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Fanfic: B&S episode 619: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 19 – Marry you

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****

When Holly’s phone finally rings it makes Holly, Nora and Rebecca jump up.
“Oh, please, no bad news.” Rebecca prays softly.
“Want me to take the call?” Nora asks. Holly shakes her head and reaches out to the table, clearly afraid to answer her phone.

“Hello?...” Nora never knew, that there could this much fear in one simple word. She raises her hand to her mouth, trying to remain quiet, though she wants to rip the phone from Holly’s hand when Holly starts to cry. “David? Oh, David, I’m so happy to hear your voice....”

“Oh!” Nora says, the relief following the shock at high speed. “He’s alive?!” She sees Holly nod.
“And Rick?” Rebecca asks terrified.
“David, I’m sorry to cut you off like that, but how’s Rick?”

She grabs Rebecca’s arm.
“He’s fine? Just a few cuts and bruises?” Holly repeats, as Rebecca falls down on Nora’s couch and starts to cry of happiness. “They both are fine... Probably only black and blue in a couple of days...”

“We can live with that. When will they be home?” Rebecca asks.
“As soon as possible. They’ll take the first available flight back to Los Angeles. I think they are finally ready to leave South America behind.” Holly can’t even pretend that she minds.

“I guess this means that you’ll have to start planning a wedding?” Nora teases, when Holly hangs up.
“He has to accept my proposal first.” Holly smiles. “Maybe he changed his mind in the meantime. Life-altering changes, seeing the light and such?”
“I doubt it.” Nora replies cheerfully.

“Nora? ... Will you help me? Arranging everything?” Holly asks shyly, knowing how strange it all must be that she, William’s mistress, would ask this of Nora, William’s wife. And indeed, for a few seconds Nora is speechless.
“Of course, I’d love to help you.” Nora then smiles




“Are you sure that these are your plans for our wedding, Kitty?”
“I’m not going to change a single thing. Well, except maybe for that terrible rain. Who knew that we could get so much of it.” Kitty answers Seth. “No, now that I know how you feel about it, I will not make a big fuss over the wedding. There will be just the four of us.

We’ll have a lovely dinner afterwards and we’ll spend our honeymoon in our very own bed, listening to the endless rain, falling and falling. ... Not that I could have taken a long honeymoon, because I have my next round of tests next week.... ”

“A bit.” Kitty confesses. “I’m so happy with Evan and I feel so lucky to have Grace and I’m so in love with you... This wonderful wave has to reach the beach any time now and just crash.... It just has to. No one can feel so good for this long and not see the revenge of it somewhere down the line.”

“Perhaps we shouldn’t worry too much about the crashing and focus more on enjoying the view while we’re up on the wave?” Seth teases. “I love you so much, Kitty, I can’t wait to marry you.”
“Are you sure, that you won’t mind that your parents won’t be there?”

“My mother has made it very clear that she’s not interested in seeing me get married to you... I’m actually more worried about the question how you feel about the fact that the Walkers won’t be there?” Kitty hesitates a second, but then she kisses Seth’s worries away.
“I can live with that too. You were right. All we needed was the four of us.” She answers.


“I’m so afraid that we forgot something.” Holly sighs.
“With this incessant rain, we’ve had more than enough time to go over our list at least a dozen times. If something is missing it is because we completely and unanimously forgot about it and then it can’t be important.” Nora decides.

“Agreed. I never knew that getting married could be so nerve-wrecking.”
“The wedding is just the beginning. Marriage is worse.” Nora grins. “Not that I want to make you nervous...” She quickly adds, clearly teasing. Holly smiles and shakes her head.
“I can’t wait to become Mrs Holly Caplan.”

“Shall we go over the list one more time? Tonight David will stay at the June Flower with Justin and Tyler. They will make sure that he gets to the venue in time for the ceremony. You’ll be leaving from here with Rebecca. Your dress is ready. Rick will be responsible for the rings.

The music is chosen, the wedding-cake is finished and will be brought tonight and kept in cold storage over there. The flowers are already delivered, because you're getting married so early. Catering is taken care of and... Oh, sorry, message coming in...” Nora picks up her phone, reads the message and frowns. “... Over my dead body... I’m sorry, Holly, I have a few phone-calls to make”.”


Kitty nervously looks at Seth.
“We’re next.”
“We are. Scared?”
“I can’t wait."

“Seth Whitley? Kitty Walker?” As much as they had waited for this announcement, it still startles them.
“That’s us.” Kitty says, grabbing Seth’s hand.
“Let’s do it.”

“Take your seats...” Kitty places the stroller with the sleeping Grace, next to her, while Evan looks at his mother with a beaming smile. “Are you ready?” Kitty nods.
“No, they’re not.” A voice calmly says and Kitty turns around.
“Mom? Kevin? Justin? Tyler? Uncle Saul? How...? What are you guys doing here? How did you know?”

“Seth sent us a text to warn us aboout your silly plans to get married quietly.” Kevin explains. “I’m sorry, but Scotty got held up at the restaurant, and he couldn’t come.”
“We got here as fast as we could.” Justin adds. He’s still dressed as a paramedic.
“Jonathan sends his love as well.” Saul says.

“I tried to reach Sarah... But I have no idea where she is. She didn’t pick up. I left a message though...” Nora explains. “Seth and you just didn’t give us much time to get ourselves organised, but we’ll talk about that later.”
“Oh, Seth...” Kitty sighs, unable to hide her loving smile.

“I can do without my mother, we’re just not close. But you? Without your family?.... They should be here and you know it.” Seth replies and Kitty nods, knowing that Seth is right.
“I love you...” She sighs and Seth starts to blush.

“Ahm, you guys? I hate to speed things along, but I’m actually supposed to be at work. Though Dan is holding the fort for now, can we just .... get it moving?” Justin asks and Kitty laughs.
“You heard it, they want to add you to the family.” Kitty laughs.

“Yes, we’d better, before he finds out how terrible we really are and tries to escape.”
“Thanks, Kevin, ... I think.” Seth grins as well and he turns to Kitty and takes her hand. Surrounded by her family Kitty looks at Seth...

Sarah quickly enters, just in time to hear Seth repeat:
“I, Seth Whitley, take you, Kitty Walker, to be my lawfully wedded spouse...” Sarah watches her mother and her siblings who are all too wrapped up in what is going on between Seth and Kitty, to notice her.

She sits down, while Kitty repeats her vows, with tears in her eyes. Evan gives the rings exactly on time. There are no stops or awkward moments. Sarah bites her lip, proud of her sister, as Kitty says her “I do.”
“By the power invested in me... Oh, you’re already kissing the groom.”


“Well, what do you think?” Jonathan asks, taking a step back to show Scotty his work.
“I have to say it, Jonathan, you’re amazing when it comes being creative with cake. The cup-cake tower was such a huge hit at Sarah’s wedding. Everyone talked about it. It looked pretty and it tasted even better.”

“Well, let’s hope that Kitty and Seth will love this as well. I hope it’s not too big.” Jonathan wonders.
“There’s just a small group. I believe that Seth has invited 2 or 3 friends and then there are the Walkers.”

“Which are an entire army in themselves...” Jonathan jokes.
“I agree.” Scotty smiles. “But I do understand what Seth said this morning, when he felt it would be wrong to not have them there. They are such a part of who Kitty, or Kevin or Justin are. I can’t imagine one without the other.”

“No, neither can I. At first, it bothered me a bit, to see how Saul just couldn’t seem to let go of them, but I’ve grown used to them. They are so welcoming and accessible. Nora and her kids, but also you and Tyler, you all love Saul so much, how could I not like you bunch?” Jonathan gives Scotty’s shoulder a little squeeze.

He has grown used to spending time at Café 429 as well. Sharing Saul’s love to prepare food and to cook for others, Jonathan has brought a few new ideas of his own to the restaurant and Scotty cannot complain about Jonathan’s interest, which never seems to be as intrusive or too demanding as Nora’s ‘advice’ can sometimes be.

“I’m glad you wanted to help me. It was kind of short notice.”
“Seth was right though and I’m glad I could help you to get prepared for our little Walker party.”
“Now that you mention it... When are you and Saul going to give your ceremony?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard Saul talk about it anymore. We had to cancel twice. I would have expected him to arrange the third attempt by now, because his family is nearly complete again. Except for Sarah, but Sarah is not really difficult either...”
“No. I do believe that it helps that she sought professional help.”

“Recognizing and acknowledging the problem is a giant step ahead. Just speaking for myself, the moment I was willing to admit that I had a drinking-problem, I could start to work on a solution. I’m just surprised that Sarah is so completely on her own in this. She withdrew from everyone.”

“It’s not entirely her fault alone.. Luc is still in France and has no intention to return. The kids prefer to be with Joe or here, rather than with her, when Joe is working. I think that fact hit her harder than anything else... Kitty and Kevin have asked her to keep her negativity away from their families and Tyler wasn’t too friendly either and Justin agreed with Tyler...

Nora has spent a lot of time with David, Holly, Rebecca and Rick, so she’s not that easy to talk to either... I think it was a huge shock to Sarah to realize to what extent she had chased people away from her and that everyone pretty much turned their back on her. Sarah has just offended too many people.”

“True.” Jonathan nods.
“And it’s not like the door is completely shut , locked, with the key thrown away. I am allowed to call her and I do. And Kevin wants to know how she’s doing, but he doesn’t want to get involved. It’s clear that something is broken and that it will take time to heal.”

“Well, I’m glad that Kevin hasn’t given up on her entirely.”
“Yes, me too. It’s not like it happened overnight though. Kevin went from a cold ‘whatever’ to a softer ‘so, how is she’, but it’s progress.” Scotty smiles. “And I’m glad to have that progress, because it shows that Kevin is still Kevin.”

“I believe I hear a few cars stop in the street?” Jonathan says and Scotty goes to check.
“It’s them. Let’s quickly open the door before everyone gets soaking wet.” With everyone gathering outside, Jonathan and Scotty quickly check the tables one more time to make sure everything is just fine, before they go out to greet the others...




“Ouch!... My head... I’ll never drink again....” Nora moans. Holly places the cup of strong, black coffee in front of her.
“Yes, you will. Tonight. It’s my wedding-day...” She reminds Nora. Nora sits up.
“Oh, that’s right. You must be so thrilled.”

“It was sure weird to celebrate Kitty’s wedding and my bachelorette’s party in one event.”
“It was all Kitty’s suggestion that we’d kidnap you...”
“It was so much fun to see you and the others show up.”

“All the credit goes to Rebecca and Tyler who made up our plans on the spot.”
“Who knew those two would get along so well?” Holly laughs. “I would have expected Tyler to hate Justin’s ex.”
“Neither girls are hating persons. Besides why should you ‘hate’ the ex?”

“I have to admit, that your family does seem to handle them well.” Holly admits.
“Kitty’s relationship with Courtney isn’t bad. Sarah and Paula were polite towards each other... it’s not uncommon in this family, no.”
“And then there’s us.” Holly mentions the topic that Nora avoided.

“And then there’s us.” Nora nods. “Come on! Time to get you dressed and get your hair done... The sun is shining.... This should make all of us feel better.”
“I was so afraid that it would rain on my wedding-day.”
“It rained yesterday, when Seth and Kitty got married, but they didn’t really notice.”

“But they didn’t plan a large party with a lot of people.”
“You only have about 50 guests.... Still, it’s nice that we’re not all cooped up inside. That’s true.... Come on, up the stairs and into your dress.” Nora is about to chase Holly upstairs, when Holly’s phone rings.

“Hello?” Holly picks up with a big smile on her face, but as Nora clears away the breakfast-dishes, she can see that Holly’s shoulders sink, the smile fades and shock and sadness slide over her face. “And there’s nothing you can do?.... No, I understand.... I.. I’m sorry too...” Her voice breaks and she quickly hangs up.

“The venue where we supposed to get married? ... It had a flat roof. It’s an older building... There was so much rain these last days.. The roof wasn’t able to hold the water and the entire roof came down...”


Kevin enjoys the early rays of sun on his face.
“Hey, sun-bather, isn’t it wonderful to see a bit of light again.” Scotty laughs.
“I just love how those beams of sunshine fall in our new kitchen... Are you happy with the new kitchen?”
“I am and I loved the way we ‘christened’ it yesterday afternoon...” Scotty teases.

“Yes... That was kinda hot... which room is next? Bathroom?”
“Your office.. and it’s going to have to wait until Monday, because the kids are home now... This working in the house has really put some spark back in our sex-life.”
“I could get used to having you home and at my disposal all day.” Kevin kisses Scotty.

“Well, you’re in luck. Because I have one more week off and then it’s back to sweating in the kitchen...”
“Only you can make it sound so sexy.” Kevin laughs, watching Scotty enter the pantry and he makes a mental note that the pantry hadn’t been part of the ‘christening’.

“I bought an entire box of new light-bulbs.” Scotty says, placing the carton box on the table.
“The eco-ones? Again?” Kevin asks.
“They had an amazing effect on you last time.” Scotty smiles lovingly reminding Kevin about the night that he had proposed to Scotty.

“They sure did. Is this a not-so-subtle hint that I should propose to you again?” Kevin teases.
“Now there’s a thought….” Scotty replies and he pushes Kevin against the fridge to kiss him. Kevin laughs between two kisses and soon enough their arms around each other as they enjoy their long kiss.

“Oh, no, really? Are you two kissing again?” Olivia asks, entering just at that moment, just seconds before Mateo and Elizabeth. Though Kevin and Scotty break their kiss, Scotty doesn’t let him go straightaway. Instead, he holds Kevin just a little longer.
“Yes. We had to kiss. Scotty brought light-bulbs.” Kevin grins.

“Light-bulbs?” Mateo repeats, as if Kevin has gone completely mad. “Is that same gay code for something? And aren’t the girls a little too young to know about that?”
“Hey!” Olivia protests and Scotty and Kevin can’t help but laugh out-loud.
“Should we tell them?” Kevin asks.

“Why not?”
“Nearly five years ago, Scotty bought some new light-bulbs for our loft....”
“Kevin’s loft. It wasn’t mine then...” Scotty corrects.
“Ahm, which one of us is going to tell the story?” Kevin wants to know.

“You are, sweetie...” Scotty replies with an overly sweet smile. “...Most of it anyway...”
“Oh, thanks,... So, light-bulbs. I promised Scotty that I would replace the old ones with the new ones, except... I had such a terrible day with the entire family pulling at me and, in general, being so miserable, that I came home late and no longer had the energy to do it.

That is when Scotty told me that he had done it himself. And... for some reason that was so sweet, because while everyone was just expecting me to solve their problems for them, to have answers for their needs, here was Scotty, simply fixing his own problem and just being there for me....

It was so incredibly amazing and ... I suddenly realized how much I loved him and how much I wanted him to stay in my life, so ... I proposed to him...”
“Awwww.” Olivia sighs.
“So. Lightbulbs.” Mateo recaps. “Are you going to propose again?”

“I’ll take it under consideration.” Kevin replies with a grin. “Maybe if Scotty would make his pancakes....?” He suggests, an idea the kids whole-heartedly support.
“Alright! Alright, I’ll make them. But they'd better pay off.” Scotty grins.
“They just might.” Kevin places a kiss on Scotty’s shoulder. “Meanwhile, I’ll get Daniel...”

“I didn’t think it could really be so bad.” Nora says, staring at the destruction around her.
“The place is a mess... A disaster area...” Holly sobs. The manager nods.
“There’s no way you can marry here today, miss Harper. I’m so terribly, terribly sorry.” She’s nearly in tears as well over the damages to her building.

“And the cake?”
“Through here... I’m sorry, but when the roof came down, it destroyed electrical wires and the room was no longer cool enough....” The manager explains as Holly looks at the sad pile of cake in the middle of the room... “I’m so sorry.” She apologizes again.

Nora looks at all the flowers that had already been placed, because David and Holly would get married so early in the morning. They were all washed away by the water.

“It’s not supposed to happen, is it? I’m just not allowed to have the beautiful wedding that I dreamed of...” Holly cries. “Just one perfect day. I couldn’t give it to Rebecca and now I can’t give to myself and David either. It’s just not going to happen...”

Nora wraps her arm around Holly shoulders and guides her away from the sad and drenched place, where Holly's dreams were supposed to have come true.


“Saul, can I ask you something?” Jonathan asks.
“Yeah, sure..” Saul answers looking up from his art-book.
“What are your plans for our wedding-day?”
“Our wedding-day?” Saul repeats.

“Yes, you wanted the lavish party and everyone there. The traditional vows and all ...”
“It’s not necessary anymore...” Saul answers, almost bewildered by Jonathan’s ideas. “That was months ago and I’m fine with how we are now.” It’s Jonathan’s turn to be surprised.

“Saul, I know how important tradition is to you. Putting that ring on your finger, last Valentine, cannot have been enough for you.... You wanted a ceremony.” Jonathan sighs. “You wanted the sermon, the whole ‘we’re gathered here today to watch Saul Holden get married’-thing, you wanted to be the main act on the stage....”

“Yes, exactly. And it was all about me.  'Ladies and Gentlemen, enter the circus and watch Saul Holden get married!' ... But it’s not about me, it’s about us. I knew you didn’t believe in marriage, but you wanted to go through with it. For me. To just know that you were willing to do something that you didn’t really believe in, was what really mattered.

And you were right on Valentine’s Day. In the end it doesn’t matter who is there, it matters that it’s us. We’ve taken care of everything else, neither of us needs a traditional ceremony. I no longer need to ‘get’ married to ‘be’ married. You’re the love of my life and I’m happy to be married to you.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, but I still would like to have a honeymoon.” Jonathan pouts.
“Now, that, my dear husband, we can plan... Any place you want to.” Saul offers.
“How about New York?”
“Good idea. There are a few plays I’d love to see... 'Look back in anger', for instance.... ”


End of part 3/4


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