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Fanfic that used to be on serena2000

I've said before that I would move my other accounts to Dreamwidth. With Serena2000 closing, it means I had to add the dreamwidth-link of Chad's dream to  Quartet 4/4. For those of you who missed it, Quartet 4/4 had a story in a story, which is why I needed another place than Marea67 to link it to. 

I have also added to the 2009-stories list, the story "Impersonal", which is an AU-Kevin/Scotty. I didn't add "Impersonal" to this journal at the time, because it was much darker than my stories usually were. It's not a pleasant story.   :)

For those who never read it/wish to re-read it:

Impersonal 1/5
Impersonal 2/5
Impersonal 3/5
Impersonal 4/5
Impersonal 5/5

I've also posted these links in the list of 2009-stories, just to make sure. :)
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