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Fanfic: B&S episode 620: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 20 – Fly Away

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/4 *****

“What a pretty room.” Tommy says and it is not a lie. The main colour is soft lavender, Elizabeth’s favourite colour, and the room feels pleasant and alive. Her bed is tightly made up, her toys are in boxes. Something, Tommy remembers, she never used to do.
“Uncle Scotty says that with four kids we all have to do something...” Elizabeth shrugs.

She realises that she has changed to fit in Kevin and Scotty’s family, but it’s alright, because Kevin and Scotty expect the same from Olivia and Mateo and they are teaching it to Daniel.
“I’m sure that you take a lot of work out of your uncles’ hands.” Tommy replies.

Over Elizabeth’s bed is a large picture frame with a lot of pictures of Tommy and Julia in it. Tommy chokes up when he sees his wedding-pictures. Julia had looked so stunningly pretty and so incredibly happy.
“I pray every night, that mom comes back and that she’s safe.” Elizabeth says softly.

She sits down on her bed.
“So, are you going to take me away... I like this room. I don’t want to leave again, but if we must...”
“No, honey. I need to talk to your uncles first.”

“Are you leaving again?” She asks, afraid for the answer.
“No. No, I’m not leaving, but ... I don’t have a house, or a job, or lots of clean clothes... And those are the things I will need if I want to convince the judge that I can look after you.”

“So, I can stay here, just a little longer? And you won’t go away? And we’ll be together again? Because then I have everything I want.” She asks hopeful. “.... except mom.” She finishes softly.
“Why don’t we go downstairs and ask your uncles?” Tommy suggests.


“Tommy?” Nora asks when she picks up the phone.
“No, it’s Brody. Have you heard from Tommy? Is he alive?”
“Yes. And yes! He’s back here in LA.... Except he got mad this morning and left.... I have no idea where he is, I just hope he’s alright.”

“Have you called Kevin?”
“No. Tommy fought with Kevin and the others, so I doubt he went over there. He couldn’t. He doesn’t have the new address and .... Wait!.... He took the change of address Kevin sent me. Maybe you’re right and maybe he did go to see Kevin.”

“Then let them fight it out amongst themselves.”
“I’m going over there and talk to them.”
“Nora!... At some point you’ll have to let Tommy makes his mistakes, his own decisions and his own apologies.

Nora has to recognize that there is some truth to his words..
“Maybe you’re right.” She says reluctantly.
“Of course I am.” She can hear Brody smile on the other side and she shakes her head.
“I miss you, Brody.” She sighs.


The living-room is hardly lit. The baby-monitor doesn’t give a beep and the only sound is the sound of kisses and the occasional moan, because it all feels so good. Paige cannot believe how smoothly it all goes. From their kiss at the front door to  drinking fruit-juice in the kitchen to ending up on the couch.

And now that Mateo’s hands are moving up under her t-shirt, she could scream with excitement. His tongue is in her mouth, they are already getting less sloppy at that as well. She pushes her body up against his, a movement she can’t stop, because she longs for more.

“Paige... I ... I took something from Kevin and Scotty’s locker...” He takes a condom out of his pocket. “I ... I don’t know... Maybe it’s too soon.. but... I just wanted you to know, if you want to try...” He stammers so sweetly and shyly that Paige melts inside. With big eyes she stares at the condom, the implication is obvious to her. She nods...

They resume their kissing and Mateo takes his shirt off. Paige lets her hands slide over his upper-body, at first carefully ignoring anything below the waistline, but Mateo makes it clear that he enjoys her caresses and it makes her bolder, her hands slip a little lower, but not all the way down and Mateo moans in shock.

Paige retreats her hands, almost shocked by her own actions. They both chuckle and resume their kisses. Mateo pushes Paige down, he covers her body, lies down between her legs, still some layers of clothes between them. It’s only now that Paige feels how aroused he is.

She has never experienced that hardness against her before. And suddenly the realisation hits her what it is that Mateo wants. To take it step further, to do just a little more. They will get undressed and then... he will be inside her.... She gasps at the fear that suddenly comes over her!

“No! Stop!” She pushes Mateo off her.
“Paige? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing!” She lies, pulling her t-shirt closely around her and making herself as small as possible on the couch.

Mateo isn’t sure what is going on, but he knows Paige well enough to know she’s upset.
“Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you somehow?” He asks concerned. She shakes her head.
“I got scared.” She confesses and her lip starts to tremble and big tears appear. Mateo sighs with relief.

“That’s all?” He asks.
“What do you mean ‘that’s all?’. You must think I’m some idiot.” She cries.
“No. It’s okay... I shouldn’t have pushed this on you.”

“You didn’t. I wanted to... I got scared....”
“It’s fine if you’re scared. We can wait... I just hope this doesn’t mean that you don’t want to see me again?” Paige seems surprised by Mateo’s words.

“I thought it would be more likely that you’d want to break things off with me, now that I’m acting so stupid.”
“You’re not stupid... You’re one of the smartest girls I know. .. And I can wait.... I want you to want this too.” He kisses her again and brief, but sweet kiss.

“I DO want this... just not now?” Paige says. “See, it’s my first time...”
“Mine too.” Mateo confesses equally shy.
“... and it was a bit too much too fast.” Paige adds.

“Better luck next time?”
“Maybe.... You’re not mad?” She asks. Mateo takes her in his arms.
“Of course not...” He’s just very, very disappointed.


Chad and Jason had expected most journalists to be gone by the end of the movie, but they’re wrong. Flashlights go off everywhere. Chad and Jason are more used to it. To some extent, so is Kitty. But Justin and Tyler and Kevin and Scotty all feel a bit weird over this much attention.

“Chad! Chad! The film is considered one of your best. How does it feel?” Asks a journalist. Chad, Jason and Kitty coach the others towards the car through the rows of journalists and fans.
“Very well, I’m glad it was well-received. What did the critics say?” Chad stops to ask.

“They were raving!”
“Well, let’s see what they’ll say tomorrow morning, when they’re sober.” Chad laughs. As the owners of the hotel where the film was made, questions are asked of Scotty and Tyler.
“Was the hotel really haunted?”

“It was. We took care of it.” Tyler replies.
“The June-flower was just an amazing place. I can recommend it to everyone.” Scotty and Tyler are happy with the free advertising that Chad gives them, but they’re also happy to finally be in Chad’s car and on their way home.

“Chad, the movie was amazing!” Seth says and he speak from the tip of toes. “I’ve been on the edge of my seat all along.”
“Makes two of us. You did a fantastic job.”
“Yeah, who knew I could act?” Chad replies with a lot of self-mockery.

Jason kisses him after a ‘shut up’ and they all laugh until Kitty turns to Kevin.
“Kev, what’s going to happen with Tommy and Elizabeth?”
“Tommy has asked Scotty and me if Elizabeth could stay with us a bit longer. He will start looking for a job and a home...”

“I’m sure mom can help him with both.” Kitty says.
“No. Tommy says that mom will drive him crazy, so he has accepted Scotty’s offer to stay at the hotel for a while.”
“Good plan.” Justin agrees and Kitty nods as well.

“So, for now, nothing will change for Elizabeth?”
“No, Jason, except that she can get reacquainted with her dad. I think she needs to get to know him again. IF Julia doesn’t come back... and IF Tommy can meet the requirements of the judge, he’s going to be the only one responsible for her...” Scotty says.


Mateo carefully closes the door behind him, hoping he won’t wake anyone up. The lights get turned on and Mateo is bathing in a sea of light after the dark night.
“You’re late.” Kevin says coldly. “The library closed quite a while ago.”
“I missed my bus.” Mateo stammers.

It’s actually the truth. He had missed his bus. Just not the one at the library, but another one, which took much longer to get him home.
“Were you with Paige?”
“No.” Mateo denies.

“Are you screwing around with another girl behind her back...? Because Scotty counted these last night. There’s one missing today.” Kevin is furious and, mortified, Mateo stares at the box of condoms that Kevin holds up. He should have know that Scotty would check the contents.

“I’... I’...I’m sorry.. I just...”
“Don’t lie to me. You’re in deep shit either way. If I find out that you’ve been seeing another girl....”
“I haven’t! I swear! Just Paige...” Mateo ensures Kevin.

He starts to tremble, suddenly feeling a fear rise up that he would use to feel for this father, just before the first punch. Except, his father didn’t need a reason to get mad and Kevin had a very good reason to be livid.
“Nothing happened... She said no. And I didn’t push. I did the right thing.”

Mateo’s fingers shake as he takes the missing condom out of his pocket. He shows it to Kevin, who’s very aware of how terrified Mateo suddenly has become and he immediately knows why.
“Come here.” Kevin orders. Mateo would disobey if it were his dad, but as scared of Kevin as he is, he also cannot imagine Kevin taking out his belt and...

He closes his eyes. He should trust Kevin. It sings like a tune in his head. Trust him. You can trust him. I need to trust. He looks up at Kevin who cups Mateo’s face between his hands, so Mateo can’t look away.
“You’re grounded for a whole week. No dates with Paige... And we’ll talk in the morning.”

Mateo nods dumbly, his eyes big and filling with tears. He wants to turn his head away, but Kevin brushes the falling tear away with his thumb and looks at Mateo.
“Mateo, I’m angry with you. And you know why. I’m glad you showed enough restraint to not push yourself of Paige and I agree that it was the right thing to do.

It doesn’t change the fact that I’m mad as hell over the fact that you lied to me. But as angry as I am, I would never hit you. Or hurt you in any other way. Okay?” Mateo nods. “I’m sorry.... I just wanted to be with her...”

“I know. I remember what it’s like to be in love and to long to be with that person, but that’s not an excuse...”
“I know. I’m sorry.”
“Good. Now go upstairs and we’ll talk some more in the morning.” Kevin sighs.

He watches Mateo go upstairs and he takes a deep breath before going upstairs as well. Scotty looks up.
“Well, how did it go?” Scotty asks.
“I don’t know. I think I scared him a lot.” Kevin answers.

“Sorry to hear that.”
“I didn’t intend to, but I think I might have been a bit too hard on him at first, I was just so angry at him.”
“I know. Please tell me he didn’t have to use it.”

Kevin holds up the missing condom and puts it back in the box.
“That’s a relief.” Scotty sighs. “Are you going to tell Joe?”
“Tell him what? Of course not. That wouldn’t be fair. No, I’ll keep Mateo and Paige’s little secret.”

He gets in bed and spoons up to Scotty.
“It’s been a hectic day.” Scotty sighs, wrapping his arms around Kevin.
“I know. Just when I thought that things were slowly getting back to normal.”
“In this family? Never.” Scotty jokes.

Kevin laughs and enjoys the gentle touch of Scotty’s hands on his belly.
“The bright side to this is that the family is back together. No more missing siblings... Now if only we could get Julia back too...”
“I’m sure that we will. We have to...” Scotty replies overly positive, before snuggling closer to Kevin.


“Here I go, Luc. Please be there when I get there.” Sarah softly prays, placing a little kiss on the ticket for good luck. She steps forward and hands over the ticket.
“France? Have a nice trip, Mrs Laurent.”
“Oh. I hope so.” Sarah smiles.

Sarah finds her seat near the window. She closes her eyes. Tired, but quietly excited at what she’s about to do she makes herself comfortable. It will be a long trip, but Sarah is ready for it. The plane starts to move, comes off the ground, and not much longer Sarah is high in the sky, flying away. Flying to France to find Luc.




Episode 621 will be posted 8 April (I hope it won't be a joke!)

I have no title for it yet...

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