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Fanfic: B&S episode 620: part 1/4

Season 6 – Episode 20 – Fly Away

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)




***** Part 1/4 *****

Nora paces in the reception-hall checking the board to see which planes just landed, glad to finally see the one from Seattle showing up. Finally! It had taken Nora quite some trouble to convince Tommy not to call Kevin, but he had agreed eventually. She had sent him money to come back home and he had accepted her demands to come back without much protest.

And she hopes that she can hold her son in her arms again soon. She watches all the people that leave. There are so many of them. What if she misses Tommy?
“Mom?” The voice is so wonderfully familiar and cheerful that it nearly makes her cry.
“Tommy!” She wraps her arms around him and holds him so tightly that Tommy can hardly breath.

“Mom, take it easy... Let me go... You’re going to crack my ribs!” Tommy laughs and Nora finally takes time to look at him. He looks good, happy, comfortable in his own skin.
“Where have you been?”
“I’ve travelled around.” Tommy replies as if it’s the most logical thing in the world.

“Oh, my God, we thought you were dead. Murdered.” Nora starts to cry. Tommy’s happy smile fades, an all too familiar feeling of impending drama creeping back on him.
“Mom, what on Earth are you talking about? Why would I be dead? Let alone murdered? This makes no sense to me. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Tommy says. "And why won't you answer any of my questions about Elizabeth?"


“It’s not fair! It’s just not fair!” Kevin cries out and Scotty, Mateo, Olivia and Elizabeth are laughing. “You’re cheating! You’re all cheaters!”
“You’re just a bad loser!” Mateo defends himself and the others with a large smile.
“I used to be good at this game. Now I only lose. It’s not fair.” Kevin pouts.

Scotty laughs as well and manages just in time to stop Daniel from grabbing the dice.
“No, Daniel. No.” Scotty says. “This is not for you to play with.” Daniel doesn’t fully agree and makes another attempt.
“Daniel! Daddy said no.” Kevin now says with more authority.

Daniel still doesn’t agree, but backs away. He knows his daddies rather well by now and the look on Kevin’s face means playpen-if-you-continue and Daniel feels that he no longer belongs in there. Not with an entire big world around him to discover. He also knows instinctively that Kevin is stricter than Scotty, so he knows not to cross Kevin.

“I don’t know, but I think it’s bedtime for all of you.” Scotty announces, feeling that he should try to be more strict as well.
“Awwww.” Elizabeth pouts. “Must we?”
“Yes, sweetie. Up! Go brush your teeth!” Scotty orders.

“Can I use your bathroom?” Mateo asks. “It will be midnight before those two are done.”
“Yes, but don’t make a mess!” Scotty answers.
“... Won’t.” Mateo promises and he runs off as well.
“Your turn or mine to put Daniel to bed?” Kevin asks.

“You did it last night.” Scotty answers.
“You’ve been busy all day. If you’re too tired...?” Kevin doesn’t mind to take care of Daniel.
“No, I’m fine...” Scotty answers, a bit distracted.

“I’ll take care of Elizabeth, Olivia and Mateo in the meantime.”
“Fine.” Scotty answers, taking the struggling Daniel with him, while Kevin clears away the game they were playing. By the time Kevin is upstairs, Elizabeth is on her bed, waiting for him.

“Brush your teeth?” Kevin asks and she blows in his direction so Kevin can smell the peppermint of her toothpaste. “Did you brush well? You have to go the dentist next week.” He reminds her.
“Is that really necessary?” Elizabeth asks. “He will not find anything.”

“Let’s hope so, for the both of us. I hate to sit there and watch you squirm. Want me to read you a story?”
“No.” Elizabeth shakes her head and yawns. “I’m tired... Kevin? ...” Kevin, in the process of dissecting the clean clothes from the dirty ones on the floor, looks up.

“... If mom and dad don’t come back... do I then have to call you my father?”
“No, honey, you don’t have to do that.”
“That is what Joanne, my friend, said. That if you’re my real father, then I should call you dad. But...” She explains confused. Kevin places a hand on her arm.

“I don’t care what Joanne says or thinks. We talked about this and we, you and I, agreed that you could call me what you want. We agreed that you’d call me just Kevin, at moments where ‘uncle’ Kevin sounds weird to you... If...” Kevin has to swallow hard to get the next words out. “

“... If you reach a point where to want to start calling me ‘father’ or ‘dad’, we’ll talk about it then.”
“But it doesn’t have to be now?” Elizabeth asks relieved.
“No, honey. It doesn’t have to be now.” Kevin confirms and he gives her kiss on her head.

He watches as she turns to her side and turns around to be face-to-face with Scotty.
“Daniel is in bed, waiting for your goodnight-kiss.”
“Okay.” Kevin answers with a nod and he leaves Elizabeth’s room to go to Daniel’s room, while Scotty says goodnight to Elizabeth.


“He’s an idiot! A complete and total idiot!” Kitty jumps up and switches the tv off.
“Who is?” Seth asks, looking up from his book. He doesn’t care much for political debates anyway.
“That Senator Bays. His latest plan is too ludicrous for words.”

“It is?”
“I don’t even know where to begin to explain how stupid the whole plan is.”
“Then what....?”
“Oh! If Robert would have been at that table he would have.....”

Kitty stares at her clenched fist and she swallows away the tears that suddenly appear.
“Sorry.... I should not watch these kind of shows....” She shakes her head.
“Kitty...” Seth reaches out to her to hold her, but she gently pushes him away.
“I’m fine, Seth. I just realised how much I miss it all.”

“If you’re so interested in going back...”
“I’m not. I’m happy with you and the kids and my life and my job as a teacher... I just, ... did you know I used to do this show called ‘Red, white and blue’?”
“Really? Heard about it, but I never saw it.”

“No? I was actually very good at debating Warren Salter...” She smiles.
“Oh, but he’s good. He also has a one-hour radio show on Sunday-morning. I love to listen to him talk. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s indeed good at debating topics.”

“He sure was.... I miss that. I miss the debating, the arguing my case...”
“Kitty, have you ever thought about going back to Washington and getting back to running for some seat. Senator or something else?” Seth asks and Kitty seems almost surprised by his question.

“No. Yes. I don’t know. Maybe.... I sometimes daydream about it, when I hear an idiot like Senator Bays, being completely clueless. And then I imagine grilling him on the topic and making jaws drop in awe, ....but let’s be practical side here: It would take me away from you guys and I don’t want that. Been there, done that, over it... Mostly.”

The fact that she reluctantly adds that last little word makes Seth smile.
“Alright,...” Seth answers. “Won’t ask again.”
“Good.” Kitty replies, but her entire attitude betrays that it’s not good at all. She switches on the tv again to finish watching the debate.


Mateo opens the small locker to the side of the washbasin. He can clearly see them on the shelve, but he doesn’t dare to reach out and take one. In a moment of curiosity, last week, he had checked what was in the small locker, only to find out that one of the items there was a small box of condoms and it had somehow shocked him.

It hadn’t escaped his attention that Kevin and Scotty were gay. And he could see how sex between them would most likely be different than sex between a man and woman, but, just like most kids don’t think about what happens in the bedroom of their parents, he had never really thought about it more thoroughly either.

And it had made him think about his own desires. Paige and Mateo were getting closer and, it wasn’t like he had never thought about doing it with Paige... in fact, it was on his mind quite often... just before falling asleep and right after waking up... and during math for some reason...

And the box of condoms had just made him aware of the possibilities... If only he dared to take one... Would Kevin and Scotty know it if one would be missing? ... He didn’t want to go behind their backs, but ... it wasn’t like he could ask for one either, Kevin would kill him.... If Joe didn’t get to him first.

Of course, he could buy a box of his own... but wouldn’t just one be enough? Just for the first time....? What if Paige or he wouldn’t really like it...?
“Looking for something?” Scotty’s voice nearly gives Mateo a heart-attack.
“No... No.... I’m sorry.... I just...” Just what?

“Mateo, those were the condoms you were staring at....” Scotty points out without much mercy and he watches the pure embarrassment on Mateo’s face. “Are you and Paige up to something? Did you plan to take one?” Mortified Mateo shakes his head. “Are you sure?” Mateo nods. “Because I don’t quite believe you.”

Mateo looks up and sees a little smile around Scotty’s mouth.
“I’ve been 15, going 16 myself. And I can still remember what was mostly on my mind and – hint - it wasn’t math.”

“Close enough...” Scotty smiles and Mateo visibly relaxes.
“I’m sorry. I ... I was curious and I saw them and ... I was surprised to see them... I mean, I’d get it if you were just together... but you and Kevin have been together for so long...? Does it never stop?”

“It did. Until I told Kevin that I had cheated on him... You knew about that, didn’t you?” Scotty asks and Mateo nods. “Of course. Nothing in this family remains a secret... Well, when Kevin found out, there was a breach of trust between us... and we started to use them again, until Kevin was absolutely sure that I was clean ....”

It’s not easy for Scotty to say the words, but he sees how Mateo eagerly takes it all in.
“So, if you and Paige are thinking about moving your relationship to the next level...?”
“No. We’re not...”
“Are you sure? Because it would be better to use them and not make a mistake...”

“We’re not going to move it too fast.” Mateo replies.
“No?” Scotty teases.
“I never even think about it.” Mateo denies.
“Liar!” Scotty replies with a knowing smile.


Tommy returns to the kitchen to find Nora making coffee.
“Not for me, thanks.”
“Anything stronger?”
“No. Nothing. I just want you to stop running around and tell me what is going on.”

“Tommy, where have you been?”
“Everywhere and nowhere. I’ve travelled along the coast, up to Seattle, went to Canada, travelled around there and after a while I crossed the border again... I just couldn’t stay put in one place for long.

I sold my car and my watch to have money in my pocket and I was careful with what I spending and what I was spending it on. I’ve walked a lot. Hitch-hiked a lot. I’ve met some weird people and some real gentle souls. I’ve worked here and there and I’ve done a lot of thinking and re-thinking... Mom, why did you think that I was dead?”

“Do you know a man named Luke Jackson?”
“No, can’t say that…. No, wait, I do. He was a truck-driver who allowed me to join him for a while.”
“He had your phone…?”

“Mom, he didn’t kill me over it. I gave it to him…. His phone was dead and he wanted to stay in touch with his mom, who was dying in some home....”
“So, you gave away your own phone?”
“I erased all numbers…” Tommy said.

“Yes. But we tried to reach you on that phone…”
“Poor Luke, you guys must have driven the poor guy crazy.” Tommy laughs.
“He’s dead. Murdered. Probably over the cargo he was carrying…” Nora replies coldly to Tommy’s joke. Tommy’s smile disappears.

“Murdered? Oh, my God… That’s awful. He was such a nice guy…. So concerned over his mom… He thought it might be her last Christmas….”
“It was. He was murdered around Christmas. She died a few weeks later…”
“This is so sad.”

“Because they found your phone amongst his things, we believed that whomever killed Mr Jackson also killed you… We couldn’t imagine how else he would have your phone??”
“Mom, I gave my phone away, because I wanted to be free. Jules and Elizabeth no longer needed me. I gave Kevin all documents he could possibly need to provide for them.

Ojai is gone. The stations are sold. Everyone here is happy and no one needed me. Even Scotty was smart enough that he knew how to run his restaurant and never really needed my help. So, I got lost… I don’t know… Maybe I was lost… as a person. Just wanted to be gone out of everyone’s life. I had done more damage than good….”

“Did you never consider to contact us?”
“Why? Everyone was angry at me. Some rightfully so, some perhaps not so with cause….’
“What about Elizabeth?” Nora now wants to know, not understanding how Tommy can be so out of touch about what is going on.

“She’s with Jules and in case that either Elizabeth or Julia would need something, they could turn to Kevin. I may have had my fights with Kevin, but Kevin would never abandon Elizabeth or Julia… He’d never make them pay for my mistakes.” Tommy replies with certainty, unable to see what Nora is so frustrated about.

“Tommy…. I … I don’t know how to tell you this, but … Elizabeth is no longer with Julia…” Nora stammers. Tommy sits up, visibly shocked and worried.
“Where is she?”
“Elizabeth is with Kevin and Scotty.” Nora answers.

“Oh, thank God! I thought for a second that my ex-parents-in-law had put their claws in Elizabeth… They’d never let her go again… So, why is Elizabeth with Kevin? Is something wrong with Julia? Is she sick?”
“She’s missing.”

“Missing?” Tommy asks flabbergasted.
“Yes. Missing. She was dating some guy named Oliver. She really liked him… He offered to take her with him on a cruise….”
“… And that didn’t raise a red flag with her…?”

“I don’t know. Julia was tired and depressed. So the night before Christmas she went over to Kevin and Scotty, dropped Elizabeth there and left….”
“Tommy…. She told Elizabeth straight to her face that Kevin is her real father….”

Tommy sits back, a look of horror on his face.
“She what?” He asks, after regaining his voice.
“Justin and Tyler were there when it happened. Kevin was not the one who told Elizabeth. It was Julia. Needless to say this, but Kevin was livid.”

Tommy lets the words sink in, slowly realizing that a lot has happened since he left.
“So, what happened to Julia after she left?”
“A cab-driver took her to the cruise-ship, but she never boarded. At first they thought that this Oliver had nothing to do with it.

The police thought that somewhere between entering the waiting-hall and the ship, Julia had changed her mind and left for some unknown destiny…”
“Julia would never just leave Elizabeth and be gone for months without a single word.” Tommy shakes his head.

“That is what Kevin and Scotty felt as well, so Kevin filed a missing person’s report… It was during the custody case that we found out that Oliver had had more girlfriends disappearing on him, and that Julia was not the only one…”

“Kevin and Scotty have full custody over Elizabeth right now, because you and Julia were both nowhere to be found… and … and …..” Nora’s eyes fill with tears. “… there were reasons to think that you two were presumably dead.” Tommy can see that Nora tries to fight her tears.

He rubs his face and he keeps his eyes closed tightly for a few seconds. Somehow he hopes that if he opens them again, it will turn out to be some jet-lag induced night-mare. But it’s not.
“I’m going to bed. I need some sleep....” He says.

“But what about Elizabeth?”
“What about her, mom?”
“Shouldn’t you go and get her?”

“She’s your daughter...!”
“For crying out loud, mom, it’s nearly 10 o’clock at night. What do you want me to do? Go over to Café 429 and tell Kevin and Scotty that I want my daughter back? In the middle of the night? On a school-night?

Hey, sorry, Kevin, can I have Elizabeth? No, I don’t have a home, or a job, or a clue what the hell is going on, but I’m taking her out of her warm little bed, so I can take her over to mom and uproot the life she’s had lead for the last few months... and then Kevin will hand her over. No problemo.

That’s if he won’t call the cops on me and make sure that I’ll never see Elizabeth again. Knowing Kevin he would have made sure that he has the law on his side. He’s too good a lawyer to make a mistake when it comes to Elizabeth. No, mom, I need to think over what you just told me.

I never worried about Elizabeth, because I thought she was safe with Julia... But this changes everything. Poor girl, she must have felt abandoned by both her parents. She must hate us or at least be upset with us... I need to talk to Kevin first, before I crash into Elizabeth’s life and upset everything again.”

“But... she hasn’t seen in you in months....”
“Then one more day won’t make a difference, will it? You didn’t tell her I was here?”
“No.... No, I didn’t tell anyone.” Nora replies.
“Good. Can I have a good night sleep first, please, before I have to face everyone again?”


“Oh, before I forget...” Scotty suddenly says, when Kevin and he are in the bathroom, preparing to go to bed. “There are only 6 condoms left in the package....”
“How is this relevant to me my brushing my teeth?” Kevin answers, putting away the toothbrush. “Besides, we don’t use them.”

“I caught Mateo staring at them tonight.”
“He denies ever even thinking about it.”
“The liar.” Kevin smiles lovingly though and so does Scotty.

“I think someone should have a little talk with him, give him some sexual education... Just in case...?”
“You’d make an excellent ‘someone’.” Kevin replies, though he knows what Scotty is driving at. Scotty kisses Kevin’s shoulder.

“I agree. I would be. But I also feel that Mateo would feel more comfortable with you, because he feels closer to you than to me.”
“I was afraid you’d say that.” Kevin sighs.
“Look at it from the bright side....”

“There is one?”
“...Yes, it’s good practise for when we’ll have to have that talk with Olivia...”
“I hereby decide that she’ll become a nun.” Kevin grumbles and Scotty laughs out loud.
“Let’s see if I can persuade you to change your mind...” Scotty grins between two kisses.


“Rise and shine!!!” Chad yells at Jason from the bathroom. Jason moans something from underneath the covers, but a few seconds later his head pops up from underneath the covers anyway. “Come on, Jase! Tonight’s the night of the premiere, I’m psyched! And I’m under the shower!.... All alone!... Naked?...”

Jason opens one eye. The image of Chad naked under the shower is good image to wake up to, so he drags himself out of bed.
“Just know that this is strictly an act of compassion, because it’s sad to know that some hot stud is all alone in the shower...” Jason explains

“Look at it from this angle: It’s not even 8 in the morning and you’ve already done your first good deed of the day..” Chad grins at Jason.
“And I’m not done yet.” Jason answers between two kisses and his soaped up hands slide down Chad’s body.


Kevin clears away the breakfast dishes, glad that Scotty still has a few days off before he must get back to work. Scotty will take the kids to school, so Kevin has some time to himself and just as Kevin is trying to figure out what to do first, his phone rings. It’s Nora’s number.

“Hi, mom, if you need to talk to the chef he’s not in...” Kevin answers cheerfully. It’s quiet on the other side for a few seconds, then he hears a throat being cleared.
“Hi Kev, it’s me. Tommy. I’m at mom’s place...”
“Tommy.” Kevin acknowledges, neither thrilled nor upset.

“Mom told me about Julia last night and about you and Elizabeth... and much more... and I think we need to talk... I know that there’s been some issues between us, mostly my own fault, not yours, I recognize that now, and I know you said that you wouldn’t talk to me unless I apologised to Scotty first, and I will, I swear, because he deserves that.

But, I need to talk to you first. Alone. We need to talk about Elizabeth... She doesn’t know that I’m back and, for now, I want to keep it like that, even though mom is pushing me to take her back...” Tommy talks nervously and Kevin is slowly letting go of the breath he has been holding.

“Alright. Where?” He asks.
“Mom said she’d be leaving to get extra groceries. She’ll be gone in about a hour...”
“We meet at mom’s? At ten?” Kevin suggests.
“Good. I’ll see you then.” Tommy replies. “Bye....”


“I just had the weirdest call from mom.” Kitty says.
“Why? What’s going on?” Seth asks.
“She said that she’d be gone in about an hour, and that I should go to her house then, just ‘by accident’.”

“You should not-so-accidentally drop by her house at a time that she’s not there? Makes no sense? Does she have a new burglar alarm that she wishes to try out?”
“Not that I know of... She didn’t say.”
“So? Are you going?” Seth asks.

“I should go. I’m curious.”
“Then go...”
“What about Grace?”
“I can look after her. I only have some work to look over....” Seth shrugs.


End of part 1/4


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