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Fanfic: B&S episode 620: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 20 – Fly Away

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****

“Hi, it’s me, Paige.”
“I know that. I saw that before I picked up.” Mateo smiles.
“I have to babysit tonight for the woman next door. She has a 5 month old baby and he’s as sweet as can be... He usually sleeps all night long...

And since they will be gone for several hours, I’ve been thinking that maybe we could use that time and ... do our homework together...?”
“I somehow don’t believe that a 5 month old baby would pass your father’s chaperon-test.” Mateo grins. He swears that he can almost hear Paige blush.

“He doesn’t have to know that you’ll be there, right?” Paige says practically.
“True. As long as it doesn’t mean, that I won’t get to see you ever again, if he does find out.”
“I’ll deal with my father when it come to that...” Paige promises.


When Kitty storms in Seth immediately stops her.
“Shhh, Grace is just asleep. What took you so long? What happened?”
“Tommy is back.”
“What? Tommy? When?”

“Since yesterday night. That is why mom sent us to her house.”
“Sarah, Justin and me and maybe Kevin, I don’t know. Kevin was there before we were.”
“Tommy and Kevin were in the same room? Wow, that must have clashed.”

“It was a complete Walker-meltdown, but it has given me a few things to think about. About myself mainly. It was enlightening and maybe you were right after all and maybe I do miss politics, but not for the reasons you and I thought. On my way up here, I started to see that in politics was something that my father had in mind for me.

Robert pushed me into running for Senator and that I wasn’t really arguing his idea, but... would I have made the same choice without being pushed by them? Left to my own devices, would I prefer to actually go into politics, or would I just have preferred to talk about it?”

“Just talk about it. You’re far better at arguing the pros and cons than you are at actually being a politician. From everything you told me, and what I heard from others, Robert was better at playing the political game. You’re too straightforward. You say what’s on your mind, the Walker-way, but that doesn’t make you win points with politicians.”

Kitty looks at her husband, a bit surprised by his sudden insight. Could he be right? Had she moved away from what she liked to do, to something that had felt like her ‘duty’ to do, influenced by her feelings for Robert? She sits down.
“I have to think this over.” She says.


When Kevin slams the door of their house behind him, he’s out of breath, as if he ran all the way home, instead of driving there with his car. He can see Scotty exit the kitchen.
“What happened to you?” Scotty asks. “You’re all pale. Are you alright? Are you feeling sick or something?”

“Yes. I’m sick. Sick and tired. Of my family.”
“Now what?”
“Tommy is back.” Kevin says softly and he seems very upset. Scotty walks over to him and wraps his arms around his husband.

For a few seconds Kevin holds on to Scotty as well. Just to feel Scotty close, makes him feel better. He breaks the hug, wraps his arms around Scotty’s neck and pushes Scotty’s face closer for a long, tender and warm kiss.
“I love you.” Kevin says. “You and the kids are the most important persons in my life.”

“I know, baby.”
“I’m not going to apologize for that. Not ever.”
“I’m not asking you to.” Scotty doesn’t quite understand why Kevin is so upset.
“I don’t care what the others say.... I love you so much.”

“I’m sure you do. Who told you didn’t? Tommy?” Kevin shakes his head. A bit at a loss Scotty breaks his hold on Kevin. “You know what? You go upstairs and wash your face and then you come back down and I’ll make sure that there’s a nice cup of coffee for you and we’ll talk and you’ll tell me exactly what happened.”

“Alright.” Kevin agrees quietly. “Good idea.” He plans to let go of Scotty, but changes his mind. Instead he turns back to Scotty and claims another kiss. Scotty holds Kevin in his arms, holding him tightly, offering comfort until Kevin is ready to go upstairs and Scotty can return to the kitchen.


Sarah stirs her tea. The hot cup feels good between her cold hands. Her head is still spinning from everything that happened this morning. Tommy is back. Kevin is angry. A lot of fighting. She wipes away her tears and picks up her phone and dials a long number.

“Luc? I hear, that I’m talking to you answering machine again... Well, so be it then. I cannot go on like this. I get why you left. I get that you’re angry, but ... this is not the way to solve the issues we have... We need to talk. And since you don’t wish to speak to me on the phone.... I’m coming over to France.... I have the late flight tonight.

I hope you will come and pick me up at the airport... We can’t go on with this silent treatment...” She holds her breath, hoping that Luc will pick up, but he doesn’t: “On a different note: Tommy is back... and he made me realize how miserable I’ve been and what mistakes I have made... We need to talk... I love you.”

Sarah puts down her phone, not sure if the words ‘I love you’ will be magical enough to bring Luc back, but she had to try. She takes her passport out of her bag and puts it on the table, next to her plane-ticket... It is time to go upstairs, pack her suitcase and fly to France and see if she can get Luc back.


Scotty opens the door and is somewhat surprised to see Tommy there.
“Can I come in?” Tommy asks.
“I’m not sure...” Scotty replies hesitantly, looking over Tommy’s shoulder to see if it's Kevin’s car he hears, but it’s not.

“Scotty, I’m sorry for leaving you the way I did. I just dropped all work halfway and I just stormed off, leaving you alone in a time when things were so busy. I’m truly sorry for that. I only now realize how much damage I must have made.” Scotty is surprised by the easy apology, but he believes Tommy straightaway.

“Come on, Scotty, please, let me in. I need to know if Kevin is here?”
“He was. It’s his turn to get the kids. They should be here any minute.”
“Oh. Maybe it would be better if Elizabeth doesn’t see me yet...” Tommy looks nervously at the road now.

“Kevin would tell her that you’re back. So, why don’t you come in and wait for Elizabeth to come home so you can see each other.” Scotty offers and Tommy gratefully accepts his invitation.
“What a great kitchen.”

“Yes, we really like it.”
“Did Kevin tell you what happened at Mom’s house?”
“Yes. He was very upset, but I think he started to feel better after we talked...”

“I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt his feelings, I just wanted to explain to him what was going on, but it wasn’t easy, especially not with Sarah around...”
“Sarah can be a bit of a problem.” Scotty admits.
“It was like she tried to twist every word I tried to say...”

“I know the feeling. There’s a reason why she’s no longer allowed to come here.”
“Kevin is really serious about that, isn’t he?”
“Yeah, do to him what you like, but don’t touch his kids...”
“... or his husband?” Tommy asks. Scotty smiles shyly.

“So, have you thought about what to do with Elizabeth?” Scotty asks, fearing Tommy’s answer. Scotty has grown used to having that little girl around and he’d miss her terribly if Tommy would take her away.
“I don’t know... I seriously don’t know what to do.”

Tommy rubs his face and sighs.
“I know, Scotty. I should take my responsibility as a father. I.... I’m just not sure I’m ready to do that.”
“What is that supposed to mean?” Scotty asks.

“Is she happy with you guys?”
“I don’t know. I suppose so, she’s not complaining, I think.” Scotty replies noncommittally.
“You’re being polite.”

“No, I’m not. I just believe that she’s doing the best she can with a difficult situation. I think she likes it here. She cares for Kevin and me and Olivia, Daniel and Mateo, but given the choice, she’d rather be with her mom or her dad or both.”
“What if I can’t do it? What if.....?

The door opens and Kevin enters with the Olivia and Elizabeth, holding Daniel on his arm.
“Daddy!” Elizabeth runs up to Tommy and wraps her arms around her father. Tommy holds her as tightly as he can, tears coming to his eyes.
“I’m so sorry, baby, so incredibly, incredibly sorry. I thought you didn’t need me...”

“I’m fine, but I missed you and I miss mom.” Elizabeth cries holding Tommy so strongly that she nearly chokes him. “Are you going to take me away from here?” She asks in a little voice. Tommy shakes his head.
“I have to talk to your uncles first.... Do you like it here?”

“I have my own room and there’s a pool and Olivia likes to brush my hair. She’s so sweet with me and Daniel is sooooo cute...” She swoons. Tommy laughs. “Wanna see my room?” Tommy looks at Kevin and Scotty for permission, they nod and he follows her up the stairs.

“I’m sorry... Maybe I shouldn’t have let him in, but....”
“You did the right thing. I’m not trying to keep Tommy away from Elizabeth.”
“Can he take her away?”
“Legally? No. Question is: is it wise to keep Elizabeth from Tommy?”

“Probably not.... Where’s Mateo?”
“Library. He wanted to study for a test without Olivia and Elizabeth around.” Kevin answers.
“You have to get dressed for the party tonight. Chad’s new movie? Are you ready for that? Or should we cancel?”

“I’m not cancelling. It was filmed in your hotel. We’re finally getting to see what all the fuss was about. We’ve arranged a babysitter and we were looking out to tonight. I’m not going to let Tommy’s return ruin that.” Kevin answers and Scotty nods, visibly happy that Kevin will be there for him tonight.


“You’ve been quiet all afternoon.” Tyler decides to mention. “I had hoped that our afternoon off would be a bit more cheerful.”
“I’m sorry.” Justin replies. “It’s just that this morning Tommy reminded me that he hadn’t wanted me to be Elizabeth’s father...”

“That must have been so hard.”
“That night at the cabin when it became clear that he wanted to use Kevin’s sperm to get Julia pregnant.... I felt weirdly under attack. It was like I wasn’t good enough to be the father of his child. He never considered asking me...”

“You were trying to kick the addiction, but you hadn’t completely succeeded yet. He had his doubts.”
“I don’t know.... But I swear, Tyler, if ever you and I will have kids, I’m going to be a good father, Tyler.” Justin emphasizes and Tyler sits down next to him.

“About that, Justin... I loved the proposal and I do want to marry you, but not just yet.”
“I got involved with Mike on the rebound and I got married to him at a time when I KNEW I wasn’t ready for the commitment.”

“And you’re not ready now either?” Justin guesses.
“I don’t know. I think I am, but I’m not sure. It’s been so busy these last few months and I haven’t had time to stop and think things over. I love you. I know I do. I fell in love with you in school, I loved you before we broke up and fell in love with you again a few months ago.

It’s not a question of not loving you, just.... it’s all going too fast for me and I need to take it slower. I don’t want to pick a date yet, or start looking for wedding-dresses and such. We’re still young. We have time.” She explains and Justin grabs her hand.
“But you do want to be with me? This is not some temporary break-up?”

“No. No break up, just a bit of time to enjoy each other without the pressure of marriage on us.” Tyler tells him. “Because... if we do get married, I’d like to have a baby, your baby, and I’d want to find out how good a father you can be. But not just now, okay?”
“However you want it, Tyler... Just... don’t leave me?” Justin quietly asks and he kisses her.

“I won’t.” Tyler promises. “Why don’t we get dressed up for tonight... I’ve never been to movie premiere before... It’s all so exciting...”
“You’ll be the prettiest woman there.”
“I hope so, I wouldn’t want you to change your mind about marrying me.” She replies sweetly.


End of part 3/4


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