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Fanfic: B&S episode 619: part 2/4

Season 6 – Episode 19 – Marry you

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 2/4 *****

“Maybe I shouldn’t have sent her away.” Scotty says, clearly feeling guilty. Kevin gives him a kiss on the tip of his nose.
“Don’t be silly. You did the right thing. I’m not ready to talk to her.”
“She’s your sister.”

“If she would have been a friend, I would have kicked her out weeks ago. Just because she is family I forgave time and time again, but not this time. Even family can go too far. She has a crossed a line and she crossed it by causing so much pain, that I cannot see myself forgiving her anytime soon. ... It was just too much.”

“I dreamed about having a large family, rather than always be on my own. I can’t stand the fact that this cannot be fixed somehow...”
“It can. It can be fixed. I should forgive her. Let bygones be bygones. But I’m not ready. Maybe in a few weeks. Maybe if she apologizes. Maybe if she would be the old Sarah again....”

“Doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon.”
“Then I’m not going to put my energy into this.” Kevin replies and once again he kisses Scotty. “I’d rather put my energy into something else,....”
“Hold that thought until tonight...” Scotty teases, before returning the kiss.


Saul enters the living-room.
“Rebecca is making you a sandwich.” He tells Holly. Holly smiles tiredly.
“Like I’m going to eat it, when I’ve ignored everything that Nora has been trying to bribe me to eat.”

“Yes, Nora is very good at that...” Saul admits. “Stupidest question, I know, but how are you holding up?”
“I don’t know. I’m so scared. It’s such a slow process. I can’t believe that he might actually really be gone...”

“I’m sure he’ll be fine.”
“I hope so. I really do.” Tears fill Holly’s eyes again. “I’ve wasted so much time, Saul... All those years with William... and for what? I knew that he would never leave Nora... I knew it...

And then I finally find a guy who’s been always been in love with me, still loves me despite of what he knows about me, a guy who proposed to me 3 years ago and I actually love him back and I ... I just don’t take what I can get... I keep hanging on to William. So stupid!”

“No one knows more about wasted years then I do, Holly. I’ve wasted so much time keeping secrets and fearing what would or could happen, that I never lived my life to the fullest.... I can’t get back the years I’ve lost. Neither can you. But you can take hold of your future...

Holly, forget about William. He wasn’t worth it., ... when David comes back, grab him and never let him go... After all these months with Jonathan, I can tell you, that life only gets better when you live with someone who loves you and you can finally be who you want to be.”


William Walker. There was a time when his name would have felt inspirational to Sarah, now she just stares at his stone.
“Did you know?” Sarah asks the stone. “Did you know that I wasn’t yours? Or didn’t you want to know? Did you suspect?

Is that why you left me Ojai? To prove something? And if so, was it to prove something to me? Or retrospectively to Brody? That you did a better job than he ever could have? Was this for me? Or for you? I have so many questions I will never get an answer to....” Her hand covers her mouth, but she can’t bother to hold back the tears.

She not even sure if the tears she cries are out of loss, pain, frustration or regret. It’s remarkably quiet at the grave-side. She looks around, somehow embarrassed that she might look like fool, standing here, sobbing like a child. She sees someone come closer and she shocked to see who it is.

“Kevin? What are you doing here?”
“Thought you might be here. Source of all evil, or something like that.” Kevin shrugs. “I know you tried to speak to most everyone else.”
“Scotty said you wouldn’t want to see me.”

“Scotty is right. I don’t. But I don’t believe that either one of us can stop the other one from being here.”
“Always the lawyer. Always the loopholes. Always the wordplays...” The bitterness in Sarah’s words doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Alright. I’ll bite. What is it about me that ticks you off so badly? What did I do that was so awful that you feel the need to be on my case all the time? What is the reason why you’re so awful to Mateo or so mean to Elizabeth? If I’ve done anything, anything, that I should apologize for, then let me know, because I haven’t got a clue.”

Sarah turns away, tired, and not in the mood to fight.
“You didn’t do anything.” She sighs.
“Yes, heaven forbid that things would make sense to me.” Kevin replies sarcastically.
“It’s not you, it’s me.... I know it.”

“We at least agree on that.”
“Oh, Kevin, don’t be such a smart-ass, will you? I’m not in the mood to argue with you.”
“And I wasn’t in the mood for a 7-year old crying hysterically in the middle of the night, because she had a nightmare that her mommy and daddy are dead, but I got stuck with it anyway, thanks to you!”

“I’m sorry.” Sarah answers, genuinely upset by what Kevin just told her about Elizabeth's nightmares. “I’m sorry about Elizabeth, I never meant to cause her....” Kevin cuts her off though.
“You’re a mother, what did you expect Elizabeth to do, after you bluntly told her that her parents might be dead? That she’d throw a party? Are you really that ignorant?”

“No. I’m not. I guess, I should have known. I didn’t think about the consequences for her.... But maybe I’m not the only one to blame for her nightmares. It would seem that she already knew about it.” Sarah returns cleverly. Kevin laughs cynically and the look on his face is rather condescending.

“How ignorant do you think Scotty and I are? We’ve lived with this family for quite a while, you know. Things cannot remain a secret in this family! Knowing that it would be just a matter of time before the truth got to Elizabeth, one way or another, we asked Max to sit down with Elizabeth - and us - to tell her the truth.”

Sarah stares at her brother. It’s all so logical that it baffles her.
“But all this all leads away from the real question. What is going on with you, Sarah? You’re alienating everyone around you. Your husband, your kids, your ex, your family, even your nieces and nephews. Why?”

Sarah sits down on the bench and cries.
“I don’t know. I can’t exactly pinpoint where it all started to go wrong, but it did. Was it father’s death? Or losing Ojai? Or losing my marriage? Have been I wrong all along...? I don’t know....” She sobs.

Kevin remains a few steps away from her. He’s still too angry to feel some compassion. He however hands her his handkerchief. She dries some of her tears.
“I don’t know, it all slips away from me.”
“And that is your excuse?” Kevin is underwhelmed.

“Not an excuse... I believed I had it all under control, that I was doing just fine. Finding out that Brody was my real father was no big deal. Not in this family... but then... I found out I wasn’t doing fine. I feel as if everything is a lie. I question my past, the reasons why people did things for me.

When dad died and I inherited Ojai, I was so happy and proud that dad had believed that I should run the family-company, that he had put so much faith in me.... I had worked long and hard to earn that trust. I believed he would chose Tommy, because Tommy was his eldest son, but he didn’t choose Tommy, he chose me.

And then, I lose the company to dad’s mistress and to my brother, I let it go to waste, I watched it go down and did nothing. And that is not so surprising. Brody is hasn’t been able to really hold on to a job... Maybe being a loser, who just can’t seem to get her act together, is something I’ve inherited from him.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call Brody a loser, sis. He seems to be happy with his life...”
“Oh, come on, what has he accomplished in his life?”
“He’s comfortable in his own skin and he’s happy with his work and thrilled now that he found back the love of his life.”

“You mean mom? Don’t kid yourself. She got too close and Brody ran off.”
“He has a job.”
“Conveniently far away from mom.”
“He asked her to come too.”

“He knew she never would.” Sarah replies.
“Alright, whatever you say.” Kevin sighs. “Besides, if you’re really interested in why dad left you Ojai? He did it, because Tommy wasn’t good enough. Dad had to recognize that you were the one with the head for business.

Tommy was the one with the visions, the one who had the ideas, but he would need you to keep him grounded and not go overboard. You had to be in charge.” Kevin tells her.
“And how would you know that?”
“Because he told me this, when I asked him.”

“You asked him? Did you call a medium?”
“Don’t be stupid. I drew up the will for him, remember? I knew, long before any of you, who would inherit what.”
“You knew? And you never told anyone?” Sarah asks, slowly getting angry.

“Why should I?” Kevin shrugs.
“Because we’re family! We should have known about this!”
“Yes! We’re family! But I’m also a lawyer! And a damned good one! And as a lawyer I have to respect the attorney/client-privilege!

Dad knew that everything we discussed would remain between us. That is why I was allowed to draw up the will. Because he knew I would not tell anyone about it.”
“That is your defence?”
“It not like I owe you an explanation.”

“He never told you about Brody or that he suspected something about me?”
“Would you tell me if he had?”
“Yes. There’s no reason to protect dad anymore.”

“So, he never felt I was inferior, because I was Brody’s and not his?”
“I don’t know that. I only know that he believed you would be better at running Ojai than Tommy. Which leads me to think that dad thought that you were good at your job.... And that he loved you. He was proud of you.”

“Was he? ... I used to think that too, but now all my memories of him are so distorted. After the cheating, the embezzlement, Rebecca, Ryan and now Brody... I no longer have any idea of who William Walker was. Every revelation seems to have pushed me further away from him.”

“Sarah, would you please do me a favour and stop feeling sorry for yourself? When it comes to William Walker and Ojai, you have nothing to be sorry about. He loved you. He was proud of you. He boasted about your abilities to everyone willing to listen. He trusted you and he had faith in you.

I don’t know, if he knew that he wasn’t your father, but he sure never showed it to you, he never treated you differently from his other children, and I don’t believe that he ever told anyone about his doubts or if he had some DNA-test done. Hard as it may be, Sarah, you have to move on.

Whatever dad knew or didn’t know, you’ll never find out, and it no longer matters. What matters is how you deal with it. Here. Now. Whatever happened in the past cannot be undone, and you’ll have to let it go, because it’s about to ruin your future. Your future with Luc and your future with your kids...”

“Don’t be such a drama-queen, Kevin, I know that some are a bit angry at me right now, but it will work out...” Sarah dismisses Kevin’s words.
“Really? Luc has left and the kids are with Joe. And they are happy to be with Joe and away from you.”

Sarah looks away from him, unable to argue with him.
“I don’t know where to turn, Kevin.” She says with a small voice.
“I don’t know either.” Kevin answers. Though he feels that apologizing to Elizabeth and Mateo would be a start, he doesn’t want to put the words in her mouth.

“Well, I’m glad that we’re at least back to talking to each other...” Sarah sighs. Kevin takes a long look at her. It’s clear to him, that she’s struggling with all the changes, but at the same time, it doesn’t excuse her appalling behaviour towards his kids and his husband and Kevin feels the need to keep a distance.

“Actually, we’re not.” He answers, sticking his hands in his pockets. “For the time being, I don’t want you near my family. You’re going to have to find a way to deal with all that has happened to you, I can see that, I can understand that. But I will not allow you to work through your emotional stress by using my family as a punching-bag.”

“What are you saying?”
“I can’t stop you from going to mom. Or from coming here. But I will take legal action, if I have to, if you continue to harass my husband and my kids at either the hotel or Café 429.”

“You’re joking!”
“I’m not.” Kevin is dead-serious.
“You’re insane! .... Well, fine! Keep your precious little so-called family to yourself. I don’t need them. ... And don’t bother about me.” Sarah jumps up.

“You may not know me anymore, but you’re no better, Kevin! What happened to the Kevin that I used to know, the one who’d always be there for us, offer advice, be a shoulder to cry on? You really think that you’ve got it made, don’t you? Well, what have you accomplished?

You work pro-bono and wouldn’t be able to survive if it wasn’t for the money I made for you and the work that Scotty has. You need to adopt children and steal them from your brother to make your family. Heck, even Daniel is Scotty’s and not yours. You want to play the patriarch like dad, but you’re nowhere near him...” Sarah lashes out.

For a moment Kevin is flabbergasted at her outburst, though he has recognize that he can’t be surprised, considering her recent track-record. Sarah expects him to get angry at her and that he will fight with her. So, instead he starts to laugh. A slightly sarcastic laughter, but a laughter nonetheless.

“Wow, I’m not like my dad... Well, consider me heart-broken. I don’t have his sensational qualities like embezzling my employees out of their hard-earned money. Oh, what a failure I am! And, geez, I won’t be screwing around with a couple other guys behind Scotty’s back for 20 years. How will our marriage survive?

So, I don’t have a string of could-have-been illegitimate children and each of my kids actually know who their original fathers are.. How awful! What a terrible parent I am. Oh, as to who makes the money? I’d like to remind you that the only person who continued to believe in William Walker was mom and not you.

While you gave up on Narrow Lake, mom continued the drilling. It wasn’t your expertise or resourcefulness, that made us find the water. It’s the fact that mom dared to take a risk on what she knew to be true about Dad. That is the reason why we’re all so well-off! It wasn't your playing around with our money and some media-outlets.

Mom’s faith in dad is why I can afford to do pro-bono work to help others. Something, by the way, that my husband respects about me and loves about me. But if I seriously needed the money and had to support my family, I could easily work for big bucks again. My luxury is that I can afford to chose.

I don’t owe you anything, Sarah Laurent, least of all my respect. I’ve worked for years to get to where I am. Scotty has put a lot of work into his career and we’re seeing it being paid off now. And that is no thanks to you, but in spite of you. You cost me a lot of money when we lost Ojai. And we lost Ojai because of you.

While I agree that Saul shouldn’t have signed off on the deal with Golden Plum, as the person in charge you should have known about it, but you were too busy screwing your advisor. That is when we started to lose all dad had built, that is where we lost Ojai Foods. We never recovered from that blow.”

Sarah’s eyes are filled with tears at Kevin’s words, but Kevin can’t feel more forgiving.
“I’m sorry, Sarah. I understand how confusing it all can be, I respect the fact that you need time to work through all your issues, but ... not by running down my family... Until you’ve solved your issues... I don’t want you near them. And that is final...”

After those words, he gives Sarah one kiss on the cheek. He turns around and he walks away. Sarah sits back down on the small bench, she’s too astonished to cry. She pulls her coat tighter around her and suddenly, sitting there by herself, she feels like she actually is all alone.


End of part 2/4


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