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Fanfic: B&S episode 616: part 4/4

Season 6 – Episode 16 – Two tribes

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/4 *****

“Well, you did the best you could.” Holly says when they leave the courthouse.
“I know. I just feel like it wasn’t enough.” Nora replies.
“Don’t worry, mom. It was enough. You made sure that Kevin understood that life is a little more complicated than he thought...” Sarah shrugs.

“I think that Kevin was very well aware of that prior to this joke of a court-case.” Kitty replies sourly. “Why don’t you simply back-off a bit, Sarah. I don’t know what your issue with Kevin is, but it’s getting a bit tired to hear you be so negative about him. And not just about him, but also Mateo.”

Sarah opens her mouth to reply, but Holly steps in.
“Girls, please,...” She nods at Nora, who looks very tired. “I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the answer.” Holly continues.
“I too hope we get an answer soon.” Nora sighs. “I don’t want to wait for weeks.”

“I don’t think you’ll have to. You heard what she said, she wishes to talk to Mateo and Olivia, before coming to a decision and .. ” Holly stops at Kitty’s sudden groan.
“Oh, no. There’s press outside.” Kitty says shocked.

“Don’t flatter yourself, they are not here for you or us. Butterfly McKenzie, that movie-actress, is here. She claims her manager robbed her of millions of dollars.... She was just ‘not talking’ to the press, by giving a statement that she was ‘too devastated’ to give a statement about how ‘betrayed’ she felt.” Holly replies sarcastically.

“Oh. Did we miss the dramatic sigh and the theatrical one tear rolling down her cheek?” Kitty shivers openly.
“That and her gravity-defying cleavage.” Holly grins.
“Yes, it is a mystery how she manages to keep her boobs that high.” Sarah agrees.

Nora can’t help but smile at the nonsense conversation, glad to be a bit distracted by it. But her smile quickly disappears when one of the reporters walks up to the women.
“Mrs McCallister...”
“I have no statement to make. I know nothing about Mrs McKenzie’s case...” Kitty jokes.

Kitty hopes that her friendly, but decisive answer will keep the others away.
“Then why are you at the court-house?” The reporter wants to know.
“I’m sorry. I’m not longer running for Senate or any other political post, so I think this is my own business.”

“It’s a family-affair.” Sarah suddenly says. “Our brother is trying to get custody over our niece, now that our other brother seems to be missing. And our mother is trying to stop him and his husband from accomplishing just that.”
“Sounds very dramatic.” The journalist seems sympathetic to her words.

“We have not further comment, we just....” Kitty tries, but Sarah stops her.
“Actually, it is very dramatic, especially for that little girl that is now forced to stay with Kevin, though she might prefer to be with her grandmother.... But she doesn’t have a say in this.”

Nora frowns at Sarah’s words. As much as she would love to have Elizabeth, she has never felt that Kevin ‘forced’ anything on Elizabeth.
“Sarah, I don’t think we should involve the press...” Kitty tries again, carefully. She has no intention of creating a scene in front of some journalist.

“Is this correct?” The journalist turns to Kitty. Annoyed Kitty lets out a little sigh before she answers:
“In a way. Our brother is suing for custody of his brother’s daughter, yes, but,..”
“So, the little girl would be forcibly exposed to a gay relationship...?”

“This is not about the fact that my brother is gay...” Kitty tries, but she can see that the journalist has already found his angle on this story and that, like a dog with a bone, he won’t let it go again. From the corner of her eye she can see Kevin and Scotty exit the building, with Chad and Jason in tow. She sighs. This is bad.

“Oh, great! They are talking to the press!” Kevin can’t believe it!
“This is bad, right?” Scotty asks,
“In a way. They got to the press first, which means that we’re pushed in a position where we should defend ourselves.... Shit!”

“Listen, don’t get so worked up.” Chad says. “Just deal with them.”
“I’m emotionally drained, Chad. I can’t do this. One more wrong word from my mom and things will get ugly.” Chad can see that Kevin isn’t joking and he gives Jason a concerned look.

“Look, there’s my car. I’ll tell my driver to let you and Scotty in, while Jason and I talk to the press.”
“Would you?” Scotty asks, glad with Chad’s offer.
“Of course. No problem.” Jason replies.

He escorts Scotty and Kevin to the car and the driver lets them in. Jason closes the door, so the journalist can no longer see Kevin and Scotty, while Chad’s presence gets noticed and Sarah loses the interest of the journalists, when they see the popular actor from the equally popular soap-series.

“Chad! What is your involvement in all this? Why are you here? Are you here for your former co-star Butterfly McKenzie...?”
“I’m pretty sure that Butterfly can take of herself just fine. She’s got some very strong claws and she knows how to use them.

If her manager cheated her out of her money, she will get it back. I have no doubt. Honestly, don’t mess with her.” Chad laughs, but then he continues more seriously. “No, I’m here to support a good friend of mine, Kevin Walker. I see that you just have been told one side of the story.

But before you start printing the usual nonsense, please, keep in mind that the only reason that Kevin is trying to get custody, is because both his brother and his sister-in-law have left him and his husband in charge of the girl. What he’s doing is the extension of a task already given to him and I believe that he’s doing the best he can to honour his brother’s wishes.”

Kitty feels her phone vibrate and she takes it out of her pocket. It’s a text-message. From Kevin. She opens it so she can read it.
“Hi, sis. Thanks for your so-called neutrality. :(  With friends like you I don’t need enemies!”

Jason, in the meantime, just nods at his husband’s words.
“Mr McCallister, it must be strange to see you and Kitty on opposite sides of this case?”
“Not really. I respect my sister-in-law and she’s entitled to her opinion, even when she’s wrong about them.

My brother, Senator Robert McCallister, was never a man who would walk away from his responsibility. And I’m glad to see that Kevin doesn’t do that either. He’s doing what must be done. And it’s my sincere belief that my brother would have been completely supportive of Kevin in this case.”

“Even though he’s gay?” Jason can’t see who asks the question, but he shrugs.
“Robert was always supportive of me. He backed away from his former stance on same-sex marriage and ended up openly supporting it. He was there when Kevin and Scotty got married and always referred to that wedding as ‘one of the best’ he had ever attended.

And when he heard that Kevin and Scotty’s surrogate was pregnant, he was happy for them. It’s too bad that he didn’t live to see how well Kevin is doing as a father, but I’m sure Robert would have been very proud of him and that he would have stood behind Kevin’s request.”

Kitty feels the hurt rip through her. Jason’s words are like stabs to her body and tears sting her eyes. Kitty can see that certain journalists now turn to her.
“Mrs McCallister?” The question is not unexpected. She’s aware that Sarah is bracing herself for the second round.

However, Kitty has made up her mind. She knows now that ‘trying to stay out of it’ is no longer an option.
“Jason is right.” She says with pride. “Robert would have been there for Kevin.”
“Kitty!” Sarah exclaims.

“I’m sorry, Sarah. You can be the selfish, manipulating bitch that you wish to be, but don't get me involved. You can try to twist words and make mountains out of mole-hills all you want. But you will not put a stain on Robert’s name! I should have picked a side, but I didn’t want to do that.

I believed that, as a family, we could somehow find some middle-ground, but you have made it clear that we can’t. I’m sorry, mom, Sarah, but I feel that I have to do what Robert would have done as well....” She walks up to Jason. “Get me out of here.” She quietly begs of him. Jason nods.

He wraps his arm around Kitty and gently pushes her to the car. Chad is glad that the studio provided him the large limousine. He opens the door to let Kitty in. Once inside the car, Kitty looks at Kevin. She swallows hard. She can see that Kevin is just as hurt as she is.

“I wanted to be neutral, I swear. I wanted to be fair.... I’m not your friend. I’m not your enemy. I’m just your sister who wants her family to get back to how we used to be, before all this shit happened. I love you. And I’m sorry.” She says with tears in her eyes. Two seconds later she’s in Kevin’s arms.


Nora enters her house. In the hall she turns to Holly, who’s right behind her.
“This is house is suddenly so empty. Brody will leave. Four of my five children are gone. My grand-children...” She brings her hand to her mouth, she doesn’t want to cry, but the tears come nonetheless.

Holly, after a bit of hesitation, walks up to her. She puts her arms around Nora.
“Nora, this is just a temporary set-back. Once the decision is made, you can start restoring the broken relationships. I’m sure that Kevin, Justin and Kitty still love you. This must be very hard for them too.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have done it in the first place. I thought that if Tommy would find out that Elizabeth is with Kevin, he’d give up fighting for her. And then he’d never come back. But it actually doesn’t matter whether she’s with Kevin or me. Tommy is just not coming back.. At all.” She cries loudly and Holly can only hold her.

She lets Nora cry for a bit and then takes her by her shoulders.
“Nora, if you think that you’ve made a mistake, you’ll have to do something about it. After all, Kevin and Scotty are doing a good job with Elizabeth. There’s no reason to upset everything and everybody.”

Nora looks at Holly. She can see why Holly would say this, but she shakes her head.
“No. I still want to take care of Elizabeth.”
“Are you sure? Because it seemed to me like you were quite busy with sabotaging yourself out there.”

“I know it must have looked like that, but I still believe that I would be better choice to raise Elizabeth.” Nora then says stubbornly. Holly swallows away her irritation. She cannot understand why Nora is so determined.
“Well, it’s your own decision. You’ll have to live with the consequences.” Holly says.


Sarah is surprised to see that Luc’s car is gone. On the kitchen-table she finds a note.
“Sarah, if you’re home before I am.... Cooper is with Eddie and Paige is studying in the library. Gabe will stay over at Gladys’s place... I’m out. Luc.” Sarah sighs and flings the note in the garbage-can.


Luc feels as if he has walked for hours, and maybe he has. He has lost track of time. He sits down on a bench and throws what’s left of his sandwich at the ducks in the small pond. In his hand is his phone. It feels warm from just holding it all the time. He had changed his mind about 80 times by now and he still is not sure what to do.

He checks his watch. He has no idea what time it will be in France, but he dials anyway.
Allo, Papa... C’est moi, Luc... No, I’m not fine... Things are not getting better. Sarah is no longer the woman I thought she was... I don’t want to run, but I cannot stay anymore either... I saw her on the news today and I got so mad at her, I just wanted to kill her... What should I do, papa?”


“That was my father... If my mom and he could take Daniel and Olivia to a restaurant...? Something tells me it only has “Happy meals” on the menu, but I’m not complaining. I told them they could....?” Scotty asks for an approval from Kevin, as he enters the living-room, phone still in his hand. Kevin holds up his own phone.

“I just called the mother of Elizabeth’s friend. The one with the birthday...? According to her, Laney and Elizabeth are having so much fun and she would love it if Elizabeth could stay an hour longer...?”

“Good....” Scotty answers tiredly. “Maybe I should get back to Angie, in the kitchen. Give her a helping hand.” Kevin stops him however and he wraps his arms around Scotty.
“We have a bit of extra time to ourselves. It’s been a hectic day and we could both use a little moment to relax.” He kisses Scotty’s lips and slowly Scotty gives into him.

“Kevin, if I get near the bed, I’ll fall asleep.” Scotty weakly protests.
“Me too. I suggest we use the couch.” Kevin grins sweetly.
“Just some relief of tension, right?” Scotty teases and he lets Kevin lead him to the couch.

Scotty’s smile suddenly turns into shock.
“Mateo! He would still be home on time.” Scotty says and Kevin lets go of him. “How much time do we still have?”
“I’ll ask.” Kevin dials Mateo’s number and soon enough the young man picks up.

“How did it go?” That is the first question on Mateo’s mind.
“Good. I think. I hope. We did the best we could. It’s up to the judge now. She wants to talk to you and Olivia too. Soon. So, be prepared for that... But that is not why I called. At what time would you be home?”
“I’m about to take the bus. So... less than half an hour?”
“Can’t you take the next bus?” Kevin asks slightly embarrassed.
“I could, but why?” Mateo wants to know.
“Daniel, Olivia and Elizabeth will not be home for at least another hour either and ...ahm...”

Kevin hopes he doesn’t have to discuss it any further. He can hear Mateo laugh.
“You need some privacy to discuss the case with Scotty... thoroughly...?” Mateo teases.
“You got it.” Kevin grins.

“One bus?”
“One bus.”
“Fine. You got it.”

“Thanks. Bye.... We’ve got one hour....” Kevin replies. Scotty can the expectation in Kevin’s eyes and he smiles. It’s been a while that they had this much privacy in their own home.

“Why don’t we take this conversation to the bedroom?” He suggests.
“I love that thought.” Kevin answers. Scotty takes his hand and together they go to the bedroom, where they close the door behind them, so Scotty can finally push Kevin down on the bed and relax a bit.


Hi Dad,

Just a quick email from me. I think you should come back to Pasadena. I understand that you’re feeling better. And though I can see why you would prefer to stay in Phoenix, things are getting out of hand here.

Cooper’s grades are slowly slipping. And Paige ran away from home a few days ago. Fortunately, Kevin found her quickly enough, but ... it’s definitely Sarah’s fault that Paige wants to escape this house. I don’t understand what’s gotten into Sarah, but she’s driving all of us crazy.

She’s cynical, mean, careless about other people’s feelings and she seems to enjoy it, when someone is hurt. I don’t recognize her anymore and I believe that Paige, Cooper and Luc feel the same way I do. I think she’s very unhappy and she’s taking it out on everybody.

Paige, Coop and I need to get out of here and you need to come back.

Please, dad, come back.




Mateo closes his phone, a smile on his face. He looks back at the library. This could give him a few more minutes with Paige. He quickly returns to the door, but he’s hardly inside or he hides behind one of the pillars. Sarah! She’s here! He can only hope that she hasn’t seen him.

He looks up at the floor where, he knows, Paige is. He can’t warn her, by the time he texted her, Sarah would be with her... There’s nothing he can do to help Paige, she’s on her own. Saying a quick prayer that her punishment will be a light one, he pushes himself away from the pillar and mingles with the crowd to get out the library again.


Kitty puts the key in the lock of her door, when the door swings open to show Seth, he holds Grace in his arms. Kitty smiles lovingly.
“Evan, Grace and I are so proud of you.” Seth doesn’t need to say more. Kitty starts to cry all over again.

“It was impossible to stay neutral, Seth.... I know you don’t want to hear this, but I can’t believe how many times I thought of Robert today and then Jason started to talk about him...”
“Robert was a smart man and you can talk about him as much as you want, as long as you understand: I’m not him.”

“I know that. But I love you because you’re not him. You’re so different. But just as smart in your own way.” Kitty smiles through her tears. Seth can’t hide the proud little smile on his face and Kitty can’t hide her love for him, so she kisses him, having to stand on the tip of her toes to reach him, because Grace is still between them.


Sarah goes straight to Paige.
“Have you been here all day?”
“A large chunk of the day. Several teachers are sick.”
“Have you seen him?”

“If you mean Mateo, no.” Paige lies straight-faced. It gets more easy every time. Sarah’s constant anger and bad moods have made it possible for Paige to feel less guilty when she lies. She can see that Sarah doesn’t quite believe her.
“We’ll see.” Sarah says.

Much to Paige’s shock, Sarah steps up to the desk where Mrs Redfern is.
“I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’d like to know who my daughter studied with this afternoon...?” Mrs Redfern looks up at Sarah, surprised by the question. Then she catches the scared look on Paige’s face.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean ....”
“I’ve forbidden Paige to be with a certain young man. I just want to know....” Sarah starts to explain and Mrs Redfern has regrouped her thoughts quickly enough.
“She’s afraid that I’ve been with Mateo.” Paige explains, earning herself an angry look from Sarah.

Mrs Redfern remembers how Mateo and Paige had looked at each other over their books and how they would sometimes quietly hold hands. Two teenagers in love, ... maybe even for the first time. She knows that Mateo is not a bad kid and she has complete faith in Paige.

She’s actually more offended by Sarah’s almost accusatory question. It’s clear to her that Paige’s mother is on the warpath.
“Paige has been studying, all alone, all afternoon.” Mrs Redfern says calmly and Paige sighs with relief.

“Good.” Sarah turns to Paige. “Get your things together. I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.” Sarah marches off and Mrs Redfern turns to Paige.
“I won’t lie for you again, Paige, because I know it is wrong to do so...”
“You won’t have to, Mrs Redfern. I swear.”

“No. I will tell Mateo not to meet me here again... We’ll just have to look for another safe place where we can be together... Thank you so very much. Mom would have grounded me for life if she would have found out that I had seen Mateo.”

Mrs Redfern cringes at the words ‘another safe place’. It is sad if kids think that the library is a ‘safer’ place to be, than their own homes and she does feel a bit sad that it is Paige, of all students that come here, who says those hated words.

“You’re welcome.” Mrs Redfern smiles gently. “And you tell your uncle that the sandwich was delicious.”
“I will.” Paige smiles as well and runs away, leaving Mrs Redfern to shake her head and hope that Paige and Mateo will not do anything foolish.


Hi Gabe,

I already suspected that there was something wrong. Cooper and Paige also sent me emails with questions about when I would be coming back... I’m packing my things. I can’t promise you guys anything, but I’m trying to get back asap. Tell P and Coop that their father is coming back. :)





Episode 617 will be posted 11 March.   

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