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Fanfic: B&S episode 619: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 19 – Marry you

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/4 *****

“Mom is so sad.” Rebecca sighs.
“You should have seen David’s face this morning.” Justin adds.
“Where is David?” Nora asks.
“Upstairs. Talking to Holly.” Tyler answers.

“I have to cancel all the guests.” Rebecca puts the list in front of her on the table.
“If you need any help...” Tyler suggests.
“I could...” Rebecca accepts.
“No. Wait. Let me think.” Nora interferes.


“It’s your phone.” Kevin says, not even looking up from playing with Daniel, and with a sigh Scotty picks up.
“Hi, Nora... What? Now? ... Nora!....” Kevin looks up at Scotty begging tone of voice, but then Scotty sits up. “That’s bad.... No. No. Let me think about this for a couple minutes and see what I can come with....”

“What?” Kevin asks
“Holly’s wedding-day just got wrecked.” Scotty answers.
“And mom is asking you to for help...”

“Just catering...”
“That’s not the point. You stepped up yesterday for Kitty and now you’re supposed to do the same for Holly. It’s your time off...”
“It’s Holly’s wedding-day... It was all supposed to be so special... Just like ours was?” Scotty reminds Kevin sweetly.

“I hate you.” Kevin replies with a gentle smile. “You’re going to help, aren’t you?”
“What else can I do? I like to cook. I like to please people and especially with my cooking. If I can make Holly’s wedding-day half as special as my own was....”
“...Then it’s more than she deserves... but I see your point... Can I help?”


“Did you tell everyone that the wedding is off?” Holly sniffs.
“Taylor and I have contacted everyone on your list.” Rebecca confirms. She grabs her father by the arm. “Dad, could you go downstairs and help Justin? He had a question.”
“Now?” David asks.

“Now.” Rebecca answers and she waits for her father to be gone. “Mom, you’re going to put on that dress and you’re going to get married today. If I’ve learned anything, from my countless attempts to get married to Justin, it is that I shouldn’t have wasted so much time getting it done perfectly. I should have simply married him.”

We’ve made a few calls. Jason McCallister can marry you two. We have a beautiful garden, Nora’s, at our disposal. We’ve ordered in some food... It won’t perhaps be the big wedding you planned, but at least you'll get married to dad today. You’ve waited long enough. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Not today.”

“Rebecca....” Holly protests weakly.
“It’s time for you to become Holly Caplan. At last! Justin and Rick are going to get dad dressed and I will help you... and we’re going to walk into Nora’s garden and you’re going to get married. Today! No backing off!” Rebecca orders.


Sarah stops at Joe’s house and tries to gather courage to ring at his door, so she can talk to the kids, when the door flings open and Cooper and Paige run out, followed more calmly by Joe and Gabe.
“Hey, what is going on?” She asks.

“Nora has asked for our help...” Joe answers, putting his guitar in the back of the car.
“My mom?”
“Yes. Apparently Holly’s wedding-party literally got trashed and she needed our help...
“Why didn’t she ask me for anything?”

For a moment, Joe is tempted to answer that perhaps her sour attitude could have something to do with it, but he decides to against it. He’s not in the mood to fight with Sarah.
“Oh, I see.” Sarah suddenly understands it herself.

“I’m sorry, but.... You know, why don’t you just show up ‘innocently’... if you really wish to help?”
“I’ll think about it.” Sarah answers. She gets back in her car and drives away. First in the direction on her own house, until she has a change of heart and turns into the direction of her mother’s house.


“We’re here.” Kitty answers. “Not exactly the honeymoon I had in mind, but...”
“I’ll make it up to both of you... I promise.” Nora asks. “I could certainly need all the help I can get...”
“What can we do?” Kitty asks.

“We need help with the flower-arrangements. That is something to do for the kids. Through there. Paige, Cooper, Mateo, Olivia and Elizabeth are in there, perhaps Evan can help as well? Paige can look after Grace, she's already looking after Daniel.”
“What is going on? And what are we supposed to do?” Seth asks.

“The catering-service that would help with the wedding has brought everything here, so Scotty, Saul and Jonathan have taken over my kitchen. Justin and Rick are helping David to get dressed. Rebecca is with Holly. Joe is taking care of the music. Jason McCallister is practicing the sermon.

Kevin, Gabe, Mateo, Tyler and Chad are setting the tables and chairs. We’re going to have around 50 guests coming here, in about 20 minutes....”
“I’ll get ready to receive them and guide them to the garden. Seth can help with that.” Kitty decides.

Paige exits the room where the kids are working hard to get the flowers ready.
“Grandma, we have a few baskets full of flowers. They are ready.. Not very professional, but cute nonetheless. Who’s going to put them up in the garden?”

“I wish Sarah was here, she’s usually good at these things...” Nora sighs.
“Well, then perhaps you could have called me?” Sarah asks, standing in the doorway.
“Sarah!...  You’ve been so ... distant... lately. I didn’t want to impose...”
“Well, I’m here... And I want to help.” Sarah says with a smile.

“Good.” Kitty answers. “I will help the kids with the flowers and you and Paige can put them in place...” Sarah nods at Kitty’s suggestion. Paige, however, is less impressed.
“Just so you know. Mateo is in the garden too.” She says, ready to pick a fight.
“That’s fine with me.” Sarah replies resignedly.


Tyler enters the room where Rebecca is helping Holly with her veil. Over Holly’s head, Rebecca creates the word ‘Ready?’ with her mouth. Tyler nods. Rebecca smiles.
“... and that is your veil. Attached as it should be...”
“I can’t see the reason why to make such fuss now....” Holly’s still very sad.

“Because, Mrs soon-to-be-Caplan, this is your wedding-dress and you’re getting married to my dad. And it will be perfect, because it's my parents who are finally getting married.” Rebecca  answers.
“Are you ready?” Tyler asks.

“All right.” Holly sighs. In the room furthest away from all the activity in the house and with now view on the garden, she has no idea what is going on and she’s bit surprised when Rick knocks and yells:
“We’re ready!”

Nora stands in the hallway when Holly descends the stairs.
“You look so beautiful.” Holly can see that Nora is visibly impressed by the beautiful long, off-white dress, that seems to just flow around Holly’s body as if it was made especially for her and her alone.

A bit embarrassed by all the fuss, Holly lets herself be guided to the garden-door. Nora gives the signal and the wedding-march starts to play. Holly feels slightly annoyed, still under the impression that it will just David, Rebecca, Rick, Justin and Tyler there, when she finally notices, through her veil, that there are a lot of guests... her guests.

They all stand up as she walks down the aisle. As is a dream she lets Rebecca lead her closer and Rebecca places her mother’s hand in that of her father and sits down. For her it’s a dream come true, that she finally has both her parents again and she grabs Rick’s hand, while she lets the other hand rest on her belly, finally feeling a peace she’s never known before.


The party is a success, between Gabe and Joe, there’s enough music for the young and the oldr. People dance, laugh, drink and eat. Scotty manages to have fun and still keep an eye on the food that is brought in, with the expert eye of a chef-cook he makes sure that it all looks perfect, before the dishes get butchered by hungry people.

Holly and David are clearly the stars of the day and no one notices the annoyed look on Sarah’s face when she catches Mateo and Paige dancing together. Before she can do  anything about it, Joe takes her arm and he talkes her on the dance-floor to dance.

It's weird for Sarah to be in Joe’s arms again, but at the same time also familiar.
“Don’t make a fuss. Just relax. Those two aren’t stupid. They know they are being watched..” Joe warns Sarah softly. Not that ‘being watched’ matters to Paige and Mateo who only have eyes for each other.

They reluctantly let go when others cut in. Kevin and Scotty watch it happen and they smile at each other.
“You should get on the dance-floor.” Kevin says.
“I want to dance with you.”

“Let’s go then.”
“You? Dance?” Scotty grins.
“With you? Anytime!” Kevin replies. If some people are surprised to see two men dance together, Kevin and Scotty don’t notice it.

Scotty and Kevin can dance until they get broken up by Rebecca and Holly. Scotty ends up dancing with Holly.
“Thank you, Scotty, for all your hard work today. The food is perfect.” She says and Scotty nods with a little blush.

“It wasn’t just me. It was an entire team, who were kind enough to let me run them.” He points out. “But I would love to give them your compliments.”
“Please do.” Holly smiles. Over Scotty’s shoulder she can see David dance with Nora, who simply nods at something he says.

“I’m just glad that you did all this for Holly. With the past you two had, you could have easily turned away and let her be miserable, but ... you didn’t ... and I cannot tell you how much I respect you for that.” David says. Nora accepts the compliment with a graceful smile.

“I’ve hated Holly, but I’ve also respected her. She was sometimes the reason for me to fight on or to just throw in the towel. We’ve been through a lot these last six, nearly seven years since William died. And she and Rebecca have become a part of my family. So, you better treat her good. Or we’re coming after you.” She threatens with a smile.

“And the last thing I want is a bunch of angry Walkers on my case.” David laughs. From the corner of his eye he can see Rebecca walk up to Tyler.
“Thank you for your help with calling all the guests and giving directions for the new place of the party...”

“I’m glad I could help. Are you not too tired?” Tyler asks, pointing at Rebecca’s belly.
“No. I’m fine. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.” Rebecca laughs. Justin walks up to them.
“Hey, I want to steal Tyler, if you don’t mind?” Rebecca shakes her head and watches how Justin takes Tyler to the dance-floor.

“Tyler, how am I supposed to do it?”
“Do what?” Tyler asks.
“I tried to ask you, when you just divorced Mike, but then you said you didn’t want to get remarried. So, I thought I’d give you some time.

I tried again a few weeks ago with a ring in your cake, but you didn’t want to eat the cake. I tried again that night at Kevin and Scotty’s party, by putting the ring in your glass, but you spilled the drink and I had to search all over where the ring had ended up.

I've tried with a lovely bouquet of flowers, it was delivered at the wrong door at the hotel. So, by consequence, another couple got engaged over my flowers and my note. So, I decide to write you a lovely letter, I put it in your purse, thinking you’d find, read it and then say yes... Not knowing that I just put it amongst some old papers that you planned to put through the shredder downstairs....

Tyler.... I just want to marry you, but every way I try to make this a romantic proposal, just back-fires at me...” Justin rattles on. For a moment Tyler is just baffled by Justin’s frustrated confession. She had completely failed to notice Justin attempts. She starts to laugh.

“Justin! That is amazing. I didn’t even realize... Silly!”
“Thanks for making me feel like an even bigger fool.” Justin replies.
“Justin Walker, ...” Tyler wraps her arms around his neck. “... will you marry me?”
“Yes!” Justin answers from the bottom of his heart and he kisses her.

Once inside, and trying to get away from the crowd for a moment of peace and quiet, Nora sits down on her bed. She looks at the place where a picture of William used to be. She took it down 5 years ago, but she wonders if she should put it back up. If she had managed to deal with Holly, then maybe it was time to forgive William too...

Still pondering over the question, she’s hesitant to pick up the phone. She can’t imagine who would want to talk to her now. Everyone is here. Everyone, except Brody, But it's an unknown number. Curious, she picks up.

"Hello?" She asks.
“Mom? It’s me. Tommy. Listen. I don’t have much time. I’m in a phone-booth. But can you give me Kevin’s phone-number? I need money, but I can’t access my bank-account....”




Episode 620 will be posted 1 April (I hope it won't be a joke!)

I have no title for it yet...

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  • More K/S 'artwork' :)

    3 more of my old 'artwork'.

  • K/S 'artwork' :)

    I hope no one minds that I post some of my old Kevin/Scotty 'art-work' :) This I made for one of my stories... I might be posting more…

  • Fanfic: A guest for Christmas 14/14

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