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Fanfic: B&S episode 618: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 18 – Bridge over troubled water

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/4 *****

“I didn’t think we could still have a wonderful little evening after Sarah’s meltdown, but, you guys did it.” Nora compliments Kevin and Scotty, who both blush under her kindness.
“Well, couldn’t have done it without Holly, Chad, Jason and Jordan. They knew how to get us going again.”

“I agree with Kevin. I really thought the evening would be ruined as well, but especially Chad and Holly, really came through for us.”
“Are you guys gossiping about me?” Chad joins them at the door.
“Always.” Kevin laughs.

“You did a very good job tonight.” Nora gives Chad a hug and Chad gives a Kevin an embarrassed grin.
“Kevin and Scotty had worked so hard. It would have been a waste to see it all shot down. I didn’t want Sarah to accomplish that.”

Holly closes the last button on her coat.
“It was sure nice to talk about the movies I’ve made. And with an actor too. Can’t wait to see your new movie.” Holly gives Chad a hug.
“It was fun to hear how it was done in the 70s and 80s. I’m pleased to have met you.” Chad places a kiss on Holly’s hand.

“It’s too bad that you’re gay and I’m taken.” Holly laughs, amused with Chad.
“Well, I’m bi, and I’m not that difficult with labels…” Chad jokes.
“… And I’m his husband, who’s about to commit murder…” Jason finishes with a huge grin.

“He wins.” Chad surrenders and they all laugh.
“You’re such an impossible flirt.” Kevin tells Chad, but there’s so much affection in his voice that Chad can only smile. He hugs Kevin and then Scotty and soon enough they hear Chad and Jason leave.

“I think I can speak for my mom and me, when I say that we had a wonderful evening.” Rebecca is all smiles. “Ah, there you are.” She then says to Tyler who joins them.
“Here’s my phone-number and the address of The June-Flower. Call me.”
“Am I the only one who thinks it’s eerie that my ex-wife and my new girlfriend get along?”

“They’re conspiring against you, Justin.” Seth grins, carrying the sleeping Evan on his arm. “Look at that. Completely dead to the world.”
“He was very much alive tonight.” Kitty laughs.
“I’ll put him in the car and then come back for you and Grace.” Seth says.

“Thanks, Kitty, for everything.” Scotty hugs her.
“If anyone deserved that slap to the face it was Sarah.” Kitty shrugs.
“Let’s not get into that. I don’t want to talk about her.” Kevin replies in a strangely cold voice. Kitty feels concern bubble up again.

“You’re not going to forgive her anytime soon. Are you?”
“No. I’m not. I’ve reached the end of my patience with her.” Kitty nods before she turns to Justin. “Can you help me get these to the car? I don’t really want to leave Evan alone in there.”

“Of course.” Justin answers, feeling that Kitty wants to talk to him. He joins her outside.
“This is serious, Justin. Sarah and Kevin have had disagreements before, but I’ve never seen Kevin this angry before.”
“He’s beyond angry, it seems.” Justin says. “We need to talk to Sarah.”

“We’ll talk about that tomorrow, alright?” Kitty quickly says as they are near the car.
“Fine.” Justin agrees and he gives Grace to Seth, so he can put her safely inside. Justin says goodbye to Kitty and Seth and he re-enters the house, just in time to see Holly, Nora and Rebecca leave.

“It was nice to see you again, Becca.” He says.
“You too. And Tyler is so nice.”
“Yes, she’s amazing.” Justin can only agree with Rebecca. They give each other an awkward hug, both of them not sure if their friendship is still intact.

Tyler watches it happen and grins. She’s glad that she managed to deal with Rebecca.
“Admit it, you were worried about meeting Rebecca.” Jordan says, when he sees her face.
“Guilty.” Tyler laughs. “I was nervous. Afraid that Justin would still be in love with her.”
“He still loves her.” Jordan cannot help but point out.

“That doesn’t bother me. I have ex-boyfriends I still love as well.” Tyler immediately answers. “But he’s not in love with her... And that is what matters to me.” She feels more confident now about her relationship with Justin.
“Tyler, are you coming?”

“Yes! Thanks, Jordan. It was nice to get to know you a bit better. I had a lot of fun.” For a moment Tyler wonders if they should go for a hug or just shake hands, but Jordan makes a decision for her, by giving her an enormous hug, that leaves Tyler almost breathless.

“You’re a wonderful girl and I know that Scotty is really happy with you and the work you do at the hotel. He thinks the world of you and that is what matters to me.” Jordan replies with a wink. Tyler laughs and joins Justin, just when Saul and Jonathan exit the kitchen.

“Everything has been taken care off, so you won’t have too much to do tomorrow.” Saul tells Scotty.
“Thanks. Both of you. And for all your help tonight.”
“My pleasure.” Jonathan convinces Scotty. “If you need help with anything else....?”

“No. We’re fine.” Scotty sighs. He and Kevin manage to get Saul and Jonathan out the door as well. And suddenly there’s only the six of them left.
“Let’s lock up.” Kevin says, stretching a bit to chase away the tired feeling. “Mateo? Help me upstairs?”

“Fine. Who’s going to help Scotty?”
“I will.” Olivia offers.
“I’m staying with Daniel.” Elizabeth says and she yawns as she sits down beside the foldable playpen, where Daniel sleeps.


“You’re not serious.” Joe stares at Luc. “You can’t be. This isn’t Sarah.”
“It’s the truth.” Luc answers. He seems so defeated that Joe feels sorry for him.
“It is, dad. You should have seen her... It was just awful.” Gabe says.
“Does Sarah know that I have the kids?”

“She’s asleep. Or pretending to be asleep. Whatever.... I’ll tell her in the morning.” Luc sighs. “You have the right to see your children. She can’t stop you...”
“I know.” Joe looks at the depressed faces of his kids, aware that Cooper and Paige are emotionally exhausted. “I’m sorry.”

Luc looks at Joe, surprised by the genuine concern in Joe. Luc smiles sadly.
“I’ll be fine.”
“Come on, kids.” Luc helps the kids with their bags. The kids have never been more quiet and sad.

It is as if they believe that if one sound will wake up Sarah, all escape will be impossible. Luc and Joe put the bags in the car. Cooper gives Luc a very tight hug.
“I don’t want to leave you.” Paige says quietly, with tears in her eyes.
“You’ll be fine with your dad. That all I need to know.”

“Bye, Luc.” Even Gabe is impressed at this point. Luc and he shake hands. They simply never really connected to begin with. Joe is ready to get in, when he turns to Luc.
“If you need a place to stay...? Call me. I mean it. I don’t know what is wrong with Sarah, and I don’t know you that well. But I know my kids. This isn’t them either.”

“No.” Luc acknowledges.
“So, if you need a place to crash. I mean it. My door is open.”
“Thank you. Very kind of you.” Luc nods, but he knows he won’t need Joe. He has made his own plans.


Awoken by the sun, Sarah stretches out. The silence in the house feels weird. Luc isn’t with her. The kids are very quiet apparently. She reaches out for the alarm-clock. Nearly 10 am. She must have been in a coma! She jumps out of bed and heads for the bathroom.

She look in the mirror and isn’t happy with what she sees. Her eyes are still swollen from the tears she cried last night. A red mark is left on her cheek, from where Kitty had hit her. In general, the face staring back at her is so marked with dissatisfaction and anger, that it scares her. She looks old.

It all starts to come back to her, as does the head-ache. She remembers the pain in Elizabeth’s eyes. The slap in her face from Kitty. She shakes her head. It had hurt so much. Anger. Shock. And there had been Kevin... Suddenly she feels sick. Kevin. Oh, my God. He had been so angry.

“What have I done?” Sarah asks herself again. She quickly washes her face, before she goes searching for Luc. She finds him in the kitchen.
“Good-morning?” She tries, a little too cheerful. Luc doesn’t answer. “Where are the kids?”

“They left. Last night. With Joe.”
“He’s back?”

“If you would have let me, I could have told you that yesterday. He had planned to drop by today and talk to you... But after last night, Gabe called him and he came by to pick up the children last night.” Luc answers coldly. Sarah sinks down on one of the kitchen-chairs.

“Luc, I know things were not so good between us lately, but...”
“I don’t want to hear it. Now I’m the one who doesn’t want to listen. I don’t know what is wrong with you, but I don’t recognize you anymore. Joe was shocked by how sad the kids were. I’m done apologizing for you.”

“What .... what do you mean?” It’s only now that she notices the suitcases at the door.
“I’m done. The kids are safe now and I need some tranquillity too after several weeks of walking on egg-shells around you. I no longer know what to do. You have great kids and a wonderful family. We have enough money and I thought I could make you happy.”

"You can." Sarah insists, but Luc shakes his head.
“I can’t make you happy. Your unhappiness is inside you, in a place where I can’t reach it and fix it. I can no longer help you. I’m sorry.”
“Where are you going?”

“I’m going back to France.”
“Just like that? Have you planned this?”
“No. But that is the beauty of having a family. All you have to do is call them. My father will pick me up from the airport.”

“And what about me? What about us?”
“What us? There is no ‘us’. It doesn’t exist. There’s only Sarah. Nobody else matters. You’re like a dark rain-cloud that only thrives on ruining everyone’s sunny days. I don’t know what happened with the woman that I used to know, but I’m too tired to find out.”


“Pancakes?” Scotty asks.
“Yes!” Olivia puts Daniel in his chair.
“Is Kevin awake yet?” Mateo asks, as he puts the milk on the table.
“He pretends he isn’t.” Scotty answers.

“Can I go ask him something or should I let him dream on?”
“Five more minutes?” Scotty requests and Mateo nods.
“Did he sleep at all last night? He was so angry yesterday.” Olivia asks.
“We talked for a long time, when we were alone.” Scotty answers.

“Is Kevin serious about never wanting to see Aunt Sarah again?” Elizabeth asks.
“I’m afraid so.” Scotty sighs. “Kevin can be very determined when he wants to be.”
“Will she blame me?”
“No, Elizabeth, it’s your aunt own fault, sweetie.”

“Exactly.” Kevin’s voice startles everyone. “You’re not to blame.” He ruffles Elizabeth’s hair. “And neither is Mateo.” He gives Mateo a little wink. “And as long as she wants to remain so evil to everyone, she’s not longer welcome with us either. That doesn’t mean you can’t go to see her and uncle Luc. You’re allowed to play with Cooper and Paige.

But I just don’t want her coming here again and making some scene. I will not accept that she’s mean to Mateo or Elizabeth... or Olivia or Daniel. Not even to Scotty. She may be my sister, but that doesn’t mean that she can get away with murder.”
“And I agree with Kevin.” Scotty adds in a calm voice.

“I got a message from Paige.” Mateo says, holding up his phone. “Her mom doesn’t know it yet, but she’s back with her father... What will that mean for our chance to see Paige? ... And Cooper?” He adds as an after-thought. Kevin and Scotty, hearing the hitch, smile at each other.

“Perhaps we should talk to Joe? Have him come over here to meet you?” Scotty suggests. Kevin catches the horrified look on Mateo’s face and he laughs softly at his panic.
“I’ll call him.” Kevin promises with a smile. “... but first,... I want my pancakes.”


“Dad, you’ll have to give Mateo a chance, pretty, pretty please.” Paige begs. “Just meet him. Get to know him. He’s such a nice guy. You’ll see. I swear.”
“Paige, I said I needed to think it over. I find the entire situation rather confusing. I have to adjust to the thought that my little girl is having a boy-friend.

The fact that Sarah doesn’t like him is no reason for me to judge him. I want to make my own decisions. But the fact that he knew Kevin, because Kevin was his lawyer...? Not a good sign.”
“Let uncle Kevin tell you all about it. Please.” Paige relentlessly tries.

“I will call your uncles later today and maybe we can talk it through....”
“Yes!” Paige whispers.
“Can we go to Café 429?” Cooper asks. “I haven’t had uncle Scotty’s cookies in a long time.”

“I will discuss that with you uncles too.” Joe promises. He looks at Gabe wondering if Gabe also has something to say.
“I can’t go. I have to study with Trudy.” Gabe grins. “So you don’t have to talk to them about me.”


“Just tea for me.” Rebecca says, still rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
“Did you sleep well, honey?” Nora asks.
“Perfect. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was, until my head got in touch with the pillow, I was gone in ten seconds, I think.”

“Well, it was a long day yesterday.”
“Yes. I was also worried about seeing Justin again and meeting Tyler. I was afraid we might dislike each other, but she was so kind.”
“Tyler is wonderful girl.” Nora nods. “Justin is lucky to have her. I hope we’ll get to meet Rick soon?”

“Mom’s on the phone, trying to find out if dad and Rick left. And if they did, when they would be at the airport.... Nora, thanks for looking after my mom a bit. I was happy to be with my dad and my husband, without having to worry about if my mom wasn’t doing something crazy.”

“To be honest, I was glad to have her here. And it wasn’t as big a problem as I feared it would be. The worst of the pain about William’s cheating is gone. And Holly has been such a great help to me.... Especially during those days when we were waiting for the verdict from the judge....”

“Mom never really had ‘a friend’. Not that I can remember anyway. I think she’s beginning to see you as one.”
“I think that if Holly and I had met under different circumstances, we could have been the best of friends.... Of course, it’s never too late.” Nora laughs.

“Speaking of which, there she is.... Mom, any news?” Rebecca smiles. At the same time the telephone rings. With a sigh Nora picks it up, only to hear a sob on the other side.
“Mom? He’s gone... Luc has left me... And the kids.... Joe has them...” Sarah cries in the ear of an astonished Nora.

But Nora isn’t too concerned about Sarah. Her attention is on Holly, who looks like she has seen a ghost. She sits down, pure disaster written all over her face. As in slow-motion Holly puts her own telephone on the table.
“David... and Rick...” She stammers.

“Mom? What happened to Rick? Where’s dad?” Rebecca asks terrified.
“They were on their way to the airport... in a bus... the storm had passed. ... Everyone thought it would be safe to travel...” Holly’s eyes fill with tears. “The ground was however so saturated with water...

The piece of the road, they were on, collapsed.... The bus and all passengers slipped into the ravine. There are survivors, but also wounded and ... dead.... They don’t know yet, ... about David and Rick...” Holly now cries out loud and Nora hangs up on Sarah to turn to Holly and Rebecca.



Episode 619 will be posted 25 March (give or take) I have no title for it yet...

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