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Fanfic: B&S episode 619: part 1/4

Season 6 – Episode 19 – Marry you

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)




***** Part 1/4 *****

When Sarah enters her mother’s kitchen, she’s surprised by the silence and she’s almost startled when her mother walks in with a pot of coffee.
“You hung up on me...” Nora feels the accusation in her voice.

“Well, I just..”
“I was crying, mom, and I needed you and...” Sarah starts to pout.
“Holly just got some bad news. I had to be there for her and Rebecca and I couldn’t listen to you...” Nora answers, her mind not exactly on Sarah’s bruised ego.

“So, dad’s mistress and the daughter that she could have had with him, are more important to you then your own child?” Sarah’s question hurts Nora.
“No, Sarah. I don’t have time for a daughter crying crocodile-tears over her man and kids walking out on her, after she’s been a total and complete witch for several months now.

Especially not after my husband’s mistress just walked in with the news that her fiancé and her son-in-law may be dead at the bottom of a ravine, killing the father of my former daughter-in-law’s unborn baby. I know that you believe that the entire universe revolves around you, but you’re wrong. You’re completely wrong!

And as for Luc and your kids running away... well, boo-hoo-hoo, Sarah, but you just had it coming. You chased them away with your selfishness and your self-pity and the way you constantly bicker about them. You’ve been rude before, and sometimes I could overlook the way you could be painfully honest.

But, last night, when you coldly told Elizabeth that her parents might be dead you crossed everyone’s line. We’re all very angry with you and I doubt that you will find a shoulder to cry on right now. We have other, more important, things on our minds.”
“Well, thanks, mom, for your heartfelt concern.” Sarah replies sarcastically.

She turns around and storms out of the kitchen.
“Who was that?” Rebecca asks, entering the kitchen.
“Nobody.” Nora answers curtly and she turns to Rebecca. “Shall I make another pot of coffee?”
“Oh, yes, please, it’s the only thing that mom can live on right now....”


“But I had it made especially for you, in the kitchen of the hotel...” Justin says.
“Justin, I’m still recovering from the flu and I’m not in the mood to eat cake. Besides, I have to go to work, because Cleo is sick and the thought of food, right now, just makes me want to throw up. I’m sorry, baby.”

Tyler gives him a quick kiss, then a longer one, followed by yet another one, that implies that she may not leave after all, but then she gently pushes him back and leaves. Justin grabs the cake and tears it open to retrieve the ring, before he forgets about it and loses it.
“Don’t mind me, Tyler, I’m just trying to find a way to propose to you.” Justin says quietly.


“There you go!” Kitty coos, softly tickling Grace on her belly. Grace shows a hint of smile. “All clean. Clean diaper, clean dress, clean face. And you smell sooooo good.” She places another kiss on her daughter’s head and rocks her gently. Grace is about to fall asleep, when the doorbell sounds.

“I’ll get it.” Seth says and he opens the door. “Sarah?”
“Can I come in?” Sarah asks. Seth quickly glances at Kitty. Kitty shrugs, so Seth opens the door a bit further.
“Why don’t I put Grace to bed?” Seth suggests, taking over his daughter from Kitty.

Kitty and Sarah stare at each other until Seth is gone. Sarah takes two steps and lets her bag fall on Kitty’s couch.
“Listen, Kit, you don’t have to apologize for last night, I....” Sarah starts awkwardly, feeling that she should be the one to take the first step.

“I wasn’t about to. If anyone deserved that slap, it was you. My only regret is, I should have hit you harder.” Kitty cuts her off coldly. "And if you came here, expecting me to feel sorry for you, you’re at the wrong address.”
“You heard?”

“From Kevin, who heard it from Mateo, who got a message from Paige.” Kitty can see that Sarah is fuming already. “I’m sorry to say it, but I’m glad that Joe is back. Paige and Cooper weren’t themselves yesterday-evening and we all noticed it....”
“And Luc? Glad that he left as well?”

Kitty obviously did not know about that little fact, because for one moment she seems to be taken aback, but then she shrugs.
“I can’t blame him either.” She reacts in a very matter-of-fact statement. Infuriated, Sarah grabs her bag from the couch and leaves without even saying goodbye.

Kitty’s shoulders sink. She hates fighting with Sarah, but she’s still too angry over what had happened the night before. She picks up her phone.
“Kevin? I have some more news about Sarah. Seems that it weren’t just the kids who left, Luc is gone as well...”


“Any news?” Nora asks, placing a hand on Holly’s back.
“No. The last news I have, is that there are more survivors than expected, a lot of wounded persons, but also....” She shakes her head, unable to deal with the thought that either David or Rick would be amongst the dead.

Nora thinks back about Sarah’s words earlier. William’s mistress. Nora hadn’t really given it a second thought. How weird that somewhere during these last couple of years, this blonde woman had changed from being “William’s mistress” - said in a derogatory tone of voice - to just being "Holly".

She had become a part of Nora’s circle of family and friends. One of those people who could count on Nora’s genuine love and care.
“We have to stay positive... I don’t want to even think about it... You and David... You two are so much in love... It can't end like this.” Nora says.

“Nora, I swear, if he comes back, I won’t wait another day... I’m going to marry him on the spot....” Holly promises.
“Well, I can’t think of a better reason for him to come back home.” Nora answers with a smile and she gently rubs Holly’s back. “And I’ll keep you to your promise.”


Sarah enters the June Flower and walks up to Tyler.
“Hi. Is Justin in?”
“No. He was asked to fall in for someone else and, considering that I had to work as well, he went to the hospital.”

“Have you spoken to either mom, or Kitty, or Kevin?”
“Then you haven’t heard? That Luc is gone... and that the kids are back with Joe...?” Sarah feels the tears burn in her eyes again.

“Can’t say I blame them.” Tyler reacts absent-mindedly, because she also checks her emails at the same time. “After that scene, last night, they looked quite embarrassed.”
“And of course, this is all my fault?” Sarah asks offended.

“I don’t know, whatever did Elizabeth do to you, that was so bad...?”
“It wasn’t about Elizabeth...”
“No, it was all about you.”

“I couldn’t stand it anymore.”
“Kevin and Scotty. All so picture-perfect. Nothing ever seems to stick to them....”

“You think they haven’t had enough heartache?”
“It doesn’t matter what gets thrown at them, they just breeze through it! And I know it’s the same for Kitty and Seth. Or for you and Justin.. It’s all so easy!

Tyler blinks at Sarah’s words and she feels an incredible anger come up.
“It’s called working at your relationship. And not moan and cry about it, until everyone is sick and tired of you and the only way that you can still be the centre of attention is by being cruel to a 7-year old, who has no means to defend herself!”

Sarah opens her mouth to say something, but she can’t think of anything that could serve as an excuse for what she has done.
“Now, if you’ll forgive me. Some of us, like Justin and me, have something called ‘a job’. Perhaps you should try and get one of your own.” Tyler says.


“He’ll be here in less than 5 minutes....” Olivia teases.
“Shut up.” Mateo quietly replies, once again pulling at his t-shirt.
“Nervous?” Kevin asks, though it’s rather obvious that Mateo is very worried.
“What if he doesn’t like me...?”

“Then we have a problem.” Scotty has to admit.
“Perhaps I should have put on the other shirt?” Mateo wonders.
“I don’t think that a t-shirt will make a difference.”
“He’s going to kill me for trying to date his daughter.” Mateo rubs his face.

“We won’t let him kill you.” Kevin shrugs. “Just...” The quick knock on the door stops Kevin from talking. For a moment he sees the panic in Mateo’s eyes and he grins. “Go and open up. Shake his hand. Be firm.” Kevin orders gently. He sees how Mateo rubs his undoubtedly sweaty hands on his pants, before he takes a deep breath and opens the door.

“Hi. Mr Whedon? I’m Mateo. Nice to meet you.” If he’s terrified, his voice doesn’t betray it and Kevin nods with a little grin, that gets caught by Joe. He looks Mateo up and down before accepting the held out hand.
“It’s good to see you again, Joe.” Kevin now says.

“Likewise. I hear there have quite some changes in your life?”
“Our son, Daniel, is that little one fighting with his apple sauce. This pretty girl is our daughter, Olivia. You know Elizabeth..? And this is Mateo... You must have already heard about him.”

“Can’t get Paige to shut up.” Joe says with a smile. “But I also got an earful from Sarah. Not just about taking the kids, which she can’t really stop me from doing, but she insisted that I would swear to never-ever let Paige near ‘that criminal’.”
“What does she have against him? Did she give you a reason?”

“None whatsoever, and that, in combination with the way that my kids begged me to come back and the almost happy way that Luc greeted me and asked me to take the children, make me wonder what is going on?”
“Wish we knew.” Scotty says, taking Daniel out of his chair, so he can run around again.

“It would seem that she has lost her common sense or something, I don’t know. She’s been prickly and rude and a few nights ago, I told her she was no longer welcome here... The way she spoke to Mateo was appalling... But Scotty felt we should try and reunite the family, so I agreed that he could invite Sarah.

And then, last night ....” Kevin shakes his head, as if he still can’t believe it. “..It wasn’t even that she told Elizabeth that Tommy and Julia might be dead, it’s the way in which she told her. As if she took joy in hurting Elizabeth...” Joe can see how Kevin’s anger over Sarah’s action is obviously still raging.

“I can’t begin to tell you how angry the kids are over what Sarah did. Especially Paige, who already had a few bones to pick with Sarah....” Joe says, now focusing his attention on Mateo. “I understand that you’re a reason why Paige and Sarah are arguing. What possible reason could Sarah have to think you’re a criminal?”

“She was there, when I got a call to pick up Mateo at the police-station.” Kevin explains, before Mateo can explain something.
“Why were you there? ... Let him speak?” Joe asks, when Kevin opens his mouth again.
“I ... I was caught for vagrancy. I was sleeping in an alley. I had run away from home.”

“Why?” Joe asks.
“My father was drunk, like he usually was. I was afraid he’d beat me up. He’d used to do that often....”
“Why did you call Kevin?”

“He knew my case? ... He had been kind... Different... More invested...” Mateo shrugs, trying to appear indifferent, until he realises that it may not be the best way to convince Joe. “Okay, I liked him. And I trusted him somehow. And I didn’t get disappointed. He did manage to find my grandmother for me. And then she, too, changed my life.

I used to skip school, because I didn’t want to be there, because my dad kept telling me that I was a lost cause anyway, but once I was away from him, I went from being a bad student to a good one, I want my grandmother to be proud of me. And I want Kevin to not regret the fact that he put his trust in me.”

Joe nods quietly. This is a different story, than what he heard from Sarah, but it sounds more believable, also because of what Paige and Kevin had told him so far. He thinks long and hard, playing with the cup of coffee that Scotty had given him in the meantime. It’s hard for him to decide on what to do.

“I want you to understand one thing. That is my little girl that you’re with... and that’s different from a son...” Joe starts and Mateo’s heart sink. He’ll never be allowed to see Paige again.... “I don’t mind you if you see Paige...” Mateo lifts his head, a faint hint of a smile. “Under one condition.”

“Which one?” Mateo asks.
“I don’t want you two unsupervised. No studying together in your room or hers with the door closed, and such... It’s not like I want some chaperone sitting at your table, doing needlework, but I don’t want to make it too easy for you two either....”

The wink that follows his words makes Mateo smile.
“Before Sarah got all angry and upset, we’d study together downstairs in the restaurant? Is that allowed? I miss working with her. She’s so smart.” Mateo dares to ask.
“If it’s alright with Kevin and Scotty?”

“It is, you know that.” Scotty smiles. “The kids are always welcome here.”
“Glad to hear that.” Joe answers. “If only things would go as smoothly with Sarah...”
“She’s not going to like your decision.” Scotty fears.
“Well, that’s too bad.” Joe replies.


“Any news?” Kitty asks Nora. Nora shakes her head. “Anything I can do?”
“No. I don’t think so. All Holly and Rebecca can do right now is be together and pray. And all I can do is make coffee and bring them something to eat...”

“Perhaps I could make some calls...”
“It won’t make any difference. The rescue-team know where the bus is, but they can only bring up people slowly. It’s a slow and dangerous process and if everyone starts to call in, it won’t go any faster.”

“I get that.” Kitty sighs. “I just... I know what it’s like to... wait for the ambulance to show up...” She nearly whispers the last words.
“Oh, honey, I’m sorry, I didn’t think that it would bring memories of Robert’s accident.” Nora apologises.
“I’m fine. I’m dealing with it. Normally I would just switch off the tv, but now...”

“Kitty? What are you doing here?” Holly asks, as she comes in the kitchen with a few coffee-mugs in her hands.
“I heard it from Justin... If there’s anything I can do?”
“Pray.” Holly says with a weak smile. “I can’t think of anything else.”

“Still no news?” Kitty now asks.
“They’re still bringing up the wounded first... When they are gone, all that will be left will be those who are fine... and those who are dead... So, we wait.”


Scotty stacks the menus and places them on the shelve, so that it all looks very organised. He refills the tray with napkins for the waitresses.
“Scotty?” Sarah’s voice is soft, but it does manage to startle Scotty, who was deeply concentrated on his work.

“Sarah... Why are you here?”
“I wanted to talk to you and Kevin.
“I don’t think that Kevin wants to talk to you.”
“You have to convince him to listen to me.”

“I don’t have to do anything, Sarah. Kevin is still furious. Why don’t you come back in a couple of days and see if he has cooled off a bit.”
“I don’t want to wait!” Sarah insists and Scotty feels the irritation grow inside him. He doesn’t mind to be some peace-maker, but he doesn’t like to get bullied into it.

“Sarah, I strongly suggest that you stay away from Kevin, if you don’t want him to personally kick you out and ask for restraining order against you... Do you have any idea who livid he is? Kevin or Mateo can at least defend themselves against your anger, but Elizabeth...? What did she ever do to you?”

“Nothing.” Sarah acknowledges. “I feel terrible about it, I swear, I want to somehow fix this and ...”
“Not now, Sarah. You’re not welcome.” Scotty replies and his answer is so definitive, that Sarah can only stare at him for a few seconds, before she turns around and leaves.


“I don’t believe that I’ve ever spoken to Holly this long.” Kitty sighs and she puts away the dishes in the dishwasher. “Speaking of lost lovers... Have you heard from Brody lately?”
“Last Friday. We talked for about half an hour... I miss him.”

“I bet he misses you too. Why don’t you go up to see him? The court-case is over. The family is almost back to talking to each other again, well, except for Sarah, ... You could use some romantic break. I’m not saying you should sell this house and move there, but,... be with him for a few days...”

“I would love that... but I can’t... I’m not sure that he loves me.”
“But, he was so happy to find you after all these years....”

“Yes... But ... do you remember Stan? My first boyfriend...? I was thrilled to meet him again, after all those years... I tried to make it work. Invited him to meet my family. Took him to your wedding and then I discovered that I loved my memory of him, but not the man he had become.”

“But I’m sure that Brody doesn’t see it like that.”
“I wish I was sure.”
“Brody loves you.”

“Funny, I remember that you once told me the same thing about your father. ‘but he loved you..’, as if that is some magic patch that heals all wounds.”
“You told me that dad had never given up anything to love you...” Kitty remembers.

“You want Brody to come back to you on his own?
“I want him to realize that he wants to be with me and that he doesn’t want to spend another day without me...”

“Well, mom, if that is really what you want, maybe you should be the one who proposes to Brody... So, that you’ll have a deal he cannot refuse.”
“Do you think he’d take it?” Nora asks between hope and concern.
“I do think so.” Kitty grins.


End of part 1/4


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