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Fanfic: B&S episode 616: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 16 – Two tribes

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****

“What happened?” Chad and Jason walk up to Kevin, Scotty, Justin and Mr Carter when they exit the room.
“Chad? Jason? You’re here?” Scotty asks astounded.
“Yes, I’m sorry, we were late and we didn’t want to disturb you...” Chad starts.

“... So, we would wait for you to come out of this room...” Jason finishes. “What happened? You look so sad. Didn’t it go well?”
“It went great until mom exploded.” Kevin sighs.
“She brought up the topic of my cheating.” Scotty looks miserable.

“Did he really cheat on you?” Mr Carter asks of Kevin.
“It was just a stupid mistake. I wouldn’t even call it a one-night affair, because it was over within half an hour...” Scotty answers.
“It’s stupid of Nora to bring this up, though...” Chad says.

“Why? Cheating can say something about the love or respect two people have for each other and the commitment they have with each other..” Mr Carter points out.
“What does it say then when you find out, after your husband’s death, that he had at least two mistresses and one illegitimate son?” Justin asks sarcastically.

Mr Carter gives Kevin a questioning look.
“They’re talking about my father...”Kevin shrugs. “Now what do I do?”
“You go back in there and you tell the judge about dad, about Holly and Connie and about Ryan...” Justin suggests.

Kevin bites his lip, not sure if he agrees with it.
“Come on, Kevin, you can’t let her get away with this. She’s using a dark period in your lives against you to take away Elizabeth. But she, and her relationship to William, aren’t any better. She’s not in a position to judge.” Chad says.

“I know.” Kevin replies.
“Kevin, if you want Elizabeth, you’ll have to fight for her.” Mr Carter points out.
“I know.” Kevin says again.

“Kevin, I’m so sorry that my mistake is coming back to haunt us like this.” Kevin wraps his arms casually around Scotty’s neck, gives him a quick kiss on the lips and once again, he says gently:
“I know. You all make a good case about how I must defend myself and stand up for Elizabeth...” He sighs.

“I have to clear my head, regroup my thoughts, so I can present a good case. I need a few minutes alone with Scotty.” He looks at the other four men, who reluctantly resist to push the issue.
“Come on, let’s get some coffee.” Justin suggests.


“What can I do for you?” Scotty asks.
“Nothing, just ... be with me.” Kevin answers. “I feel tired. I guess the little sleep I got last night, didn’t help.”
“No. Here. Let your head rest against my shoulder and just close your eyes.” Kevin is glad they are outside, with some fresh air around him. Scotty kisses his forehead and Kevin relaxes even more...

“... and the things that jerk said! You should have... you should have...” Kevin has no idea what Robert should have done, but it sure was't anything kind. Robert smiles.

“Yes, you’re right, I should have done all that and then some. Such as jurt him. Yell at him. Call him names. Be a petty, vindictive little piece of shit as he is. Because I'm better than him, right?” Robert is teasing Kevin and Kevin knows it.
“No, reacting like that wouldn't have made you better than him.” Kevin acknowledges.

“Exactly. We did the right thing in there. We kept our heads cool, our arguments logical and our facts straight.”
“Yes, but...”
“... and we did it all without losing our dignity or by stepping away from our principals.”

“I know. But that guy is such an asshat.”
“I agree. He is. But we were to lower ourselves to his plane of existence ... if we had to stoop to his level, I’d first have to dig a massive hole in the ground, which I don’t want to do... I couldn’t ... My back is already killing me.” Robert jokes.

Kevin can’t help but smile and Robert squeezes his shoulder.
“You’re right, Kevin. He’s an asshat and childish little idiot who thinks that he can tell others how to live, because his parents had money and he believes that having money means that people owe him respect.... His points of view are idiotic at best and downright silly at their worst. Let it go.”

“I still think you should have punched his lights out.” Kevin pouts and Robert laughs.
“Then what? What would that prove? Look at me, guys, I’m Robert McCallister, I want to be your Senator, and if someone disagrees with him, I’ll wait for him after Congress and beat him up?

Come on. That is what is Evan would do in kindergarten... Even Cooper has out-grown this and now I’m supposed to get back to this childish behaviour? I don’t think so.... Trust me. Sometimes the best line of defence is stand back and let the opponent work himself into a sweat, until he’s too tired and you can knock him out with one blow...”

“Kevin? Kevin? Wake up.” Scotty says and with a startled sound Kevin sits up. “You were out for a few minutes, but we have to get back inside.”
“Right. I’m ready.” Kevin quickly gets up and tugs at his clothes so that he looks halfway presentable again. “I’m ready.” He repeats.


“Hey, are you ready?” Justin asks and Kevin nods.
“Aren’t you coming in as well?” Kevin asks. Justin shakes his head.

“Should I? You heard what the judge said. And I don’t know how much more I can stand from Sarah. I swear that one of these days I will kill her. I don’t understand what’s gotten into her, but she has turned evil somehow, somewhere. If she says one more word wrong, I swear, I will just....”

“Throw her shoes in mom’s pool?” Kevin grins.
“That was my revenge on Kitty, when I was 7 years old.”
“And you nearly didn’t survive....”

“Yeah, never come between Kitty and her shoes.” Justin acknowledges and both he and Kevin start to laugh. “Go, get them, Kevin.” Justin then says more seriously.

“Go, Kevin, you can do this. Fight for Elizabeth.” Scotty encourages Kevin softly. Kevin watches how Chad and Jason sit down outside the room, waiting for the next time Kevin shows up.
“Kevin, have you any idea what you’re going to say?” Mr Carter asks when they enter.

“As a matter of fact.... I do.” Kevin smiles confidently and he takes his place. The judge enters again, glad to see everyone slightly more relaxed this time.
“Very well.” Judge Zisman says calmly. “It seems we’re all back... Let’s move on with this. Mr Walker, do you have something to say after your mother’s plea for Elizabeth?”

It’s awfully quiet, when Kevin gets up. Judge Zisman is aware of the change in the attitude after the short recess. It’s like the earlier tension is gone, replaced by concern. Nora Walker looks sick with worry, but at the same time she seems to be accepting the situation as it is.

“Yes, your honor.” In his head Kevin counts to ten. “First of all, I wish to emphasize that the issues between my husband and me are a thing of the past and have no relevancy on our skills as parents. Yes, it is true that Scotty cheated. There’s no reason to deny this. It happened.

In a period where we lost a dear friend, our unborn child and our hope for a future with that child, we also lost each other for a while. And, in a moment of weakness, my husband had a short fling, that didn’t even last one night. He could have hidden it from me for 20 years, like some other men would, but my husband didn’t keep his secret for a long time.

And when he told me, it hurt. And we fought. And we split up for about 3 weeks. But in that period of time we also discovered that we didn’t want to be without each other and we found our way back to each other. I forgave him the cheating, he forgave for not being there for him, when he needed me to be there.” Kevin smiles at Scotty.

“And it made us stronger. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it definitely taught us more about each other and ourselves. This all happened in the past and it is no longer relevant to either Scotty or me. At this point I could open up a book about the mistakes that my mom made in the past…. And there have been a few…

But I won’t do that. Because my mother is good mother, who has an incredible amount of love and affection to give. And it doesn’t really matter whether Elizabeth would be with us or with my mother, because either way, whichever one of us wins, Elizabeth would be loved and cherished and taken care off.

So, with this in mind, I suggest that we should put emotions aside and merely look at the facts. And the first fact is: My brother is gone. But before he disappeared from the face of the earth, my brother put me in charge of his financials, so I could make sure that his daughter was provided for. He could have asked this of anyone. One of our sisters, our brother or even our mother. He didn’t. He asked me.

Second fact: My sister-in-law is gone. She came to our place, left Elizabeth with me and disappeared intot the night. … She too had other options. Her own parents. She had a good friend. She was close to my sisters, to my brother, to my mother…. But she didn’t chose any of them. She choose me! That was her choice. Not mine.

I have here documents that Julia handed me the night she left, they seem to indicate that she put all control over Elizabeth Walker in my hands. These documents are not legally binding, I know that, but apparently Julia felt that it should be enough. One of the documents is a copy of the confirmation that I am Elizabeth’s biological father.

Third fact: I have here a letter from the principal of the school where Julia worked in Seattle. He explains that Julia was a wonderful colleague until she came back from the summer-holidays as a completely different person. She couldn’t control her class, she would come in late, acted irresponsibly and she was rude to parents who complained.

The principal explains that he gave Julia quite some space, because he had always known her as a conscientious person and he had hoped that, whatever it was that bothered Julia, she’d get over it. She didn’t and he was forced to fire her, which, as he states, was quite a difficult decision for him.

Fourth fact: I also have confirmation from several patrons of Café 429, who were there on Christmas-night and heard Julia yell at Scotty Wandell that his husband, me, is Elizabeth’s father. Her words! Not mine. Nor my husband’s. It seems that Julia just wanted to take her hands off her daughter completely.

I have here also letters from her friend Diane, who had talked to Julia a few times, when she came back to Pasadena, and Diane speaks of the fact that Julia felt very pressured by Tommy and that her anger for him seemed to only intensify. Your Honor, I believe that this shows that my sister-in-law was losing grip on her life at some point.

Both my brother and my sister-in-law had other options, yet they left the care of their precious daughter, Elizabeth, with me. All I want it to honor their wish. And I’m sure my mom could easily take over from us. And I agree, Elizabeth can adjust again. But this not a contest about who would be the better parent.

This is about the wishes that my brother and my sister-in-law had for their daughter and how those wishes should be honored. These letters are the fact, black-on-white, right there in front of you. This is what they wanted.… And that is all that matters to me.”


End of part 3/4


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