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Fanfic: B&S episode 620: part 2/4

Season 6 – Episode 20 – Fly Away

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 2/4 *****

Kevin enters through the back-door as per usual.
“Hello?” He calls out, when it seems the house is very empty.
“I’m here.” Tommy comes out of the pantry. “I’ve made us some coffee and ... uh, I found these...” He holds up the filled cookie-jar.

For a moment the brothers stand face-to-face and Kevin is torn. He’s happy to see Tommy, alive and breathing, but at the same time he feels the urge to leave again, now that he knows that Tommy may be alive and breathing, he’s not forgiven. Anger and happiness fight to get the upper-hand.

“It’s good to see you.” Tommy eventually says. Kevin nods, still a bit at a loss for words. Tommy takes a step closer, reluctantly. “I’ve thought a lot about you... and all that has happened between us...” Another step. “I’m sorry. I apologize for what I’ve done, and for everything I said and for all I accused you of. I was totally wrong.”

Kevin takes a deep breath, his heart is beating faster. He cannot remember ever getting an apology from his brother that sounded and looked more genuine than this one. It isn’t even the words, but Tommy’s entire attitude. Open. Vulnerable. And Kevin realises that he’s in a position to break Tommy’s attempt at a reunion. Kevin’s defence crumbles a bit.

He swallows hard and carefully picks out his words.
“I believe you when you say that you’re sorry...”
“And I promise that, later today, I will go to Scotty and I will apologize to him in person, just like you said that you wanted me to do.

You were right. What I did was awful and whatever issues we had, I had no right to take them out on Scotty... I... I stood here last night, telling mom, that you would never let your anger, over what I did, be a reason to hurt Julia or Elizabeth. And as I said that, I realised that I wouldn’t have deserved any better, if you had, considering the way that I used your husband to hurt you....”

“And that hurt. There. I admit it. I am probably more angry over what you did to Scotty, than what you did to me... We’ve had fights before and we will have more of them in the future, I’m sure of that, but Scotty’s hurt and panic that night, at a time when he was already so stressed out and genuinely, honestly and really grateful for your help....”

Tommy can feel Kevin’s anger hitting him like a wave.
“Scotty is a good person. I had no right to hurt him like that. I know that now. I will stick to my promise, Kevin, I won’t let you down again...”
“Good. Because apologizing to Scotty is the second most important thing to me.”

“The second most important thing? What’s the first?” Tommy carefully teases, but he knows the answer to his question already. “Stupid question. The first place of course is Elizabeth.”
“Yes. Elizabeth.” Kevin admits.


“Justin! What are you doing here?” Sarah asks.
“Could ask you the very same question.” Justin answers.
“I had some cryptic message from mom on my answering-machine this morning.”
“Did she say that she would not be here, but that you should be?”

“Yes, something like that.” Sarah answers.
“Oh, no.” Kitty says. “What are you two doing here? Did mom talk to you as well?”
“Guess so.” Sarah replies.
“Now what do we do?” Justin wonders.

“We go in and find out what mom’s messages are all about.” Sarah decides and she opens the back door. The first thing she hears are male voices. Familiar voices. She gasps.
“Tommy! Oh, my God! Tommy!”

Tommy nearly jumps out of his chair and quickly looks at Kevin who looks equally surprised.
“When did you get back?” Justin hugs Tommy
“Yesterday, late in the evening.” Tommy answers.

He feels a bit lost because he hadn’t had time to finish his conversation with Kevin.
“How did you know that I was here?”
“We didn’t. Mom left some weird message about us having to come here, even though she’d be gone.” Kitty explains.

“Elizabeth will be so happy to be with dad again.” Sarah says with a broad smile, happy that Tommy is back. “You do know that your daughter is with Kevin and Scotty now, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do.” Tommy answers.

“Ahm, I’d hate to have to point out the obvious, but Tommy is not allowed to take Elizabeth with him. The judge said he couldn’t.” Justin feels the need to say this.
“Yes. Kevin took real good care of that.”
“Don’t be so sarcastic, Sarah.”

“I’m not, Kitty. Just saying that Kevin has made sure that, even now that Tommy is back, Kevin is the one who gets to keep her and...”
“Tommy can see and talk to Elizabeth whenever he wants. I won’t object.”
“In fact, Kevin and I were about to talk about this, so perhaps that you guys....?”

Tommy gently tries to send them away, so he can talk to Kevin, but the subtlety of his request escapes the attention of the others.
“I’m sure that if Tommy and I can talk and I explain the judge’s decision, he will see the logic of it and we can take further steps...”

“Yes, Kevin, explain to him how Elizabeth now knows that you’re her father and not her uncle.”
“I don’t know what would be the point of this, Sarah, but I was not the one who told Elizabeth that I’m her father, because I’m not her father, Tommy is....”

“Thank you.” Tommy mumbles.
“... It was Julia who told Elizabeth. Not me.”
“And it was the perfect moment for you to get Elizabeth, wasn’t it?” Sarah asks.
“You’re insane! Why am I even talking to you after what you did to Elizabeth....?” Kevin wonders.

“Wait! What did Sarah do to Elizabeth?”
“Nothing, Tommy, forget it.”
“No, Kevin, I want to know.”
“Sarah told Elizabeth that you and Julia were probably dead...” Justin explains.

“What?” Tommy now turns to Sarah. “You told her WHAT...?”
“She already knew. Kevin told her the same thing.” Sarah defends herself.

“No! I didn’t... Tommy, I asked Max Carter, a trained police-officer, to talk to Elizabeth about the possibility that you and Julia might never come back. It was all done by the book and after he consulted a child-psychologist on how to best explain the situation to her without either frightening her or downplaying the situation.”

Tommy looks from Sarah to Kevin, not sure who to believe when Kitty calmly adds: “Sarah then took it upon herself to tell Elizabeth, in no uncertain terms, that you and Julia are probably dead and that Kevin and Scotty would lie to her about it, which is why auntie Sarah just had to spill the beans... and why auntie Kitty slapped her face for it!”

“You did that?” Tommy asks.
“Yes. And I have no regrets.” Kitty folds her arms in front of her chest and clearly takes a stand against Sarah. Tommy’s head spins with all the new information.

“Wait. Why would you say something so awful to Elizabeth?” He asks of Sarah.
“I’m not proud that I did, but I was so mad at Kevin.”
“For what? What did I do?”

“It’s your arrogance in assuming that you’re always right and that you, and you alone, are the one with all the solutions. And then there’s Scotty, always Mr Perfect. We know he’s an amazing cook, he doesn’t have to be such a show-off every time. And there’s the way that you try to always flaunt that so-called perfect relationship of yours, even though we both know that Scotty’s doesn’t mind a bit of cheating behind your back!” Sarah lashes out.

“Will you please start playing another tune? Your record is stuck on something that happened quite a while ago. Scotty and I are past that! I suggest you get over it too! And it’s not my fault that I married a great guy. You did the same, but you were so impossible to live with that you chased him away!” Kevin yells back.

“And what do you mean by flaunting perfection? Their relationship is not perfect, but they’re working hard to make it work. We all do.” Kitty asks.
“Not Sarah.” Kevin grumbles. “She’s too busy being jealous of others.”
“Kev, please, stop it.” Kitty tries to defuse the situation.

“I will if she does.” Kevin replies, a movement of his head makes it clear that he’s talking about Sarah.
“Sarah, you have your issues, which have nothing to do with the relationships that Kevin, Scotty, Tommy and Elizabeth have with each other. Please, stay out.”

“Justin, why don’t you mind own business?”
“Because, Mrs Laurent, my family is my business and I’m tired of the fact that we’re always fighting. Stop fanning the flames. Let Kevin and Tommy deal with it between themselves and stop turning the stories around and stop trying to make Kevin look bad.

Kevin did what he felt that he had to do. Tommy was gone and so was Julia. Someone had to step up for that little girl and he did it. The judge said he was right, gave him custody and now it’s up to Tommy to prove that he can be a father for Elizabeth. This will take time and it won’t go faster if you keep causing arguments between them.”

“We’re not arguing.” Tommy now says. “I just wanted to talk to Kevin, not fight with him.”
“Yes, but you can bet that things will get ugly the moment you plan to take Elizabeth back.”

“But I don’t want to, Kitty.” Tommy sighs. “Not straightaway. I’m not going to fight with Kevin over the judge’s decision. I want to get Elizabeth back and we’ll do it in a legal way. I’m sure that Kevin can help with that.”
“Yeah, right!” Sarah replies sarcastically.

“I will. I never wanted to take Elizabeth away. I just wanted someone to legally look after her.” Kevin tells Tommy, without taking his eyes off his brother.
“It was a messy situation and you did what you had to do. I do however want to see Elizabeth, talk to her, ... hold her.”

“No problem. Why don’t you come with me or come to our new house around the time Elizabeth comes home... I want to first warn her that you’re back. We’ve been preparing her for the worst, seeing you might be a big shock.”
“Fine. I agree.” Tommy smiles.

“But, Tommy, this is ridiculous.” Another voice now mixes itself into the conversation.
“Mom, you’re back.”
“Yes. And just in time. Kevin, how can you be so heartless to not give Elizabeth back to Tommy? She’s his child.”

“And where would I take her, mom? I landed here not even 24 hours ago. I have nothing left here. No house, no job, no life.”
“She can stay here.” Nora suggests and Tommy can see Justin and Kitty roll their eyes, while Sarah nods. He assumes that all this had already been argued about.

“If she’s used to a life with Kevin and Scotty now? No. I’m not going to drag her out of the life she has now, to put her here and then go find yet another place to stay and have her move again. She’s been moved around too often. She needs the stability of knowing where she belongs.”

“She belongs with you.”
“The steadiest factor in her life, these last few years and aside from Julia and school has been Kevin, not me.”
“How ... how can you say that?”

“Because, it’s the truth, mom. As much as I would like it to be different, I just wasn’t there.”
“Who’s been brainwashing you? Have you returned to that hippy-camp in Mexico?” Sarah asks, but Kitty puts her hand on Tommy’s arm.

“That must have been so hard to admit to yourself.” She says with sympathy and Tommy shakes his head.
“No. I’ve been doing so much thinking these last few months. I’ve spend quite some time trying to figure out why I felt so miserable all the time.

Being away from all of you and the Walker-drama and all the mayhem that had been caused, by others and by me, I started to finally see my own mistakes, my own hang ups with this family.”
“Which are....?” Nora wants to know.

“Right or wrong, I’ve always believed that dad wanted me to become the man in charge of this family if something happened to him. I was the oldest boy, the one he showed the ropes to when it came to Ojai Food. It was up to me to continue the Walker name and it looked like it would be a piece of cake for me.

I hate to say this, and, please, Kev, don’t take this the wrong way, but in a way the fact that you came out as being gay only strengthened that belief, because now dad saw me even more as the man to do it and not you... I’m sorry.”
“Skip it. I get what you mean.” Kevin waves the words away, slightly annoyed.

“I got married to a girl, something Kevin wouldn’t be doing any time soon, and though Sarah already a child, I felt as if... my child would be more important to dad, because that child would be a Walker...”
“Oh, that’s ridiculous, as if...” Sarah immediately rejects his words.

“Sarah, shut up!” Kitty interferes, before Sarah can start again. “Tommy is just trying to explain what went on his head and this is already more about him, than I’ve heard over the last 10 years... So, stop taking everything as a personal insult and let Tommy talk.” Kevin is amused to see how Sarah’s jaw just drops, but she doesn’t say anything.

“Go on, Tommy.” Justin says calmly.
“I started to believe that .. I has to be better than all of you. I tried the best I could, but dad simply wouldn’t let me run Ojai. It was quite a slap to my face when Sarah was suddenly asked to join.”

“You were jealous.”
“I’m not sure if it was jealousy. I think it was more disappointment, because I couldn’t see where I had failed. It never occurred to see this as just a decision dad made for whatever reason, I made it about me and personal.”

When dad died, I was surprised by the terms of the will. I thought that in there he would certainly point me out as the man in charge, but he chose Sarah. And the one person in the room who had actually known all this was Kevin, the one I expected dad least to confide in. I felt put aside.

And then the embezzlement came out and Sarah couldn’t make decisions, even though they were very obvious to me. And everyone doubted William’s folly in buying that land, but I stuck to it and I got us out of trouble and somehow... I still felt like no one could see me as the person who should be in charge of Ojai... Dad’s company...”

“As if you’d be better at it than me.” Sarah replies sarcastically.
“I’d hate to point out the obvious to you, but the only reason why Ojai survived the embezzling is because I believed in dad and the land he bought. You were willing to give up, I was the one who pushed to see that land.

After the Golden Plum deal fell through, you got desperate, but it was Holly who came with the plan on how to save Ojai. And the only reason why we’re all financially well off is because mom believed in dad and his plans for Narrow Lake. All you did was moan and feel sorry for yourself, so maybe you shouldn’t be the one acting so high and mighty now.”

“Well said, Tommy.” Kitty quietly agrees.
“I’m sorry, Tommy, but your hands aren’t exactly clean either, so perhaps we shouldn’t turn this into some competition on who was the biggest screw up?” Justin suggests.
“I agree.” Kitty says. “Where were you? Oh, right... Feeling unrecognized for your talents...”

“Yes, and add to that, my finding out that I as sterile and wouldn’t be able to get Julia pregnant, it was a real blow to the image I had of myself in my head. Having to ask Kevin if he would be the donor was the hardest thing I ever had to do. When he turned me down, I was also partially relieved.... I had tried, didn’t work, too bad...

When I left Ojai and started working with Holly it was a breath of fresh air. Holly consulted me on everything. Unlike Sarah, she didn’t make one-sided decisions and I was on top of the world and then....”
“It all came crashing down. That was my fault.” Sarah sighs.

“Holly and I both agreed that we should help Ojai.” Tommy shrugs. “It was a good deal, but poorly executed. I fired Kevin, not because he was too expensive, I knew that if I would talk to him, he’d help me out, but I fired him because....” Tommy swallows hard. “... I knew he was Elizabeth’s father... and I hated him for it...”

“But Elizabeth should be the most precious person in your life...” Nora feels nearly insulted over Tommy’s words.
“And she is. That didn’t change the fact that I knew that she was Kevin’s. And I hated that. Because a part of me didn’t want her to be Kevin’s, I wanted her to be mine!”

Tommy’s voice is loud and everyone stares at him as if they’ve never seen him before and Kevin believes that maybe this thought comes the closest to the truth. Tommy calms down again.
“Look,... I love Kevin for the fact that he’s my brother and that he helped me to become a father. I do.

Elizabeth is the light of my life, my reason for living and, just before I left, I felt that Julia was pushing Elizabeth more and more towards Kevin and away from me. And that hurt. Especially if you realize that Elizabeth loves Kevin so very much and that there’s just this special connection between them...

Yeah, I was jealous. And I was hurt. And angry and I absolutely hated Kevin, but also Scotty for having all that I felt should be mine. I felt entitled to have a happy marriage, a child, a home, a living, pride of who you are and what you have accomplished.”
“Perfection.” Sarah nods.

“Am I supposed to feel responsible for something?” Kevin asks sarcastically.
“No. The idea was all in my head.” Tommy sighs, shaking his head and hurrying to take away Kevin’s thoughts. “Last year I did feel like you owed me something, like I felt everyone owed something, but my months away have made me look at my life differently.

“Alright. I get that maybe you felt angry or upset with Kevin, but why particularly him? Robert and I had a successful marriage that overcame my near-cheating and my cancer.... And then there’s Justin who’s happy in his relationship with Tyler...” Tommy looks embarrassed by Kitty’s question and doesn’t immediately answer.

“Because....” Sarah slowly starts. “Kevin was, according to dad, the least likely candidate to get the successful family-life that dad envisioned for all of us. He never doubted Tommy and Julia or Joe and me. He even believed that in time Kitty and Justin would find the right partner and have a family...”

Kevin stares at his brothers and sisters. He’s flabbergasted by Sarah’s words.
“You guys are not serious about this.” His voice in nearly a whisper.
“It’s true that William didn’t believe that Kevin would have much of a chance. He didn’t consider a relationship between two men as something that could last...” Nora admits.

“And with the speed in which Kevin picked up and dropped his boyfriends.... not very encouraging.” Tommy admitted. “Dad just could not imagine a lasting relationship for you, Kev. So you became sort of the bar that we shouldn’t strive for... We should always be able to do better than Kevin...”

At least Tommy has the decency to look embarrassed by his own words.
“How great to know that I served such an endearing purpose.” Kevin replies, visibly disgusted. “I knew dad had his issues with me, but this....”
“Kev, I’m sorry.” Tommy apologizes.

“I’m out of here.” Kevin gets up.
“No, Justin, I’ve heard enough! And I’m done! From now on I will focus my attention on being a faithful husband and a good father and to hell with the rest of you.”

Kevin leaves the kitchen, a few seconds later the front door slams shut and right after that they hear a car drive off at high speed.
“Nice going, Tommy.” Sarah says. Tommy gives her an astonished look.
“How come this is my fault?”

‘You and you sudden desire to apologize and come clean. Gee! You sounded like Justin did, when he went through his steps for rehab. What did you join? ‘Jerks Anonymous’?”
“Actually, yes! They gather here tonight downtown LA. Perhaps you’d like to join. Seems like you’ve been acting like a world class bitch lately!” Tommy fights back.

“Enough! Please!” Nora yells.
“Stay out of this, mom. Why the hell did you call them anyway?”
“Someone had to convince you to stay and fight for Elizabeth.” Nora explains and Tommy makes an exasperated noise.

“Why didn’t you simply stay out of this? Why couldn’t you just me do things my way? Why do you always feel like you’re the only one with all the answers, when all you did is make matters worse. I was having a reasonable conversation with Kevin. Brother to brother, father to father. Kevin and I were getting there without a fight.

Kevin didn’t disagree that I should get Elizabeth back. Kevin wanted to help me to get her back. He was willing to tell me everything I needed to know.... But, now? Forget it. He’s so pissed off, he will dig himself in. There’s not a chance in hell, that I’m going to get Elizabeth back without a fight. Which was actually what I wanted to avoid.”

Tommy jumps up.
“I need to get out of here. You guys just suffocate me.”
“Tommy..!” Nora begs Tommy to stay. “Just calm down. We’ll fix this.”
“NO! NO! Don’t even try! Just stay out of it!” Tommy yells at her.

Justin places himself between Tommy and Nora.
“That’s enough! I know there are a lot of frustrations, but there’s no need to be so vicious at mom either! She was trying to help and it back-fired...”
“And now you think I’m going to hit her?” Tommy wants to know from Justin.

Tommy means his words to be a joke, but when he sees no one laughing, his slightly sarcastic smile fades and he looks disappointed.
“Wow! You guys really don’t know me, do you? Reason more for me to leave... I need some fresh air.”

Tommy grabs his coat and leaves through the back-door. Sarah wraps an arm around the crying Nora.
“I’m gone as well. This was very ugly and I ... I don’t feel so good right now.” Kitty says softly.

“I’m coming with you.” Justin gives Nora a quick kiss, before he follows Kitty outside.
“What do you think, Kit?”
“That we should have left, the moment we saw Tommy and Kevin together... so they could fight it out amongst themselves.”

Justin sighs and quietly agrees with his sister.
“Do you think that Tommy is right? That we all measured ourselves to Kevin as someone we shouldn’t be? Sarah seems to agree, but I don’t think I ever did. Did you?”
“No. But I was away from dad’s influence for a long time. So were you.”

“You think that it’s more something that Dad put on Tommy and Sarah, then something that they would have done by themselves?” Justin asks and Kitty shrugs.
“I don’t believe that Sarah or Tommy ever thought bad about Kevin, I think it’s more something that happen subconsciously.

Of course, In his own way, Tommy loves Kevin, I’m sure of that. So when Tommy became aware of his own flow of thoughts, it must have shocked him. But this is between Kevin and Tommy. We should stay out of this.” Kitty rubs her eyes. She feels tired.

“We should talk to Kevin however... I don’t want him to think that I felt the same way about him as Sarah and Tommy did.”
“We can do that tonight. We have the premiere of Chad’s new film to attend. Jason will be there too, as will Kevin and Scotty. And you and Tyler, I believe. We talk to him there.”


End of part 2/4


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