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Fanfic: B&S episode 618: part 1/4

Season 6 – Episode 18 – Bridge over troubled water

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)




***** Part 1/4 *****

“Paige!” Mateo runs up to her and she hugs him. “I can’t believe you were allowed to go to the park.”
“Mom is applying for a job and Luc wanted me out of the house, because he wanted to paint. Just my very bad luck, I suppose.” She laughs cheerfully.

“How’s school for you?”
“I’m going to kill my math’s teacher, I swear. He’s just obnoxious. And the way he talks, I fall asleep halfway his first sentence and I used to like it so much. Now, I hate it. You?”

“Kevin has told me to focus more on my English grammar. I make too many mistakes when writing and such.”
“Uncle Kevin was always good at playing with language…”
“Is there something he’s not good at?” Mateo jokes as he sits down beside her on the bench.

“Connect four.” Paige answers immediately. “I would always win at that game, because I could easily distract him with question about his love-life, ... or lack thereof.”
“Lack thereof? Seems to me that Kevin and Scotty have a busy love-life. I don’t wish to embarrass them, but the walls aren’t that thick…”

“Don’t ever tell that to uncle Kevin. He’ll die of embarrassment.” Paige laughs.
“I won’t…” Mateo promises with a teasing smile. “… but what do I get in return for my silence?” Paige places her hand on the back of his head, gently forces his head closer to hers and kisses him sweetly.

When she breaks the kiss, her cheeks are all red with excitement and Mateo’s momentarily lost as well.
“Wow! That was worth the silence.” Mateo eventually manages to say. They both giggle, until a ball hits them rather hard. Paige jumps up to find out who the culprit is, when she’s face to face with Cooper.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in school? Wait, until I tell mom…”
“You can’t tell mom, that I’m here. If you do, I’ll have to tell her that you were here, kissing with Mateo.” Cooper immediately replies.
“You wouldn’t dare!”

“You started this!”
“You’re such a little….” Paige can’t think of anything that is insulting enough.
“And you’re no better.” Cooper grins, knowing that, for once, Paige cannot win.

“Okay. Let’s forget that we saw each other. Now, get lost!” She says angrily and Cooper disappears again. When she sits back down next to Mateo, she trembles all over. “Mom will forgive Cooper, but not me.” She frowns and Mateo is surprised, when she suddenly softly cries. “I’m never going home again. I'm so fed up with all this.” She decides.

“Of course you will go home. I think, it’s better that you do go home, where you go to your room and make your homework. So that when your mom comes home, she’ll see that you’ve been a ‘good girl’. Don’t make matters worse, by making her even angrier.” Mateo advices and Paige knows he’s right, but snuggles a little closer to him anyway.


“Hello, Scotty.” The sound of a familiar voice makes Scotty look up from his work.
“Nora.” He answers surprised. “I hadn’t expected to see you here.”
“It took a while to get over the threshold. It’s … very high.” Nora replies nervously. Scotty gives the hard-to-find threshold a little look.

“I should have something done about that.” He replies with a little smile. It’s the little tease in his voice, that makes Nora suddenly start to rattle.
“Scotty, I’m sorry about everything. I was completely wrong to be so awful to you and Kevin and you have no idea how much I regret everything that has happened.

I had this weird idea in my mind that if I would lose Elizabeth, I’d lose Tommy too and …. It terrified me… I guess, I just couldn’t handle the idea that there was a good chance that something had happened to him and that … he might never come home in the first place… because he couldn’t… regardless of what was happening to Elizabeth…”

The tears are in her eyes, but Scotty can see how she tries to control herself. He feels sorry for her. The usually so strong Nora suddenly seems so small. He walks over to her to hug her. She holds on to him, crying softly.
“I’m sorry. I've been such an idiot.” She whispers once more.


“I’m not so sure, if that is such a good idea.” Holly says and she grips the phone a bit better.
“You have nothing to worry about. Rick and I will be careful and Rebecca will be with you before the storm hits.”

“I know that, David, she’s about to land here on LAX.” Holly says, looking out the window of the her rented car.
“Go and hug our little girl and don’t worry about Rick and me.”
“Just remember, a couple of pictures aren’t worth getting yourself killed for.”

“It’s just a storm. They say it won’t even get to hurricane proportions, so there’s no worry.” David says again.
“Just be safe.” Holly says, more concerned than she intended.
“Rick and I will fly over to LA as soon as the storm has passed. We’ll see you two in a couple of days.”


“Come in!” Kevin answers at the knock on his door. The door opens and Nora walks in. Kevin is surprised to see her. It’s been several days since the judge’s decision and he was about ready to believe, that his mom would never talk to him again.
“Are you sure that it goes for me too?” She asks, seemingly nervous.

“Of course, mom. Sit down. You want some coffee, tea, hot chocolate…. Something stronger?”
“No. Nothing.” Nora answers. “I … I just came here to apologize.”

“Yes. I don’t know what I was thinking. And everyone kept telling me to stop it. Justin, Saul, Brody… Kitty, but I didn’t want to listen. All I could think of was that Elizabeth was the only reason why Tommy would come back and if you would have her, then… he wouldn’t be coming back. He wouldn’t come home.

“I’m sorry, mom, but why wouldn’t he come home if he knew that Elizabeth would be with me?”
“He’s so jealous of you as it is…. If he would consider that Elizabeth is all yours, then there would be no reason to fight you anymore on this.”

She can see that Kevin tries to understand her reasoning. She shrugs.
“It made sense at the time, now, I’m not sure. I had no right to put Scotty’s cheating on the table like that, especially considering that my own husband had two mistresses, and perhaps more I don’t know about yet…”

“Let’s not dwell on that thought.” Kevin answers softly, when he sees that he receives a message on his phone. As he’s waiting for a reply from someone, and with his mind still half on his conversation with his mother, he checks who it’s from. Scotty.
“Let it be.” Kevin reads the text two times, before focusing his attention back to Nora.

“I’ve spoken to Scotty and I’ve apologized to him as well.” Nora knows that Kevin will appreciate to know this and now Scotty’s message starts to make sense to Kevin.
“That is more important to me than saying sorry to me. He wasn’t as eager to keep Elizabeth as I was, so it was painful to see him put in the middle like that.”

“I know, sweetie. I’m so sorry. I hope that…” She sighs tiredly, knowing that she’ll have to say the words. “I hope you can forgive me.” She says.
“Don’t be silly. How could I not? You’re my mother and…. I’ve missed you.”
“And I missed you.” Nora answers, relieved that she didn’t have to grovel too much..

Kevin hugs her so tightly that she fears he might break one of her bones.
“So, do you want to see your grandkids?” Kevin asks. “I have to pick them up from school. Care to drive with me?”
“I thought that Scotty’s mother might do that.”

Kevin shakes his head and grabs his keys.
“Ahm, Kevin, how can you bring me along? Four kids and two adults won’t fit in your car.” Nora asks.
“Mateo called that he’s in town. His teacher was sick.”

“Don’t they have someone to replace the teacher?” Nora wonders and she follows Kevin to his car.
“Not with the current flu going around. Scotty is working all night, because he’s four man short in his kitchen. Cleo has to work almost double shifts now that Tyler is sick….”

“She is? Oh, my God. And Justin?” Nora buckles her seatbelt.
“Not yet. For now he seems immune to it, but Dan called in sick two days ago.”
“I have to call Saul. He’s always so susceptible to the flu…” Nora adds something more to her to do list.

“He was fine this morning. And so was Jonathan. They’ve enjoyed their time away from the family-drama to strengthen themselves….”
“… Against us?”
“Well, yes. You know how we Walkers are.” Kevin jokes.


Paige walks up with Mateo to the bus-stop.
“Mine leaves in 10 minutes…” She says. She been quiet all afternoon. “Mateo, I’ve been doing some thinking and … maybe it’s best if we wouldn’t see each other for a while…” Her voice is very soft.

“Now that Cooper knows, it’s just a matter of time before mom finds out. And I’ll know she will freak out when she hears this. Of course, she’ll blame you and uncle Kevin and with mom already mad at uncle Kevin, for no reason at all, I don’t want her to create more trouble for you or him.

Perhaps if I’ll be the ideal daughter for a while, she’ll back off again and be more relaxed about you…?” It’s obvious to Mateo that she doesn’t really want to break up with him, even if it’s just temporarily, but he can imagine that she feels like she has no choice anymore, but to back away.

“I don’t like this, but … if that is what you want,… I’ll go with it as well… We don’t have to cut everything, do we? I mean, we can text? Perhaps something on internet? I … I’d hate to lose you.”
“You won’t lose me. We just need to cool it a bit. Who knows, maybe when my dad gets back…”

“Do you think he’ll give us a chance? You’re his little girl..” Mateo tells her. She sighs.
“I know. Just leave me with my little bit of hope, alright? Maybe mom will stop fighting with uncle Kevin and act normal again…”
“Yes, maybe…” Mateo doesn’t believe it anymore than Paige does.

They quietly hold hands until the bus comes. Paige is about to get on it, when Mateo pulls her back for one last kiss.
“I love you, Paige Whedon.” He doesn’t believe that he’s ever more sincere in his life.

“I love you too.” Paige smiles and after one more kiss, she gets on the bus. Mateo watches her leave and he swallows away the tears that come up. He would never cry in public. He sits down on the bench and, his heart still heavy, he waits for the bus that will take him back home.


“Rebecca! Over here!” Holly waves and Rebecca walks up to her mother, a broad smile on her face.
“Mom! You look amazing!”
“I feel good. And look at you…. Is it me or am I starting to see a little bit of a belly there?”

“That’s just the food on the plane, making feel all sorts of sick. I’m not far enough to show.” Rebecca laughs, but she beams pride and happiness nonetheless.
“I’m glad you got out of there, before the storm hit.”
“Too bad there was only one place left on the plane though.” Rebecca sighs.

“I’m not sure that it’s wise of Rick and your father to take pictures now. Not with the storm coming so close.”
“I don’t know. I’ve seen them work and they are both very careful and they pay attention to where they are and what they’re doing.” Rebecca answers.

“I know. Just…”
“Mom, if I hadn’t been pregnant I would have gone with them. I just can’t afford to slip and fall. I want to protect this little one as well as I can…” She places both her hands on her belly.

“Didn’t you bring any other luggage?”
“No, just a change of clothes. Dad and Rick will be here in two days and take everything with them.” Rebecca shakes her head. “I’m dying for some tea or coffee though.”
“Ahm, I hope you don’t mind… but I’m back to staying with Nora…”

“Nora? Again?”
“Well, it’s cheaper. She’s a better cook… and I have a better view from my window…” Holly jokes at first, until she continues more seriously: “To be honest… I think that she’s lonely. Brody has left. Her children are fighting with each other and with her…

She and I are getting along better now.. We talk to each other a lot. Especially in the evenings.. And with all the news around Tommy and Julia, there’s been so much drama again…”

“Is there ever a time in the lives of the Walkers where there isn’t some drama?” Rebecca sighs.
“I know. It’s been a lot these last few years, I suppose. And that is also partially our fault…” Holly recognizes. Rebecca can’t fully disagree with her either.

“So..” Holly continues. “If you prefer to not get involved with the Walkers right now, Nora said she’d understand and we can take a hotel-room... Or…”
“I’d love to see Nora again.” Rebecca smiles and she wraps her arm around her mother as they search for the exit.

End of part 1/4


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