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Fanfic: B&S episode 618: part 2/4

Season 6 – Episode 18 – Bridge over troubled water

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 2/4 *****

“This is just the most frustrating thing ever!” Kitty flings her magazine away.
“What is?” Seth asks looking up from the story he’s writing.
“Fashion-magazines. Wedding-magazines. All this ….. this nonsense!”

“I’ve been looking for a wedding-dress…” Kitty answers. “… but I can’t find anything that I like.”
“Women always seem to have that problem. .. Finding that ‘one dress…” Seth mumbles, his mind still half on his story.

Kitty falls quiet and she knows why she’s upset.
“Kitty?” Seth asks, seeing her face. “It’s not so bad, you know. Just get some more magazines… There’s enough money to have one made especially for you, it you can’t find anything…”

“I know…” She answers and she sniffs.
“Kit?” Seth drops all the attention for his book. “Kitty? Are you alright?”
“I’m sorry. I’m being stupid. I know.”
“Why? Why are you upset? I don’t get it.” Seth shakes his head. Kitty smiles through her tears.

“It’s just when you said ‘that one dress’….” Kitty sighs.
“Did I say something wrong?”
“No, honey. It just hit me that …. I already had my one dress… Before… With Robert…. And I made such fuss over it….”

“I’ve seen your wedding-pictures. It’s a very pretty dress… If you want to wear that one…” Seth offers, even though the thought of Kitty getting married to him in the same dress that she had worn with Robert, gives him a creepy feeling. But if that is what Kitty wants….

“Oh, no! No!” She immediately refuses. “It’s just that… I thought that would be my only marriage. The only time I’d ever walk down the aisle and it all just had to be perfect…. I hadn’t counted on being a widow.”
“Most just-married couples don’t think about that.”

“I just stare at those dresses and somehow… I just don’t get an excited “I’m getting-married”-vibe. And it’s not that I don’t want to marry you, because I do, I really, really do, but,…. Maybe it’s because it’s the second time for me…. Or …” She shrugs, unable to explain what is bothering her.

“Or is it that I’m not so excited about all the hoopla either?” Seth asks. “You said I should wear a tuxedo and all, but… I don’t like it much.”
“I just felt that,.. as it is your first time, … and Luc made such a fuss over getting married to Sarah, even though Sarah wasn’t that much into it…

I didn’t want you to think that I don’t care, because I do. And if you want to go all the way with church and bells and flowers and such, we can…?” Kitty says.
“I don’t. I don’t need photographers, your family or mine. I just want to marry you, put a ring on your finger. The only people I need on that day are you, Evan and Grace.”

“Then maybe that’s what we should do. Just us.” Kitty shoves the magazines aside.
“I agree. Just us.” Seth kisses her and Kitty pulls him closer. “And maybe we could think of a better way to use the money, we wanted to spend on our wedding.”
“Good idea, but can we talk about that later?” Kitty asks in between two kisses.


“Where have you been?!” Sarah asks, the moment Paige enters, nearly scaring Paige half-to-death, because Paige hadn’t expected Sarah to already be home.
“In the park. The majority of the teachers are sick.” Paige replies.
“We had a deal! You were to come home straightaway after school….”

“Yes! And when I called Luc to say that my lessons had been cancelled and that I was on my way home, he said that he was too busy and wanted to focus on his work. When I asked him if I could go to the park, because it’s such a lovely day, he said it was alright.” Paige is immediately ready for a fight.

“She’s telling the truth.” Luc says as he enters the kitchen, t-shirt filled with paint-splatters. “She did want to come home and I told her not to.” He sounds tired, but Sarah doesn’t notice.
“You should have discussed it with me.” Sarah replies grumpily.

“I know I should have… especially considering the brilliant way you always communicate everything with me, right?” Touché. Sarah grabs a beer from the fridge and slams it closed. Paige remains frozen where she is.
“Go to your room.” Sarah barks. Luc shakes his head.

“If you want to mad at someone be mad at me.” Luc replies.
“I just didn’t want her to have the opportunity to meet that little delinquent.”
“His name is Mateo and he’s a great guy.” Paige answers back with an angry frown. Sarah opens her mouth to talk back, when Luc places himself between Paige and Sarah.

“There was a phone-call for you…” He says. Sarah glares at him.
“I don’t want to know. Tell me later.” She says and she marches off. Luc turns to Paige and sighs.
“Thanks.” Paige says, feeling a little guilty towards Luc.

“I don’t understand. I thought your mother would have liked to know that Joe is back and that he wants to take Cooper, Gabe and you to his new home.”
“You talked to dad?” Paige asks with so much expectation in her eyes that it hurts Luc to see Paige like this.

“He and I have had a good conversation.” Luc replies, not wishing to discuss the details.
“When will he pick us up?”
“Sunday night.”
“Yes!” Paige shouts with joy and missing the hurt look on Luc's face.


Kevin wakes up when the lights get turned on.
“I’m sorry, sweet-heart.” Scotty says quietly. “I just heard something fall from my pocket and I have no idea what it could be. Go back to sleep ...” Kevin tries to do just that, but hearing his husband move around, makes him too aware of his presence.

The bed moves when Scotty joins him and Kevin turns over to wrap his arm around Scotty.
“How was your evening?” he mumbles.
“Busy. There may be a recession, but we’ve hardly noticed it.”

“That’s because you serve good food for a good price and not an empty plate for an inflated price...” Kevin explains against Scotty’s shoulder.
“Must be it.” Scotty smiles.
“That, and the fact that you’re simply an amazing cook.”

Scotty laughs softly, always happy to hear Kevin, or anyone else, compliment him on his cooking.
“Did you talk to your mom?”
“We’re good. She was glad to see the kids and they were glad to see her.”

“Kevin, I’ve been thinking. Why don’t we gather the family together for a dinner? It’s Saturday tomorrow. Our new house is empty right now. We could put in some large tables and lots of chairs? Have a wonderful dinner? Family and friends? I miss them. We could all use some healing...”

When Kevin doesn’t reply, Scotty believes that he has fallen asleep again, but then he hears Kevin’s answer.
“If you want to try this, I’m with you. Do what you want... Just don’t expect me to fall into Sarah’s arms, crying, because I won’t.”

“I’m not expecting anything." Scotty explains. "I just hope that maybe she’ll calm down a bit too and that she’ll be the Sarah again, that we used to know.”
“I love you, baby, you’re so much more patient with this family than I am. I seem to have lost the ability to put an effort into it.” Kevin places a kiss on Scotty’s shoulder.


“Oh, Scotty, what a wonderful idea.” Kitty sighs. “It would be great to see everyone again. And you can see Grace again.... She’s growing every day. It all goes so fast... And Seth and I also wanted to talk about our wedding-plans. At least, we wouldn’t have to tell everyone individually. Seth, the kids and I will be there.”


“I’ll have to ask Tyler first. She’s feeling somewhat better, but not all the way. She’s asleep right now. I’ll call you back when I have the answer. Is that alright, Scotty?”
“Fine. Justin, Though... It would seem that Rebecca is staying with your mom...?
“Are you going to invite her?”

“I don’t know yet. It would be nice to see Rebecca again, but if Tyler would feel uncomfortable....? Tyler comes first.”
“Yeah, no, I get it. Thanks.. I’ll talk to Tyler first, and then I’ll call you back.”
“Very well. See you later.”


“Yeah! Sure! Can’t wait to see Daniel and you guys again. I don’t mind Ma Wandell taking over, but I kinda missed being with that little monster of a son of yours.” Jordan laughs.
“I think he missed you too.” Scotty has to confess, wondering with a wicked grin if his mother would appreciate it be called ‘Ma Wandell’.


“Oh, please! YES! Absolutely yes! Anything to get Chad to shut up for a while about his new movie.” Jason laughs.
“You said you didn’t mind!” Scotty can hear Chad yell in the background.
“We’ll be most happy to hear what Chad and you have to tell us.” Scotty laughs.


“Hey, Scotty, this is Tyler. We’ll be there. After ‘enjoying’ several days of Justin’s cooking, I will forward to eating something really good... And I have no objection if you invite Rebecca. She’s happily married to Rick and expecting his baby and Justin and I are in a good place. So no worries. Thanks for asking though.”


“I’ll ask Holly and Rebecca, when they get back from their shopping.”
“Thank, Nora.”
“If Sarah gives you any trouble, let me know and I’ll talk to her.”
“I’m sure you could, but ... I’ll be fine...” Scotty answers.


It remains silent on the other side and Scotty draws another doodle on his piece of paper, where he writes down the names of those who had promised to show up.
“I will come, provided that Kevin behaves himself.” Sarah says. Scotty counts to ten, not exactly sure if Kevin would agree.

“I’m sure that if we all behave, Kevin will do the same... Will you take your kids with you? It’s so I know how many people will show up and that I have enough chairs.”
“There will Luc, Paige, Cooper and I. I don’t know about Gabe.”
“Perfect.” Scotty answers with fake cheer.


“Rebecca! How nice to hear your voice again!”
“Oh, thanks Kevin. Listen, I heard that Scotty and you had asked us over for your little party tonight and mom and I would love to come.”
“Scotty is going to love that. Wait until you see our kids!”

“I hear you now have four kids staying at your place?”
“Yes, a bit crowded sometime, but... I can’t remember feeling better.”
“It will be nice to see Elizabeth again too. Last time I saw her, was when Justin and I did our first attempt to get married.” Rebecca laughs. “That seems like a life-time ago.”

“I know the feeling.” Kevin answers reflectively. “I hope that you have been told that Justin and Tyler will be there too.”
“Yes. I know. I look forward to seeing Justin again... and to meet Tyler.” Rebecca answers, perhaps a bit too politely.


“I think, we’re ready.” Scotty says, wiping his hands dry on his pants. “Is it alright, if I’m a bit worried?”
“There’s enough booze for the Walkers.... We have nothing to worry about.” Kevin answers and he proceeds to take Scotty in his arms to kiss him.

For a little moment they are just lost in their kiss until the front-door bell rings.
“I’ll get it!” Olivia yells and she runs to the front-door. “Uncle Jason! Uncle Chad!”
“You guys are the first. Isn’t it more in Hollywood-style to make a fashionably late entrance?” Kevin teases, as hugs are shared.

“Sorry, I’m always the first in church...” Jason grins.
“Oh, right, now I remember.”
“We like to keep things exciting. Sometimes we’re the first to show up...” Chad starts.
“...Or the ones being fashionably late...” Jason finishes.

“Oh, no, not another couple that finishes each other’s sentences.” Mateo sighs. He gets cheerfully greeted, as Scotty opens the door for Jordan and then decides to leave the door open altogether, until everyone has arrived. Daniel is all excited to be with Jordan again and Chad grabs Kevin’s elbow.

“Love what you’ve done with the place... It’s ... minimalistic...” He grins.
“Idiot! It’s empty." Kevin says lovingly. “Starting Monday there will a lot of people working in this house though. New paint. New wallpaper. Scotty wants adjustments to the kitchen. Book shelves will be made in the study.

There will be someone who will repair the shed and someone to check out the swimming-pool. It’s going to be a busy month, but when we can move in, it’s because the place is ready for us....”
“Who’s going to supervise all this?” Chad expects to hear Nora’s name fall.

“I will do it this week. Scotty next week. And after that, Scotty and I will be free for three weeks to get settled in, get used to the place, help the kids get organized... Have time to ourselves....” He ends with a sly grin.
“Sounds delicious. That last part I mean.”

“Oh, please, we’re still disagreeing on a threesome.” Kevin teases. Chad laughs.
“I have no objection to Jason joining us.” He then replies, the smile on his face reveals that he can in fact do something with this day-dream.
“You have such a dirty mind... I knew there was a good reason I liked you..” Kevin sighs.


“She’s adorable.” Jason’s fingers caress Grace’s face and Kitty is all smiles.
“Isn’t she? I’m so happy with her.”
“How’s Evan dealing with having her around?” Jason asks, as they both watch Evan and Elizabeth running around in the nearly empty house.

“Couldn’t be better. It helps that Seth and I also have installed  "OnlyEvan"-moments with him, where he doesn’t have to share us with Grace. And he can see that Grace needs so much more attention than he does, because he such a big boy already and Grace such a tiny little baby... He can handle it.”

“I heard from Courtney that Sophie and Jack are very happy with Grace too.”
“I was surprised by that myself. When Robert died, I had expected my relationship with his kids and his ex-wife to fade, but that’s not the case. It seems as if it’s better than ever before...

They have no reason to be interested in Grace. Evan was different, because he was adopted by Robert, but there’s nothing linking Robert’s kids to Seth’s daughter and yet, they have seemed to accept her as ‘one of us’.”
“I guess it helps that they’re older now.” Jason says.

“True. And Chad and you?” Kitty asks. “Any plans?”
“No. But if we do, we’ll first ask to borrow Grace and Evan or Kevin’s kids for a weekend. See if we’ll still feel the same afterwards.” Jason laughs.
“Good idea.”


“Tyler? Hi. I’m Rebecca.” Tyler likes Rebecca’s firm grip.
“It’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.” Tyler says.
“And I remember hearing quite a lot about you too.” Rebecca smiles.
“Really?” Tyler asks, not quite understanding what Rebecca means.

“You two broke up when Justin found out about me. At that time, he and I were just half-siblings, trying to understand a weird situation. He was devastated when you two had to break up. He knew it was the right decision, but ... he loved you so much. And he told me so much about you. How you two met. And what you had meant to him. And about the tree-house?”

Tyler laughs with Rebecca.
“He told you that?”
“We didn’t have many secrets.” Rebecca smiles sadly. “There was so much that we wanted to know about each other...”

“Did it bother you? To hear about me?”
“No. You were the ex-girlfriend of my half-brother... It wasn’t like I was interested in Justin in any other way. So, no, no jealousy regarding you... And he never, ever said a wrong word about you.”

“It’s nice to hear that.... How’s the pregnancy coming along?”
“Fine. As long as I don’t eat until 10 in the morning.”
“Are you very worried?” Tyler asks, seeing how Rebecca can’t keep her hand off her belly. Rebecca nods.

“I’ve lost a child before. I keep asking this one to stay. Please, stay. I know, it’s weird.”
“No. I don’t think it’s weird. Justin told me that he had been very hurt by the loss.” Tyler thinks back how Justin had reacted to finding out about Fawn’s son.
“Really? I shouldn’t be so surprised, I guess. I was however too caught up in my own misery at the time.”

“Those things can happen in any relationship.” Tyler admits. “I do hope things will be right for you this time. It seems to me like you look forward to becoming a mother?”
“I do. I can’t wait.”
“Fingers crossed then.” Tyler laughs.


“I’m glad you apologized to Kevin.” Saul hugs his sister. Jonathan follows his example.
“So am I. Saul is difficult to get along with when he’s fighting with you...” Jonathan tells Nora. Nora grins.
“He’s difficult to get along with. Period.” She teases.

“Well, at least, we’ll see the whole family back together and we’ll finally have some fun together again.”
“I hope so.” Nora sighs.
“Well, we’ve brought enough wine.” Jonathan points out.

“That ought to work.” Nora’s cynical words are softened by the proud look on her face as she watches how everyone mingles. For a moment, there’s a pang of regret, because Tommy isn’t here as well, but then she reminds herself that Tommy had chosen to pull away from his family a long time ago.

“You miss Tommy?” Jonathan guesses. Nora nods, as she watches how Elizabeth walks up to Kevin and gets picked up by him. He fakes surprise when he sees what she holds in her hands. Chad and Jason, ever so good at playing with kids as well, seem to be equally surprised as Elizabeth beams with pride.

Kevin puts Elizabeth back on the floor and points Nora. Elizabeth runs up.
“Look, grandma. A ladybug.” She holds up the tiny little insect.
“So early in the year! Good catch. Now let it go and wash your hands. With lots of soap.” Elizabeth nods and disappears towards the garden.

“Do I miss Tommy?” Nora turns back to Jonathan. “I don’t know. I think that the worst of it all is, is that none of us really misses him. Everyone, including me, has moved on with his or her life and... If it would have been Kevin or Justin, it seems as if the impact would have been much bigger.

I still occasionally miss William. Just to know that he was there. Alive. In the house that he left such an imprint on... I can remember so much about Sarah and Kitty. Or Justin and Kevin, but it’s as if the memories of Tommy are fading as well. Like we withdrew from him in the same way that he withdrew from us.”

She shrugs with an uncomfortable feeling of missing something.
“What you should do, is go outside, into that early little sun and enjoy your grand-kids, because you’ll have all of them here today.”
“I know. That’s a good idea, Jonathan.” Nora nods.


End of part 2/4


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