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Fanfic: B&S episode 618: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 18 – Bridge over troubled water

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****

“Scotty, aren’t your mom and dad coming as well?” Kevin asks, the moment he has a few seconds alone with his husband in the kitchen. He pours himself a drink.
“I called them, but they had made other plans.”
“Should we be worried?”

“Not sure... Dad wanted to go to a Comic Book convention in New York... My mom went with him.”
“That frightens me on more than one level. Thought your mother hated comics.”
“She hated my dad’s comics...”

“And the difference is....?” Kevin asks. Scotty moves closer and whispers:
“Dad told me in the strictest confidence, that mom confessed that, when she was a teenage-girl, she secretly read Tarzan comics. She found them ‘quite arousing’...” Scotty whispers with a wink. Kevin chokes on his drink.


“Luc! Sarah! How good to see you guys here as well.” Justin greets them. “Drinks are over there. In about 10 minutes or so we’ll have dinner. The kids are in the garden… So if you want to play…” He now focuses his attention on Paige and Cooper.
“Remember what I said, Paige. Not too much contact with that guy.” Sarah says.

A few feet away from her, Kevin freezes over his sister’s words. So, with nearly everyone back on the same page, Sarah’s still making trouble?“
Let it go, Kevin.” Tyler says and she grabs Kevin’s arm to pull him away from his sister and towards the table where Jordan helps Jason to set the table for dinner.

“I just don’t like the way that Sarah belittles Mateo.”
“I don’t know what is wrong with her, but, so far, this evening has a been a success. Don’t let her ruin a good night.” Jason says and he squeezes Kevin’s shoulder in encouragement as he walks by.

“I know…” Kevin replies, but he’s not sure he can keep his mouth shut, if Sarah goes on being such a sour person all night. He watches her as she walks around. Harsh lines are on her face. She used to be such as cheerful person, so much fun to be with, now she looks at Saul’s excellent wine-choice as if Saul had offered a new brand of vinegar.

Her entire attitude displays her resentment to be here or participate in the conversations. She keeps an eye out for the kids, which, due to the high bushes around the house, is hard to do. Kevin can see how it must drive her crazy to not be able to see if Mateo and Paige aren’t together.

“Luc? How’s Sarah?” Kevin asks, when he has the chance to catch Luc alone.
“I don’t know. I’ve reached a point where I don’t care anymore either.” Luc shrugs.
“That’s …. Not good.” Kevin states the obvious.
“I know. It’s not good at all.”

“What are you going to do about it?”
“That’s just it. I don’t know. She has changed so much, that I don’t know anymore who she is. It’s like she’s in a dark place, with her mind, all alone. She won’t tell me what is bothering her.

She has this irrational anger towards you and Mateo. I really don’t know why she’s picking on that boy so much. I know that Paige and he are meeting behind our backs. I should do something about it, but I can’t. I should not agree with Paige’s disobedience and I know it’s bad parenting, but … I can’t fault Paige for doing it.”

“I’m glad that you’re not against Mateo.” Kevin says.
“Doesn’t mean I want him sleeping with her.” Luc warns.
“We’ve kindly asked him to respect Paige.” Kevin grins. “I think he was most impressed with the way Scotty was slicing the zucchini at the time… I think he got it.”

Both men laugh, but then Luc becomes more serious again.
“But let’s not fool ourselves. Mateo is a boy. I don’t know about you, but at his age... sex was all I had on my mind…”
“Not just yours…”

If Paige and Mateo want to take this a step further…”
“… Then they probably will, with or without our consent. I’m not naïf or ignoring the facts, but I’d rather create a place where they feel they can be honest about each other, than have an atmosphere where they feel they should lie to us.

And I fear that Sarah is doing just that. Paige used to be able to talk Sarah. If Sarah is no longer willing to listen to her, Paige will, in return, shy away from her and no longer tell her what is going on. And the more Sarah fights Mateo, the more she’ll drive Paige into his arms..…

And if Mateo had done anything bad, I could understand her worries. And, yes, had Mateo continued on the path he was on, then he could have ended up a criminal, but he didn’t . He was just a kid running away from a bad home, who finally found peace, warmth and stability when he could stay with his grandmother.

He’s smart enough to pick up his grades and go from ‘pretty bad’ to ‘very good’ in the space of nearly a year. He wants to learn. It’s something that Paige and he have in common and I believe that they encourage each other rather they bring each other down.”

“It’s not me who’ll have to convince.” Luc smiles.
“I know… I just hoped that maybe if you knew as well… you could talk to Sarah as well.”
“I don’t believe that Sarah would listen to me, anymore than she would listen to you.”


That heavy feeling in her stomach is growing stronger. She can feel it. She watches her entire family gathered around the table, as well as some friends of Kevin and Scotty. It irks her that everyone is laughing and having fun. The conversations are divers, but Sarah doesn’t feel like participating.

She knows that Paige stays away from Mateo to not offend her, but their body-language and the way they look at each other tell a completely different story. She no longer believes that the two of them are not seeing each other somehow, but, for now, she can’t prove it.

It makes her angry, just like the way that Luc has almost turned his back to her and he’s talking with Rebecca. It bothers her and she feels ignored. She picks at the piece of cold chicken on her plate. A cold menu. Nothing warm to eat. It’s clever, of course, with such a large group and of course the food is perfect. Scotty made it.

Everything so fucking perfect. Paige and Cooper are so difficult with her, but they love to go to their uncles. At home, every morsel of food needs to be questioned. Now she watches Cooper wolf down his vegetables as if they’re French fries. Paige is laughing and having fun, when, at home, all she does is sulk.

She remembers how Luc had reacted when she had asked him to create a design for their new wine-label. Yet, when, a few weeks ago, Scotty had asked Luc if he could make a painting for on the wall in Café 429, Luc had gladly spent a whole day watching Scotty and his staff work to get ‘the feel’ of the place and a week later Luc had delivered a beautiful work of art.

It stings her that the restaurant is a success despite the economic crisis. Whenever she drives by, almost all tables are full… And she couldn’t save her family’s company…. She quickly downs the anger, that comes up, with some wine. She looks around at the people at the table.

Everyone is laughing.
Everyone is having fun.
She throws down her fork with a loud clanging noise.
Everyone is now staring at her.

“I can’t believe how insensitive all of you are!” Sarah says, getting up.
“Sarah!” Luc moans, annoyed and embarrassed before Sarah has even said a word.
“I don’t understand how you can all sit here and act as if there’s nothing going on in this family.”

“What do you mean?” Scotty asks, wondering what Sarah is talking about.
“We’re sitting here, partying, because you two bought a new house and you somehow managed to take away Elizabeth from Tommy and Julia….”
“Here we go again.” Justin rubs his eyes with a tired movement.

“… And no one can spare a thought about what is going on with her poor parents?”
“Sarah, shut up!” Kitty places her paper napkin on the table and gets up as well.
“To think about what Tommy and Julia’s fate could be….”
“Sarah!” Nora now jumps up as well.

Sarah turns her attention to Elizabeth.
“Elizabeth, the truth, which Kevin and Scotty would never tell you, is that….” There’s an entire kerfuffle when everyone suddenly starts to talk, yell Sarah’s name and beg Sarah to be quiet or tell her to shut up.

“… both your parents could be dead….” Sarah finishes, not taking her eyes off Elizabeth. The silence that fall after her last words is oppressive for about 10 seconds. She can see Elizabeth slip off her chair and run into Kevin’s arms. The shock and horror  on Scotty’s face almost feels good.

Then she realizes the wall of anger coming from the others. The silence gets broken by the few footsteps of Kitty’s high heels on the floor and the loud sound of a hand hitting Sarah’s face at full speed and with considerable force. Sarah nearly tumbles backwards because of the impact.

“You selfish little bitch!” Kitty yells. “Just because you’re miserable and hurt, you feel that you have the right to impose your misery on all of us as well? You make me sick! Sick! You hear me? How could you do this to that little girl? You’re a monster!” Kitty isn’t even trying to hide how disgusted she is.

Seth takes Kitty by her shoulders and pulls away from Sarah, fearing that Kitty isn’t done.
“Sarah, are you really so angry with the world that you need to lash out at a 7-year old?” Holly wonders. “There’s something wrong with you.”

“Really, Sarah,..” Nora adds.” Do you really believe that you’re the only one thinking of them? You don’t think I do? Tommy is my son. Julia my daughter in law. I’m worried. I’m worried sick. But for just a few hours I wanted to stop worrying and celebrate the changes in my other son’s life.

And to be honest, I don’t believe you were thinking about Tommy or Julia. You were just using them as a stick to hit us with, because you want us to hurt the way you do. I don’t know what’s the matter with you, Sarah, but this is wrong. So incredibly, incredibly wrong.”

“I agree with Nora. We’re all worried about Tommy and Julia. …. But your outburst, Sarah, is not about them, it’s all about you.” Tyler says.
“Exactly.” Justin now adds. “We can’t stop living because of what might or might not have happened to Tommy and Julia.

This party was supposed to re-unite us as a family after all the trouble we had these last few weeks. And we were doing great until you had to ruin it all with your bad mood. You’ve become impossible to be with and I admire Luc for sticking with you and your sour attitude, but I’m done with you.”

“I’m at a loss. I don’t understand this, Sarah.” Scotty says quietly. “I don’t know what it is that Kevin and I have done to you, that is so incredibly bad or insulting or offensive that you feel you can get away with this. But whatever it is… Lashing out at a 7-year old? Are you insane?”

Sarah looks from one disgusted face to the next face that expresses confusion and the inability to understand what is going on. There’s so much pain, but it’s nothing to compared to hurt in Elizabeth’s eyes.
“Elizabeth, … I’m …” Sarah stammers, realizing the shock is not as big on Elizabeth as she had expected. 

“You’re wrong." Elizabeth softly says. "Kevin and Scotty did tell me. That police-officer, Max, came here and we talked.. and talked. And I am scared! And I do think about my mom and dad. And you didn’t have to be so mean!” Elizabeth cries and Sarah suddenly feels very empty. She can see how Kevin comforts Elizabeth.

He holds Elizabeth in his arms and caresses her little back with a tender stroke. Kevin is the only person, who, so far, has remained quiet. Kevin doesn’t even look up at her.
“Sarah…” Kevin says in a low voice, that hardly conceals his incredible anger.

“Get out of my house, my restaurant, my hotel and my life. I never want to see you again.” There’s something so definitive in his words, that it shocks Sarah, as if, only now, she finally sees how far she has crossed the line.

“Kevin…” She starts.
“Get out.” Kevin says, and his calmness is probably more frightening than his anger could have been. He no longer wishes to fight her. He’s done with her.
“I just….”

“Get out. Now. Luc and the kids are always welcome here. I have no gripes with them. But you… I never want to see you again.” He sticks to his words and he doesn’t even look up at Sarah. He just caresses Elizabeth’s back in a soothing way and completely ignores Sarah’s existence.

Quietly Sarah turns around to get her coat.
“I’m so sorry.” Luc apologizes to Kevin and Scotty. Kevin accepts Luc's apology with ease.
“It’s alright, Luc, I’m not angry with you. Or the kids. Just get Sarah out of here. I’m serious about not wanting to see her anymore.”

Luc nods and gathers Gabe, Paige and Cooper together. The feeling of defeat is so big on them that it pains Kevin to see it, because he knows they are not responsible for what happened, but he can’t stomach to take another look at his sister and he doesn’t look up again, until the front-door closes.

Jason, forever the peace-maker, clears his throat and gently says:
“Listen, you guys, I have enough experience with Walker-dinners to know what happens next. We usually split up and we are embarrassed, Not wishing to impose any further, we leave and we go home, still hungry. I suggest we break the rules.

Scotty has been in the kitchen all day to prepare all this delicious food. We were supposed to have a good night. I think we can all agree that, contrary to what Sarah pretends to believe, Tommy and Julia are on our minds. I think, we should honor them and Scotty’s work and the fact that we are together tonight. I think we should finish this dinner.”

“I agree.” Tyler says. “We have no idea what lies ahead, we should celebrate the time we do have together.”
“I hate to say this, but I can see the logic in this.” Seth admits. “I understand that it’s been a while since so many of you had been at one table… Don’t let Sarah ruin it.”

“If Scotty and Kevin don’t mind…” Nora asks. Scotty shakes his head. “Kevin?”
“What do you think, cupcake?” Kevin asks, gently tugging at one of Elizabeth’s curls. She lifts her head and looks at the others around the table. Her family.

“Can we immediately go for deserts?” She tries, knowing about the delicious ice-cream in the kitchen. Kevin shakes his head.
“No. Veggies first.”
“I knew it, but it was worth the try.” Elizabeth smiles.


Sarah is the first to enter the house.
“I’m going to bed.” She informs the others and leaves without looking back at any of them. She can’t handle to see their faces. She enters the bedroom and sits down on the bed, feeling completely empty.

Luc enters and she is ready to fight whenever he wants to start an argument. But all Luc does is take out some clean clothes and underwear.
“I’m sleeping in my studio upstairs. I need some space right now.” He explains and without another word he walks out again.

Sarah takes a deep breath. Tears slowly start to fill her eyes. She trembles as if she’s very cold. She feels as if she can’t breath as her tongue catches her first tear.
“Oh, my God. What have I done?” She suddenly asks herself, before she turns over, hides her face in the pillows and she starts to cry like she hasn’t cried in a long time.


There’s a knock on Luc’s door. It’s Gabe.
“I’m going to call my dad.” He says. He feels a little insecure. “I don’t want to hurt Sarah, but after tonight… I have it and so have Cooper and Paige.”
“Call him. I’ll make sure that Cooper and Paige are ready.” Luc replies tiredly.

Gabe is about to leave Luc’s studio when he turns back to Luc.
“Luc? I’m sorry. It’s nothing personal against you. You tried… I know we didn’t get along at first, but … you didn’t deserve this.”
“None of us did. Go.” Luc orders softly.

Luc sits down on the small couch that will be his bed for tonight. He rubs his face, tears stinging, but not coming out. He stares at his latest painting. Dull. Bland. Colorless. The words of the critics, earlier this year, come back to haunt him. It fits the description of how he feels. Dull. Bland. Colorless.


End of part 3/4


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