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Fanfic: B&S episode 621: part 1/4

Season 6 – Episode 21 – Love Hurts

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)




***** Part 1/4 *****



Sarah doesn’t know exactly what had compelled her to drive to the coast. Perhaps a desire to the see the sea again, though the view here is different than the one in California. She contributes this to sad drizzle that falls on her or the stormy weather that makes the waves crash on the harbour side with such violence.

She pulls her coat tighter around her and returns to the little café where she had been before. She orders a hot chocolate and watches from the window how the waves crash over the wall. She sighs, pulls out her note-book and a pen. She’s been keeping a diary for the last 3 and half weeks, but today she can’t find the energy to write.

She returns to the start of the book, warms her hands on the hot cup and reads:
“I’m not sure if this will work, but if it worked for Tommy, then maybe it will work for me too. I got here, in France, two days ago... I had hoped that Luc would be there to pick me up, but he wasn’t.

Had he not received my message? Was there another reason? Maybe he was sick or ... ? I didn’t know what to think. Booked a hotel-room. Slept off my jetlag. Tried to call him, but he didn’t pick up. Bought a better coat. I didn’t know what to do next. I was in France. Not far away from him. Should I go to him?

I didn’t know if I’d be welcome, but at the same time, I knew that the silence between us, the way he ignored me, was also unacceptable. On Thursday-morning I made my choice. I rented a car and decided to drive over to him. Welcome or not, I had to talk to him.

I went to the house he used to own, but it was empty. It surprised me because I cannot remember that he planned to sell it. I just stood there, not knowing what I could do next, and then I thought of his father. He would still live at the same place. Or at least I hoped so. So, I took all my courage and went to see him.

His dad knew about our problems. He didn’t receive me in a bad way, but not as warm and caring as he had the first time. His English wasn’t that good, but between my not-so-great French and his not-so-great English I could understand that Luc was ‘très désillusionné’. Even I could understand those words.

But, after some thought, Luc’s father gave me the address where Luc was. Hopeful, I drove down there. I had an explanation why Luc hadn’t called me back or picked me up. He had retreated someplace else and had been beyond reach. Sounded good to me. I could work with that.

It was about an hour away from Paris and I found it easily, thanks to a little map that Luc’s father had made for me and despite the darkness that was starting to fall. When I got there I saw a large house. I looked through the window, where the lights were already on.

First thing I saw was this huge fireplace. I wouldn’t have mind to warm my hands there, because it was
so cold. I wanted to see a bit more, before knocking on the door. Alright. I was scared to knock. But then I heard laughter and I walked over to the other window. Luc was painting and he didn’t see me. But I saw him.

He was talking to his model. A pretty young girl with dark hair, her back turned half to him, but still very pretty. They were both so busy, they didn’t see me....”
Sarah sniffs a bit at these words.
“Some more, madame? You look cold.” The young waiter asks with a little French accent.

“One more, please.” Sarah nods. He quickly writes it down and then suggest. “Un petit pain au chocolat? For the ‘unger?” Now that he mentions it. She is hungry. Had he heard her stomach growl or something? That would be embarrassing. She shakes her head.
“Non, merci. Just a menu. I think I need more food.” She answers and he smiles.


“Hey! Can I come in?” Justin asks.
“Yeah, sure.” Kevin answers and Justin enters his office at Café 429.
“Not too busy?”
“Yes, but I was looking for an excuse to take a break.” Kevin stretches. “And to get coffee.”

“Coffee is always good.” Justin agrees. Kevin makes a stealth attack on the coffee-machine and quickly returns with his own favourite and that of Justin. They quietly enjoy the first sips, until Kevin can no longer wait.
“Alright. Spill it. Why are you here?”

“Should we be concerned about Sarah? We haven’t heard from her in a few weeks.”
“It’s not like she’s missing. She calls the kids nearly daily. She’s in France, most likely somewhere in some shed, making out with Luc. Not exactly a reason for concern.” Though Kevin shrugs, Justin isn’t sure if Kevin is really as calm as he pretends to be.

“It doesn’t concern you that she hasn’t spoken to any of us? Not even Tommy?”
“Well, Scotty and I have no desire whatsoever to talk to her, so I doubt that she’ll call us for a chitchat. Kitty is still holding a grudge. Tommy isn’t too charmed about the way Sarah treated Elizabeth. Not sure how you feel...?”

“I admit that I still angry, but at the same time, I’m worried as well. Kevin, this family is falling apart. Kitty and Seth live a life of their own with their kids, but away from us, it would seem. You and Scotty are always too busy to have some fun. Tommy focuses on Elizabeth, but other than that, we never see him. And Tyler is busy with the hotel...”

“And you sometimes make double-shifts...” Kevin points out. “We all lead very busy lives. We have families, our own worries.” Justin can’t really find anything wrong with that statement.
“I know. I just miss hanging out at mom’s, I guess.” He sighs.

“Well, to be honest, I love mom, but I’d rather ‘hang out’ in my own kitchen and with my kids ... and my private cook.” It’s Kevin’s turn to sigh letting his hands slide over his sides.
“Those love handles are turning into firm grips...” Justin teases.

“Tell me about it, but everything he makes is so delicious, well except that spinach-thing that the kids love so much.” Kevin shudders. Justin laughs.
“We need to get together again. The whole family. Can’t we just as mom to pick a date next week where we all gather together... Mom can cook....”

“Mom would love that...” Kevin nods.
“If Sarah’s still gone, we could ask Joe and the kids....”
“Mmmmmaybe...” Kevin replies slowly beginning to like the idea. “But you talk to mom.”
“Consider it done... By the way, how things moving with Tommy and Elizabeth?”

“Good.” Kevin replies with a little frown.
“Have you already asked the judge to reverse her judgement?”

“No, please, don’t Kevin me. It’s not my fault. I’ve filled in the paper-work, everything is ready. All it needs is Tommy’s signature... and he won’t sign it.”
“Why not?”
“I have no clue.”

“Is he afraid that it might hurt your feelings?”
“Hello, this is Tommy, that would be the least of his concerns. Plus, I told him that I fully understood that he wanted Elizabeth back. It’s why I arranged all the paper-work for hi,, as quickly as I could.

I didn’t want him or anyone else to think that I wanted to keep Elizabeth to myself. But according to him, he’s not worried about that.... It may be just me, but... I think he’s uncomfortable with the idea of being Elizabeth’s father again.” Kevin answers carefully and Justin looks up.

“What do you mean?”
“I know it sounds weird, but it wasn’t until Scotty joked that he was starting to feel like the ex-wife, who had custody and that Tommy was the ex-husband, who’s only allowed to only see their kid in the weekend, that is when I started to see that pattern as well.

He comes over to pick up Elizabeth, takes her to a park or a zoo or something else and he brings her back at night. I told him that I wouldn’t mind if she’d stay over a night. According to Scotty, they can easily put another bed in Tommy’s room at the hotel, but Tommy refused it.”

“Refused it?” Justin repeats.
“Exactly. I’m not trying to stop him. Scotty and I encourage him to be with Elizabeth, but it’s like he limits his own time on purpose. And to be honest, it’s not that I mind the fact that he reacts this way.

Elizabeth feels like part of my own family and I’ll miss her once Tommy permanently takes her with him, but so a part of me would rather have her close, but I’m aware of the fact that she’s not my child, that I will lose her and I don’t understand why Tommy is stalling. If she were mine, I’d try to get her back as soon as possible.”

Justin quietly wonders what he should do with this information. Talk to Tommy? Tell Nora? Keep it to himself and just be a sounding-board for Kevin?
“Do you want me to talk to Tommy or something?” He therefore ask. Kevin shakes his head.

“No. I don’t want him to think that he must take Elizabeth in. If he’s somehow not ready... I don’t know... He’s trying, but I feel he’s not really here with us.”
“Maybe he’s still very worried about Julia? It’s been nearly 4 months since she went missing...”

“I know. I worry about her as well. I hope that wherever she is, she’s safe and alive...”
“Any news about her or this Oliver?”
“No, the case isn’t moving anywhere.”
“I’m sorry to hear that. I’d like to get an answer.” Justin replies with a sigh.


“Scotty?” Mateo enters the kitchen.
“Mmmyes?” Scotty looks up from his cooking book, a bit annoyed that he gets disturbed.
“I’ve just been in the pool. The latch on the little gate isn’t working properly. It keeps opening up on its own. You should get that fixed.”

It takes Scotty a few seconds to realize what Mateo is talking about. There’s a low fence around the pool and there’s only one entrance to it, through a small gate. Though he and Kevin still wanted to change that, it wasn’t high on their priority list.
“I’ll have it fixed.” Scotty promises.

“You said that last week, but it’s still not done and that creaking sound is really creepy, something out of a horror-movie. It makes me shiver every time I hear it... If you don’t have the time, I could put a rope around it...?” Mateo offers.
“No, don’t worry. I’ll have it fixed.”

“Fine.” Mateo answers. “I’m off to see Paige then. Joe says he wouldn’t mind to teach how to play the guitar.”
“Wow! Getting closer to Joe, I see?”
“It keeps me further away from Paige.” Mateo replies with a wink.

“Smart thinking by Joe.” Scotty laughs. “Have fun!”
“I will.” Mateo leaves and Scotty turns to Daniel, standing in his play-pen.
“It seems like you and I are all alone this morning. And guess what? Daddy has a very interesting recipe here and if you’ll be a sweet boy, I’ll let you taste it first.”

“Addy? Ooggie?” Daniel wonders. Scotty looks at his son and smiles.
“One cookie. And then, be a good boy, because daddy really has to concentrate on this.” Scotty hands Daniel a cookie. “If you’re sweet, I’ll take you to the park later on and you can run around there, this play-pen is really becoming too small for you to play in, isn’t it?”

Daniel is quickly finished with the cookie, and slightly bored he sits down. Scotty looks at him over his shoulder and he wonders if he should give Daniel another one, but he changes his mind, preferring Daniel to eat his lunch. Scotty turns back to his recipe and checks to see if he has all the right ingredients, which he has.

Daniel, in the meantime, looks around, not very interested in the toys around him. He’s played with them so often. He throws all of them in the corner and looks at Scotty to see if he noticed, but Scotty’s back is turned to him and Scotty is too busy with the complicated recipe.

Daniel climbs on top of all his toys, suddenly standing way higher than he’s used to. The perspective is exciting, because this means that he can reach the chair next to the playpen. With a little effort he manages to slip out of the playpen and on to the chair. For a moment he sits on the chair and he listens to how Scotty is humming along with the song on the radio.

If Scotty sees him now, it will be all over, but Scotty is carefully measuring his ingredients. Daniel, excited with his sudden freedom, slips off the chair and quietly leaves the kitchen. At any moment he expects the voice of Scotty to call him back, but Scotty’s too wrapped up in his work and believes Daniel to be safe in his play-pen.

“It... It’s a great chance... naturally.” David starts to say carefully, when Holly seems to be confused to answer. Rebecca nods shyly, but focuses on her mother.
“I agree with your dad. Wonderful opportunity.” Holly swallows hard and tries to smile.

“Nothing, honey, I just... Of course, it’s amazing that they like Rick’s work so much that they want him in London. It’s just... so far away... I don’t want to make you sad or anything.

But I’m on my way back to recovery. I’m remembering my daughter again and now that I do, she’s moving away again. I know, I can’t stop you from living your life and from being with Rick, he’s your husband and the father of your baby, but...” Holly sighs. Rebecca nods.

“I know, mom, but like you and dad said. It’s a great opportunity.”
“I know. I just... I would have preferred it to be in New York.” Holly explains. “But if it’s London and it will make both of you happy, then, by all means, you should go and live there.” Holly sounds more brave than she feels and David, Rick and Rebecca know it.

Rebecca takes a deep breath and turns to Rick. She nods.
“England, here we come.” She laughs, her cheerfulness as fake as Holly’s. She hugs David and then Holly, but when David walks up to the front-door with them, Holly has a hard time hiding her tears.

“Well, Daniel, that’s it. Everything is ready and now to put them in the oven and ..." Scotty talks as he turns around to look at Daniel, but the play-pen is empty. It takes Scotty a few seconds to see the how the stack of toys and the chair next to the play-pen, had been used. It explains how he got away, but not where he is.

“Daniel?” Scotty calls out. He turns off the radio and he starts by looking under the table and then every little place in the kitchen where Daniel could possibly hide. “Daniel?!” Scotty voice is slightly more shrill, because fear begins to take over. “Daniel! Where are you, sweetie?’ He listens for any sound that could indicate where his son could be.

A car passes by, a fly tries to break through the window, there’s a creaking sound Scotty cannot place, but he listens for sound of that little murmuring that Daniel can do when he plays by himself, footsteps perhaps, although Scotty remembers that Daniel didn’t have his shoes on, which is why he could get past him without getting noticed.

“Daniel?” Scotty asks more quietly, panic setting in as he realises that his son is just not replying at all. Again that soft creaking noise and a chill sets around Scotty’s heart when he realizes what it is that he’s hearing. “No.” He whispers. He runs out into the garden and it’s indeed the noise of the fence he hears. The one Mateo had warned him about.

The one that leads to the swimming-pool. The latch is down, the door swings in the light breeze and Scotty throws it open completely and runs off to the pool. His heart nearly stops beating by the sight before him. A second later he’s in the pool, holding his son in his arms, but Daniel isn’t breathing.


End of part 1/4


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