had been reasons why she could not love him...

She opens her note-book again and goes to her notes of earlier today to which she adds:
“Who was it I loved? Do I even know Luc? Why is it that I can’t get a grip on him or my memories of him? I can remember so much of Joe, but why not Luc? He’s like some dream that I have had and the harder I try to remember the dream the more it escapes me.

I can’t shake this feeling that I’ve lived outside reality these last two years. They often say that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is, well it certainly seems to apply to Luc.

Too good to be true. A dream. A perfectly round soap-bubble?...And then I had to get a needle...
”  Somehow this thought frightens Sarah and she quickly closes her little notebook.


End of part 2/4


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