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Parvesh Cheena (Jordan) news

Outsourced‘s Parvesh Cheena has joined the cast of Friend Me, which follows two guys who move from Indiana to Los Angeles to begin exciting careers at the deal-finding website, Groupon. Parvesh will be playing a new pal of the series’ two leads. Raising Hope‘s Alan Kirschenbaum and newcomer Ajay Sahgal wrote the pilot.

Source (well, 1 of them anyway, did a bit of google-searching about "Friend me" for the rest)

According to this tweet from Parvesh they still have to shoot the pilot. I hope it will be picked up.

So, it seems Jordan won't be baby-sitting Daniel for a while after all... ;) .  Shoooot! I  guess this means I have to either patch things up between Kevin/Nora or make Bertha Wandell stay a little longer (oh, the hell on Kevin!)  or come up with another solution...(mmmm, checking out if Chad Barry is involved with 'pilot'-season as well...)

P.S. Am I the only one curious to find out what/if Luke Macfarlane is up to something? And what Matthew will do after "Look back in anger"? ..... Oh, and can somebody plllllllllease write a K/S spin off.... and with Justin/Tyler.... :)

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