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Fanfic: Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine’s day 2020

By Marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: If I owned Kevin/Scotty, wouldn’t it be more likely that I’d watch them have sex… instead of sitting here watching my screen…?
Summary: … Well, I’m not that into all that doomsday drama over 21 Dec 2012…So, here’s to the future….


With a loud moan Kevin decides he no longer has the energy to turn over.
“How come that sex with you gets better every time…?” He hears Scotty asks.
“I have a good sparring-partner.” Kevin replies, wrapping his arms around his pillow, as Scotty comes back to lie beside him.

Scotty playfully caresses Kevin’s back and Kevin is close to purring like a cat.
“Happy Valentine’s day.” Scotty mumbles satisfied against Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin grins.
“Oh. Right. Forgot what the reason was for our spontaneous sex-romp.”
“Ah, old age, huh?….” Scotty laughs.

“I suppose that's what you get when you marry a younger guy…” Kevin sighs. “I miss the kids, but it’s wonderful to not have them home right now and celebrate Valentine’s Day in bed with you.”
“We’ve had some great Valentine’s with the kids as well…” Scotty defends gently.

‘Like when Olivia bought us that big heart-shaped box filled with all sorts of chocolates….?”
“Remind me who ate most of the chocolates…?” Scotty ask.
“Olivia…!” Kevin and Scotty answer simultaneously, both laughing out loud.

“And what about when we got that card we got from Daniel…?” Scotty remembers.
“It was so cute. I 'heart' my babbies…. It took him forever to see the difference between the ‘b’ and the ‘d’…” Kevin smiles lovingly.
“See, we had some good Valentine’s Days..” Scotty sighs, languidly kissing Kevin's shoulder.

“Yeah, they weren’t bad…” Kevin agrees.
“Alright, own up! What was the best Valentine’s you've ever had? With or without me. I don’t care…” Scotty challenges. To give Kevin some time, he rolls over to the side of the bed and pours some wine for the two of them again and hands Kevin his glass.

“The best?” Kevin asks… “Oh, that’s easy… It was many years ago… Long before you and I got married… I was dating this in-the-closet actor…”
“Really?” Scotty asks, feigning to not know about Chad Barry.
“… And I got talked into a blind date…”

“No! ....Never!”
“Yes! And to make matters worse…. It was the absolute hottest guy … ever….”
“No way!!” Scotty grins.
“…. Just one look at him… wanted to rrrrrrip the clothes of his body…”

Scotty nearly chokes on his wine and Kevin gently taps him on the back. Scotty puts away his glass, still having tears of laughter and the choking in his eyes.
“Sounds a bit like my best Valentine ever.”

“Yeah, someone talked me into a blind date with this drop-dead gorgeous lawyer…. He was … great…”
“Better than advertized?” Kevin smiles…
“Much better…”

Scotty smiles, takes the glass away from Kevin and forces him on his back, not that it involves that much strength, because Kevin is more than willing to play along.
“Sorry, no more wine… Wouldn’t want anyone to get you drunk and take advantage of you...” Scotty explains sweetly.

“I would never use a premature excuse like that.” Kevin acts all offended.

Scotty kisses Kevin and for a few moments they are lost in the sweetness of their kiss, until Scotty breaks the kiss.
“So, whatever happened to your hot guy?” He ask.
“Heard the poor guy got married to some lawyer…" There's another kiss between them. "What about yours?”

“Married too…. Some apprentice sous-chef….”
“Oh, poor boys…” Kevin jokes, pulling Scotty’s head down for another kiss. “But not all the men in this world are as lucky as we are….” And Scotty completely agrees with him, even though his mouth too busy to let Kevin know.


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