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Fanfic: B&S episode 615: part 3/4

Season 6 – Episode 15 – Stupid Cupid

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters (general)
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13, as this is American Television, but I may add a few ‘deleted scenes’ here and there. ;)
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain
Summary: It is my very own season 6, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 3/4 *****

“This is a cosy restaurant.” Nora says. “But I still think I should have made us that dinner.”
“I didn’t want you in the kitchen all day.” Brody replies. He seems a bit nervous and she wonders what is going on.
“Alright, Brody, stop dancing around the topic. Tell me what is going on.”

“Why would there be something going on?”
“Because I know you. Don’t insult me by denying it. There’s something on your mind and I would appreciate it, if you would just tell me the truth.” Nora sits a bit closer to him, so she doesn’t have to raise her voice and make a scene.

“Alright... I’ve been offered a job.. As a coach...”
“Oh, no, not again.”
“I think about accepting it.” Brody continues carefully.
“But...?” Nora starts to worry.

“I’d like you to come with me.”
“With you? Where would we go?”
“Back to Phoenix.”
“And when would that have to happen? ” Nora now wants to know.

“They want me there before the end of the week.”
“The end of the.. you’re not serious.... Kevin and I are meeting in court tomorrow. It will never be done before the end of the week.”
“You could drop the case?” Brody says and Nora gasps for breath.

“I... What?.. No. We talked about this and ....”
“No, Nora, you informed on this matter. I’ve tried to reason with you about this, but every time I try to do so, you walk away and start cleaning the house, which, by the way, is spotless by now...

I know that you don’t want to hear this, but I still think you’re making a mistake and that you should drop the case and leave Elizabeth with Kevin.” Brody speaks softly to not make everyone notice and suddenly Nora sees what he’s been doing.
“That’s the reason for this dinner here, isn’t it?” Nora suddenly understands.

“What do you mean?”
“You think that if we’re in some fancy restaurant, that I won’t make a scene.”
“Am I wrong?”
“No. You’re not. I’m not going to make a scene... But I’m not staying here either.”

“Nora!” Brody grabs her wrist and forces her to sit down again. “Please. If you don’t wish to drop the case, then continue it and join me later. Just promise me that you will be with me in Phoenix.”
“Can you promise me that you will be here for me for the duration of the trial?”

“No. If I agree to accept the job, I have to be there before the end of the week.”
“Then... don’t accept the job.”
“But I want to. Nora, I’m bored. I need to do something.”
“So, life with me is boring?” Nora deducts.

“Yes. No.”
“Well, which one is it?”
“I love you, Nora, but your life is built around your kids, your grandchildren, your home, your garden and the people that you know... I need more.”

“And you can’t coach some local team?”
“If I could, I would. But I’ve received an offer....”
“From a place that’s too far away from my family, my home, my garden and the people I know.... Because it’s so much better, if the one who’s bored would be me?”

“You know better than that, Nora. You get along with everybody, you have such a wide range of interests. You will always find a way to connect. I need that job.”
“Then I’ll wait for you here.”
“But that would mean that we’d have to travel up and down all the time.”

“Oh, but think about how exciting it would be.” Nora replies sarcastically. Brody puts down his napkin.
“Fine. I will refuse the job.”
“No. Don’t.”

“Nora, what is it exactly that you want from me?”
“I don’t know. I want to be happy. And I want you to be happy too and if you’re this unsatisfied with your life with me, then turning down the job won’t help either. What we have won’t work if you have the constant need to be someplace else.”

“But I want to be with you. I want to wake up in the morning and see you next to me and I want you there, when I go to sleep again..” Brody insists.
“And I’m sorry. I don’t want to wake up, every day, in Phoenix, and I’d prefer to sleep in my own bed.”

Brody looks at Nora and wonders how such a little woman can sometimes appear so formidable.
“I need to think this over...” He says with a sigh.
“Sounds like a good idea... Let’s finish dinner.” Nora suggests.


“This is so delicious.” Bertha says in awe. Wally smiles at her. “Why are you staring at me like that?” She wonders.
“Sometimes you almost reminds of the starry-eyed girl you once used to be. I thought that Wesley Corvin was one lucky bastard.”

“I thought you were the prettiest girl in school... But you were his girlfriend. You were way out of my league.”
“Is that really what you thought?” Bertha asks.

“You were so unapproachable... Like some high-priced piece of art. You can stare at it, but you don’t touch it.”
“So imagine my shock when you suddenly showed some interest in me....”

“I was so hurt and angry. Wesley...” She shakes her head, not wishing to discuss it, but then she decides to go against her thought. She bravely says: “I was hurt. I was angry. I felt betrayed. I had to give up all my dreams. With just a few words, Wesley destroyed every fantasy I had about my future...”

“So you sought revenge by sleeping with me?”
“No. You were not really my revenge... I’ve given it quite some thought since I told Scotty about it... If it was revenge that I wanted, I could have slept with one of the guys who had beaten up Wesley.

I knew that Brad Wilson was interested in me. One word from me and he would have been all over me...” Wally has to quietly agree with Bertha on this. “But I didn’t do that. I went after you... And I think that it was because.... Oh, what does it matter after all this time...”

“It matters to me.” Wally says. “I always thought that I was second, or maybe even third or fourth choice. I sure always felt like that.” Bertha opens her mouth to tell him, that it is idiotic to think like that, and that it’s not true, but then she changes her mind. Had she ever given him a reason to think differently? No. Not really.

“I think I slept with you because I really liked you...” Bertha decides to tell him in all honesty. The effect of her words would almost be funny if it hadn’t been equally sad to watch. She can tell from the look on Wally’s face, that he doesn’t believe a single word of what she had said and it makes her sad. Had she really failed this much?

“It’s strange to hear you say that.” Wally carefully brings his feelings into words.
“I guess. I should have told you this sooner, but I don’t think I ever realized the impact that all the mistakes, that I had made, would have on you. I know you didn’t want the baby at first....”

“That’s not true. I wanted you and the baby... I just wish would have a nice wedding first and then some time to be together and then... who knows... We did it all wrong, but... I wanted you and I wanted Scotty. It was you who hated me, you held me responsible for the fact that you were pregnant.”

“I didn’t want to be pregnant so fast. I guess, I held that against you, but I was there when it happened. And I was not that drunk. You didn’t take advantage of me. You even turned me down at first. Remember?”
“Yes. I really kicked myself for doing that...” Wally suddenly grins.

“Good thing I gave you more than one chance then.” Bertha laughs as well. For a moment they gaze at each other. Bertha, suddenly shy, looks away and Wally feels confused as well.
“Maybe we should order the next course?” Wally suggests, changing the subject.

“Yes, we should.” Bertha replies breathlessly. She, once again, watches how Scotty moves around the kitchen. This time he catches her look and he smiles at her. She smiles back and sees how he returns to his work. “I can’t wait to find out what more delicious food our son has in store for us.”


When Sarah enters the living-room, the first thing she sees is Cooper, in a deep sleep on the couch. His mouth is still dirty with the chocolate he ate, the bag of popcorn is half-empty on the floor and the ice-cream has melted into some milky substance. Sarah frowns. Usually Cooper and Paige are better at concealing their eat and drink fest.

“Cooper, wake up.” Luc shakes him up a bit and Cooper opens his eyes.
“I don’t feel so good.” He moans. Luc sees how pale Cooper becomes and picks Cooper up and quickly gets him to the toilet, where Cooper empties his stomach. Sarah looks up, expecting that the sound of Cooper throwing up, will alarm Paige.

But nothing happens and Sarah’s growing anger, at Paige’s lack of interest, changes into concern.
“Paige?” She goes up the stairs. Maybe Paige is sick as well. What could they have eaten?.... Had she taken her insulin?

Sarah throws open the door to Paige’s room, but the room is empty. No Paige. No backpack. Only clothes in several places as if she had held some triage. Sarah quickly scans the room and her eyes catch a piece of paper on Paige’s desk. She picks it up and starts to read.

“Luc! Luc!” She rushes down the stairs. “Luc, she’s gone!”
“What do you mean ‘gone’?” Luc asks, taking the paper from Sarah’s hand so he can read it too.
“She’s run away.”

“Really?” Cooper asks. “Cool!” He says with admiration.
“No. Not ‘cool’. Stupid! Oh, Luc, she’s just a kid, anything can happen to her... I have to call the family.”
“I’ll start calling her friends.” Luc says.


“I have 15 minutes.” Scotty says, quickly entering the living-room of their apartment.
“Oh, Scotty very tempting, but, you know, the kids...” Kevin replies with a nod at Mateo, who’s studying and Olivia and Elizabeth who are on the couch watching a DVD.
“Take it to the bedroom, the girls can just turn up the sound of the tv.” Mateo teases.

Scotty feels a blush come to his cheeks and Olivia starts to giggle. Elizabeth smiles too, though she doesn’t quite get the joke.
“What else did you expect, when you enter with a sentence like that?” Kevin grins. Scotty leans over Kevin and gives him a quick kiss.

“Want to know something weird? My parents are not only talking to each other, I’m almost sure they were flirting with each other...” Scotty tells Kevin excitedly.
“Gross!” Olivia says, not very impressed.
“O.” Kevin replies instead and he looks at Scotty. “I don’t want to be mean, but I’m not sure...

“... if mom and dad getting back together would be a good idea?”
“Right. I mean Wally...
“... he’s doing so great, it would such a waste....

“... if he would be under her thumb again... I know, right. And your mom...”
“... I’d hate her to revert back to the woman she used to be...”
“Will you guys just cut it out with the finishing each other’s sentences. It freaks me out.” Mateo complains. Scotty laughs and focuses his attention on Kevin again.

“Are you still preparing for tomorrow?” Scotty asks, when he sees all the paperwork on the table.
“Yes. I have to be ready for anything that my mom’s lawyer will throw at me. Or us...”
“Is he any good? Your mom’s lawyer?”

“John Griffiths? He’s... not bad..” Scotty correctly translates it to the fact that John Griffiths is good enough to worry Kevin.
“I see.” Kevin gets up and walks over the kitchen-area to get some more wine and Scotty follows him.

“How bad is it really?” He wants to know what he can expect.
“He’s good. He a man who can make a solid case. And, if I were him, ... I could make a good case against us.”
“Can you use that knowledge in a way that it will help us?”

“I’m trying. I’m thinking of everything he can come up with and then I try to find ways to counter that... It’s not always easy though...”
“I still can’t believe that Nora is going through with this. In the worst case scenario, what can they use against us?”

“Well, let’s see what prejudices we run into, in a worst case scenario... We’re a couple, who already have 3 kids, in an apartment that is actually too small for all of us. We have collectively 3 jobs and not enough time to get everything done. If the judge is homophobic, ...”

“But she can’t use our sexual orientation against us.”
“No. She wouldn’t have to. She already has enough reasons to dismiss our request for custody over Elizabeth, in favour of my mother. In her eyes my mother could simply be the better choice.

We’re up against a straight woman, who’s the widow of a well respected man. She raised 5 kids and built a home for parents with sick children. She lives almost alone in a mansion of a house and she has enough time to give Elizabeth all the time and the love she could possibly need. Basically she’s Saint Nora.”

“So, how can we counter that?” Scotty asks, but Kevin can’t answer his question, because his phone rings.
“It’s Sarah.” He says.
“Now what?” Scotty wonders.

“Hey, Sarah,...” Kevin starts and immediately Scotty can hear Sarah’s voice yelling at Kevin over the phone. She sounds hysterical and Scotty becomes concerned. “Sarah...” Kevin tries to stop the flood of words from the other side, but Sarah just keeps on yelling at him, until Kevin suddenly straightens his shoulders.

“Stop!... Enough!” Kevin suddenly yells, startling Scotty and the three kids alike. “This has gone on far too long, Sarah. I’m sorry that Paige is missing....” He sees how Mateo gets up, concern and fear on his face. “I can imagine that you’re terrified... Shut up!.... But I will no longer tolerate the way you speak of Mateo.

Paige is not here, if that is what you’re wondering. I don’t know where she is. But I do know where Mateo is. Mateo has been here all night doing his homework and helping Olivia with hers. So stop accusing him of things he didn’t do...” Kevin’s grip on his phone tightens.

“The fact that is Paige is missing is your problem though and not mine..... So I suggest that you put your energy in finding her, rather than yelling at me or blaming Mateo, who’s right now,...” He sees the confusion in Mateo’s eyes. “.... just as shocked as I am to hear that Paige is gone.”

Kevin holds his phone away from his ear and then shakes his head.
“She just hung up!” He says astounded. “I swear, she’s getting worse by the minute. She’s insane.”
“Paige? What happened to Paige?” Mateo asks.

“That’s what I’d like to know too. Sarah and Luc came back from a dinner and found that Paige is missing from her room. She left a note that she was sick and tired of everything.... I noticed that you were on the phone, earlier this evening, did you talk to Paige?”

“Yes. She was mad.... I .... I wrote her a Valentine’s Day Card....” He looks at his toes and misses the soft smile between Kevin and Scotty.
“Then what? She didn’t like it?” Kevin asks.
“She did. Sarah didn’t.”

“Sarah made a fuss over a Valentine’s Day card?” Scotty now asks.
“Sarah thinks I’m not good enough for Paige, that I’m trouble, that I’m a bad influence on Paige.” Mateo shrugs casually, but Kevin can see that it all hurts him to have to say it. “I guess she even thinks that it’s my fault that Paige ran off...”

“She thought that the two of you had run off together.” Kevin admits. “I think that in her mind’s eye she already saw the two of you halfway to Vegas, getting married way too young and Paige knocked up before she’s even sixteen.”
“That’s stupid. Paige is too smart. She would never do that.” Mateo shakes his head.

“I agree. But still, if you’re a parent and you have a kid.... Olivia ran away once. I completely freaked out. All the nightmare-like thoughts I had about what could have happened to her...”
“I wouldn’t know. My dad never noticed if I was there or not.” Mateo shrugs.

Kevin can hide the painful look on his face quick enough. Of course, he hadn’t thought of that, not every parent is equally concerned...
“Father!” Mateo suddenly remembers. “Paige said that she wished that she was with her dad.”

“But Joe lives close to Phoenix right now?”
“Maybe she took the buss?” Mateo suggests.
“We can see which bus leaves for Phoenix and we can check if she there.” Kevin says.
“I’m coming with you.” Mateo says immediately.

“We need you to stay here with the girls and Daniel.” Scotty reminds him.
“But we want to go with you.” Olivia says. Kevin turns to Scotty and looks at him.
“I have to go back to the restaurant... I’m late as it is.” Scotty apologises.
“What about your parents? Would they be willing to baby-sit?”

“I can ask....” Scotty replies. He gives Kevin one last kiss before he disappears to the restaurant. Kevin gets his coat and Mateo does the same, making it very clear that he won’t be baby-sitting the girls while Paige is missing. Kevin quickly opens the door when he hears a knock.

“Hey, come in. I’m sorry for ruining your dinner...” He immediately starts to apologize.
“It’s okay... But what is the emergency. Scotty said that you’d explain it.”
“Sorry, Wally, but I have to leave with Mateo. The girls will explain it.” He quickly kisses Olivia and Elizabeth and then leaves Bertha and Wally alone with them.


“Well, those two are finally asleep. Evan stayed up until Grace finally had her burp and went to sleep. He’s such a responsible brother.” Kitty smiles at Seth’s words and Seth sits down on the bed. “Do you need anything?” Kitty shakes her head.
“No, you’ve done enough. I’m so sorry that I can’t do more...”

“Hey, you only had the flu and that’s bad enough even if you haven’t just given birth...”
“I know. I just feel so completely useless. I can’t even get near to Grace, out of fear that I might make her sick... Plus, I feel like someone just unplugged me and I have no energy left...”

“Come on, you already look better now , than you did earlier this week. I think that Scotty’s soup really worked miracles...”
“Well, I could at least keep it inside.” Kitty agrees. “I’m just baffled that mom didn’t flood us with soup, visits and good advice...”
“Oh, she tried. But I wouldn’t let her.”

“Wait! You got rid of my mom?”
“I can be very mean, if I want to.” Seth defends himself.
“Yes, but my mom usually smothers that with kindness.”

“She obviously had other things on her mind... Speaking of which, are you sure that you want to go to the courtroom tomorrow?”
“Yes, I have to. I want to be there for Kevin and for mom.”
“You can’t play Switzerland, Kitty. Not with your family. You’ll get invaded...”

“That sounds rather kinky. And I’m not yet in the mood for that.” Kitty smiles.
“You know what I mean.”
“I do, but I’m going to try anyway... I’ve explained it to Kevin and I think he understood how confusing it is for me.

I can understand his love for Elizabeth, because I would do the same, if it were Grace... But at the same time I could understand how it would hurt Tommy, because, what if it were Evan...? I can’t make a choice like that. I love both my kids. I would defend them with everything I have.

So I can see Kevin’s point of view, but I also can see why mom feels that Elizabeth should stay away from Kevin... It’s confusing...” She sinks back in the pillow, her head hurts again. Seth lies down beside her and gently caresses her belly.
“It will be alright.. I’ll be there for you..”

Kitty smiles sweetly and turns to him.
“I want you to stay here with the kids. I can handle myself. You’ve been taking such good care of me.”
“But I want to take care of you. I love you and I love our kids.”

Plural. Kitty notices the plural form. It’s not just Grace, but also Evan he loves. And he said so carelessly. As if it just didn’t matter that Evan wasn’t biologically his.
“I love you...” She simply answers back. “And I want to marry you.” The words just escape her. Seth blinks a few times.

“Did you just... propose to me?”
“I seem to have the habit of proposing to the men I love.” She seems surprised by her own words and somewhere Seth remembers that she once proposed to Robert as well.
“You’re not going to take it back again, are you? Just like you did with Robert?”

“Good. Because I want to marry you...” Seth answers with a big grin on his face. Kitty wraps her arms around him and kisses him until they’re both breathless.
“I can’t wait to tell the family... They will be shocked!” Kitty laughs.


End of part 3/4


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